The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Fighting for your sake? Furiae, when he knew that you were alive and where you were being held at, he immediately made the plans to get you out. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you did in the past. The two of you are family, and he wants to make sure you stay safe. I'm sure any brother would feel the same for their sister." He took a moment to get Furiae off to a bit safer area and stuck close to her.

"I know it's not too much, but let me clean you up. You look kinda messy right now, and I've found that being cleaned off helps anyone's mood."

The girl's eyes widened at this news, and a chocking laugh escaped from her lips, "Really? He's not...? Even though I doomed our world? He made plans right away?! Caim.... Thank you, sir. You've no idea what that information means to me... And now I will do what I can as well!"

Clasping her hands, the former Goddess did what she knew to do best, pray. Even if it was as worthless a gesture as it were in their home realm, it was the only thing Furiae knew she could do to help; sans her other form. But that, she feared, was far riskier and very likely to be doomed to failure.

Caim dodge rolled away from the rocket upon impact, and was glad that he had that spell the Cleric had dropped on him, as it stopped most of the minute shrapnel from penetrating his skin. However, that didn't really weather the force of the explosion. Still, he had much worse. Getting back up, Caim kept the heavy hunk of iron that was his mace in his hands and charged back at Sentinel's leg. He had come WAY to far to let a little thing like a rocket take him down, and with his sister free from her former holding point, he could pool his attentions into showing Bruiser what it meant to mess with his family.

Cadolbolg zipped upwards, and sped to catch his swiftly falling Tonberry friend; but not without injury. Some of his razer sharp tail was caught in the process; and the turtle-dragon winced at the pain this brought him. Regardless, he could not allow his friend to be needlessly tossed aside. With a deft catch; the duo rose to the air again, and Cadolbolg began shooting more fire from his mouth; Ton Ton already poising for another leaping assault.

Angelus lept backwards from the punch, but still felt her footing a little shaken after landing, the tremors from the impact being more than enough for her to be situated for a few moments.

The hippogriff gave a screech in pain, but it's great strength allowed it to stay in the Material Plane a little longer; and it forged ahead to make use of it's time here; even if it was to be destroyed in battle.

In the midst of all this, Teri kept a silent watch on everyone's status' and used the Sentinel's distraction with their allies to sneak herself and Garm around the machine's side, casting Create Water behind the machine and dumping 14 galleons of water behind it. After that, she waved her hands and a cross over the water with her usual brand of Aquatic/Celestial chanting before Controlling it to rise and make a pillar of water. Following up on this, Teri dumped a water bottle onto the floor and called a strong and ready Squishy to her side once again. With a sly smile, Teri pointed to the pillar, and said one word in Aquan, "Vortex."

Teri casts Create Water, Control Water, and burns a turn attempt to summon Squishy the Water Elemental!
24 seconds before another 0 level Spell
6 seconds before another 2nd level Spell
18 seconds before another 4th level Spell
Turn attempts remaining: 4 Undead/ 3 Fire


There was a chuckle to himself as the god was amused. "You bark yet you don't bite, you're not even worth my time after all." He said and turned around. The slow movements seemed purposeful, as the god knew it was nice to not rush things, he had eternity after all. The creature seemed to fly off slowly with a sort of disappointed was about him.

Dillon spotted some more holes on his back, seemingly out of place. They almost gave an incomplete look to the creature. HINT HINT

Blue Dragon Hanger: Mercy & Tajuh

"BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! KLANG! BANG!" That was the sound that got Tajuh's full attention as he stood in hanger after his conversation with Jenny. Whatever the noise was, it was fairly close by and from the screams and curses that followed, someone was very VERY angry.

"Son of a bitch how the hell can you already be broken this is just my first assignment and you're already f**king BROKEN?" Said the feminine, yet decidedly frustrated voice, before the banging resumed.


With as much noise as the stranger was making, it didn't take long for the man to zero in on the source of the ruckus. As he turned the corner, he spotted the interloper.

While he might have been expecting a hero to be making all the noise, given what the world had just been through after Tomoya's near ruination of reality, he was most likely not expecting what he saw, a college aged young woman taking a hammer to what looked like a bicycle.

"God damned son of a c**k a** motherf**king son of a b***h TAKE ME BACK HOME!" She screamed as the once again started her attempt at repairs on her machine, until it was that she hit her thumb with the hammer.


Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh heard the banging and walked over to the college student, removing the hammer from her hands so she wouldn't break anything else. "I don't know how exactly this bicycle is supposed to help you survive atmospheric reentry, but I'm fairly sure swinging away with a hammer won't fix anything." When the college student turned around to the bemused voice, she saw the woman that had snatched the hammer from her.

Tajuh kept the hammer away from the college student and gave a slightly cheerful laugh and quickly examined her and realized she wasn't part of the Striders, Guard, or the Rising Dawn's crew. "Now, if you've a moment, could you explain how you got here? It's not exactly easy to get here." The tome in Tajuh's voice was one that the college student would expect to hear from an aunt.

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy could only gawk for a moment at woman that had snatched the hammer away from her before shrugging and began kicking the f**k out of the bicycle, talking loudly as she tried to stomp the pieces back into place.

"Look lady, I don't know if I should be telling you this or what since it's my first day on the job but this piece of crap was what got me here in the first place. It should be able to get me back!" She said as she stomped at the bicycle over and over and over again, Tajuh not quite understanding how it was that a severe beating could be any good for the machine.

"I figure, if you hit the thing hard enough and enough times, eventually all the components will get back in the right place." Mercy explained before she picked the bicycle up and slammed it on the hanger floor.

"COME ON YOU PIECE OF C**P WORK!" She screamed before another noise interjected itself, the sound of the college girl's stomach. The sound of defeat really but still it showed that all the effort she was putting forth into repairing her machine was getting the better of her, Tajuh's question not really registering until right that second.

"What? Oh. This is S&T Class, Two Wheel Transport. I. I. I really have no idea how it got me here, but the instruction manual said that I have to get it to 15 miles an hour to reach tunneling velocity. I really don't know what the means, do you?" She asked before something of greater importance made itself known; Mercy's stomach spoke again.

"Ow. Ow. Ow! Is there a food truck or some place to eat around here? I could really use a bite." The girl said as she pushed a button the the two wheeled transport, causing the device to fold in on itself until it could be clipped onto the girl's belt.

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh nodded and gave Mercy a pleasant smile. "Of course there's somewhere to get some food. Just follow me, and I'll make sure you fill up on some food. Just try to take it slow, okay? I'm sure that someone on the Hagane can get your slipspace bike repaired."Tajuh rubbed the rubbed the inner part of the ring on her right index finger as she guided the college student to the Hagane's mess hall. Sure enough, there was a rather large plate of food as well as a glass of water for the meal.

"Take your time, okay? I don't want your stomach to be hurting from you eating all of that too fast."

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy's eyes widened quite a bit when she saw the large plate of food that ha been placed on the table for her. She had literally taken this whole starving artist thing a little too far, or rather she did when she was an art student (When was that? It was after she had been an economics major but before she had become a philosophy major.) Quickly, she began digging in before her butt had even managed to find a comfortable position on the seat.

"Mmmm. Tish ish rearry gud!" She said with her mouth filled with meatloaf; bits of the baked meat dinner flying back onto the plate as she spoke.

"*GULP GULP GULP*" Down the hatch went the water, as she washed down her mouth full, a passing waiter dropping in to refill her glass out of a carafe.

"Keep it here and get more!" She exclaimed with an exuberant smile that was, before she realized the mess she was making of things.

"Um. Sorry." She said as she picked up a knife and fork, cutting into the meatloaf.

"Thank you for this. It seems like it's been a long time since I ate anything, plus since I have to deliver more stuff, I could really use the calories." She said, drawing on her time as a nutrition major (for all of 2 weeks).

"I'm Mercy by the way, Mercy Clarke." The red headed college student said as she wiped off a grimy hand before offering it to Tajuh

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh shook the slightly greasy hand before sitting down next to her. "I'm Tajuh, and I know all too well about hunger getting in the way of getting something done. It's a real pain, isn't it? It's still odd that you managed to get that type of bicycle, but I'm fairly sure it makes deliveries a snap. At least you haven't had to deliver to New York City recently, because that city's always been a mess to move through." She worded the statement in such a way that it would reveal Mercy as a denizen of this universe or if the slipspace bike had crossed dimensions to get her here - after all, the events in New York City would be well known to almost anyone on the planet, and a native college student of this plane would definitely know.

The plate was quickly replaced with another, and Mergy's small time as a nutrition major told her that the meals were impeccably well-balanced nutritionally with a medley of flavors. Whatever this weird looking ship was, she knew that it kept the people on board well-fed.

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

"Pah! New York? It's nothing like Mid Town, that's where I'm from, but anyways this is just my first assignment. I had to deliver something to a guy named Devon on the ship. He must really have a thing for Russian Nesting Dolls because that's what I had to come here to deliver, these blonde Russian Nesting Dolls with wings, it's pretty rare to see a Nesting Doll that doesn't look like some sort of gourd." The College girl said in a rapid fire voice as she was intent on seeing just how the next dish tasted.

"Man this sure beats McTaco King!" She exclaimed as she tucked into the next dish, letting out an explosive, though purely accidental burp.

"Scuse me! Why'd you ask about New York, anyways? Ever since they decided to ban taxis from Manhattan, it's a breeze." She said as she paused for a moment to take in her surrounding. Now properly fed, Mercy's curiosity perked regarding her location as well as her companion. Looking at the person who she had NOT been paying the proper amount of attention to, she suddenly exclaimed.

"WOW! You're a real looker you know that?" She said aloud, before remembering herself and quickly adding "at least a few of my guy friends would say so!"

"Anyways, where are we anyways? I never got the restaurant's name, it's pretty cool what with the fancy video show going on in all the windows."

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh made the note in his/her head on Mercy having got through what was possibly a different plane through her slipspace bike. "It is a bit odd, but I have seen weirder things. And that was a nice save you just made, Miss Clarke." She laughed warmly and patted the student on her back.

"Don't worry, I won't judge you for feeling the way you do. it's your life, and I've no aim at making you act any differently." After giving Mercy a chance to collect herself, she casually motioned with her hand.

"Still, the Blue Dragon hasn't proven to be too bad, and you're currently in space right now. You're not seeing the Earth right now due to the way we're facing, but it's certainly a sight, isn't it? Real shame about the debris, though."


Dillon silently spread his wings, without a noise he flew at the hole in the monsters back, he attacked quickly cutting his way into the monsters body he could find his family and attack the creature from within am attack that no animal had any defense against.
he flew into the monsters body searching for his wife he searched for her souls while playing out his souls music. Excalibur glowed bright and his wings cast golden light inside the beasts body.
He was still in a stable set of mind not allowing emotion to cloud him.


A sack of darkness on the wall burst open and what appeared to be amaya fell out of it. A quick look at her soul told dillon that she wasn't real. A few coughs later and she was standing up. Looking at dillon with souless eyes, she began to do hand signs.

"Katon: Gokakyuo no jutsu!" she shouted and filled the entire hallway infront of dillon with fire.


Bruiser watched the latest attempts to disable his mech, namely Melethia attempting to use his own missile to damage his armor, Caim working on the leg, Angelus and Cadolbolg still aiming for the head and Teri doing...something behind him.
"HA! YOU THINK THIS IS GOING TO STOP ME!? THIS ARMOR WAS DESIGNED TO TAKE THIS KIND OF ABUSE!" He taunted as he retorted with his round of attacks.
With Caim, Melethia and the Ice Beast in mind, the armor did a MASSIVE spinning kick, powered by it's leg jets, AIMing to strike anyone attempting to attack his legs or body on the ground

To deal with the others, namely Angelus and Cadolbolg, He sent out small flying drones, located on the armor's back, which flew off and seeked out it's targets, each containing a small grenade (No bigger then a Frag) set to go off on impact with it's target.

He took no heed of whatever Teri was trying to do, I mean, that bitch didn't do shit last time, what would be different this time, right?

David: Airship Rising Dawn Canteen of those kids... David sighed, noting how stuck up the little girl was, at least Melethia had manners!
Yanking the second cigarette out of her mouth and topping it, breaking off the burning bit before binning it again, "We can do as many times as you like. No. Smoking." He said, clearly starting to get annoyed now.
"So..."Summoned"...By Whom? You going to tell me your some kind of 10'000 year old demon with the body of a 14 year old?..." He asked before putting his feet up on the table, showing that nothing really fazed him anymore after his massive breakdown in DC.
"Well, My advice, to you too, Luke. Just walk away. This ship...All it over does is mess people up, You hear about "The Heroes of the Rising Dawn! Coming to save the day!", but nothing on all the crap we have to put up with. Second Puce gets here, I'm out, I've lived though enough shit for my life. You two best do the same..." He said, thinking of his retirement plan.

Hell: Goenitz

"Hey, I get you don't like me, but come on? Why the hell would I kill that many people? Why the hell would I get Tomoya to do it? No. That was just plain mismanagement, Too many hands on the tiller. I had nothing to do with that." Goenitz answered, not impressed with Lucifers claim, the Prince of Lies realizing he was tell the truth.
"As for the situation down here, I actually came down here with an offer. See...For all my Loyality to the Boss and whatnot, I'm not one to to spout "One doesn't simply walk into Hell". It's rather easy actually, The Tower Guard here takes his break 5 minutes earlier then others, The Janitors leave the window in the Restrooms open to get the smell of Acid out-"
"More on the offer, please?..."
"...Well, okay, but only because you said please. To be honest, there is something about watching Satan of all people fraternize with a Cleric of all people..." He said before pausing, letting Lucifer process that bit of information.
"Sad thing is, while I can get a glance at her requests for summons and all, It's not what I really want to see on the Rising Dawn, so many other vastly more interesting people on that ship, wouldn't you agree?"

Reaching into his shelve and pulling out a key, one that would surely open the door.
"Fatso on lunch break dropped this. I let you out, give you an escape plan and allow you to corrupt that sweet innocent girl, You give me Pay Per View on the rest of the crew. Any group that can kill an Arch Angel should have tabs kept on it, am I right?" He finished before toying around with it in his fingers.

"So can you make a deal that doesn't involve selling souls?"


Seeing the incoming kick, the ice Hippogriff moved itself in the way of the attack, and took the brunt of the blow, shattering into a thousand tiny pieces upon impact. This action alone gave Caim and Melethia enough time to get out of the way of the attack; and without harm.

Angelus growled at the sight of the drones, and sent to her son, "Blow those things to kingdom come, before they attack us!" and began launching homing fire at said drones; hoping that she could destroy them before they got too close.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, made use of his leap, and landed on the head, as well as digging the knife deep into it. Pulling his trusty blade from the metal, the little creature made his way down the neck and began messing with more wires that he could find; cutting and severing what his little paws could get on.....

Bruiser took no heed of whatever Teri was trying to do, I mean, that bitch didn't do shit last time, what would be different this time, right?

Oh Bruiser, if only you knew what a crafty Cleric could do with her water elementals. Speaking of, as she was manipulating the water into the appropriate shape, she pointed at the floating pillar of water and said, "Vortex"

The elemental was happy to comply, and in moments, found himself growing taller and wider as he began changing into a vortex of water.

The effects of this change weren't initially noticeable, but when Bruiser noticed that he was receiving warnings about hitting water; as well as losing control, something was VERY wrong.


Melethia used the opening provided by the Hippogriff's sacrifice to spring onto Caim's shoulders, then leapt on one of the Mini MANGOS and used the shockwave from the explosion to get next to Ton-Ton, using her technical know-how to sever key cords which crippled the main cameras on the machine before jumping back off. The detonation of the mini MANGO did hurt her, but between the SHield of Faith and her armor's resistance towards fire, she'd live.

The elf took a look at the Vortex and got a good idea, calling out to Teri. "Sis, ya mind if I pull out some Magnesium?" Now, if Bruiser could both hear the girl and had a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry, he would be very worried. Teri, however, knew the rather violent and fiery reaction the element had with water.

As for our Bard and Caim's sister? Although her prayer may have had no effect, it bolstered the man's resolve as he saw the Mini MANGO leading a suicidal charge. Caim would probably drag me back from and Hell and kill me again if something happened to Furiae. Let's make sure that doesn't come to pass. Before the Mini MANGO could finish the suicidal charge, it was violently redirected by a blast of wind pushing it off course and crashing into one of the walls. "We'll get you out of here, Furiae. I just need the right opening, but we'll have the opening with this group. Still, let's find out what makes that machine tick..." The bard's eyes turned red before taking a golden hue, and he tried to focus on Bruiser. If he could get this right, they could hit Bruiser where it hurts.

Devon casts Know Vulnerabilities! Devon's eyes turn red, then take on a golden hue. As he look at the creature, you see small runes dancing around its head. Each rune identifies a particular vulnerability or resistance-red for resistances, green for vulnerabilities.

You learn any special qualities, vulnerabilities, and resistances the target creature has.

DC17 to resist (Base DC 10, Spell level 2, +5 from his Charisma Modifier), and Bruiser got a 17. This could either be passing the save or failing it, depending on how it's ruled.

Time before the next level 0 spell: Ready!.
Time before the next level 1 spell: 6 seconds.
Time before the next level 2 spell: 18 seconds.
Time before the next level 3 spell: Ready!
Time before the next level 4 spell: Ready!


Once again, Bruiser's overconfidence had betrayed him as not long after smashing the Ice Construct, his HUD went down, thanks to Ton Ton cutting the wire for the Optics of the Armor, leaving him Blind inside the Mech.
"...WHAT?!..NO! DAMMIT! ALL I WANT IS A BATTLE ROBOT THAT ISN'T A LOAD OF SHIT!" He shouted as he began to randomly flail around in a attempt to hit someone, stomping and swinging while sending out more and more drones, lasers, missiles, clearly desperate to land a hit.

His panicked state allowed Devon to get a full read on the weaknesses of the M.A.N.G.O., Finding that Wires around the limbs could be disabled to render them completely useless and a EMP style blast applied directly to the power unit on his back would stop the Mech dead.
Bruiser himself was Weak to Flying, Psychic or Mental Attacks and Fire, Lots and Lots of Fire.

Speaking of Which, Melethia was able to get the Magnesium into the Vortex before she and Ton Ton knocked off By Bruiser's Flailing, Squishy setting up the attack before bailing, not wanting to get burned.
They watched as the Vortex ignited into a tornado of flames that picked up the mech, causing the metal armor to turn red hot as it was lifted up into the air.
Soon, it was dramatically flung into a wall with enough force to break though, causing the Mech to fall down 2 floors of Manufacturing floors and into the Main Ammo Depot, the flames lingering on it slowly starting a chain reaction of explosions that could take down the entire lab.
Cheers of victory were cried until a large purple hand climbed up from the crater they had just made.
Bruiser managed to Bail before the explosion, though he was blackened from the escape.
"NO!....NO!...I...Am NOT! Losing like this! Not to you! Not to Anyone!! He shouted before looking back at the flaming pit he nearly fell down.

"WELL! ISN'T THIS A HEARTBREAKER!? HEHEHEEHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! THIS WHOLE FUCKING CESSPIT OF A LAB IS GOING TO FUCKING EXPLODE! AND BY ARCEUS! TONIGHT! I'M TAKING YOU ALL TO BURN IN HELL WITH ME!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!" He shouted, a mixture of dispair, madness and pure rage as he charged headlong at the team as echoes of explosions already began to sound.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Canteen
Time: At some point.

Lucieon | David | Lucretia

Luke perked up as the mentions of "summons," "Summoned? But by whom?" Luke parroted David, "I was also summoned to this plane, and have no summoner to behold. Are you perchance indeed the follower of the Ancient Stone Dragon?"

He looked Lucretia over once more and frowned, "Nay, you hold not the scales of the everlasting dragons." He leaned back in his chair and pondered once more the meaning of his existence here. That is until David carelessly mentioned that they both should head home.

Luke's face stayed in a state of frozen kindness, but a aura of both resentment and annoyance seeped through his eyes as he spoke, "There is no home for me, I've been away from my country for a hundred and twenty seven years. I doubt there's anything that I could return to if I could. The magic of the Dark still binds me to service, and homeward I cannot head, many times I have tried, but only to be pulled back to the accursed bonfires that light the night." He grimaced as the Red Eye Orb fluctuated in frequency, signalling the passing of the Vengeful Spirit to some other person. A Gravelord maybe, or another Darkwraith, or perhaps even a Dragon Disciple. "I believe that we are here because we have no other home, Mr. West. I advice you that, in your self-induced image of callous disillusionment, that you do not forget the merits of companionship."

Luke settled down and placed his face on the cool table, he relaxed before giving one last thought to David West, "Being alone is a terrible, terrible thing Mr. West. I would rather fight against the Abyss itself with companions than running away and living alone in peace."

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

"Don't worry, I won't judge you for feeling the way you do. it's your life, and I've no aim at making you act any differently." After giving Mercy a chance to collect herself, she casually motioned with her hand.


Was this Tajuh lady implying what Mercy thought that she was implying? The college girl's mind raced as she wondered what sort of first impression it was that she was giving off. She was a college student for crying out loud! If college was the time where you could be a little curious, then by hell she was going to be curious all she wanted! But she wasn't batting for the other team just yet! It was at that point that she was quite aware that her face had turned a particularly bright shade of RED.

"I.I.I." She sputtered as Tajuh continued to speak.

"Still, the Blue Dragon hasn't proven to be too bad, and you're currently in space right now. You're not seeing the Earth right now due to the way we're facing, but it's certainly a sight, isn't it? Real shame about the debris, though."

Hold the phone! What did she just say?

"Wait, Tajuh. Did you just say that we're in space? Like SPAAAAACE! Like Houston we have a problem, outside of the atmosphere, drops of f**king Jupiter, in orbit where gravity has a minor effect, where no one can hear you scream, vacuum of space, space?" The red haired girl asked as she looked out the window at the debris field that remained from the earlier space battle.

"You're kidding me, right? We're on some sort of space simulator, not actual space right?"

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh gave the madly blushing student a chance to look out to the massive amount of stars before responding. "We are in actual space, Mercy. No simulation's going to get all of these details correct, and I'm sure you can feel the slight floating sensation. Honestly, relax and have a bit of fun. Not many students your age would ever get this kind of view, and it's an amazing one. After all, it's not like you've an easy way back to Earth until that slipspace bike of yours is repaired. That is, unless you'd like me to get you down on the planet." She patted Mercy on the shoulder as the student looked out the window.

"Say hello to the L-1 region of space. We're basically in between the sun and Earth here, but I guess that you never thought you could put this on your resume!" She laughed jovially.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Nyeh

Lucieon | David |Lucretia

Luke watched with surprise as the girl launched herself at David West and knock the grown man to the ground. Perhaps she was a Darkwraith after all. But that thought soon perished when Lucretia started to shriek about her mother dying and her fathering having to die. Personally he never sympathized with parent troubles, having been raised with a warden as a mother and an absentee father. He felt more or less that people should be individualistic.

He swung the Manus Catalyst at Lucretia, not hard enough that the blow would break the scales off a Stone Dragon, as the Catalyst was perfectly able, but just enough to knock her off of David. The old wood staff connected with the side of the girl's frame and nudged her off of David West.

"Hold you actions, acts of aggression outside of your world will not be taken lightly!" Lucieon said sternly, retaining the stature he had acquired working in the Dark.

10 Klicks West of The Rising Dawn: Closing Fast

A small one person stealth jet sped toward the Rising Dawn while transmitting a signal that identified it as friendly. When the jet got close enough it pulled up steeply while releasing a man in a flight suit out of the bottom then turned to head home.

The man spread out his arms and legs in order to slow him down a lot. About 30 meters above the deck a ball of energy engulfed the man that slowed him down even further to let him land safely. He headed below deck, walking like he knew the place. He entered the canteen and everybody looked to see who the newcomer was. He removed his helmet to reveal the face of Matt Hargreave, glowing red cyber eyes and all. "Is there anything to drink before I die of thirst," Matt asked them.


When Bruiser's mech went down the hatch and Squishy had returned to his bottle, Teri pumped a fist in the air with joy, whooping laughter echoing from the Tablet, "Yeah! That's what you get for fucking with a Cleric, BITCH! Rot in hell you purple-"

As for the Devil himself, he got his fair share of verbal abuse from his dearest Cleric's end, his cutting in being followed by her exclamations of joy. Of course, right when he cut in was after he heard her cries of joy.

"What an asshole... Ooops, sorry love. I've got one of those idiot Neo-Archangels down here."

With a big grin, the girl replied, "Nah, I understand. No offense, but those guys are a royal bag of dicks. And you too Lord, I'm sorry, but they really are!"

Wiping her brow with a sleeve, the Cleric continued, "Man, after this is all over, I'll be looking forward to that date!"

Of course, this was right before Bruiser crawled out of the fiery pit (circumstantial puns fully intended), and a flood of panic filled the Cleric as Garm dodged around his advance, teeth growling as the group began their various tactics: Caim, a dodgeroll and a new blade prepared: Windsinger. The polearm was aligned with the winds, something Caim would hope to be of use, as well as provided him with some distance from the up-close-and-personal powerhouse. With a twirl, Caim had already managed to land a slash on the Machoke's arm, but without much effect. In his current state, it would be hard to subdue him with pain alone.

Angelus continued her regime of homing fire as well as forming a thin ring of fire around herself; snake-like appendages hissing and ready to strike should Bruiser draw too close.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg dive bombed the Machoke, Ton Ton attempting to latch onto Bruiser's head and bring his blade into the scope of justice with the ever deadly knife. Cadolbolg, in the meantime, darted around Bruiser in an attempt to distract him. Small zaps of lighting and minute burns beginning to spread around Bruiser in order to loosen his stance or allow others to get a hit on him...

Teri? Teri gripped her wolf's fur tightly before gulping and casting Spiritual Weapon from the still wolf's back, and watched as a spectral longsword appeared to begin stabbing at Bruiser as he was being assailed at all sides. Following this, Garm charged in as well, claws and teeth at the ready to tear into flesh.

Teri casts Spiritual Weapon! At 1 round (6 seconds) per level, or in this case, 42 secconds the weapon will fight by your side, and cannot be harmed by physical means! However, it can be dispelled like other spells... 12 seconds till the next 2nd level spell can be cast

Matt stood there unfazed by the attack since he had been subjected to much worse in his life. "You know, a simple no would have sufficed. I'm gonna look anyway just to make sure. Please continue with whatever you were doing and just ignore me for the moment," Matt said as he walked past everyone to go look behind the counter.


Devon turned around to the others there as Bruiser charged them and and called out the weaknesses to the rest in the group and stood besides Furiae as he focused in on the Machoke and took a deep breath before grinning as an idea came to him. "[b]Oh God damnit, Bruiser! We won't leave until we've made sure that you're dead!/b]!" A large smoke cloud appeared, and as it vanished, there was two copies of the group there. The second group charged Bruiser with everything they had, and Bruiser could even feel the heat from Toots (Angelus) as she prepared to scorch the man with a gout of fire. With the maelstrom of the others there, it was incredibly difficult for him to tell exactly what was going on.

Devon casts Major Image! This spell functions like silent image, except that sound, smell, and thermal illusions are included in the spell effect. While concentrating, you can move the image within the range.

The image disappears when struck by an opponent unless you cause the illusion to react appropriately.

Save to determine which group is the real one: DC18.

Time before the next level 1 spell: Ready!
Time before the next level 2 spell: 12 seconds.
Time before the next level 3 spell: 30 seconds.

As the Illusions charged the Machoke, Devon called out to the others on the rings as both him and the illusionary Devon held tight to the real Furiae and the Illusionary Furiae. The Illusionary Devon began playing more music, but since it wasn't from the Real Devon, there was no added effect.

"Caim, we've got to get going to ensure that your sister lives! I know there's history between you and the Machoke, but we have to keep our priorities straight here!"

Meanwhile, the Illusionary Melethia rummaged around in her pouch for something while the Real Melethia pulled out her bow and started firing a hail of arrows at the Pokemon. "Eat this, bilge rat!"

Melethia's using Manyshot! Granted by taking 6 levels in Ranger, this feat allows Melethia to fire multiple arrows with every bow attack he makes for the next 20 seconds. The number of arrows depend on the character's base attack bonus: +12 means three arrows per attack. Since all these arrows are coming from Banshee, they'll do quite the number on the Machoke.

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy paused for a moment as she took in the sights in front of her like Tajuh had suggested. It was a rather marvelous view in front of her. Under the artificial lights and pollution of MidTown, you could never, ever see the stars no matter how hard you tried. Looking at the view before her, she remained quiet for a time as the ship slowly turned and Earth came into view.

"Wooooooow!" The College girl exclaimed as she saw the blue planet from which mankind sprang forth. The sight was made even better by the fiery streaks that marked the debris' entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

"Who. Who the hell are you guys?" Mercy asked as she tried to figure out just where in the hell she was. Back when she was a aerospace major, they were just bringing International Space Station II online; The First ISS having been blown up in a freak reactor failure.

"More to the point, where the hell am I?"

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh took a moment to think before answering. "Well, you're on the Hagane which is currently docked with another space station as well. As for us, we're... How do I explain it best? You know those groups of people that usually get called to stop something before it starts? That's what we do. Fairly good at it, too. It's a shame I have to depart from here just after we got things straightened out, but I've got a good feeling I'll be called back here..." Tajuh had mistakenly described what the Mabar Guard's job was instead of what the Rising Dawn did, but with any luck, Mercy had missed the slip-up.

"Unfortunately, until that slipspace bike of yours gets fixed up, it really would be a lot safer if you stayed on this ship instead of heading on the Space Station. The people here aren't exactly the most welcome here even after what we overcame together due to some people in their members being extremely conservative. Will this be a problem, Mercy?" Tajuh held the college student's hand, trying to get her message across without having to fully explain the problems that may occur if the Striders found out about this woman that managed to get onto their station unimpeded.

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh


That's sort of the expression that Tajuh got when she explained the situation to Mercy. Not only had she managed to break her bike on her first assignment, she had unwittingly managed to break onto a highly classified military installation in space.! This was not a good day to be a bicycle courier and this was definitely not a good day to be Mercy.

"So you're telling me that I'm on a military space station with a bunch of security freaks that'll blow my head off just for being here?!?" She questioned loudly, gesticulating with her arms wildly in the air, a drumstick in her right hand.

"Ican'tbelievethisishappeningtome. Ican'tbelievethisishappeningtome. Ican'tbelievethisishappeningtome." The red haired woman said, so very close to passing out due to hyperventilation.

"Why me?" She moaned, swaying a bit from the lack of oxygen to her brain and the stress her body was undergoing at that very moment.

"Wait! Wait! I know!" She exclaimed as she pushed a button on the bracelet she was wearing, causing a ghostly projection to appear in front of her.

"I just need to pull up a diagnostic on my bike and - WHAT?!?" She exclaimed, her eyes widening in surprise and fear, at least that was the expression she had before she passed out into a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy's frantic panicking had prevented Tajuh from explaining that she was safe here, and a look at the horrid state of the slipspace bike explained the panic she felt. The fact that the Hagane's crew would be hard-pressed to fix it meant that Mercy could easily think it was ruined.

"It's almost funny how this keeps happening to me." After musing to herself, Tajuh quickly cleared off the woman's face and ensured that she hadn't mistakenly inhaled any of the potatoes in her panic. Since she was okay, she took the college student to her personal room to help her get some rest while the bike got repaired \.

I hope she recovers soon... she's not someone that should be in the Guard. Still, she's got no real connections here, and I'd rather not have her be with the Rising Dawn while that man's aiming for control over it. If I could only be here longer, I could scout out someone better for that position! Of course, even the cleric Teri Gravel would be better suited, but I'm simply lacking that time.

David West: Rising Dawn Canteen

After shaking off the shock of what just happened, David took the chance to strike while Lucretia attacked Matt.
Viciously striking the back of her head with the butt of his handgun, He them turned her around and punched her in the face before slamming it into table in a attempt to knock her out.
Before you go crying this is overkill, Melethia, a 13 year old, can bench press more then David can, he's not taking any chances!

Once he was done, he pushed her to the ground and began checking for anymore weapons on her person, keeping her held down with his larger weight though a knee on her back.
"See....THIS is why I'm retiring! First New York, then DC, Shot the woman I loved in the face after she flat out ordered a contract on my head. I do everything I can, but nothing. NOTHING! Ever is enough. Just a normal life, grow old, get a pension, NOT get attacked by children with swords that are bigger then them. IS THAT SO MUCH TO FUCKING ASK?!" He raved as Matt walked by to the bar.

Man, he is going to freak out when he finds out he assaulted his own daughter like that...

"....Matt! I'll take two of whatever you're having...I need a drink...."

Bruiser: AIM

Bruiser was flat out beat, I mean, what could he really do in a situation like this?
Caim's blade, Angelus's fire, Cadolbolg's lighting, Ton Ton landing on his head, Taking Melethia's arrows to the chest, Teri's weapon stabbing him in the chest, He lost the second he left that mech.
Worse of all, he couldn't even land a single hit before he went down thanks to the load of mirror images around him.
As a much larger explosion shook the room, he was on his knees in pain, suffering from all their attacks combined in his manner.
It was time to end this.

Matt came back with two bottles of scotch and two Old Fashioned glasses. He handed a bottle and a glass to David before sitting at a nearby empty table. "So David West, do you still work for that international police thing? If so, I was wondering if they still have a price on my head or a warrant for my arrest. Last I checked, they were pretty mad when I worked for a few dictators/warlords," Matt asked him as he poured a drink for himself.

David, Matt.

As the two began to drink, the room lit up as a beam of light shot down from the ceiling, a shape in the beam materialising as it began to dissipate.

The two could see it was Fionn, having beamed down from The Hagane.

"Well that was, convenient." He looked around the room, spotting David and Matt. "So, hows it going David?" He began to walk over to the fridge, noting the presence of the other newcomers. "So, who are you exactly? Friend of Foe?" He asked semi-jokingly as he poked his head into the fridge. "I'll have a glass too, if you don't mind".

Captcha "Moo Shoo Pork": "Nah, I'm more in the mood for beef at the moment".

AIM: Bruiser

"What did you mean 'after this is all over'? What are you doing? Teri? Kiddo? What's going on?"

"I told you, we're rescuing Furiae, Caim's sister. We just hit a speed bump along the way. One moment, and I'll get back to you..."

When Bruiser fell to his knees, Teri directed the Spiritual Weapon to point at Bruiser's throat as she dismounted her wolf, forcing him to look as his assailant as she walked right up to him. Garm stuck close by her side in case the Machoke tried anything, and the staff clinked faintly as the Cleric approached. Staring into the eyes of the one who wronged her so long ago; Teri's face formed a silent growl as her Tablet began to issue her last words for the Machoke,

"... All this time. All this time, I've been afraid of you. I've been terrified at the thought of seeing you again. The memories of your attempt to give me a manicure left me terrified of holding people. It made me retch just touching them... But now, I wonder. Why are you scary, Brusiser? Seriously, what is so scary about you? You're big, but I've seen bigger; and your tough, but there's much tougher. So, I can't think for the life of me, a good reason to think you scary at all!

Hell, even your tactics are childish! What you do is the same as any schoolyard bully; you just overpower people weaker than you! That's not fighting, that's just using what brute strength you got; and if right this second isn't any indication; that obviously does not mean your strong. You haven't even improved. You haven't grown! You haven't changed! You're static; and it's getting you nowhere! But look at us, and what do you see? A group of people that have been through so much, we gotten stronger for it! At least, I know I have. Check this out. REPPUKEN!"

That was when Bruiser noticed a medium blue energy crackling in her hands, and before he could do anything, a burst of said energy struck him in the chest, inciting a cough from the Pokemon.

Teri uses a Class 1 Reppuken. 12 seconds before she can use another Level 1 spell.

When the energy dissipated, Teri's sword was upon the Machoke's neck again, and she laughed, "And that's barely the icing on the cake! I have learned SO much since I've last seen you, and I'm got more to go. Don't you remember, Bruiser, in the chamber? I told you the difference between you and me was the fact that we're still growing and improving while you stay the pathetic thing that you are! Am I will not be afraid of you anymore! So, goodbye Bruiser, and say hi to Lucifer for me, will you?"

She took a step back, the energy crackling in her hand again as her mouth opened and slowly enunciated three syllables,


The last thing Bruiser saw (as the Spiritual Weapon made the use of its time left and began stabbing the Machoke), was a blinding flash of blue light.

Teri uses the Class 3 Reppuken. 12 seconds till another 3rd level spell is available.

After unleashing these attacks, Teri clung to Garm's fur and shook as she began to do something that had previously required the assistance of her Tablet; she laughed. A sorrow filled, bitter laugh that filled the air and expressed no joy in what was just done. She'd have to pray about this later...

In the meantime, Caim hurried to Teri's side and shoved her up top the wolf's back, causing a yelp of surprise from the Cleric as his PDA spouted off, "Hate to ruin the moment kid, but we gotta go! This place is threatening to blow sky high!"

David West: Rising Dawn

With his knee still on the little girl, half expecting her to turn into a demon or something, David ignored the glass and opted to just drink from the bottle intend.
"Dude, didn't you hear? Remember that Monster Attack last summer? EATTF was wiped out, literally, the entire force, dead. All remaining resources and assets were sent to UNIT. As for your bounty, no idea. Been busy with the whole "Tomoya trying to blow up the world" thing." He snarked in-between drinks as Fionn phased in.

The Gunmage saw David restraining a 14 year old on the ground.
"...If you were here about 3 minutes earlier, you'd know why...." He said, still wondering what set her off like that.

Goenitz: Hell

"...Were you really not paying attention? I free you and help you escape so you can do whatever to that young girl and you keep tabs on the Rising Dawn for me! Not exactly Rocket Science, is it? Favor for a Favor, unless you'd rather I personally spy on them.
Or shall I have HER be my eyes and ears?..."
The Wind Angel taunted as he jangled the key closer to his cell.
"Even if you get out of the cell, you'll need my help to escape, they really rejigged the guard patterns this time around..."

AIM: Bruiser

The last hit was enough to knock the beast down for hopefully the last time, Bruiser's body going limp after his apparent demise.
It was over, even if he did live, his ego wouldn't, Bruiser would never do to anyone what he did to Jenny, To Angelus, To the Author herself.
She had won.
But none of that would matter unless they got the hell out of there before the entire Ammunition stockade below their feet went off!!
The Explosions got louder and Louder as the room shook more and more, Smoke now starting to become a major concern as blank plumes of the stuff began to choke the air around them.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | 17th Wing | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

Storm had just spend a couple of minutes messing around with Alpha, she never liked it when he turns lazy or teases her mental weak spots. The two left the room quickly after the Spartan moaned about not having food for several days. "Ah, some good food would really cheer me up." He said as the un-average human and the small hovering AI entered the canteen but immediately heard a phrase which scratched at Storm's soul.

"Tomoya trying to blow up the world" David said. Afterwards Storm turned around in not less then a blink and walked out with a depressed aura surrounding him, his eyes looked down to the ground as if the coldness of the metal had flooded into him. "What's wrong?" Alpha said in a unusual gentle voice which bought back Storm in an instance. And once more the smiling Spartan walked on, though Alpha was confused with his situation, even though she was the closest thing to him.

"This place has a dojo right? Hopefully they supply metal dummies." He said as the two began to walk to the ship's dojo.

"I remember the Monster Attack I just didn't know they were wiped out. I'm glad I don't have to worry about UNIT since they mostly deal with aliens and the Doctor," Matt said as he drank. "So who's the guy that just beamed in like he's from Star Trek?" Matt asked after Fionn appeared.

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