The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

The imps heard Jenny's response to them and got ready to fan out through the mine, using the buddy system to keep one another covered as they searched for the weapons. They may not be the strongest fighters, but the experience in the Blackhawke gave them a decent amount of experience in not being noticed.

Before the others went in the mine, Melethia put a hand up. "Hrm, I think they aren't too happy with visitors...Eh, that's too bad for them, isn't it? Be careful, 'cause people like this keep their stuff well guarded."

Sadei thought about it for a second then responded again. You know, I think Melethia could do that. She is a pretty good teacher for thinking outside of the box...

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus

Devon got down from Angelus as he responded to Kalastryn, holding Ton-Ton in the process with one arm to ensure he didn't fall. "Well, I never thought Melethia would get so close to him, but apparently Slindis and her see something in him. Then again, considering what we were up against, it wasn't the oddest thing. I mean, I never thought I'd ever hear her or Teri go on such a rampage after he nearly got shot down..."

He put Ton-Ton down on the ground as he pulled out an oddly humming blade from the sidepack and brushed the Tonberry's cloak off. "Anyone says you don't have a soul, you go ahead and tell me. I'll show them otherwise, because you really are awesome. How much light do you think we'll need in there?" Devon took the first steps inside the door to see what was happening in there.

Slindis, Rugal, Lupito

Slindis was undeterred as her eyes naturally adjusted to the lack of light and she responded. "It was a far smaller group than the Rising Dawn, I'd say 6 at most. Still, we were all a tightly-knit group. You had Panthyer, the best trapsmith I've ever worked with, lethal markswoman, and extremely close friend. Shieldwarden was a Warforged: one of the earlier ones, but still an extremely intimidating man and a champion of Warforged rights. Agronttir was a stubborn dwarf, skilled with his axes and he always knew how to cut through to the heart of the matter. Dekarn was a lively man, always hard to really figure out and he was a fairly skilled spellcaster for a musician. And finally we had Ferill. Although the halfling was in the twilight of his years even when we first met, he showed me a good deal of what a paladin should be and I owed a great deal to him."

She saw some faint movements in the distance as she continued. "We had a good number of deeds under our belts: Stopping a plague meant to free something even the Lords of Dust feared, Freeing the peoples of the Menechtarun from the crushing thousand year reign of the Demon Queen Lailat, defusing the war between the Silver Flame and the Sovereign Host that was meant to draw the attention away from the rakshasa masquerading as a Silver Flame Inquisitor as he tried to free the Spinner of Shadows. The mess caused by the aftereffects of that one, now that was a challenge. Lolth was a goddess that the universe would be better off with, but with the collapse of Eberron, the whiplash must have taken her Demonweb and Faerun out in the process." Slindis's Ki Pool once again told Rugal the honesty of Slindis' statements, as if he honestly needed to check that.

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

Alpha came back quickly.
"It seems they are native Americans ..."
"You don't say~" The Spartan said to himself.
*Ahem* "... and I could not distinguish why they have that look in their eyes. It might be some ritual they do."
"I'll keep that in mind." Storm said as he activated his helmet's speaker again.

"Greetings master and residents of the cloud lands, I am man from the stars." Storm said hoping they will understand his slowly spoken english as well.
"I was forced to come down to the bottom, but I have risen once more. Me and my people need your help so we can rise back to the stars." Storm was worried that they might not believe his story, even if it was the truth.

Edited in:

Matt said something inaudible, then looked off into the distance. Boss did the same. Far, far off into the distance, he saw (barely) a line of black smoke. "I can't believe I missed that. Can we go jack the train now?"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Within a short space of time, they had neared the outskirts of the mine.

Large men worked tirelessly to obtain the ground's minerals and ores for their company: Hyperion Mining.
Everyone seemed to invested in their work to pay much attention to anything else, allowing the Imps to start stripping the men of their pieces when no one was looking.
As this went on, They managed to get a look at the famed Gatling Gun as it was wheeled past in a wagon with a sentry on top, seemingly on patrol.

Soon the Imps returned with a massive pile of guns and they weren't even half done!
It was clear that whatever was going on here, they didn't take kindly to any visitors.

"Wow....Maybe...we should ask the office first..." Jenny stated as the pile of handguns grew bigger and bigger.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus

The Residential part of the town was empty, didn't even find any trace of anything living.
The Homes were bare, no furniture anywhere, completely hollow.
Caim checked his PDA and used it to track the Crystal.
It brought him before a Large Stone Door that was built into the cliff the town was built on.
It too was coated in a layer of dust an inch thick and had the following message hanging above it:
"veram potestatem venit ab intrinseco"

The Crystal was beyond that door, but it had been sealed for years...

Slindis, Rugal, Lupito

Rugal listened attentively as he mimicked every movement that Slindis's field made, though he began to get a headache from using his Sense so much.
"I see...Certainly sounds like the people of Eberron clearly owed a great deal to you. And I'm certain your allies are proud of you...where-ever they are..." He stated, hoping he wasn't causing her distress by having her recount her fallen allies.
"...Gah! This isn't working...Going to give myself a migraine at this rate!" he cursed, unable to use his Sense for much longer.
"...May I borrow you hand as a guide?"

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

"...HAHAHAAHAAHAHHA!" The Elder bursted into laughter, along with everyone else at the moronic tale that Storm had woven.
"HAHAHAAHAHA! You not Man from Stars! No man live there!" He said, unable to contain his laughter.
Storm managed to get a better look at his eyes and found that they were slightly reddened, as well as the fact he smelled of smoke.
In fact, All of them did!
"Hooooo...Why you here, Bottom Dweller?..." He repeated as everyone tried (And Failed) to regain their mysterious persona after laughing that hard.

"Why I do believe we can, good sir," Matt said as he powered up the mech. "Unless you need me to carry the locomotive, I'll be guard duty. This mech has quite a few defensive measure and just one weapon. Here's hoping I don't have to use it," he said with a grin.

Underneath the helmet of the spartan laid a very, very angry Storm.
Alpha was very worried what was going to happen next since she could read his feelings and thoughts.
"This isn't good."
The Spartan started to emit a shallow laugh.


It began to get louder.




Then louder, which was the point where flames started to sprout from his helmet.


Too bad someone didn't do the weather forecast today because someone should of predicted a pissed off Storm!


At this point, blue flames where spewing from his helmet.
And his energy sword had extended itself out from it's device.
If anyone could describe him right now it would be in the term of "Demon".

"I suggest you apologize but if you don't ... I won't kill you, I'll just take your limbs!" The now Demon like Spartan said in a dark, cold tone and ended it in another crazy laugh.


Kalastryn retracted her wings and pulled something out of a sack on her belt, she knew combat wouldn't have been necessary before now, but a little bit of paranoia kicked in when she saw the door. She takes out a glove with a red sphere embedded on the back of the glove.

The orb begins to glow in the shadow of the doorway as it hovers between her hands. "So... anyone here have any objections to me blowing the door off?" she asks jokingly, giggling after.

The Not So Great Train Robbery

The Train raced towards the would be thieves, it was a Passenger Train so it had 5 carriages and an Engine.
Around half the the train had some form of weapon on them and they knew how to use it.
The Driver saw the mech on the side of the tracks and began to blow the wistle, hoping to get it's user to get away incase he was going to walk in front of the train

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

The Tribe watched on in Awe as Storm managed to have a head on fire without getting burned, not really paying attention to anything else.
"....whoa.....Hot light!" The elder shouted, causing the entire Tribe to repeat "HOT LIGHT! HOT LIGHT! HOT LIGHT!"
They dropped everything and began to celebrate, jumping up and down with joy at the sight of Storm's head being on fire.
"You! You come with Veteran Child! You come to Land-Of-Clouds! You light Spirit of Clouds!" The Elder known as Veteran Child stated to Storm, treating him much more respectively now.

"Geez, calm down now. Look at them!"
Alpha pointed out to everyone looking towards his flames.
Storm sighed and the flames returned to a normal orange color.
He was still somewhat angry on the inside but on the outside he still showed he was still alert.

"(So ... are they high?)" Storm questioned their laughter from before.
The Spartan pointed towards Veteran Child, "Fine, I'll come ... but don't try anything." Storm said as he looked back tot he point where Slindis and Rugal have been travelling.

"(Hopefully they won't try anything ... I would hate to do something like America's settlers.)" Storm prayed to his God before exchanging his sword for his shotgun.
Still feeling the distrust within him.

Boss rolled his eyes. "Sure, make me do all the-"


"The mech is defense oriented, I can't-"

"Quiet!" Boss said. Then, after a few seconds, "Can you hear that?"


The laugh was chilling and filled with rage. Boss wasn't sure if he was hearing it or sensing-

"Yeah, I hear it now. And I know that laugh. Someone-or something-is filled with bloodlust.


Far off in the distance, maybe ten miles away, there was a flash of blue light. The laugh had turned into a howl now, and it looked like a storm was coming from nowhere in the distance.

"Change of plans." Boss said. "You stop the train, grab the locomotive; I find out what that is."

"Stop." Matt said. "You were just talking about thinking? Think about this. First, that thing isn't your problem. Not yet. Second, we need that train to fix the ship. Thrid, and again, you don't know what that thing is! What if you can't fight it? What if it kills you?"

Boss scoffed. "I can crush aircraft carriers like tin cans; I threw a skyscraper at a guy once. I'll be fine, you take the train; I'll catch up-"

"Like hell you will. We need to do this now. We only have one opportunity. Whatever that is can wait until we have some kind of reinforements."

"...damn it. You're right, but I don't have to like it."

"Agreed. Now let's do this."

Boss nodded, and Matt found himself right in the path of the oncoming train.

In The Engine Room!

Boss tapped the Conductor on the shoulder. "Hiya! No hard feelings, but I'm gonna need this train. All of it."

Esia, the dark magician girl was riding the train back towards Gunsmoke, from one of her shows in another town. She was working as a show girl in saloons and was making a decent living for herself. The whistle however, brought her attention to the outside of the train and she saw a mech or something of the sort, advancing towards the train. Not liking this, she got up and began to make her way to the front of the train.

She was in her formal dress, and getting it dirty wasn't something she'd like.

She eventually made her way out of the first passenger car and up to the engine's cab. "Bob? what is that thing?" she asked, but found him being harassed by someone.

"HEY! GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF BOB!" the dark Magician girl shouted and boss was met with a club to the side of the head. the hit was enough to throw him out of the cab and onto the ground rushing by, but not enough to do any damage.

Esia began to float, she floated up and landed ontop of the engine's cab. "Leave the train alone!" the girl declared.

Dea sighed. Then she poked Matt in the head. "We might have an issue."

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

"Wow....Maybe...we should ask the office first..." Jenny stated as the pile of handguns grew bigger and bigger.

Teri shook her head at the thought, "It doesn't look like they're gunning, pun not intended, for pleasantries here... I got an idea."

Pouring out a bottle of water, Teri summoned a familiar energy to create her friendly neighbourhood water elemental into the world, and pointed towards the camp, jibbering in Aquan, "Place yourself as close to the ground as you can, and investigate that camp. I'll call upon you again, so don't try to come back to this destination. Use all your time to check the place out. Stay hidden. Stay safe."

With a nod, the elemental did as told, and began fanning out into the camp, doing specifically as his mistress commanded; slowly slinking inwards...

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus, Kalastryn

"veram potestatem venit ab intrinseco"

Caim's brow furrowed for a moment, and quickly typed the message on his phone and sent it to Dimitri, "What does that mean...?"

A moment later, the Butler's voice chimed in, "Ah, yes, User: Caim, the language of origin is Latin, and the inscription reads, 'true power comes from within'. Is there anything else I can do to aid you?"

Caim shook his head, "No, thank you Dimitri."

He made a note to keep that in mind, and moved out the way for Kalastryn to do her thing. After the door came crashing down, Caim couldn't help but feel that the words would come into play somehow. Crypts like this had that sort of tendency.

As they wandered Ton Ton gave another word of thanks to Devon, "That's awfully nice Mr. Devon, but you don't need to go out of your way for me. Besides, I think my friend here, "

he indicated to Cadolbolg, who had taken roost on Caim's head again, "Would probably roast them or zap them first. Not that I intend to roast or zap anybody who's mean to me. That's not a very good thing to do either...."

((If the cave is too big for Angelus, just assume she's swapped forms between posts.))

Boss landed face-first on the dusty plain with a thud. That...had just happened.

Why am I always getting sucker-punched? Boss thought to himself, sitting up. It's like a bad joke.

Standing up and dusting himself off, Boss decided it didn't matter. I can crush aircraft carriers like soda cans. I once threw The Empire State Building at a guy. A girl in a pink dress should be nothing.

Boss teleported back into the engine. "Don't you-" Pink-dress girl was gone.

"She's up there." The conductor said, pointing to the roof. "I'd watch out. She's a toughie."

"uhh...thanks?" Boss said, teleporting to to the roof of the cabin. "HEY! YOU! WHY'D YOU-"

Without a word or a glance, Boss was smacked off of the train and landed face-first into the dusty plain. Again. "WHAT THE CRAP?"

"ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!" Boss shouted and teleported back ontop of the train. He let out a slap where he thought the girl would be.

Guess what?

Turns out he was wrong and his hand met nothing but the air. That's when he looked down and found that she was down on the cab's roof and pulling a split. He was staring right down the tip of her wand and down her arm.

"How is she not burning her under-" he was saying but got cut off. "MAGICIAL BEAM!" she shouted and fired the energy directly into Boss's face.

needless to say, something familiar happened.

Boss steadied himself in midair. "Oh, it is so on now."

Flying down level to the caboose, Boss lifted the entire train up, into the sky. Teleporting back on the top of the train, he said, "You can knock me down again, but this whole train will drop." Boss smirked. "Care to talk?"

"You know I would like a plan to go smoothly for once," Matt said as looked at the train floating in midair. He then produced a bottle of vodka and drank straight from it while he waited for Boss to be done.

"No." she said and landed on the train, extending her levitation ability to the train. She was now out of breath from it, but not done. "Magical Beam!" she shouted and sent boss flying once again. Now the train began its controlled descent to the tracks it was on.

Dea and Matt
"You know that stuff can kill you and hurt you, right?" she asked him.

Boss hovered in midair, and thought. That wand...staff...thing. Even if it isn't the source of her power, it probably helps her focus. And she's winded now; if I take it she might not have any fight left in her. And she smacked me clean out of nowhere; maybe she has some kind of precognitive sense, or can tell where I'm teleporing. Either way, I need to be very, very fast.

Boss shook his head. No. No. Violence probably isn't going to work, and I don't want her to think I'm the bad guy here. Even though I totally am. Talking. Maybe talking would be better.

Boss cracked his neck, put up a psychic barrier around himself, and teleported back to the engine. "I just want-"

This time the beam of...magic...stuff...hit a barrier about six inches in front of Boss.

Boss teleported right next to Pink Girl, and, fast as he could, snatched the want out of her hand. Then, fast as he could, he teleported to where he was standing before. The whole action took less than half a second. "Alright." Boss said, showing the wand...thing. "Listen for a minute. My name is Boss, and I don't like fighting. And I don't want to hurt you, or anyone else, for that matter. Is there any way we can talk like...I don't know, rational adults?" Boss moved over and offered her the wand back. "Do you have a name, maybe?"

"That would be true if I didn't have nanites in my body that filter out most of it. I would have to drink two of these bottles back to back just to get a buzz. Same goes with smoking too," Matt said when he noticed the train landing with Boss on it. "Time to go to work," he said in a serious tone. Matt activated the laser cutter on the mech and cut the link between the locomotive and the rest of the train. Without missing a beat he also punched a hole clear through the boiler in order to kill the power. He aimed the ADS the mech had at the lady in case she tried anything.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia thought about it for a moment while the Imps continued disarming the wrokers inside the mine, then responded to Jenny. "Miss Jenny, with all the defenses they got there, ya really think they'd just let us walk off with what we need? 'Sides, they're guardin' somethin' big here, an' with all the defenses they got here, I wanna find out what it is."

She took a closer look around the area for the guards at the base before rushing into any drastic actions, as well as finding out what the main patterns were.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus, Kalastryn

Devon helped the Tonberry on his shoulder as he entered the area with Kalastryn and responded. "I understand what you're saying. I just wanted to let you know that I'll try to have your back along with Cadolbolg and the rest of his family."

As they went on, Devon heard the translation from the wrecked Door and thought about it for a second. "Hmm, this feels a bit too easy... Maybe there's some kind of magic going on here?" He could already detect the magic from the others here, but he wanted to focus to find out exactly how many auras were there.

Devon casts Detect Magic!

You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.

Time before the next level 0 spell: 18 seconds.

Slindis, Rugal, Lupito

Slindis held Rugal's hand with her own left hand, and she faintly smelled the whiff of gnolls in the air. "Well, we did what we could, and we all became close contacts. Tira, when Panthyer gave birth to Sadei, I made sure to be her godmother! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be around her much, but Melethia spent a lot of time taking care of her... She'd be coming up on three this year if Eberron were still existing..."

The light sound of Padded footsteps could be heard from deeper within, but Slindis' Darkvision allowed her to comfortably maneuver herself and Rugal around a few recent droppings. "Rugal, we'll have to make our way through here soon before the gnolls find us."

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

Storm was led by the tribals towards a strange forested area that somehow managed to grow on the Mesa, in the Heat, At that altitude.
They took him inside the forest and to their camp and that's where things got weird.
Aside from some Tee-Pee tents, there was a wide array of people from Businessmen to Cowboys to well known criminals.
All of them were lazing around, completely unaware of Storm's presence, either staring off into space or eating bowls of fruit and berries.
But he was moved now towards a sealed off part of the camp, adjourned by loads of holy looking symbols.

" the Spirit of the Clouds..." Veteran Child said as they came before a massive Redwood Tree, easily a few thousand years old and covered in a strange form of Ivy, Alpha was unable to find out exactly what kind.
There were also scorch marks from where the ivy was lit on fire, though age had granted the Redwood a hide thick enough to shrug off the flames
"Now, Bottom Dweller, use Hot Light to release the Spirit of Clouds and learn the secrets of the One Being." He asked Storm to using his flaming helmet to light that shit up!

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Squishy managed to get past easily enough as Melethia went in for a closer look.
The Elemental managed to sneak near the Lunch tent:

"-So she said "Not even with yours"!"
"That's funny, man!"
"Yeah...You hear about Steve and those guys in the East tunnel?"
"No...What happened?"
"Caught a bunch of them trying to smuggle out some of their find, He wasn't happy, Heard he used a Pickaxe."
"Wait...Are they dead?"
"No, because everyone can live after being stabbed in the skull by a pickaxe."

"I don't get it, I thought the was a Coal mine?"
"It is."
"But...We're taking out Iron..."
"Yeah, I don't know what it is about this area, just rich in ore I guess.
"But that is Geologically improbable!"
"Grrr...Forget I said anything..."

Melethia managed to get a idea of some blind spots she could use and as the Imps managed to steal most of the guns off the populati-
"...Hey! Who took my gun!?" One shouted.
"What the?!"
"Alright, who's playing me?!"
Soon the entire camp began to enter a ruckus, every man trying to pin the other for taking their gun.
It was even enough to stop the Gatling Patrol, The way was as clear as it was going to be.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus, Kalastryn

Devon senses no magic outside of the faint essence of the Power Crystal, when I say a place is deserted, I fucking mean it! XD

The Sealed Door proved easy to open when you blast it with a Gem weapon.
Beyond it was a staircase that led down into a underground passage

Following it towards their target, they found that the passage had branching paths, 3 of them to be exact, Left, Right and Forwards.
The PDA didn't work as well underground so no using Sat Nav to pick out the correct one.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal too heard the footsteps and DEFINITELY smelt the droppings, holding his nose at the sweet smell of animal shit.
"Oh wonderful...So shall we double back? if they are in this cave, then I question the value of moving closer to their location..." He said, wondering if they knew any other linking cave networks that they could flank them with.
"Tell they die easily at least?"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia grinned at the mayhem that had been stirred up my the imps doing whatever it was that Jenny had asked them to do and urged the others to her. "Let's hit 'em now while we've got the chance, everyone!" She led the two inside with weapons drawn, ready to gut anyone that decided to attack them.

It was around this point that the imps started doing something incredibly nasty yet clever: after removing the large majority of the ammunition on sight, they began slipping the occasional gun in the ranks of the miners. The thought process was to sow even more discord amongst the ranks and have it spiral down to infighting.

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus, Kalastryn

Devon looked at the split and thought about it for a second before turning back to Caim. "Well, we could all go one way here to find the gem or we could split off in pairs to cover ground. Should we opt to do the latter, we need to make sure one person with flight's on each team. Then again, we're already short on numbers, so that may not be the best choice..."

Rugal, Slindis

"Hrm, it's odd that they're in this cave, but we should make our way back now."

It was right around that time that Rugal heard the faint whistling of an arrow headed their way. Due to that hellish training Slin had put him through with Teri, he instinctively dodged the arrow along with Slindis.

"We've got company. They're tenacious, but they die just like any others." Rugal didn't even have to have the Aura Sense on to feel the shift to Water Stance, and they'd need it.

After all, they'd managed to find a stronghold of gnolls, and they were all aiming to capture or kill the intruders.

Rugal, Slindis

"Good. I need to limber up after that climb..." Rugal retorted, his pride kicking in as he used his Sense to locate the Gnolls and determine their line of fire.
"Dark Barrier!" He shouted as he formed a Ki Shield on his forearm and used it to block a few more incoming arrows.
"I got this side!" He stated before charging headlong against the Gnolls on his side, being careful to not trip over the nooks in the cave floor in the process.
Once he felt he was close enough, he flung his shield like a disk at the nearest one, hoping it'd hit.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

As the water elemental slithered along the ground, he mulled over what he had heard, "Pickax to the head? Sounds nasty, whatever that is..."

As the chaos began breaking out, Squishy did as he was commanded, and hid in the shadows before his time allotted in the Material Plane faded... And then he was summoned back to his Cleric's side, and he began relaying the information he had gathered in quick Aquan to Teri, which Teri was quickly translating back in common to her allies, paraphrasing what was heard in order to save time,

"Okay, apparently, this is supposed to be a Coal mine, there's iron coming out of it anyways. Weird. I'm gonna check for magic related phenomena when we get there. Also, there's a guy named Steve who's a hothead. Killed some would be thieves with a pickax. We'd best watch out for him. Garm, to me! Keep that nose at the ready!"

Teri's current amount of turn attempts: 4Undead/4Fire

Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Caim, Angelus, Kalastryn

Caim held up his hand with the ring on hand, "We've still got these. I say we split up. It'll cover more ground and we won't all have to be cramped in a fight. Cadolbolg, go with Devon. Ton Ton, Kalastryn. Angelus and I will take the top route."

With that, the warrior began his advance towards the top route with dragon in tow. As they did, Cadolbolg waved goodbye to his parents, and his friends when he flew side by side with Devon. As they did so, the turtle tried to strike up conversation with the man his parents and pact partner trusted so well,

"So, friend Devon, I do not hope you mind me asking, but did something happen between you and friend Ton Ton? You seem awfully protective of him. Not that I mind someone watching my pact partners back, but he is able to defend himself very well; as both you and I know..."

He shuddered, remembering the feel of the knife in his skin. It was not often something was able to pierce his metal-like skin...

In the meantime, as the parties went their separate ways, Ton Ton did his best to strike up conversation with Kalastryn, his little lantern providing a gentle light in the darkness, "I'm afraid we haven't spoken very much before, ma'am, but you seem to know my comrades fairly well. What's the history between all of you, if you don't mind me asking?"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Thanks to the efforts of the Imps, the team was easily able to slip past the Miners as they began to confront each other over their misplaced guns.
All that stood in their way of getting a butt load of Iron was finding it in the dark mine.

Jenny was glad they were out of the front yard and it's Gatling Gun, but Teri's warning hung in her mind as they proceeded onwards.
"Okay...So all we need is a vein or source big enough to suit our needs...But...We might be in a bad spot now, I mean, if they find us now, we won't have any way out..." she said as she grabbed a lantern and began making her way down into the depths.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia acknowledged the warnings as she began making three notches every so often with her purple dagger.. "Yeah, I know... All else fails, we can use one or two of my bags to store the ore in." She kept a sharp eye out for anything out of the ordinary as they proceeded down the mineshaft.

The Imps split up into two major task forces at this point. One went to ensure that the attention would be drawn away from the main group while the others searched for the main Iron ore veins.

Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon waited for a good thirty seconds before casting a Light spell on the tip of his blade, then looked at the miniature turtle dragon. "Well, Ton-Ton helped me out in a big way a while ago, and he really does feel like some of the family I've not had since I've gotten here. Besides, he really is a great little guy. I don't mean to gush on about him, but I'd like to be there with you to back him up."

He laughed to relieve the tension he was feeling before continuing. "Wow, I must sound like a sap here. I didn't mean to weird you out, buddy." Although it was somewhat dark in the tunnel, the light from the blade made it quite easy to see for a distance.

Time before next Level 0 spell: 6 seconds

Rugal, Slindis

The shield hit the nearest mook, killing it before Rugal smelled the pungent odor rising and the grinding of the earth in the enclosed space. "Rugal, their casters are summoning elementals! They're a good deal tougher than what you're used to, but killing the caster will sever the link!" She began working her way through to the casters, but first she and Rugal would have to work through the guardians made of the ground. Did I mention that they'd be assaulted by arrows while this was happening?

Earth Elementals are resistant to physical damage due to their DR, although SLindis and Rugal will be able to still deal damage. They're also immune to critical hits, but they take normal damage from all elemental hits and Dark Barrier tosses.

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

Storm looked at the Ivy and knew what the people of the clouds wanted him to do.
He knew what was going to happen, at least in a chemistry theory.
He turned on silent mode in his helmet.
"Alpha activate space-mode. We need to make this helmet airtight."
The Spartan said as he nodded towards the Chief and activated his speaker again.

"Okay then." Storm said with uncertainty.
He knelt and lowered his head which burned the ivy, he refused to take his helmet off.
"I took enough drugs when I entered this damned soldier program." Storm said to himself as he saw the ivy start to let off ... something.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

"Yeah, I know... All else fails, we can use one or two of my bags to store the ore in."

After Squishy returned safely to his water bottle, Teri focused upon the path ahead, chanting in her usual blend of Celestial before casting Detect Magic,

Teri casts Detect Magic!

You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.

24 seconds till the next 0 level spell

"You got the mundane traps Mel, I'll keep an eye out for anything spell based... Garm, remember what I told you. You smell something funny, lemme know right away."

The wolf gave a small growl in response, ears perked up for any sound that could give away a hidden opponent...

Devon, Cadolbolg

"Wow, I must sound like a sap here. I didn't mean to weird you out, buddy." Although it was somewhat dark in the tunnel, the light from the blade made it quite easy to see for a distance.

Cadolbolg shook his head, "Hardly, friend Devon. I asked you because I know you understand friend Ton Ton well. At least, to me, you do. And in that understanding, I hope to understand my pact partner better. Even if we did make this pact in a spur of the moment, I'm slowly realizing that I really do not know the creature I've made it with."

A moment of silence hung in the air, and Cadolbolg flailed a little, his wings flapping harder at the possible implications of his statement, "Do not get me wrong, friend Devon, I do not regret my choice at all! Friend Ton Ton is a strong warrior, and I trust our shared lives in his hands! But, as I said a moment ago, it is only as a warrior I really know about friend Ton Ton. If I want to be as good as a pair of pact partners as Mother and Father, then I need to understand, right?"

In that statement, Devon could see that the little turtle dragon, very unlike the Tonberry he often took as a companion, acted very much his age. In fact, like any other child, he was seeking to emulate his parents as much as possible; so much so that he even took on something as soulbinding as the pact. Whether that was a good or a bad thing, was up in the air...

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia nodded before searching the walls, and she found more odd ores besides iron. There was definitely something very odd about this mine, because these combinations of ore simply shouldn't be right next to each other! SHe couldn't notice any traps, but this was the most bizarre mine she'd ever been in.

Sadei did her part, helping Teri with the focus for the spell so an ambush would be less likely. What caused all of this to interweave like it has?

Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon brushed his left shoulder off, letting Cadolbolg perch on it as he talked to the second Cutie Bruiser. "Well, he's really bashful, but at the same time he has this small glow of confidence that he doesn't really know himself. Although I don't really know about what one of those pacts do, the fact that he chose to do so with you means that he feels comfortable around you enough to have that kind of connection. And honestly, if you want to know him better, hang out with him more. Kind of like that training with me, except without all the fire and shin stabs." He grinned, patting Cadolbolg on the head before addressing the next issue.

"When it comes to being pact partners, though, go at a pace that feels comfortable to you and try to be what you want to be. Even if it's different compared to what Caim and Angelus do, they'll be accepting of your choice even if they get a lot worried." He continued talking, trying to get to the core of the issue bothering Cadolbolg by literally being a shoulder to talk on.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

The trio went deeper into the mine, Garm's nose and vision getting them past any miners that might have spotted them. They then noticed minecarts filled with a wide array of minerals, Gold, Sliver, Diamond, Emeralds, This was a Gold Mine in both the literal sense and the metaphorical sense.
"Wow....Guess that's why they needed the extra guards..." Jenny said as he shined her lantern over them, taking in the treasure in front of her.

She then looked down at the tracks and said "They must use this route to move Ores...Maybe if we follow it, we might find where all the Iron is."

Esia grabbed the wand and without missing a heartbeat, had blown off the weird dish that had been aimed at her. "My Name is Esia. Now, you two are going to leave these people and their belongings alone." She said and took up a defensive stance. "Or am i going to have to "convince" you two to not rob us, forcibly." she said, clearly up for the challenge.

Dea sighed, probably the first emotion that Matt had heard out of her, if it even counts as an emotion. "She's annoying, too happy and bright." the monotonous girl said coldly.

Caim, Angelus

The Pact Partners went down the middle path, walking deeper into the temple and out of sight from the others.
As they went on, they set off a pressure plate at their feet, resulting in a stone wall rising up from behind them, sealing off the hallway they came in and preventing them from backtracking.
As Caim invested the path now sealed behind them, Angelus detected something moving towards them: Company to be exact.

Dozens of bone hands began to erupt from the sand below their feet, grabbing their ankles and whatever else they could get a grip on.
They then tried to pull the partners into the sand that claimed their lives long before.

Devon, Cadolbolg

While this was going on, Devon and Cadolbolg entered a wide open room with a Lone Mirror in the centre of it.
Before it laid a description:

The Mirror before you shows more than yourself, It shows who you really are within.
The Mirror before you does more than reflect your wishes, it makes them reality.
The Mirror before you isn't for greed, for it can end your life...

The walls had images of a man looking at the mirror, his reflection holding an apple despite him not having one in this hand.
The next image however showed the man with the apple and not his reflection.
After the mirror was a large stone door with a Key-hole, it was a puzzle alright...

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal ducked under a few more arrows as he tried to get a lock on the location of these Elementals Slindis talked about.
As he did, he backed up against something, a quick examination with his hand showed it to be a stalagmite.
Footsteps in front of him allowed him to locate one of the elementals and a wicked plan formed.
"Alright then. Lets see what you've got..." He said to his enemy before football tackling him and the pair of them locked heads.
Shifting this weight, Rugal managed to position himself in place to be able to lift the Elemental up with a Suplex.
Roaring from the effort, he brought the Elemental over his head and dropped him spine first on the stalagmite, impaling the creature and freeing up the path to it's master.
Bringing up his Slashing Aura, he rushed at the nearest Energy Field, unable to tell if it was the caster or not.
He DID know it wasn't Slindis so he had that going for him.

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

Once the fire hit the Ivy, it released a cloud of what appeared to be pure white blinding smoke.
The entire village rejoiced at the return of the "Spirit of Clouds" and flocked towards it, taking deep breaths to inhale more and more of the sweet drug.
They went into violent spasms of Ecstasy not long after, it was like Weed, Cocaine and Opium all at once.
Whatever it was, it looked like one hell of a trip as everyone fell to the ground, drooling and with huge smiles on their faces.
Maybe Storm might join them?

"Your telling me, this lady is starting to get on my nerves. I'm glad this mech seems to be designed for riot control because there's a lot of non-lethal weapons I want to use on her now," Matt said to Death. Matt pushed a few buttons and a few seconds later a large square energy shield popped up on right arm and on the left a MK47 Striker. As he swung the shield in front of the mech and loaded the launcher with a tear gas grenade and setting the distance that it would explode, Matt asked Death, "You got a nickname I can call you? Calling you Death sounds weird to me, especially in front of other people."

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