The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Training Room: Raven

As soon as Devon saw his chance, he motioned to the others to give a bit of space as he took a rather deep breath.


Devon casts Shout!

Next Level 4 Spell: 12 seconds

If Raven had thought the sonic blast from before had been loud, he would be blown away by this spell. It was so loud that he couldn't hear much of anything. That combined with the shattering of his glasses made it harder to counterattack, although he could feel the small shockwaves from a number of the Ouroboros failing and exploding. The others got in a few shots in, though, and Devon would be feeling them in the morning. Thanks to him closing his eyes when he Shouted, the Flashbang wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Slindis saw her chance and gathered her Ki, then blasted the man with a single well-aimed Hadoken. Even if it didn't hit Raven, it would take out one of the Ouroboros. If it hit Raven, though, the blast had a good amount of force behind it. She was also stunned a bit by the Flashbangs, but she recovered rather quickly.

And finally, Melethia removed a grate that had a good line of sight on the area and nocked a few arrows as she started raining down a hail of arrows on Raven in between a gap of the net Matt had set up earlier. It took a good deal of focus, but she certainly had the arrows to spare. The Flashbang hit her left eye fairly well, but she switched over to the right eye as she continued firing.

Melethia used Manyshot! Granted by taking 6 levels in Ranger, this feat allows Melethia to fire multiple arrows with every bow attack he makes for the next 20 seconds.

he number of arrows depend on the character's base attack bonus: +12 means three arrows per attack. So Melethia just fired 12 arrows in 6 seconds.

Training Room: Raven

Using the opportunity bought by several of their allies, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg sped in after Raven; fire balls being shot at whatever remained of the Ouroboros before the Tonberry leaped from his companion's back; the knife flashing as it readied itself to stick into the flesh of their assailant.

Caim, on the other hand, was equally dazed by the flashbangs that went off, and readied himself in case something tried to take advantage of his state.

David, Garm, Teri

As David carried Teri along, Garm following close by with two watchful eyes, he heard the girl mutter, "Can we have steak again?"

Yes sir, Mr. West, you've got a sleep talker on your hands. Better get used to it.

Training Room: Raven

After being blinded by both Matt's flashbangs and Devon's shout breaking his glasses, Raven was left wide open to attack from basically everywhere.
The duo of Ouroboros droids were taken offline with a vengeance by the efforts of Slindis and Cadolbolg as Arrows rained down from above.
This combination attack followed by Ton Ton's pounce resulted in the would-be assassin falling back on the net and getting entangled as Ton Ton had the knife to his throat.
After a few attempts to free himself, it became clear to him that this mission was a failure, much like his CO.
Dammit Hien... He thought as he did nothing or said nothing, mentally bracing himself for a interrogation

David, Garm, Teri

David rolled his eyes at this girl.
"Sleeps though gunfires AND talks in her sleep. What's CAN'T she do?..." He wondered out loud as Garm whined.
"Just saying Garm, don't you get sick of how fucking weird this damn world is? And this is the LEAST weird thing she does. I mean, how lets themselves be adopted by a Lord of the Rings Character and one of the worst fucking human beings on the planet?..."
"...And I talk to animals now...I swear, you start talking back, I'm just going to say "fuck it, I'm done" and jump out the airlock."
"...Good, I thought I was Doctor Dolittle for a moment there."
After some trial and error, he managed to find Teri's room.

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Training Room: Raven

Melethia made her way through the vents to get to her room, seeing that the situation had been handled - but not without setting small traps in them along the way. With how extensive the setup was in here, not having any defenses here would be foolish. Said setup had distinct types for each area with different smells. That should work. They have to get caught in it, of course, but if they trip one, the scents should tell me in the future where the attackers are coming from.

Back in the room, Slindis removed Raven's weapons through the gaps of the net to prevent an armed attack on the others. Due to the fact that only one had come in, there was one of two scenarios that first came to mind. The first one could be that the Striders had complete faith in the man sent here, and thus did not have to send any more. Unfortunately, that didn't mesh well from what she'd picked up from seeing the others training while she had sparred with Kazuya. She'd overheard the talks about the other lower-ranking Striders being reasonably paranoid about how the crew had been able to move as one. She had seen Kazuya fairly effortlessly spar against a pair of the newest Striders. The rank and file for them, while quite good, didn't have much of a chance against the whole crew at once. They would want more than one man to attack the ship, and the assailant had that Strider training of deception.

And the relatively weak planning of the attack here tied in with the second scenario. If this had been from the entirety of the group, the Striders could have gone after far more than just trying to kill the people at random. Khyber, why didn't they try to take out the power supplies or cripple the ship in some other way? She'd seen that in the Space Battle with the Corrupted Fleet, and it would have caused an incredible amount of damage. There was the clear lack of planning, and considering the Strider's methodical nature (From what she'd seen on their carrier, at least) it did not mesh at all. There was something brewing in the Striders' ranks to make them follow through with such rash and impulsive behaviors, and she did not like the feeling of it. "Which one sent you? I'd rather not have to extract it from you, but we will find out when the night's through."

Devon was finally able to cool down, and he checked up on the Cutie Bruisers as he lowered the alert on the ring. Man, if I can see those guys that made these rings again, I'll buy them a drink. Just saved our asses back there, after all!

Training Room: Raven

Raven didn't answer, rule of any interrogation: Keep your mouth shut.
All she had was theories (Or so he thought) so he had nothing to worry about.
The only think he really noted was Jenny looking on from the background, silently cursing herself for letting this happen.
Taking a deep breath, he laid back and relaxed and awaited whatever tortures they had in mind.

Training Room: Rugal, Jenny

Rugal took a more hands on approach, grabbing the assassin's throat and choking him.
"How much do I need to hurt you? Striders, Talk!" He demanded, Raven not talking
"...I can keep you alive, but I can ensure that you won't want to live..."
Still nothing.
"Right, what limb do you like most: Your Arm or your Leg?" He said as he brought up his slashing aura...

Jenny could only watch the mess she'd caused unfold infront of her and silently slipped away and she tried to figure out how to fix this mess.

Training Room: Raven

Caim kept his hands ready on his familial blade (having swapped back to it in the lull), and pointed at Raven; acknowledging the ninja as he had before he got a mechanical voice box of sorts,

"Don't go lying on us and say Hiryu sent you. You may be a Strider, but you're an idiot; pulling the attack in the way you did. If he REALLY wanted us dead, you'd have known how to kill us properly.

Not to mention my sister is working under him. She'd have warned me ahead of time if something was afoot."

As he 'said' all of this, Ton Ton 'sent' a similar message, his knife still trained carefully at Raven's jugular, "I am fine, Mr. Devon, thank you. The Daemons have thrown out worse abuse. But your assessment is a true one. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever invented these. They've been very handy."

Cadolbolg flew over and landed on Devon's shoulder this time, being that the business of a possibly rogue Strider was still in the room and the baby turtle dragon didn't want to reduce Devon's visibility. Still, even after being stomped he didn't look too terribly harmed. Such was the resilience of pact partners, it seemed. However, he seemed to be a bit deflated, in a manner that almost resembled embarrassment....

"I barely helped at all, Friend Devon... Friend Ton Ton seems to have this much more under control."

Teri's Room

Garm lightly tapped David's hand with his nose, a gesture of empathy only a canine could do just right, and listened quietly to the ramblings of his Pup, as well as the grievances of the Irish soldier. As he muttered complaints, Teri's brow furrowed almost emphatically, and her ramblings became more rushed, but equally incoherent.

"Red suits you... My eyes aren't green like your's.... You're not supposed to cut your beard till I graduate, remember?"

As she said all this, David saw a flickering on the Tablet strapped to the girl's side, and a stream of images began flowing on the screen, finally stopping on a group picture of several individuals, one half of them distinctly taller than the other. In the middle, stood what appeared to be the 'heads' of this grouping, a tall man with an imposing, but friendly stature and a bushy grey beard. Next to him, with an arm around her shoulder, was a much shorter woman with copper colored hair and vibrant eyes that seemed to border on the line between green and blue. The rest of the group was an eclectic mix of statures, hair and eye colors; almost as if the taller and shorter members were from entirely families. To the right of the copper haired woman, David could see one familiar element in the mix. Her hair style was different, and she looked a tad younger, but there was no mistaking the smile that was in the photo. It was the Cleric in question that was dreaming before him.

Training Room: Raven

Though it all, Raven said nothing, not even a grunt of pain, though he was suprised how quickly they caught onto the fact this wasn't an official mission.

Teri's Room

"....This must be her....Ah..This isn't weird at all..." David remarked as he tucked the Cleric into bed before watching her thoughts unfold.
She recalled Family outings, her birthdays, holidays as he watched on.
"So this is a Pay Per View of her head?...And she doesn't password protect it? Hell, not even a 1234? Man..." He said as he began to flick though her thoughts like a boy with a girls diary.

Matt walked up to where everyone was at with his gun drawn. Instead of asking any questions he simply fired his gun and put a bullet in one of the Strider's legs. This made everyone stop talking and look at him. "So tell me Strider, who sent you and why? Every minute you don't answer I put another bullet in one of your limbs," Matt said in a calm voice.

Training Room: Raven

Raven trashed for a second as he was shot in the leg, biting his tongue from the pain.
He was clearly in extreme pain but he soon calmed himself down.
It'd take a lot more then that to break him.
"Matt, keep our friend entertained. I'm going to contact the Blue Dragon over this incident." He said before leaving Raven to the rest of the team in the Training room.

On his way up to the bridge, he passed by his room, the door wide open letting the heat from the shower escape.
...Of course there was another one... He thought as he stormed in as Kura was getting dressed.
He was about to strike when he realized who it really was.
"Kura!?....You have 5 seconds to explain, then get out...."

Training Room: Raven

Caim gave the ninja his infamous Battle SmileTM as the interrogation continued, "Come on now soldier, you've been caught with your pants down. Fess up, and it'll make things easier on you..."

He tapped a few buttons on the PDA for a moment, and held up the camera to Raven, snapping a picture in the process. After a few more moments waiting to get another communique in from Furiae. The former Goddess' text appeared on screen, and with how it appeared on the outside, Caim was typing vigorously. However, what was really unfolding was a conversation between the siblings. The typing went on, but from what Caim was slowly gathering.... Perhaps things were not as simple as he would have liked:

Caim, is this why you decided to open this chat? To pump me for information? Even if that man IS indeed a Strider, which he isn't, I could not in good conscious tell you that. That's treason, and a death sentence for whoever gives out that sort of information. Do you understand?

The warrior paused, somewhat struck surprised that his sister was so dutiful in her new post, and could only sigh in resignation. This would probably be the extent of what he'd get without putting his sister in jeopardy. And this failure of an assassin was not worth harming Furiae. With a heavy heart, he typed back,

... Yeah, I do. Sorry. I didn't mean to come across like that, even if you've seen right through me. I won't ask anything like this again. Keep up with the training. I expect progress reports. :)
Your brother does worry a lot, you know. Comes with the job description.

Of course, Caim. Now I gotta go. My duties DO keep me busy. You stay safe yourself.

After the chat closed, Caim couldn't help but be a little deflated. It wasn't too long since she had gone, and already, secrets were being kept from him and he was back at square one of the investigation. What now? That was when he saw that Matt began pumping lead into Raven, and Ton Ton raised a protest,

"Is this really necessary?! I thought this was interrogation, not torture!"

Caim wandered back to Matt's side, and motioned to the Strider, "It may be what we need, Ton Ton. If you are uncomfortable, you can leave. I will not force you to stay here and watch. However, you with the gun, we need to make sure he doesn't die from blood loss before this continues. We should get a healer in here."

Teri's Room

While the visions that David saw on the Tablet's screen were originally pleasant, David was starting to see things take a turn for the worse, as the images became a bit blurrier as time went on, the faces changed from family members and beloved pets to soldiers and monsters; grinning things with sharp teeth, and muscle bound horrors with purple skin. Faces stretched in horror as ice cut them down, water drowned them, swords of force cut them in two and wolves ripped them asuner. The Cleric herself tossed and turned as the visions became increasingly violent in nature; and the nightmare came to a head with three faces glaring back at David West. A maiden, a mother(?) and an old crone they were, and then they faded away, leaving the Tablet black, and a single bit of text the only illumination from the machine:

"I'm sorry."

You're probably right. If I know assassins, he's probably hoping we kill him before we break him. Although I have a quick fix on me," Matt said as he got out a can of something. Medical foam. Supposed to fill in wounds to stop the bleeding," Matt said as he sprayed it into the Strider's wound. When that was done Matt fired another bullet into the other leg nonchalantly.

Training Room: Raven

Raven could tell that Matt knew what he was going, but some bullet wounds weren't going to break him.
He maintained his silence, but Matt was onto something, he'd rather die then talk.
When the Merc got close, he spat in his face, fully expecting a retaliation.

Hahahaha, so you go with the old cliche of spitting in my face to get me to hit you. Instead, I will be giving you something else," Matt said as he pulled out a syringe with clear fluid in it. "This is water, although it's mixed with a couple doses of LSD. It should last a couple of days or more, I'm not really sure. It's kind of tricky getting the doses just right," Matt said as he injected the Strider with it. While Matt was telling the truth about it being LSD, he was lying about the dosage. The actual amount in the mix would only last a few hours.

Training Room: Raven

Raven was confused by Matt's efforts as the drug began to flow though his body.
His senses were still a little raw after the Sonic Attacks and Flashbangs and Matt could see his pupils begin to dilate and his perceptions began to be altered.
"....You....expect this to work?..."

Teri's Room

".....That was't creepy at all..." David said, taken aback by the torments of the Cleric's mind.
....Guess this is what war does to people... he thought as he held her down as she trashed in her sleep, attempting to calm her down.
"It's okay, it's okay. I'm here." He said to her in her sleep, watching her calm down slowly, but surely.

Training Room: Raven

"Don't beat yourself up, okay? Everyone has their off days."

Devon patted Cadolbolg on the head and whispered into the ring, letting those wearing them a bit of information. "I'm about to try something, so just roll with it."

Devon casts Glibness! Would you like to buy some snake oil rejuvenation tonic?

He walked up to the drugged and shot Raven and shook his head, having an idea of what to roll with. "Man, you're the best he could send? Really? Just goes to show that you shouldn't make bets with your boss, especially when he calls the shots on how it goes down."

He had a strong feeling that this one would work by the way Slindis had backed off. However, she was glaring at Matt for the torture - She clearly didn't approve of it.

Training Room: Raven

Raven looked at Devon in disbelief of what he just said, his eyes showing him a hazy light show as he processed what he was hearing.
" mean?....He sent me down here....AS A BET!?" He screamed, he knew Hien, this was right up his alley.
"...Hien......I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" He shouted as he tried with renewed vigor to release himself from the net he was hung up on.
After a moment of struggling, he realized what he just did.

Training Room: Raven

Caim, catching onto the ploy, shook his head in 'disbelief', "A bet?! Huh... Tell us, what all did this slave driver want out of you? Seems pretty high risk for a wager...."

Meanwhile, Cadolbolg huddled closer to Devon, his despondent mood still apparent to the bard. He was only a child after all.

Teri's Room

Even with the Tablet saying nothing, David could tell the girl was trapped in her nightmare; her exhaustion being her tomb in this slumber. Eventually, the thrashing did calm, but the Irishman could still see the tell tale signs of REM as she slept. And that was when he heard,

"Care to explain to me what you are doing in a young girl's room, Mr. West? A sleeping girl's room no less? I know Dimitri said you brought her here, but I am curious as to why you linger..."

She looked to Garm, who seemed at ease, for the most part, and then to the sleeping Cleric's face, fraught with some kind of worry, and couldn't help but wonder for herself. An ajar door was never a good sign when wandering the halls, but this was ridiculous.

Teri's Room

David dropped dead as he realized the situation he was in.
"...Sup Angelus?...Okay, I swear this makes sense in context. So T here wore herself out helping Dimitri or something and she ended up taking a nap in the Firing Range. So I brought her here. Garm can back me up...." He explained, a well timed bark from Garm backing up his point.
"Still, she Ipad was going nuts, think it was like her nightmares or something, then she started trashing and kicking in her sleep, What the fuck happened to her? I've seen soldiers with actual PTSD get less unhinged." He said, knowing that whatever answer he got would be really weird.

Teri's Room

Angelus listened to the whole story quietly, her brow furrowing in concern, "Passed out in a firing range..? Dimitri... Care to explain? You had her do some Authoring for your work, didn't you?

The AI's voice chimed in over the intercom, "Indeed I did. Though I did not expect this degree of exhaustion. Perhaps her Ladyship is just a tad on the stressed side?"

"No kidding... And David... What all did you see on the Tablet? There could be a multitude of things we could discuss..."

Oh, that didn't sound good.

Training Room: Raven

It was around this time that Slindis moved in to talk to the caught man. "This Hien does sound like a frivolous man. What story did he pass on to you to have you willingly go this deep alone?We will see your injuries treated, but it is in your best interests to cooperate with us."

Also, Devon's focus shifted over to Cadolbolg as he held Cadolbolg tight. "Come on, don't worry. You really did help us with all of that training, Cadolbolg. I wouldn't have been able to do what I did if you hadn't helped me in all of that training."

Training Room: Raven

Raven was just counting down the seconds he could commit Hara-Kiri as his mind kept going though this Multicoloured haze.
"Did you hear what I said?"
"...He wants you all dead...Nothing more, nothing less..." He said before he surrendered himself to the high he was on in a attempt to avoid more questioning.
"...I am tripping balls right now..."

Teri's Room

"Oh you know, Visions of the people she's killed, some family pictures, 3 creepy ass looking women, stuff like that." David said as he sat at Teri's desk, not having a single clue what he was about to hear.

Teri's Room

"Oh you know, Visions of the people she's killed, some family pictures, 3 creepy ass looking women, stuff like that." David said as he sat at Teri's desk, not having a single clue what he was about to hear.

For once, the dragon looked perplexed, "The only one of those I could possibly explain would be the deaths... I had no idea this much of a toll has been taken. She never shows any signs of it... Dimitri, you are her constant companion, are you not? Is there something we're missing here?"

The AI seemed silent for a moment, and then decided that it would be better to explain things now, rather than let them sit for later, and began explaining a few things that the Cleric had kept secret to but the select few....

The School

Devon woke up to find that he was shorter as he was accidentally hit by Ella's bag. "Hey, watch where you're looking... Did you have to wake me up so suddenly?" Fortunately he was only a little bit shorter at 5'2", but then again he'd never been too tall. He could feel his magic was still there, but it basically meant that he'd have a much easier way to clean up this time around. From the smell of it, he guessed one of the kids would want that spell soon.

And for her part, Melethia was more than a bit weirded out by all the kids on the bus. Sure, they were around her age, but she was still young for the school. Of course, the fact that someone had stunk up the bus didn't help things. What's this about a school?

Slindis woke up after a bit a small puppy licking her face. "Mmm, I'll be up 'n a moment... Lupito? I didn't know you were taking after Simlo now..." She smiled as she petted the small pup that would easily be mistaken as a Husky as she waved to Kurumu.

"Kurumu, what's going on here? I saw the note that said I'm to be the librarian here... We need to find the others."

Schoolhouse D(AA)ze

Teri awoke from her nightmare with a gasp; her eyes darting around in an attempt to scan the environment around her with confusion. This wasn't the Rising Dawn... No, this was the stuff of nightmares (aside from the one she had just awoken from). She was back in high school, the one place that a college student never hopes to relive again. Shaking in her seat, Teri gripped her bag tightly as it dawned upon the Cleric that... Well, for all intents and purposes, she was a teen in school again. Garm and Sadei were missing, but she could still feel traces of her Clerical power coursing through her. A small sigh of relief on that, at least. As she looked around, she noticed a familiar face seated next to her,

"Devon? Is that you?"

As Angelus was hearing the horrifying news that Dimitri had regarding a deal with Fate, a flash of light overtook the scene, and she found herself standing in a lounge, cup of coffee in hand,

"What the? But, wasn't I..?"

As she looked around in confusion, she saw that Caim too was there, and in a suit no less, his armor and blade seeming to be missing. And, if the Fates themselves being discussed moments prior had a sense of humor, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg were now sitting on a table, with Donuts at their tiny hands to nibble upon.

What a perplexing sequence of events indeed....

Charity Case:
Im'a borrow the flashing.

The spartan Storm-178 or Sean was in his room, playing around with some of his electronics.
He wanted to get a computer up and running so he could focus on the news.

Alpha or her real name Miku was helping Sean with said electronics while keeping a check on everything.
Truly the two were bored and Sean did not want to talk to anyone, and Miku was WAY too shy to talk to anyone besides Sean.

In the briefing room aboard the Rising Dawn Storm thought for a second in one of the chairs. He yawned for a brief second before saying something below his breath.
"Did he say that Burt Reynolds is President or is it me?" Sean had no knowledge of this world.

"-member that under no circumstances should you display your powers or break cov-" Said a Military officer as he addressed the members of the Rising Dawn in a briefing room located somewhere in the heart of the Pentagon.

"What the hell, I have to be normal ... no armor?" Storm-178 had 'became' human once more.
Alpha or Miku had become silent.

"-the New York Massacre, there have been a number of people, we call the afflicted, that continue to remember what happened despite our efforts to remove the memories of this event. One such person-" Explained Lucifer as he stood before the assembled group as projected picture started to come into foc-

Sean scowled at the past event.
"Why must people remember such horrible events?"
The memories of all the blood, death and everything else.
"I thought they would cleanse everyone ... " Sean thought.

He would never obey the Devil, his family was Christian but they had welcomed Japan's culture and religion with open arms.

"What the hell ... why, why, WHY!"







Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

The stench in the Staff Lounge smelt like fresh coffee.
It was early in the morning before School actually started.
Lucky enough the two known Sean Pittman (Storm) and Hatsune Miku (Alpha) were cuddled up on one of the Lounge's couches.
Sean's eyes battered open as the smell reached him.

"Good ... morning~ He said half-awake but started to look down and opened his eyes.
Miku was right next to him and she began to open her eyes as well. " ... ehehe so war ~" She said as she was also half awake but soon saw the person she laid upon.

" Eeeh ... EEH ... EEEEEEEEEEEEH~" She darted right off the couch as the door opened.
School was going to open soon.
"Sorry about that ... " Sean said as he got up and offered a hand to the girl on the floor next to him, though he then saw who she was. "Aaaaaah, Miku!" He said pretty loud and attracted attention.

"Those two are awfully close ... "
"Maybe Miki and Sean is ...."

Voices began to come out from the Lounge.
Sean quickly grabbed Miku and dragged her out from the room towards a hallway.
They took quick looks at each other.

Sean wore his red shirt and formal pants, he was more intrigued by his partner's human (?) form.

"What the hell is going on?"

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

While everyone was talking, the couple were to one side of the room talking to the Nurse and the German Professor.
"Um, sorry about that ... I'm just tired." Sean scratched himself as he said that, his eyes were still looking towards Miku which was right besides him. "I am sorry as well ... ehehe" She gave a light laugh but the two's gaze never left each other. The two were surprised with the transformation but anyone could clearly see they were happy.

Sean's memories were still blurry, he could remember everything about the AA, but his memories of recent events were blurry. The only events he remembered were the briefing and Lucifer.
"Sorry I gotta ... go do something." He dropped an awkward excuse and left with Alpha, they quickly saw the others and walked over to them, smiling somewhat.

"This environment is weird. It looks like a staff room to somewhere." Sean said with an uncertain face, he had never ever been inside of a staff room or school before in his life. He saw Angelus, Cadolbolg, Caim, Slindis and Ton Ton, but had never met the other people before. The two were on the edge of the group, just looking at each other, "I'm ... I'm ... human?" Miku said with a happy face. A hand landed on her head, Sean had rubbed it smiling.

"I'm happy for you ... truly." Sean said and Miku quickly blushed.
"Ah, ah ... never mind about that, we need to find where we are and what has happened ... and maybe find out what this body is." Miku said and Sean nodded in response. The two made their way into the group of their allies, "What the hell is going on, this place looks like a staff room ... and somehow my AI got a body. Somebody explain ... please." He presented Miku to them.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Main Entrance to Campus: Aftan | Devon | Ella | Melethia | Puce | Teri

Devon walked together with Ella and Teri as he took a look at the rather large campus. It was surprisingly cool to him, and he did his best to not show he was cold. "Well, is there any special courses here or something like that? I mean, this is a bit different, and my parents did spring this on me... It doesn't look like a military school, but they probably wanted to have me be somewhere else besides that dumb school." He noticed a small yip from Teri's bag, but he decided to let her handle that.

However, he did respond to Teri as she waited for her to notice the small movements in her bag. "Yeah, it's me. Who thought we'd be headed to the same school?" He made the deliberate decision to not reveal too much information to any listeners, what with all the stories he'd read in the past about situations like these.

Meanwhile, Mel got a bit of space as she eyed up the rather large building. It was an older one, and she had the idea that there would be plenty of hidden ways through the school just waiting to be found out. She could ask one of the returning students about it, but why do that? It would kill all of the fun.

Staff Lounge: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Slindis | Storm | Ton Ton

Slindis hardly recognized the faces around herself, but she saw it much like a social function: Keep an eye and ear out, try to blend in, and she could discover a lot more. "Kurumu, just calm down for a moment. You won't find much out by making yourself stand out, so just try to blend in for now. I know you want to rush out and find out what's happened, but I guarantee you'll find a better moment."

As Storm walked in, Slindis discreetly talked to him. "I would assume this is a school, and if this new teacher assignment sheet is correct, it looks like you're off in the music hall." As she read it, there were more than a few names other than the names of the Rising Dawn on there. Rather large turnover rate, it looks like. WHy's that?

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Staff Lounge.

"Ah, thanks. Either that those agents know a lot about me or this is a twist of luck ... I'm betting on luck." Sean thanked Slindis as he looked at the sheet over her shoulder. "So this is a school ... what teacher am I?" Miku as but Sean smirked as he looked right below his name. "You are my assistant teacher. Which must be nice for you." He said to Miku which sent her ablaze once more.

Sean was glad she was becoming less shy, and when it comes to music and especially singing, she can become an Angel, easily conquering her shyness. "Thank you ... maybe we can look for some clues at our desks?" Miku remembered that usually teachers get their own desk in the faculty room. "That is true. Well we will see you guys later!" He said to the group and the two left, not trying to acquire suspicion on many subjects. They remembered waking up and the accusation that they were close. They looked away from each other whilst walking down the hallway to the nearby staff room/faculty room.

Sean was annoyed that he didn't have his weapons or armor, though it was good he still had his strength and speed even though he couldn't use it. If it was anything he should be even quicker without his armor. Though he found it annoying he didn't have some memories before this event and his files. But a smile appeared on his face that he was the music teacher and that he can play his violin again.

"Hopefully I have a Violin at stuff." He said out loud trying to break the silence between the two, he was especially glad that he partner finally has a body, though he is curious if it is real or not.

Miku on the other hand was silent but examining her body. Not trying to smile at both facts that she can sing and have a physical body, though she already knew it was not real. It had a heartbeat and warmth, though it was actually synthetic. What told her this? She still had a device on her, it looked like headphones though it was a machine which showed a screen on her glasses, it told her about the body but not much else.

Now though she is worried that Sean won't like her because the body isn't real.
A sad frown appeared on her face, though the face of Sean was easily looking at one part of her body.
Sure they weren't big and they were flat, but she smiled once more as she turned to him.
"Ugh ... wha-"
"PERVEEERT!" She gave Sean an uppercut.

The mechanical body was powerful, Sean felt it firsthand.
Sean knew she was sad, so he had to look at her chest to comfort her, getting up he smiled at her stride as she turned around with a smile. "Hurry up Sean!" She said, Sean nodded, "Coming, coming." He sighed, though his mind began to wonder.

"(Do I ... love her?)"

The two decided to focus more on filling the blanks in their memory as they reached the staff room and opened the door.

Staff Room: Rugal

As he met with Kura in his quarters, The bright flash of light came over Rugal and he too was was taken to the strange new setting.
His transition to the Avatar Adventures High School wasn't as smooth as he ended up in the staff restroom, feeling rather off all of a sudden.
"uhhhh...what the hell was that?...." He groaned as he found himself in a cubical.
He attempted to force the door open by kicking it, realizing that it took him two kicks to open it despite all his training.
It was then he saw himself in the bathroom mirror.
".....I can see again?..."

The next thing the staff members knew, A 20-something Rugal stormed in, notably a lot leaner and less muscle bound then the man they knew, what with 20 odd years of training and working out being reverted.
He also was decked out in what appeared to be gymwear, had a whistle around his neck and got one of his eyeballs back, though the other was still missing.
"Okay...SOMEONE...Has a lot explaining to do..." He said as he stared at the others.

Welcoming Committee: David West

David too was reverted, though a lot farther back then Rugal was.
"Hey! Kid! Wake up and get off the damn bus!" the driver shouted before throwing him out.
The Irish Sniper groaned as he tired to figure out what happened while picking himself up off the ground.
As he did, he saw a reflection of himself in a puddle, showing he went from his late 20's to being 12 again, the botched dye job in his hair not happening until a drunk bet when he was 15, returning it to his natural brown.
".....What.....The......Fuck?...." He asked himself before being hit by his school bag also getting thrown out.
He then picked himself up and made his way to the other students, focusing on the ones he sorta knew, namely Lucretia.
"Any Questions?"
"Uh 3 to be exact:
1. What the Fuck?
2. What the Shit?
3. What the Fucking Shit?!"
The explosion that occurred didn't help David's situation.
" MIND!"

Lost and Found: Jenny

Jenny meanwhile woke up in darkness, much like when she woke up in the morgue freezer once.
She was crammed into what appeared to be a bag, smushed together with books and notepads as she woke up.
"uhhhhh....what happened?....Where am I?....What's....Wrong with.....
Not again!"
she screamed as she trashed inside a schoolbag in the lost and found.
Sighing that she wasn't going to get out anytime soon, she began to use her still-developing Mental powers to try and locate the others.

Rising Dawn: Raven

Raven looked on as the others warped away, leaving him alone in the training room with 2 gunshot wounds and doped out of his mind.
"....Did....Did I just make them disappear with my mind?...." He asked himself as the ship went on with Autopilot...

Charity Case:
I think I just separated the Staff lounge and faculty room.

Sean & Miku (Nickname: Miki).
Location: Faculty Room/Teachers Room.

The actual Staff Room/Faculty room is pretty large, able to fit a dozen circular tables, Posters, Books, TV, Coffee Machine and Basic stuff. Half of the very large room is covered by rows of desks, separated by classes. Sean's and Miku's desks were in the second last row of desks, at the very end by the window. Storm walked up to his and saw his name on it, "Prof. Sean Pittman", Sean had a deadpan face seeing his old name on a plate.

"How do they know my name?" He muttered as he looked at the area around his desk, the desk are was pretty large. There was a suitcase full of his clothes and such, there was a half moon shaped object in there as well. "Hmm, I wonder what I did?" Sean smirked as he looked around a bit more, the desk was pretty plain since he was new, but by his suitcase was another case ... a very familiar type of case. "A ... a violin." Sean's hand began to reach the case hut his mind rejected the idea and pain began to set in.
"Argh ..." Sean gripped his head.

At the same time.

Miku on the other hand looked at her desk, it was plain just like Sean's though beside her name plate was a microphone a singer would use, softer memories came flooding back to her making her smile. Then she looked at the plate, "Assist Prof. Miku Hatsune", she gave a naughty smirked at the site of it. " Assistant Professor sounds lame though ..." She said quietly as her partner looked at his desk as well.

There was a large bag as well containing some fairly plain clothes.
Miku was excited since she could finally wear some real clothes even though they are mostly plain white stuff.
"Ahhh, kawii~!!!" She yelled loudly like a teenage schoolgirl, it was funny because she was around 18 years old.

She attracted some attention but she saw Sean grip his own head.
Rushing towards him she held him.
"Sean ... Sean! Calm down ... calm down." She said with a concerned but soft tone, Sean immediately sighed and breathed in deeply, he shortly after held his partner's hand. "Thank ... Miku." He smiled as he returned to his desk to return down, Miku did the same and the two had a look at their teacher timetable.

Both of them had music down, but Sean was specialized in instruments and Miku was the best at singing. The wondered if they could sign up to teach any other classes or join a club to watch over.

EDITED: Double post. >.<

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Storm, Kurumu

Slindis nodded to Storm's statement then turned to Kurumu. "It's not the first time I've dealt with something like that, so I had to pick these kinds of things up. First Stormreach, then Eveningstar, followed by Everfree, and even eventually with the meeting in the castle with West and the events afterwards... The point is, taking some time to feel out a situation saves a lot of pain. Have some faith: you will find him. It's a shame about the class yoou have to teach, though. I don't envy you one bit."

After that, Rugal walked in looking much more like a new recruit rather than the experienced fighter she'd known. It wasn't bad, per se, but it was a bit jarring. "Coach Bernstein, you certainly decided to trim down a good bit. One would say a bit too much, although I won't say it's entirely bad." She laughed to relieve some of the tension while giving Rugal a look that clearly communicated to lay low and avoid undue attention for the time. He could ignore her, but from experience with her on the Rising Dawn with the Wedding and the time spent ...there..., she knew her way around this.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Melethia

Melethia finished her small look around as she pt a hand on David's arm. "Keeneye, relax. You're still older than me, if that helps any."

Meanwhile, Devon heard the communication from Jenny and turned to Ella. "If you could excuse me for a sec, I need to check up on something here. I'll be back quickly, okay?" He left Ella to go and chat with the others there while he went to find Jenny.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon

After what seemed like an eternity, Devon finally found the Lost and Found. If it was this far off, he could see how so much stuff was lost here. When he finally got Jenny out, he was a bit surprised and signed off on the Kirlia. "She's a present from some good friends."

I never thought I'd find a... Is that what I think it is? Holy crap, it is!

He looked over the blue Gameboy Advance and turned on the Pokemon Sapphire, extremely happy when he saw the save file that he'd thought he lost ages ago.

Rising Dawn: Raven

Raven was approached by four of the imps after they'd seen the intruder on the Cameras, and they directed him to the nearest safe holding area. There was a bit of food there for him as well, even if it was a fairly bland meal with the whiff of spice on it.

Staff Room

As the group began milling about with one another, the Caerleon collective began noticing noticing schedules in their pockets,

"I teach ancient history and fencing. Hmph, can't complain there."

"Art? I suppose that means I can teach out of my Arse and still be considered proficient... I wonder if I could incorporate fire somehow?"

However, the biggest surprise came to the Cutie Bruisers:
"Dancing..." "Teachers?"

Welcoming Committee

As the party wandered around in the tour, Teri finally noticed that something was moving about in her bag, and took a peek inside. Suppressing a squee, Teri only patted the now puppified version of Garm rummaging around in her backpack, the black puppy blending in well with the shadows of the bag.

"Oh my god, you're adorable! Hmn... I hope you can hold it for a while."

As she giggled over the smaller version of Garm, she also noticed that he was pushing a pen at her with his nose. A pen?!

"Er.... Thanks buddy?"

Holding the object up to the light, Teri found that it was no ordinary pen. No, this one was far too ornate for a regular writing utensil, not to mention a silvery blue. But looking at it, Garm, and then noticing her Tablet was still strapped to her side, it finally clicked,

"Gang's all here, huh? Well, better than thinking you guys disappeared on me..."

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