The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Not so Lone Shawn and Eric.
Location: Caligula's Palace Staff Rooms, The Strip
Time: Death's arrival.

The Pit Boss watched as his two best men were cut down right after the lights went out.
Shawn's display, as well as his [Terrifying Presence], caused him to soil himself before attempting to flee...
Eric winced as he tripped and bashed his head off the side of a table, he wasn't dead but he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.
The Dealer meanwhile was in a similar state, the pair of goons doing a right number on his body before Shawn showed up.
With Shawn wounded and the Pit Boss down, Eric's target seemed ripe for the picking...

Eric scanned the dealer, getting a readout of his vitals. He was in pretty bad shape, but he didn't need a readout to see that. He walked over to the man lying on the floor, coughing up blood. He was only small, so he lifted him up and slung him over his right shoulder. Next, he looked to the man who now lay slumped against the wall.

As far as Eric could tell he hadn't been a target. Why else would he issue threats while another combatant - probably the most competent out of himself and the pit boss - had still been standing. The only answer he could think of that made any sense was that the blue-eyed man didn't mean him harm. That made him a friend.

Had he been in his hometown of Collottia, and had he been someone else, he would have simply slipped his knife into the weakened man's throat and take his gear. Morality often gave way to survival instinct like that.

He was, however, himself. He couldn't, in good conscience, leave a friend to die.

But would he die?

He was competent and he was tired, but he couldn't be dying, could he?

The readout showed 3 rounds to his stomach. Eric sighed.

He walked over to the man and lifted him with his cybernetic arm.

"Come on," he grunted, slinging him over the other shoulder. We're getting out of here.

He walked to the door and looked around. While the pit boss had had mob connections, this was still a business. The employees hd no idea of the shady dealings that went on behind closed doors. They stood and stared at Eric when he emerged from the room holding two limp figures moments after gunshots had gone off. He stared back.


The casino employees and patrons alike started to scream and run for the doors, pushing and shoving to get out of the building. Eric, however, went in the opposite direction. Around a corner, down a corridor and through some dark rooms to a door. He burst out into an alleyway and made a right, bolting for the street. He had no idea where he was going to go or even how he was going to treat the men. He needed a miracle.

Wanted Level: 3 Star Shawn and Eric.
Location: The Strip
Time: Fucked if I know

While Eric's attempts to stir up a panic worked a treat on the in-house security (Including the Mob Members watching the floor), it in turn would make things harder once he was out of the building.
When half a Casino building calls 9/11, you know some shit is going down.
Once he was out of the building, he could already hear the sirens blaring as the police, and SWAT, were on route to the Casino.

Luckily for him, there was a nearby Van at the end of the alley with a man inside selling hot-dogs before the hoards of panicking people showed up.

Eric saw the van at the end of the alley. The hotdog vendor hadn't seem him yet.

He ran to the van and threw the two men inside it. He scanned the vendor to find the keys, pocketed them and threw him to the ground, fishing a wad of cash out of his pocket and throwing on top of the man before screeching off down the street. He drove as fast as he dared, desperate to get away but wary of the police cars whizzing past.

Where would he take them? They both needed medical attention, but they couldn't go to a hospital. One of them had been shot up, the other still had things that Eric wanted to know. Putting them in a hospital would cause all kinds of complications for him. Complications he didn't need.

As it was, thing's had gone badly. Get in, get the info, get out. That was the plan, but here he was with two bloody, semi-conscious people in the back of a stolen hotdog van.

He needed to think of something.

Wanted Level: "Where the fuck am I?!" Shawn and Eric.
Location: The Strip
Time: You darn should, I like knowing what time it is!

The eyes of Shawn fully opened to a weird sight and to a really weird smell. Looking around he grunted at the pain in his chest, quickly injecting himself with a Stimpak he had a sighed of relief as the inner repair began. "Arg, the fuck!?" He said as he suddenly spotted the bloody Dealer. Sighing once more he slammed a Stimpak in his chest and rolled over. "Stay down." He said quietly to him as he looked to their local driver.

"Who the hell are you!? Where the hell am i!? AND WHY AM I NOT ROBBING A CASINO?!!!" The Wanderer gained his full senses and yelled at his weird looking driver. Then weird sirens did not only go off in his head, but out of the unknown vehicle. Looking outside he could easily see multiple police cars and a helicopter. "Are you shitting me buddy?" He said as his eyesight from looking outside went to the giant wiener on top. "Okay ... okay ... okay"

Gasping for air and calmness, the anger washed away. "Okay ... who are you, where are we and what are we doing?" Shawn's gaze went back to the unknown driver who was the unknown guy back in the casino. "Ah, damn it. I should of planned more." He muttered before looking through his weapons to 'stop' these cops.

"If you go for a weapon we're screwed," Eric said without taking his eyes off the road. "And careful with those meds, man. You still have three balls of lead in you that're gonna need to come out before we can think about getting you back on your feet.
"What do you mean, we're screwed?" asked the wanderer, taking in this newcomer with narrowed eyes.
"I mean that we seem to be out of the deep end. Unknown vehicle, unknown guys. You pull a gun on someone and all of a sudden this run-of-the-mill hotdog van becomes the subject of a high-speed police chase. That means cameras, and I don't like cameras." Eric took a sharp left and continued down a side-street. "Right now I don't know who you are, but I'm operating on the assumption that you're not going to be any trouble. If that changes then remember who's driving."

Eric continued down the street before coming to a stop. "The hell ..."
"Pull over, please sir. This is a regular security checkpoint. Somebody called in a bomb threat at the local casino. Nothing to worry about, I'm sure, but we're going to need to search your vehicle."
"Sure," Eric said. "The body's in the back," he laughed. The officer laughed, too.
"This won't take a minute," the cop said.
"No, it won't," Eric said. "It'll take much less."

Eric punched the accelerator and barrelled through the checkpoint. The cars exploded outwards from their positions blocking the road as the van barrelled through.
"Grab a gun," he sighed. But you point it at me and I'll damn well kill us both."
Shawn grinned. Eric sighed. The dealer in the back kinda made a muffled screaming sound which was more annoying than helpful.
So much for plan B.

'splosion time

Wanted Level: Lasers WTF!? Shawn and Eric.
Location: Some highway.
Time: Pew, pew, pew!

Looking at the Dealer, Shawn pushed him into the very back of the van to allow himself some space. "You don't shut up, I'm going to take a piece of your brain and I know how that feels like!" Shawn yelled at him as he opened up both side windows and saw the van take route to a rather large highway. "You better guide this thing good!" Shawn said to the driver as he walked up behind him and spoke in a harsh tone.

"I've survived aliens, radiation, bullets to the head, kidnapping and much, MUCH more. I'm a mutant with enhancement implants everywhere on my body. I should easily survive a crash." A devilish smirk emerged onto his face, the next thing Eric saw was the stranger dropping three red covered bullets onto the dashboard of the car.

"Man, we should of just knocked that guy out and dragged him in." Shawn said as he fiddled with the machine mounted onto his wrist. "Now you said "Grab a gun", to me that means any gun." Shawn said as he equipped his multiple items. "What do you mean?" Eric said as he turned quickly and suddenly saw Shawn holing a weird looking Tommy Gun and wearing weird armor.

"I'm not from around here." Wanderer said as he began to shoot the cars behind him.

Enhancement implants, Eric thought. Low-profile Aug. This was going to be interesting.

He scanned the man again, this time looking for cybernetic/mutated technology. He picked up quite a few and made a note of where they were - if he needed to fight this strange outsider he would go for the most important ones first.
"Where can we go to get this man medical help?" he asked the now strangely-amoured man as he jerked the wheel, steering the car into oncoming traffic.
"Watch it," The wanderer shouted, steadying himself on the side of the van.
"You bloody watch it! I'm a good driver!" Eric retorted, swerving to avoid a truck. "And you're welcome!"
"For what?"
"Hauling your ass out of that casino! You'd be taking the rap for everything that'd happened back there had I left you."
The wanderer peppered a cop car with rounds, windshield exploding inwards and showering the officers with glass. Eric swerved and rammed the cop car, rolling it and causing another 2 cars to crash and stack up on it.
"Where the hell are we going?!" Eric shouted again.

never thought I'd see the day where you arm yourself against police

Avatar Adventure
Location: Buffet | Four Dragons | Las Venturas
Time: Dinner

Ella | Hadrian | Jenny | Cz | Cutie Bruisers | Caim | Angelus | Devon | Constance

Cz stared at Constance for a long while and closed her eyes. "Thou who art undead art chosen," Cz whispered, "friend told Cz this." The small Peacekeeper had her mind drifting to the blonde haired youth who rescued her from the dark of death. Humans have been unkind to this one.

"An apt observation milady," BlackHarte piped fro around Cz's waist. Cz gaved the belt a quick squeeze with her small hands and elicited a small yelp of 'pain' from the technomorph.

Cz's eyes softened and she went back to her cup to take a few drinks. "Cz know you not bad, unhuman." She gave Constance a small smile, "Cz don't see bad." Not human... persecuted and therefore not human.

"Is that a black eye toward humanity?" BlackHarte laughed.


Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

"Understood, Madame Angelus." Although the message aimed at Devon was meant with the best of intentions, Devon took Angie's suggestion that the two would be pupil and student, not friends. And if that was how it was going to be, then he'd have to deal with that. The more he looked at at it, the more he wanted the hell out of this hollow misrepresentation of his hometown.

Cz's snippy attitude towards Constance just furthered that feeling of being an outsider among those there. "If nobody else minds, I'm feeling full already. I'll see you back on the ship." The plates that Devon had piled food onto all still had a lot of food on them, making the statement feel rather odd to anyone that took a moment to focus on it.

Rising Dawn: On the Las Venturas Streets: Ella, Hadrian, Som, Teddy

Ella chuckled at the amusing scene of Teddy fussing at her before she half laughed out a response. "I'm sorry, it's just hard to imagine a stuffed animal going for drinks. Plus, wouldn't you think someone as 'hard boiled' as that Som would've gotten a better liver?" She took a few breaths to compose herself before playfully calling out to the bartender for a Vodka on the rocks.

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

Slindis definitely felt a bit awkward: After all, she'd meant to head back and just do a bit of writing to unwind. She'd never intended for any kind of celebration or party of any kind! "Now, while I certainly appreciate this, I..." One quick glance at the others there told her that she wouldn't just simply walk away from this impromptu apology.

"No, this really isn't necessary... Can I please go?" Slindis' somewhat shaky inquiry was met with Melethia moving to block the door, stating in no uncertain terms that Slindis was going to be forced to relax here.

"What have I gotten myself into here?"

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

David was on shaky ground right now, if she didn't like this idea, then he'd be back at square one.
The fact that Rugal was watching and was crushing a Massage Stone into a fine dust with his hand didn't really help either.
"...Well, I'm not really in a position to force you, literally or figuratively. Just trying to make it up to ya. Still, Up to you." He said as he Motioned to Rugal and Teri, trying to sell her on the idea so that this wasn't all for nothing.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

Jenny was glad that Cz and Constance were getting along, after the former opened up to her about her mission, she wanted to keep an eye on her and what she and others did around her.
Still, that was enough for her and she went about to dig into her own meal as Devon went for the door.
"Oh?...Alright then. We'll meet you back at the ship, okay?" She said after him.

Once he was outside, Devon saw a sight that was so common in San Andreas that he was surprised he didn't see one already.
A Police chase.

Just some good old boys... Shawn and Eric.
Location: The Strip
Time: Wouldn't change if they could...

As the duo bickered, the sound of a Helicopter flying overhead filled the air as they raced from the police.
"THIS IS THE LVPD! STOP AND SURRENDER OR WE WILL KILL YOU!" The Pilot on it barked out as a Sniper revealed himself and attempted to blow out the criminal's tires.
On top of this, there was an incoming roadblock coming up, compete with tire shredders, as well as half a dozen police cars right on their ass.
Either they were going to need a good plan and face or they would have to fight off the police hoards.

The bad driver/passenger. Shawn and Eric.
Location: The Road to nowhere.
Time: "I change if I want!"

"No actually, I was just regenerating my body, if I was about to die I would have exploded ... quite literally as well. Now just give me a second, and don't worry about the kid ... I gave him a Stim, his body should be repairing itself too." The Wanderer said as he picked out his next favorite weapon. The Tesla Cannon was pulled out of nowhere just like the rest of Shawn's weapons, armor and etc. Instantly aiming it at the helicopter and firing. Soon the helicopter was a wreck, literally as well. "How about you can go fuck yourselves!" He screamed back but noticed that one tire was popped which made the duo veer to the right.

"Okay now that is out of the way." He smiled but frowned inside his helmet as he saw multiple armored SWAT/NOOSE/Whatever vans. "Give me one more second." He said as he placed his weapon back inside of his inventory. The mind of Shawn was going crazy right now but he knew what to do. Quickly going back to the dealer, he grabbed his keycard just like the guards of the boss and activated his crazy plan.

"What do you mean?" Eric said but silence returned but suddenly a police car to the side was driving faster then the others and only because of one reason. The crazy SOB Shawn was latched onto the room with a pistol in hand, he was pointing to the cops. "Get the fuck out or a make sure your a bloody mess!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "Screw you!" The passenger of the police car returned before leaning out to shoot Shawn, luckily enough the Wanderer kicked the hand of the cop and broke it against the door.

The worst part is that Shawn opened the door and threw the cop out, "[b]Bon Voyage asshole ... well I think that is what those people said." Shawn mimicked some French guys he met in the Wastes, they got buried too. The cop rolled along the road, luckily the other cars missed him or stopped for him. The driver was shocked scared and has his gun out too. "You might want to follow your partner." He pointed his Ranger pistol at the driver, he had crawled over the roof.

Soon the driver jumped too, afraid of getting hurt. From Eric's point he then saw the stranger get into the cop car and started to drive alongside Eric's hotdog van, but he held a weird looking object (Pulse Grenade) as he was driving.

[Good karma]
"... what?"

"Woah," Eric laughed as he turned on the cruise control. He grabbed the dealer, punched a hole in the side of the van and jumped out, landng on the Wanderer's car and denting the roof. He opened the door and threw the dealer in before pulling out his rifle and turning on the cop cars.

He opened fire.

Bullet holes exploded across 2 windscreens, sending the cars out of control. He turned his attention on the van, blasting the wheels and sending it skidding out of control. The helicopter that the crazy man driving the car has blasted came down on the bridge, exploding in a ball of fire. Eric ducked just in time to dodge one of the rotor arms as it went spinning over the top of the car. 20 minutes ago he'd been paying off guards and sneaking through vents, trying to execute the mission without a problem.

Now he was on top of a stolen police cruiser firing into pursuing cars and dodging exploding vehicles. This raised another issue, though. The newcomer was shooting at police. Perhaps he wasn't as friendly as Eric had first assumed. Back when he had been driving, any issues that may have arisen could easily have been dealt with by pushing him out of the door and driving off with the dealer. Now, though, the shoe was on the other foot. And that foot was in some weird-ass armour and pushing down on the accellerator. Terrific ...

He squeezed the trigger, sending what ammo he had left in the gun at the remaining cars. More helicopters came out of nowhere.

"This is how you do it," he muttered, collapsing his rifle and holstering it before drawing his pistol and, leaving an even bigger dent in the stolen cruiser, leapt into the air straight at the helicopter. He punched through the floor of the bird with his cybernetic arm and grapped the pilot's leg. Then, he pulled. And he fell.

He grabben onto the landing rail of the chopper just in time, holding on as it spun out of control. His power was running low, so he wouldn't be doing that again for a while. He pulled himself into the bird and ran to the controls. He hoped they were similar to the ships he'd used to fly.

He just managed to pull out of the spin and come alongside the stolen cruiser before pulling up and continuing his along above it. He really had no idea what he was doing, but there was a stick coming out of the controls so he'd just grabbed it and hoped for the best. It seemed that was becoming a regular thing today.

Going to sleep, have a good time with GTA. :D

Backup requested. Shawn and Eric.
Location: The Road to somewhere else.
Time: Escape.

Looking at the helicopter above him, Shawn rolled his eyes. "Showoff, I could of done that." He huffed as he suddenly made a turn out of the highway and onto the road out of the city. Worrying about his driving skills later, the Wanderer started a radio frequency to the Rising Dawn. "This is Lone Wanderer, requesting RD intel on how to get out of this situation. We have civilian police on our tail and a bleeding human, emergency services required. I repeat ..." Shawn repeated the message once more before he started to focus on driving and began to drop pulse grenades behind him.

"The military base ... will that work? Do they have some kind of machine to get out of here?" Shawn said to himself, of course he had a way to get out thanks to the jetpack, but he had two people with him. One bleeding out on his back seat and another who he has no idea about apart from that he likes to showoff. "Crap!"

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

After looking at Melethia and Teri's eager faces, she sighed in defeat. "Oh, alright... I'll stay, David..." It looks like their efforts weren't useless!

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

He watched the chase in dismay. With all of those police, he'd be hard-pressed to make it back to the ship without getting caught up in it somehow.

Eric heard the transmission come over through his speaker implant. From the sounds of it the man who couldn't go five minutes without a costume change was planning on skipping out of him with the dealer. He couldn't let that happen.

"Oi," he said, his voice coming in over the cruiser's radio. "You aren't going anywhere with my cargo. I was the one who ended up dragging both of you out of there. The dealer comes with me until I have what I need." He was adamant that the newcomer wasn't going anywhere with the dealer. He was still a neutral party, so Eric didn't have any qualms about killing him if he had to. He lowered the helicopter down closer to the car and jumped onto the roof before swinging dwn into the back seat with the dealer and reloading his rifle. "He's mine until I have what I came for."

He glanced over his shoulder to see the cars coming in from some way back. They weren't close enough to be much of a threat at the moment, so he turned his attention back to the waderer. The driver could feel Eric's eyes boring into the back of his head. He had taken the seat directly behind him, maybe becase he couldn't be bothered moving the dealer, but probably because it provided him a good angle to attack from. The wanderer wondered where the strange Aug's rifle was pointing right now.

"I'm Eric, by the way."

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

David let out a sigh of relief, as did everyone else involved in the planning of her forced vacation.
"Alright, No need to worry about something strange happening while you have your soak/rub/Happy Ending/whatever." The Sniper said, making the timing of what happened next spot on.
"This is Lone Wanderer, requesting RD intel on how to get out of this situation. We have civilian police on our tail and a bleeding human, emergency services required. I repeat ..."
"...What was tha-"
"NOTHING! NOTHING! just....Do Spa Shit. back in a few." He said, shoving the drow towards Rugal and Teri before dashing out of the simulator before she would take what she heard into account.
Fucking Wanderer... He thought before pulling out his ring and asking "West here, What the hell is going on over there? I kinda need to know that in order".

He didn't need to finish as he passed by the TV in the Canteen and the Police Chase on the news.
"...Oh no fucking way...SHIT! Get to the airport and Crash that motherfucker into the Airstrip. Let yourself get caught and I'll sort this shit out." He sent over to the duo before running out the ship, thinking of how much of a dumb plan this was.

Plan Z activated. Shawn and Eric.
Location: Road to airport.
Time: Crash and burn.

"Are you serious, shiiiiiiit. Fine, fine, but I do have to be honest and say thanks for helping us. By us I mean all three of us. Me, a bloody card Dealer essential to my robbery of a casino and one guy pointing a guy at me in the back. So yeah, once we do get arrested please prioritize the rescue of these two instead of myself, I'll hide my Pipboy and escape. Wanderer out." Shawn said as he focused on driving once again, but he switched his direction and went onto the road towards the Airport.

Feeling the gun still on him, he sighed. "Okay, you heard that ... Eric. We need to get arrested to get this heat off us. But just allow those guys to help you and that little red guy there to escape, then we can cooperate and talk everything out without shooting." Shawn said in a genuine tone. "Also if you did shoot me, not only it would not kill me, I will literally explode as I said before ... that won't kill me as well. If you want to know how I explode, I come from the world with a active post-apocalypse and I am full of the good radiation. Don't worry, it won't seep out of my body." He laughed.

"And before we crash suddenly you may want to cushion that guy there ... plus, the name is Wanderer so far. I have many other titles but that is my first and original one." Shawn said as he decided to trust this stranger a bit. The Cruiser suddenly crashed through the security checkpoint and clipped the guard's leg. "Whoops ... I'm a bit new to this driving. Well the good thing is that they will see me as the worst guy here." He joked as he saw a ramp and a jumbo plane and standby.

"So are we ready or do I need to drive around this circle for a bit?"


Shawn also began to plan a way to only use a stealth boy to hide his Pip-Boy, but the only way he can do that is either when they crash or in the cop car.

"No way am I getting arrested, man. I have people looking for me." Eric said, looking around. Plus, I'm kinda half machine, so there's that ..."

The police were closing in on them from behind and somewhere an alarm was blazing.

"Before I let you talk me into a situation in which I could be killed, I want some answers. Who are you? Who are you talking to? And where do you think you're going? From what I've seen you're a cop killing maniac who probably just crossed the line into terrorism. We get arrested here our faces will be plastered on every television and law enforcement agency in the country. Maybe even the world.

"Now, I'm not saying that you're a bad guy. Far from it, actually. You may be a little delusional what with thinking you cant die and stealing an actual car while it is chasing us, but I'd like to avoid jumping to conclusions. All I'm saying is that there is no way we're getting out of this mess without some serious, long-lasting consequences. That's as long as the men and women of law enforcement who just saw 20 of their brothers in arms get gunned down, thrown out of choppers and and otherwise blown to pieces don't just decide to shoot us on sight. How many do you think there are out there? 20? 30? 50? Can you honestly tall me that after all we've done, all of them will decide to hold their fire, hold their nerves, and try to take a crazy armoured up mutant and helo-jacking cyborg into custody with nothing more than police-issue sidearms?

"Then, on top of that, the mob will be after us too! All it'll take is our faces being published for a couple of minutes before the cops, the swat, the mob and a couple of mega-corporations with an orbital cannon know where to find us. Even if we can get out of here, everyong in the world will know what we look like.

"Bearing this in mind, you expect me to allow myself to be taken into custody on some invisible voice's say so? I don't think so, buddy. Wanderer. Whatever your name is. What's more, I'm not going to leave you here unsupervised. I, as the one who pulled you out of that casino, am responsible for you. I'm kinda trying to change, so I guess we're in this together." Eric sighed. "And we just killed so many people. You can't expect me to have done that for nothing.

Plan Z.0 activated. Shawn and Eric.
Location: Airport runway strip.
Time: Crash and burn alone.

Sighing, Shawn swung the wheel and started his circle around the airport strip. It seems his more flamboyant plan and flipped and he has to make a few changes to it to suit this guy. Thinking for a while he decided to do the best thing for these two guys. Clearing his throat he talked.

"My name is Wanderer and I work for ... well with "The Rising Dawn Group", that is the only identity you will get from me. The person I am talking to is David West, a team mate and loyal member as well. I'm going to crash into that jumbo jet one way or another and lastly ... it takes a lot to injure me and I have never died ... well that once does count, but basically I have the skills, power and materials to live forever." Shawn said as he used one hand to get out two Stealth Boys from his invisible inventory.

"Okay the deal I'm going to offer you comes with my trust. I have two items here called "Stealth Boys" they basically turn you invisible for a little while before running out of juice, this stuff is from my apocalyptic world where I NEVER give people my tech. So you take these, attach them to both of you and skedaddle out of her as I crash into that jet. After that I get arrested and take the hear. Then you take this frequency and go get help from my pal David and the crew. This is my final offer since we cannot do anything else which will not result in more death." A serious voice emerged from Shawn this time around, he did not want to kill the law enforcement of this place anymore

"Clock is ticking and I'm sure that Dealer might die if you don't get him to our Doctor. Both physical and mental stress will result in a black death." He said as he also gave Eric the Frequency for the Rising Dawn.

"Good luck," Eric said as he applied the stealth boys and rolled out of the car.

The cruiser sped off as Eric rolled to his feet and bolted for the terminal, finding the side door and getting in. The room he was in now was lined with shelves and on those shelves were alien bits of technology he'd never seen before, perhaps parts for something or other. Maybe scrap metal. He didn't have time to look.

He propped the dealer against the wall and tuned into the frquency The Wanderer had givem him. "Rising Dawn, this is Eric, private eye. Come in, Rising Dawn."

David West's voice came over his radio implant. "This is David of the Rising Dawn. Eric, where's Wanderer?"

"He's tied up with law enforcement at the moment," Eric said.

"I noticed."

"I have an injured civilian here and I need an evac ASAP. As soon as he's out of danger we need to go and get Wanderer. Something tells me Las Venturas's finest aren't going to be too happy with what we've pulled tonight.

Death attempt #2. Shawn and Eric.
Location: Airport runway strip.
Time: Crash and burn alone.

Giving a thumbs up after Eric wished him good luck, Shawn looked as the two people rolled out of the car with a cloak on them. After swerving to close the passenger door again, the Wanderer thought how he was going to tell them how two bodies suddenly disappeared. "Great, I can just feel the beatings." Shawn clicked his tongue in annoyance. Quickly switching on the radio he found a song he could find comfort in, it also reminded him of his past when his Father died.

Chucking out the last pulse grenade in his hand, the Wanderer placed the foot against the metal and laughed insanely. "I always wandered what this would feel like!" The face behind the mask smiled as the car turned around in a U shape, the cops behind him were currently out of action due to the grenade. The car began to speed out of control as it came speeding to the ramp. "Follow me into this!" He yelled as the car ascended the ramp to it's own Heaven.

By the time the car was in mid-air, Shawn breathed in with a large gasp. "(Please don't kill me yet God.)" He silently prayed as the car suddenly entered the plane. The only thing they did not see was Shawn injecting a large amount of Med-X and held a unpinned Grenade.

"Just so I'll be a pain to get out. Activating lockdown." He smiled as the explosion was almost ignited but a rather large and clunky armor appeared out of nowhere and wrapped over him as the explosion consumed his body.

Even if it was the heaviest armor in his inventory, the large explosion knocked him out. The very least he will not be burned alive or killed due to life support. Even the police probably cannot bust him out of there when it is in lockdown mode. By the time the man was knocked out, the abandoned plane had exploded and the explosion was a darn big one.

3 Years ago

The man emerged from the alley, a dark figure silhouetted agaunst the bright neon of the lower-class Red Zone. The cold night air blew against his face as he wrapped his coat around him and turned to head up the street.

Eric felt the bulk that was his AT-9mm strapped to his side, loaded with hollowpoint. Messy, but effective. His coat was cut wide to conceal the gun, keep the observers on the street from seing and panicking. Not that many people would panick, though - the majority of people on this street corner were probably stoned out of their mind. He stopped under an "XXX" sign, bright red in the blackness of night and giving off a warm glow that belied the nature of the place.

It had started to rain, and people gathered in alleys under umbrellas and huddled around flaming barrels, having most likely spent their money on crack or meth, the demand for which was always high. The Mob and the Yakuza peddled both around these parts, dealers being amongst the only sober denizens of the metaphorical - and for all he knew, literal - hole that was the Red Zone.

The Red Zone. Essentially the biggest red-light district you'd ever seen, erected - no pun intended - to meet the demands of the area. A slum in a previous life, the people who made their home here had much to forget, and problems always looked smaller through the bottom of a glass. Smaller still, obscured by the world's favourite murky brown liquid or concealed behind a veil of rising smoke from a junkie's crack pipe. A real 'pleasure' centre.

But Eric was here on business.

Present day

"Don't you die on me," Eric snarled through clenched teeth, trying to stop the dealer's bleeding. Much of the blood had dried, but scans showed that the majority of physical damage had been done internally. What's more, he'd taken quite a clobbering to the head. The information Eric needed may no longer be there. So why was he still here?

He stayed on the same frequency, the one Wanderer had given him in te cruiser and the one that the cruiser's radio had been tuned into when Eric had taken the dealer and gotten him to safety. "Wanderer, are you still there?" No reply. "Wanderer, this is Eric. Do you read me?"

He looked over his shoulder at the door. It was still open, but the majority of noise had subsided. The sirens still blared as if they were calling to their fallen bothers. Calls that would forever go unreturned. Because of them.

He moved to the door, still invisible, and looked out. What he saw stunned him.

One of the cruisers had punched through a jumbo-jet. Was it Wanderer's? None of the other cruisers were moving in a way that suggested they were running, so he had to assume that-

The jumbo jet exploded, the resulting shockwave throwing Eric back into the room. The ground shook and cracked plaster fell from the ceiling and onto Eric as a fine dust. The aug scrambled to his feet and went back to the door.

A few of the cruisers had been too close to the jet and had been flipped onto their sides. A quick scan revealed people moving inside the cars, so at least they were ok. As an AugSec operative, Eric had been fitted out with military-grade ArmaTech Prosthetics, so he was able to see through light cover. Into a car, behind a sheet of wood. Not through walls or anything, which was unfortunate as that was what the majority of people hid behind when he ran engineer protection. It was also unfortunate because he couldn't see the wanderer through the wreckage of the jumbo jet.

He looked again over his shoulder to the dealer whose invisible body was outlined by the ocular augmentations. He was slipping. Where was David? And how was he going to evac them with all the police presence?

"David, Wanderer, please, come in."

Sorry this is taking so long Shawn and Eric.
Location: Road to airport.
Shaun, Stop adding Time to these headers.

"Alright, Alright, I'm working on it!"
Racing against time as he was most likely sending Shaun and his new BFF Eric to their deaths, David went to his quarters on the ship and began to pull out his entire wardrobe looking for something.
"Come on, come on, come o-A-AH!!" He cried in joy as he found his old "European Anti Terror Task Force" Badge (From when that was still even a thing).
Bringing up his Communicator ring, he said to the duo "Okay, here's the plan. You crash your shit, give yourselves in, I waltz over as some International G-Man to take you away from the local PD, then we get the fuck out of dodge before the actual G-men show up. It's a fuck retarded plan, but I'm the dumbest son of a bitch to ever make shit like this work. So bare with-"

The Sound of a distant explosion was understandably worrying to the Sniper as he turned on the news to find out what had happened, seeing a smoking wreck of a Hot Dog Van being surrounded by LVPD.
"It was just Wanderer, Me and the Dealer got out." Eric said, though it was unlikely that Shawn would live through something like that (Least as far as David knew).
"...Right, Eric. Bring him to the Airship parked on by the Western Hangers, I'll leave the Ramp open. You try anything funny, I'll know. West out." He explained as he began to run towards ground zero, hoping that the Wanderer was still alive.

3 years ago

Eric entered the bar and looked around for the table. It didn't take him long to find it - it was the one in the back, the one with a well-dressed man in it. Everyone else was relatively shabby looking.

He sauntered up to the table and sat down.

"Eric," said the man, grinning when he saw him. "Would you like a drink?"

Eric ignored the question. "You told me this was a recovery job."

"Yes, well ..."

"No, not 'yes, well.' Simple recovery job. Get in, retrieve the data and leave. Nobody had to get hurt."

"I never said that nobody had to be hurt."

"You never told me they did. I want double."


"If you don't like it, I'll just sell the program to someone else. Your program."

"So ... you did get the program?" asked the man. Eric sighed and dumped the data chip on the table.

"Next time you want a civilian dead, tell me first."

Present day:

Eric ran, the civilian draped over his arm once more. The Western hangers weren't far from where he was, and with his cybernetic legs he would make it faster than an average person.

Sirens still blared in the distance, getting fainter by the second as he ran. He couldn't just leave the wanderer back there. He'd done enough bad stuff in his old life. He was different now. He liked to think he was, anyway. 3 years ago he would have left the wanderer in the casino, but he hadn't. The sirens still blared.

Was this any different? Out of the frying pan and into a literal fire. If he left him now he might as well have just left him in the casino. At the same time, though, he had a civilian to look after. The aug had no idea why he was trying to help these people. Maybe years of fending for himself in such a harsh environment as the Red Zone had left him hardened, maybe survival was still a driving factor for him. All he knew now was that he'd seemed to grow a conscience. Any earlier that this and it probably would've gotten him killed.

Eric got to the Wester hangars and flicked to his mode of vision that allowed him to see through light cover.

"Oh, wow ..."

He raced inside the hanger and onto the ship. Placing the dealer down, he removed his own stealth boy and pocketed it. The dealer was safe. There had to be a way he could help the wanderer.

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

Teri relaxed faintly when she saw Slindis give the okay for the spa treatment, and took the initiative after David left the room. With her hand in a sweeping gesture the Cleric began with, "If you would be so kind and make your way to this tub here, Ma'am, we can begin your treatment for this fine day."

As Slin was lead over to the tub, the Cleric concentrated and snapped her fingers, conjuring the plate with the curry into her hand; a lid over the meal until Slin sat herself down. Placing the tray on the tub's rim (it was large enough to easily fit without worry of it falling in); Teri removed the lid and said in the same pseudo grandiose tone, "For today's meal, I have prepared a red vegetable curry on basmati. I do hope it's too your liking."

Backing away, Teri left the next portion of the spa away from home for Rugal to take the lead to.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

Angelus sighed, knowing full well that her part-time pupil was torn up about something, and with a silent look over to the group, got up and followed after him. If it wasn't this incident with Caim, then something was afoot, and the dragon wasn't going to stand for it, especially in light of Caim dragging his feet to make up.

Cadolbolg only shrugged at Devon's departure and started digging into the food Devon brought for them, some of the more serious implications of what was going on flying over his head.

As for Ton Ton, he watched the exchange between Constance and Cz with curiosity, and then spoke up, pass wandering towards a fortune cookie before asking in a friendly tone, "So, do you remember anything before showing up on the Rising Dawn, Ms. Cz?"

Noting his negligence in properly getting to know newer arrivals on the airship, Ton Ton was beginning to try to make amends in that regard, and be friendlier as a whole. The Mistress would have approved of that line of thought.

Caim, on the other hand, hung back and simply watched the exchanges between the members of the party, still feeling distracted by earlier events.

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, David, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

Slindis began to relax somewhat here, although she still wasn't too comfortable with the impromptu relaxation that was being placed on her lap. With all of the effort the others had put into it, though, she couldn't just turn them down...

"Thank you for the food..." She tried some of it, only to find it a bit less spicy than she was used to...

Melethia just kept an eye on it all and waited to see if there was something she could do to help the scene.

Four Dragons: Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Angelus, Devon, Constance

Ella called a taxicab back so Som, Hadrian and Teddy could get back to the ship without too much of a hassle and then sidled over next to Cadolbolg. "Mind if I share some with you, Cadolbolg?"

As Angelus waled outside, she was greeted to Devon getting ready to cast a Dimension Door spell that would get him past this wild chase and over to the ship. "So much for a simple fucking break, huh? Here I was hoping for something calming, and it's been nothing but with a whole bunch of stupid things piling up."

Rising Dawn Simulator: Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia

After the meal was had, Rugal went about the Spa Treatment, Glad that David had the foresight to take care of that "Wanderer" business.
"I apologize for the sudden plans, But after he realized the full context of his words...Well, This was only way to get him to calm down outside of...Well, Killing him." He sorta lied, though it wasn't far from the truth in the slightest.
"Still, no harm done. To you or him. Now, just sit back and Relax. If I was going to attack, I'd be wearing my other suit." He casually joked before getting under way, motioning for Melethia to lock the door...

Some Time Later

After using every exotic treatment he could think of, the family left the Simulator deck, Rugal silently thanking David for coming up with this scheme.

Just a slight mistake, the two actually jumped onto a police cruiser, so the hot dog van is long gone. :P

The Wanderer cannot wander for now. Shawn.
Location: In a plane wreck | Inside Heavy Tesla armor (Lockdown mode).
Fine, but I like knowing what the time is in the world.

The blinking of a red light awoke the Wander, several blinks managed to make his environment fully focused. Although there was not much to see, he was inside his Tesla armor he jacked from the Enclave Remnants after killing all of them in their base. It was a bad thing to do, but he had to do it since he needed to finish off the Enclave so they may never harm the Wastes of his America again. Plus there was that and the fact that they killed his Father.

The armor itself was lying on a flat surface and Shawn knew this by the pressure and such. Luckily enough, when in lockdown mode the armor adjusts itself so that Shawn may get a little space, though he cannot move his anything. The whole suit cannot be penetrated by human hands and light machinery which will make it a bitch to open for the police. The eye ports for the helmet were closed, but saying a simple command allow him to see everything.

He was surrounded by people, mostly highly armored police and a few Doctors, Scientists and etc that would respond to something like a guy in a weird suit. "Sir, I'm afraid we cannot even penetrate the suit by any means." Someone said to a lead Officer. Quickly shutting the eye ports off with another command, Shawn sighed and hoped for the best. Least the Dealer and Eric got out of here, but now he worries for David. Even if he gets into a scruff, it would take some time for Shawn to manually activate the suit once more.

The environment itself was different. There were a few small fires but the fire crew were already on it, the suit itself was surrounded by the plane's wreckage. The plus side to this is that Shawn did not become hurt apart from light burns.

"...Shit, I need a Can opener..." Shawn.
Location: In a plane wreck | Inside Heavy Tesla armor (Lockdown mode).
Fine, but I like knowing what the time is in the world.

"Alright...Get the horn over tot he Fire Department, Get some Jaws of Life in here, might be able to rip it open..." The commanding officer of the disaster zone said as they looked on at the Wanderer's Tesla armor.
"That won't be necessary." David West interrupted as he casually walked past police tapes and protesting officers.
"Agent David West, UNIT. I'll take it from here." He quickly said, flashing his badge in the COs face quick enough for him to not actually get a good look.
"That isn't an Armor Suit. That...." He paused for dramatic effect while he pulled something out of his ass.
"...Is a ROBOT!" He then finished as he climbed over the rubble and stood over Shawn in his armor.

"Yeah...Chinese Junker. They were going to mass produce it at one point, they don't do quality, they do quantity. I mean, look at this shit! It's like they made a man out of metal and covered him in Christmas lights!" He said to the onlookers, insulting Shawn's choice in Armor in the process.
"...Then why is it here then?"
"...Well...umm...Why...wouldn't you go to Las Venturas?! But don't worry, let me just reprogram the...Thought Matrix and I'll get him home and out of your hair. Don't worry about the mess, The Check is in the Mail." He said before reaching behind Shawn's Helmet and tapping on it while making "Boop-Beep" noises with this mouth in an attempt to "Re-Program" the "Robot".
"....Any moment now...Come on, you stupid prick..." He said to the Wanderer, asking him to get up and follow him to the Ship.

Location: Police controlled Plane wreck.

Rolling his eyes at David's 'comments'. Shawn said his final commands before the 'Robot' activated, "Tighten suit mold, reactivate suit, lockdown override code 1788, activate eye ports, voice modulator max power and activate body function." Shawn said and soon an activation came from the sound. Now he had to act like a damn robot for David West. The group gathered around the 'robot' as it activated.

Suddenly the 'robot' raised it's back to look at the crowd around it. "REACTIVATION: ONLINE, VOICE PROJECTION: ONLINE, EYE PORTS: ONLINE. 100 PERCENT ACTIVATED. I AM COMMUNIST PRIME, ENEMY TO AMERICA AND LIBERTY. SCANNING, TRANSPORTATION MISSION FAILED. AWAITING ORDERS ..." A booming mecha voice announced as the suit got up and looked at everyone, then looked upon David.


Okay, the name made me lol XD Shawn & David.
Location: Police controlled Plane wreck.

David was clearly corpsing as Shawn followed him away from the crash site.
"Like I said, older model. Don't worry about it, just worry about getting that mess cleaned up. We have units from UNIT inbound. Later~!" He said as he walked the "Robot" away from the crash site.
Once they were out of view, he pulled out his gun and struck Shawn's helmet with it.
"What. The SHIT, Man?! I leave you alone for a few hours and you and your new friend do THIS?! God, if it wasn't for the fact you were Rising Dawn, I'd have left ya....
And I'm closer to 50% to 75% percent Alcohol and I'm not American!" He corrected the Wanderer as he walked him into the hanger of the ship.

"What the hell where you doing anyway?"

Location: Rising Dawn.

The 'robotic' Shawn was still walking awkwardly and like a robot, he occasionally provided the "BEEP BOOP MOTHERFUCKER" along the way. Once they reached the Rising Dawn, Shawn was suddenly struck with gun. "Ow, the fuck!?" He yelped in pain as he decided to remove the armor in favor for his Doctor outfit which he usually wears on the outside or in casual situations.

"He isn't a friend ... he kidnapped me. Now I have to live up to my word and heal that bloody Dealer and allow him to do whatever to him and then I get my hands on him." Shawn said but David was silent until the Wanderer had to fill him on everything. "Well ... I Kinda jumped out of the Rising Dawn due to that crazy maniac Doctor we picked up back at the Prison, I went to a Casino ... found out it was ran by corrupt mobsters who cheated me and ... then I pretty much planned to rob them. After that I went to a Blackjack table, got screwed over, got lucky, the dealer got beaten up, I was about to save him when that new guy came in, then I killed most of the people there and fell tired for a while ... but that did guy save me somehow and that Dealer. So ... that is it." Shawn awkwardly said to David and rubbed his head.

"Kidnapped my ass," said Eric, coming out of nowhere. "Dealers almost dead, too. Should probably do something about that. Also, who are you?" The two men turned to look at him. "I'm Eric, by the way," he said, finishing wiping the blood off his hands and extending it to David. "And it's good to see you alive, man," he said to wanderer, shaking David's hand and patting wanderer on the back. "How did you survive that? Wait, sorry, dealer. Come this way."

He led the two to the corridor that he'd left the dealer in. "This thing have a med bay or something? Do you guys have bio-liquid?"

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