The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

An Observer

The two girls were both frozen in fear. The sheer amount of power that the abomination had drawn up was immense, there seemed to be little that could be done. They could not run for one of theirs was pinned to ground by an Ars Magus device. It was something that seemed similar to the grimalkin's foul sciences, a gravitational flux field. The white-haired one was hurt, under her blood had begun to form a shallow puddle in the asphalt. The older dark haired one was running toward the smaller white-haired girl as the abomination's swords began to rain down on top of them. Once struck, everything would be over, those blades would deny the supernatural strength that those two possessed. It was the law of the universe where the abominations hailed.

There was only one way, this required intervention.

Surprise, the smaller spoke angrily in the Storm of Swords. "50% heat generation reached! Distortion Drive Activated: Pyroclasm!" She held up her hands, and before her a great swirling mass of fire erupted forth, consuming the the swords. The flames burned so brightly that it seemed as if day had come early. The fireball pushed forward through the endless storm of swords and struck the abomination Nu-13, forcing her to block the attack by summoning the barrier. When the abomination was struck, both the swords and the gravity anomaly ceased to be.

Intervention was no longer required.



Blood came streaming down from her hands and feet. Her flesh on her thin arms were charred black, cracked and bleeding. Her feet felt the daggers of glass and steel. The pool of blood beneath her grew ever larger as her heart beat faster. The world began to fog. Damn, when did I become so weak. Titania's legs trembled under the weight of her tiny frail body, before long she would collapse, and her observation of Azan would end, and both of them would disappear. Such was the risk of becoming an Observer. She fell into Deborah's arms, felt the beating of their taxed hearts unite. Titania felt tired, her eyes refused to stay open. Is this the end?

Nu-13 came drifting down form the sky, her own body battered and bruised, her armor chipped and her bodysuit torn so that her body underneath was bare. Those blue sword-petals of hers drooped around her like a curtain, a final layer of defense. Titania smiled, at least we wore her out too.

"Barrier Burst recovery sequence complete. Lambda-11 resuming combat duties."

"Oh fuck me," Titania said under her breath. Deborah tuned to look at the girl in her arms. Titania looked incredulously at Deborah. "Not like that... read the situation."

Lambda-11 was the weaker of the two units, she could only summon half as many swords and wasn't as fast. Lambda as a unit relied heavily on her physical attacks to keep up pressure on her enemies, making them defensive before lifting them up in the air with her gravitaton generator and filling them with her own Sword Summoner. Titania felt confident that B3WP and Deborah could drive her away. Deborah still looked like she had a great deal of vitality within her.


The Observer

"4 Magatama reached. Activating Distortion Drive: Empty Sky True Form: Summer's Advance!"



Unit Nu-13 system failure detected. Nu-13 is withdrawing back into the boundary... Massive power signature detected... origin unclear, assumption: the Boundary. Detecting subspace portal opening north of current position... portal registering energy spike. Energy signature matches database information: White Susanooh unit.



When I thought all hope was lost, my little love bleeding out in my arms, a black emptiness opened up behind Nu-13 and Lambda-11, surrounded by red Japanese characters, and through that a squall of blue-white energy whipped out like a whirlwind and struck both of the androids. They brought up those exotic energy barriers, but under the pressure of the wind, those shields shattered and left the two androids without power, lying on the floor. As soon as the squall came, it went, and the black portal it had arrived through closed. I breathed a sigh of relief and held Titania's head closer to me, feeling her faint breath on my breast. Don't die, don't die, don't die.

I felt her shake in what could have been a laugh, "I'm not going to die. Not today. Grab the visitor and grab Selmy. Let's go."

The Avatar Adventure

BlackHarte, Mysterious Man
As Faust offered his arm the mysterious voice laughed a ring of dark black and purple flame enveloped the wrist once the flame died down there was the image of a green snake imprinted on he wrist it wrapped all the way around and the snake appeared to be eating it's own tail
"The Orobus, an old symbol of power Merely press your finger on the Orobus if you wish to return to this place."

The (Un)real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

Deborah | Irina | Lambda-11 | Nu-13 | Titania

"Critical Error: Spontaneous Gravitational Decompression," B3WP said or would have said had the unit not rapidly expanded. By rapidly expanded, I do mean exploded, exploded into a cloud consisting of a fine dust-like substance seemed to hang in the air for a few moments before it coalesced into a roughly humanoid, roughly Katya-like figure. With as much abuse as the Swarm and underwent in this encounter, it was safe to say that it needed some time to repair itself and wasn't as combat ready as it should have been, not that it mattered during this encounter since B3WP had clearly been outmatched.

There was still the matter of Lambda-11, however. Even with [Asset-Unknown Designation02] sounding a retreat, with the state that the Assets and B3WP were in, there was a slim chance that all three would make it out alive. Which brings us to this point:

"Generating Data Core... Data Core generated..." B3WP stated as a sphere comprising of Nano-Agents formed in what passed for B3WP's palm. The globule appeared to be made of the same substance as B3WP was made of, save that the material appeared gold in color.

"Please take this Data Core and vacate the area with extreme haste." B3WP stated as it started running towards the reactivated Lambda-11, "Commencing Self Destruct Sequence."

It should be noted that when it came to self destruct sequences, B3WP's original developers didn't mess around. They had designed the self destruct mechanism to erase all traces of B3WP's existence in the field. This was a task that explosives were ill suited since explosions tended to leave a lot of trace evidence. Which explains why when B3WP started running towards Lambda-11, B3WP started getting smaller and more compact as the space between the individual Nano-Agents got smaller and smaller and smaller until the inevitable occurred, an infinitely small point of mass hurling itself towards Lambda-11.

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

As Chris began to tend to David's injuries, she realized that she was not alone in her efforts. A pair of Cutie Bruisers (Ton Ton and Cadolbolg) beset her once the medicine came out, and threw a flurry of questions her way, obviously concerned about their comrade,
"Is David gonna be okay?"
"You won't have to cut off an arm, right?"
"We did all get banged up in that fight, Mr. West and Mr. Edge included."
"Oh yeah, and another funny doctor showed up. Not a doctor like the Wanderer Doctor, but he's with Mr. Ninja, I think?"
"Also, you're not hurt either, are you Ms. Chris?"

Meanwhile, when everyone was disentangling themselves from the mess on the floor, Angelus descended, her claws touching the ground with a heavy "THUMP" near the main attachment of Rising Dawn. Approaching Caim and Devon, the dragon gave a "Hmph" at the Bard's mention of forgetfulness, "Forget your wind affinity.. How could you, oh student of mine? Did I not teach you to accept those parts of yourself as an extension of your being? Also, Caim, I believe you have a matter to discuss with our student, hmn...?"

Caim gave a small nod to the dragon's assessment, rubbing Angelus' nose as his PDA spoke for him, the tones that shot from his device remaining unnervingly calm, "Before I begin, I presume you know what I am to discuss with you?"
Before Devon could answer, Caim continued, "A soldier is a piece of the suit of armor that is an army. As such, they should all be well treated, and oiled correctly for the armor to work properly. However, if one piece gives, or bends in a way that is sudden, the armor has an open spot, and can be exploited by enemy forces.

The reason I tell you this is because what you did out there was risky and without preemption. While risk filled maneuvers can be used in battle, they are carefully considered among the army's captains or generals before they are implemented. You gave me no warning or cue about what you were going to do before leaping on ahead; and it's not from lack of ability to communicate, no, that is what our rings are for. And, in doing so, you scared me. Yes, there is a risk involved in our missions, but if I had a heads up about that jump before hand, I could have coordinated with your plans better; and wouldn't be giving you this lecture now. In short-"

The warrior's head turned toward Devon finally, and the bard could see an expression that was best described as exasperated before Caim finished with, "If you're going to do something foolhardy and reckless - tell me first. At least with that, I can charge in with you."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Teri gave pause when Icarus asked his question, her brow clearly knotting as she searched for the proper words to say to the lad. Of course she was familiar with that very feeling, what with the loss of connection to her home and the parting of several Authors and good friends on less than favorable terms, be it death or otherwise. But, it wasn't as if she could just sit Icarus down and explain all of this, she barely knew the guy!

Biting her lip, the Cleric thought a moment more before nodding slowly and saying, "More than I'd like to admit... However, it's good that you're vocalizing your feelings, if only a little. I learned first hand that hiding negative feelings like that can be really bad for you. But, if you try to work through them, it makes dealing with them a little easier."
She gave the Angel-hybrid a pat on the arm before turning to the pickup, "This sort of thing takes time. You'll be okay."

Garm rubbed his head against one of the Cleric's palms, already sensing that the topic was a sore one, and followed her into the Lift. This little moment of comfort would have lasted a bit longer, if Ella hadn't brought up the elephant in the room about a certain Fallen Angel and a Tome. Shifting very quickly from somber to embarrassed before she shook her head, "I think you're a little mistaken, Ells. We're not dating-"
"...and even if I was, I'd like to take things slowly this time around. I mean, sure the letter was nice, but if he wants my attention, he'll have to come and talk to me face to face. The book I have in my possession was a peace offering, nothing more."

After saying this, she pulled the letter out of it's safe place and handed it to Ella for inspection.

Rising Dawn: HangerKazuya, G-Corp workers/Violet, Melethia, Nadalia, Furiae, Ghost

Furiae frowned at Ghost's comment, but before she could make any sort of rebuttal or reply, he was lost. With a little sigh, she looked around the occupied Hanger, and noticed a woman she hadn't seen prior (Nadalia), and approached with caution. If there was one thing her Master Hiryu taught her about being a Strider, being on point about everything and everyone in your surroundings was key to her job.

Clearing her throat, Furiae gave a small nod of her head when Nadalia turned her way, giving a professional greeting, "Good afternoon, Ma'am. I didn't see you on this ship earlier today, and was simply hoping to getting acquainted. After all, with Mr. Mishima taking point in this operation, I find it valuable to be familiar with everyone involved in the outfit. My name is Furiae, a member of the Strider Organization. And you are..?"

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

"...Know this, Heroes, Today, you might have won out, but YOU WILL FEEL THE VENGEANCE OF..THE REVENGE OF DOCT-OW! FUCK! DUDE! WHAT THE HELL!? Ah! DOOM THINKS YOU BROKE HIS GODDAMN NOSE! WAHHHH!" Doom went to say before getting punched in the nose by Storm, prompting him to hold his nose as Storm threw him over his shoulder.
"You aren't the first that we'll be getting over the next few days, and if Melethia's heading the security, you won't even twitch without the ship knowing." Slindis then told him, but Doom seemed more confused then anything else.
"...Hey, aren't you that Blue Lady that Rugal kept talking about?...Doom thought you were taller?..." He asked as Storm carted him off to the VTOL as they left behind the broken ruins of the Las Venturas's Bookie's drug operation.

Back at the VTOL, David stood still as Chris patched him up, quickly knocking back the pills with little hassle.
"Ahhhh, get out of it, Chris. You aren't getting paid enough to get shot at for a living. Hell, not even sure if I am." He laughed as ARES-35 showed up, standing outside the VTOL and asking "I... I don't suppose there's room on one of those dropships for one more?".
"Ahhh, Killer Robot Lady, I was wondering if you were still knocking about. For the kinda fire support you were laying down? Think that's worth a seat. Just wipe your feet, this is a rental!" The sniper cracked as he motioned for the Android to get on, right before as Ton Ton and Cadolbolg went on and on about if he was going to okay or not.
"Dudes, relax! It's a case of blunt force trauma. Bit of a band-aid and some aspirin, right as rain." He reassured them, right as Storm showed up with Doom in tow, dropping him on the metal floor of the VTOL, causing him to freeze when he saw the Spartan with what appeared to have half his face burned off.
"....Pretty sure he could do with some metal attention though...Christ Storm, that looks nasty. You seriously not phased? Here, Chris, there anything in there for burn wounds. Can't have him get back to his Alpha looking like that." He then said as he went looking for some burn cream.

Meanwhile, a dirty looking man in a green cloak and a metal mask looked up at everyone in the transport, nervously waving and saying "...Uhhh....Hi?..." before suddenly curling up into a ball when the sound of gunshots could be heard, as well as manic screaming of both the insane type and the L33t type coming from the edge of the plant.
"What the-....Awwwww...Wanderer finally found someone he can relate too..." He couldn't help but chuckle as he watched the duo duke it out, all that was missing from the scene was some classical music as he felt like he was watching some kind of wonderful natural miracle occurring right in front of him.
"...Guess we'll head out once they "Finish up"...Last thing I want is those two all hyperactive and shit once we get back."

Los Angeles: LA Docks: Rugal, Ella, Icarus, Teri, Dimitri, Garm Vs Diabs

Rugal was just about finished slapping a pair of handcuffs on the Gangster as the VTOL began to take off, siting down across from Icarus once he was done.
"I have to admit, back when he could actually make them, Doom had some good weapon designs..." He smirked, remembering simpler times as the girls went on about a certain underworld dweller.
"Lucien? You two are getting back together?..." He mused as Teri handed Ella the letter, remembering the Angel/Demon/whatever he was these days.
"...I don't mind, just be careful, the last thing I want is you getting hurt and me having to give him a piece of my mind..." He added as he waited for the VTOL to reach it's destination.

Kazuya | G-Corp workers/Violet | Melethia | Nadalia | Furiae | Rising Dawn members
Location: Currently occupied Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Before long, the Rising Dawn returned to the airship...

As Nadalia and Furiae conversed, Kazuya meanwhile was watching as the VTOLs as every single one on his men trained their weapons on the one with the prisoner, if Doom so much as tried anything, they would blast him into pieces.
Once they had landed, he spoke on the intercom "Attention Devil 2, send the prisoner out first.".
Thus, when the landing gear went down the doors opened, Doom found himself facing down the largest firing squad in the world.
"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHPLEASEDONTSHOOTDOOMSTOOPRETTYTODIE!" He instantly panicked as he covered his face in fear at all their weapons.
"...THIS is Doom?"
"Some fucking crack head?"
"Guy ain't even wearing pants!"
Following his underwhelming reveal, most of the soldiers broke off from the security detail, some returned to their posts, others just went for lunch, but all of them were grumbling that instead of some fancy super villain, he got a homeless guy.
Kazuya didn't mind however as he examined a few knifes from Melethia's personal collection, if they could cut clean though his hand, he figured it would be enough to "Ensure Compliance".
"Take him to the brig, I'll be down shortly. As for the rest of you, good work. The second I get something out of him, I'll be sure to contact you all. Until then, you may consider yourselves dismissed. If I need anything, I'll be sure to let you know."
"He means "Thanks". That's his way of saying "Thanks"." Violet cut in, causing another annoyed glance from his employer.
"....Hm...Thank you then. Get some rest, I have a feeling our next target won't be so easy..." He said to the group, seeming to be in a good mood for the first time since he showed up as he picked up a nasty looking combat knife as Doom was dragged off towards the brig.


Rugal meanwhile handed off Diabs to the soldiers, warning "Guy's slippery, keep an eye on him." as he handed them over, the Gangster struggling a little as he remarked "Whoa, whoa, whoa, This ain't LAPD, what the hell is going on?! Get your hands off me!".
He stopped for a moment when he brought up alongside Doom as they were carted off.
"B-b-b-Boss, What are you doing here-"
"Can it, you metal shit head, this is all your fault anyway." Diabs instantly berated the villain before the two of them were taken from the hanger towards the brig.

Once they were out of the way, Rugal then went over to Kazuya and said "Think we'll get what we'll need."
"We'll get what I need to find the others. That much can I assure you..." He answered as Rugal noticed some of Melethia's weapons.
"'re not seriously going to torture him are you?..."
"Only give the impression that I am...Hopefully that should be enough."
"And if it isn't?"
"I won't do anything you wouldn't..."
That last statement hit a bit close to home, considering Rugal's past "Interrogations", causing a slight grumble from the former crime-lord as he left the hanger and went for his room, shoving aside a soldier in his path.


David meanwhile strolled on though, holding his bandaged head slightly as he unloaded out of the VTOL.
"Ahhhh, Home, Sweet home. Here, I'll stick the kettle on once I get to Medical, make sure all my marbles are in the right place." He called out to the others as he began to make his way towards the Med Bay, keen to make sure that everything was intact, though if years of his drinking habits couldn't cause him brain damage, he liked his odds.


All the while, Blade and Jenny spent much of the day catching up after what felt like years apart, quickly reminding each other why they really shouldn't be entrusted with any amount of Sake as the napped in their room.
As the rested however, they weren't alone as a man knelt down to pick up a discarded Sake bottle, sniffing it slightly before lobbing it with the other 4.
It was then that he saw the Blade himself, cuddled with Jenny with lipstick over his face and a nurse cap on his head, happily snoring as he did
"...Goddamn degenerate...Wake him up..." He motioned to two of his bodyguards as they shook the duo awake.
"Hmmmm...Wah toe go agin?..."
"Wake up, Blade."
"Try. Harder."
"...Hien?...HIEN?!" Blade suddenly shot awake as he saw his CO sitting on a chair while two of his personal guard.
"S-s-s-Sir! Wh-what are you doing here?!" He panicked as he nudged Jenny awake.
"uhhhhhhh...Blade, Who's that your talking to..."
"I'm here to pick up Strider Koukennin..."
"Wait, WHAT?! Are you kidding?! I just got back! I've only been here for less then a day!" Blade instantly protested, still showing several bandages and scars from the last time he was deployed.
"...I'm wasn't talking about you..." Hien answered, a sly look on his face as if there was a joke here that only he got.
"...Y-you aren't?...Then who?..."
Jenny watched as the 2 men looked at her, making her feel rather uncomfortable.
"...w-why are you all looking at me?..."
"Well, last I checked, There were 3 students of Hiryu's that he entrusted to my care. Strider Katana, Who is Blade. Strider Hime, you know her as Furiae and Strider Koukennin, which is yourself...You two, help her pack her things. Her deployment is in 30 minutes..." He calmly explained before leaving the room, allowing Jenny a moment to realize what was happening.
"...I think I'm going to be sick..."

I don't know what happened. I hit a button on my tablet and it reposted something I had earlier.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Rising Dawn


Azan reentered the airship, behind his helmet his face was a somber and serious. The events that had just occurred stirred deep within him, it felt indescribably wrong for him to continue to inhabit this world. Nevertheless, he did not let his pensive thoughts seep into his larger-than-life persona. Azan made his way past the people in the hanger, waving at the few familiar faces he recognized from the hunt and then found a seat in the Canteen and sat down. There he say, thinking, waiting until the next mission. He felt a little lost, but soon, without much warning, Azan fell asleep.

While Azan slept in the Canteen, sitting up and looking awake, BlackHarte slithered out of his armor and onto the floor, seeping into the airship and rejoining with the majority of the nanomachine body that had symbiotically attached itself to the airship so many years ago.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Undisclosed


Faust took a look at the Ourosbouros on his forearm and frowned. The flesh upon Faust's arm simmered and shook as the darkness about Faust's body dissolved away. When done, Faust stood in naked flesh with red hair handing at her ankles. She had deep blue eyes, almost black, and soft childish features. Long airy eyelashes that matched the color of her hair and round cheeks, a thin neck, and a slim figure. Her stomach taught against a series of synthetic muscles beneath alabaster skin folded seamlessly into her hips and then her thighs. She stood about five feet and four inches tall, and her pale cupid's bow lips curved into a confused frown.

"How nebulous," Faust said as a red cloak formed around her neck, draping down to cover her body. "What would you have of me."


The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night


Deborah picked up Titania in a bridal carry and caught the gold-data core that B3WP generated before starting to back away. Deborah smelled nicely of activity and made Titania's heart burn. She looked fueled by an incredible agency. Titania smiled. The blue sorceress made her way toward the shipping container that contained Selmy and crouched, holding Titania in one hand and her tome of casting in another.

"Come forth great wall of Solomon. Shield us here against the foul forces beyond our control..." Deborah began to read the incantation, drawing the ancient wall into existence before them.

As Irina dashed toward Lambda-11 and Nu-13, turning its body into a singularity as it charged, Lambda and Nu, stunned by the sudden distortion drive could do nothing to counter the black hole coming at them. (Despite having dodged many attempts by Arakune to destroy them using the same attack.) When the singularity struck the two Murakumo units, gravity distorted and all three vanished from the plane, pulled by an outside force to stop further destruction of the world.

Shocked, Deborah stopped her incantation and let the wall fall. There was a pause and a silence in the air before Deborah finally said, "What should I do now?" Titania looked up at Deborah, her cheeks were flushed red. She turned her eyes away from Deborah and broke the lock next to the shipping container and Selmy stumbled out, landing face first into the dirt.

Selmy sat up, eyes wide with worry, "What in the world happened!?" Titania lay a hand on Selm'y blonde hair to calm her before turning the B3WP's data core.

"Feel free to regenerate yourself now, it's time we answer some of your questions, visitor."


Everyone in/near the VTOL.
Location: Outside | Bookies' Hideout.

Storm-1788 (Unarmoured and burnt)

After hearing the thump from Doom's body, Storm sat down in one of the VTOL seats. Looking back to David who just examined him, the Spartan gave a half angry, half calm grin. "It darn sure stings ... " He said to the Sniper who had his own wound. The Spartan laid back, looking out of his one un-melted eye. Outside he could spot, and hear, the battle going on between Wanderer and another. "Urh, someone should tell him to quit before he fucking pulls a leg off." Storm said, feeling the anger slowly unwind on his mental state.

"So how many are injured?"

Dark!Wanderer Vs Katya.

Seeing his first shots miss, Dark Wanderer cursed whatever the drug was made out of. All of a sudden, the flaming clown spider suddenly grew a scorpion tail, and started to fire green balls of spit at him. "The hell?!" He yelled out, lowering his armed hand, and throwing up his unarmed arm in defense. Thankfully, Wanderer's armour took most of the brunt of the attack, with a single bullet managing to slide into the fabric, and finally into Wanderer's arm.

Stepping to the side to avoid any follow up bullets, Dark Wanderer shook his arm. "You're going to have to fuck me up more than that." He spoke with a giggle. Within Wanderer's eyes, the illusion created by the drug was starting wear off slowly, the world was going back to normal. Giving a smirk, the warrior raised his machine-gun with one arm, yet rested it on his other arm, where a weird machine was equipped. His eyes darted from the machine to katya.

Adjusting his aim via VATS, Wanderer started to open fire at the illusion's head, not knowing that he was shooting at Katya's legs with extreme precision, considering he was only using one arm. The Laser RCW began to spew ammo, considering that this version of Wanderer had no care with wasting them.

The present.

Instantly coming out of the VTOL, Storm stuck around Doom, somewhat feeling responsible for the villain. "Pathetic." He grumbled, after the former drug lord panicked. The Spartan grabbed his bandaged face, feeling dazed from the healing process and the day's events. "For fuck sake ... " He mumbled as he spotted David walking to the med-bay. Quickly walking besides the sniper, Storm grabbed his shoulder lightly. "An ... eventful day we've had."

Meanwhile, Wanderer had gotten off the VTOL, and whatever happened back at the Plant, Wanderer had changed back into his normal self. Twitching due to the after effects of the drug, Wanderer cursed his other self, especially since in the ride over, his mental dark side had the intense desire to flirt with their recent enemy, Katya. (" ... I just like girls that take a step in front of death!") His shadow version quickly responded to the thoughts.

Turning to the way back to his roof shack, the Wanderer saw David and Storm walking towards the Medical Bay. ("Oh ... I hope they won't get scared of that head.") Dark Wanderer said. The normal Wanderer immediately began to run after them, for the last thing they want to see is a giant mutated decapitated head, still breathing and able to roar. Running after them, Wanderer unconsciously stole back his giant blade from a random soldier.

VTOL/Rising Dawn

Chris nodded as she finished bandaging David's wounds. "That's... very understanding of you, mister David..." She shakes her head. "But... I'd still prefer to... find a way to contribute that's a bit... more useful. You've got... more than enough healing magic and medical facilities to... take care of things, after all..." Her half-hearted protests were cut short at the arrival of her two young friends.

"I'm glad you're... both all right!" She looked them over carefully, making sure they didn't have any wounds that needed attention, although with their abundance of energy, they seemed to be doing just fine as she hugged them gently for a moment. "I've... been safe in here, so no... need to worry about me, and mister David will be fine as well..."

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Storm's severely damaged face. "I-I don't think burn cream's going to... be enough, really..." Still, she did what she could with the supplies at hand, even cutting off some of the worst of the burnt flesh if Storm would let her to avoid any rot setting in before wrapping his face with the rest of the bandages from the kit. "That... should help prevent infection, at least until you can... get proper treatment."

On the flight back, she continued to provide what first aid she could to any of the other passengers, including the lunatic of a prisoner that this raid was centered on. When the VTOL landed back in the Dawn's hangar, she waited for everyone else to disembark before slipping off herself, heading towards the canteen. She wasn't particularly hungry, but she was definitely feeling at a loss for what to do next, and hiding out in her room would be... too easy. That path led to a place where she was always waiting behind, hoping her friends were all right while not being able to anything about it.

Bookie's Hideout: Victory Achieved: Everyone currently at the Chemical Plant

Nikolai ran over to where David and Edge had fallen out of the helo. He saw the blood splattered on the ground, and followed it to where the two of them were hiding out.

"David! Are you-Edge!" Nikolai said, kneeling down. "You are injured!"

"A little bit..." Edge said, waving. "It's not as bad as it looks. Did we win?"

"Dah. We won." Nikolai said, looking for someone who could help. "YOU!" Nikolai said, pointing to Doctor Insano. He was bent over a ten-year old car, fiddling with the engine. "You are doctor! Help these people!"

Doctor Insano waved, not even looking up from the contraption he was working on. "I'm not that kind of-"

Nikolai walked over and grabbed Insano by his lab coat, turning around and lifting him in the air. "IS NOT TIME FOR JOKES!" Nikolai shouted. "THEY NEED-"

"Yes, I can see that, but I'm not that kind of doctor!" Insano said, holding up his hands. "I build machines, I don' medicine."

Nikolai growled and threw Insano to the ground. "Useless. Edge! Can you walk?"

Edge, as though coming out of a stupor, tried to pick himself up. "Nope." he said. "Don't think so."

Nickolai sighed, put Edge's arm over his shoulder and lifted him up. "Come. We will get you back to boat."

Rising Dawn: Rising Dawn Crew | G-Corp Crew

"I did what I could to stop the spread of the hallucinatory smoke-" Doctor Insano said, barging out of the helicopter. "But being as it had been on fire for some time, well...the best I could do is curtail it. Some yuppie looking kid said he was going to help out, but he had just got done talking about he was high as a kite. Are you going to get on that? You should get on that." Realizing he wasn't really talking to anyone, Doctor Insano took the time to look around. "Also, where am I?"

Seconds later, Nikolai and Edge walked out of the helo; Nikolai was practically dragging Edge, who barely had the strength to hobble forward, and was much more heavily bandaged. "WE NEED TWO COTS, RIGHT NOW!" he shouted. "TWO PEOPLE, VERY INJURED! You will be alright, friend." Nikolai said to Edge. "There must be someone here who can help you."

"That's nice." Edge said, his head hanging limp. "Where's Boss?"

"Boss is fine." Nikolai said. Four G-Corp employees, carrying two simple cloth stretchers, hurried into the room. "He is back at factory helping with clean up." Nikolai gestured to the medics. "OVER HERE NOW!"

"No, seriously, they're really hurt." Doctor Insano said to the hurrying medics. " Both of them fell out of a chopper down five stories; the bigger guy has been bleeding like that for a good ten minutes."

Nikoli watched David West and Edge get carted away, then shook his head. "I must report to Kazuya." he said, walking away.

Insano shrugged. "Hell, I'm not doing anything else. Is he in charge of this flying deathtrap?"

The (Un)Real World
Location: Cupertino | California
Time: Night

B3WP | Deborah | Selmy | Titania

"Feel free to regenerate yourself now, it's time we answer some of your questions, visitor."

Event Log:
Cr-t--al Er--r: C-it--al L--s of Na---Ag-n-ts
E--nt: Red-r--c--ng P-oce-s P-w-r t- N--ro P-thw-ys
Event: Neuro Pathways Stabilized
Event: Beginning Self Regenerative Processes
Event: Time for Full Self Regeneration: 18 Days : 17 Hours : 3 Minutes.

A long sigh was emitted from the golden sphere that represented B3WP Data Core as it took note of the event log suggesting that it would be quite some time before it would be back to full strength. This was more than likely for the better as Units Lambda-11 and Nu-13 had no issues tracking the unit as it entered this world. Perhaps with less mass present in this world, it would be harder for the Agents such as Lambda-11 and Nu-13 to ascertain B3WP's location. This was as much theory as it was hope as B3WP would not survive another confrontation in its current state.

B3WP considered its priorities. There was the mention of another that was like B3WP, one that consisted of Nano-machines. If it had been able to create the beings know as Lambda-11 and Nu-13, it was possible that this was the one for which B3WP's designs had been based upon. There were, however, more pressing queries that needed attention.

"What is this place?" B3WP asked simply, forming a facsimile of Little Miss's face on the surface of the data core, "I was tracking several data signals that were being broadcast to a group known as the Rising Dawn. The Signals' origins appear to originate from location, in a broad sense. Stellar chart comparisons show that I am on the planet Earth, however there are several characteristics of this planet that are not present in version of Earth from which I originated. Therefore the question, though I know the answer, is still valid. What is this place? Additionally, who are you and why did you intervene on my behalf?"

As it waited for an answer from either [Asset-Unknown Designation01] or [Asset-Unknown Designation02], another query had been formulated within the collective. One that was far more basic in need.

"As much as an imposition as I have already been, I hate to ask but do you have any sustenance?" B3WP asked.

Avatar Adventures
Location: Bookie Hideout | California
Time: Flashback

Dark!Wanderer | Katya

"Danger Little Miss, danger!" B3WP called out as the cretin with the rapid fire laser rifle sent a bright torrent of neon colored death towards Katya's position. As quick as she was, she wasn't able to avoid entirety of the barrage of purifying light.

"Sh13ldz Up!" Katya called out, though it was too late. The laser beams struck her legs and sent a bolt of electrifying pain up into Katya's brain, causing her to scream out. Though she had been hit, it could have been much worse as B3WP erected a reflective coat of Nano-Agents on the surface of Katya's clothing and skin, deflecting the remainder of the shots.

"D@mm1t j00 @zzh0l3!" Katya cursed as she fell to the ground in a heap, her legs unable to carry her weight due to the burnt muscle and exposed bone. As if that wasn't bad enough, the deflected laser beams had chewed through the supports of the catwalk causing the entire structure to fail.

A large cloud of pulverized exploded outward, covering the Camouflaged Laser Mook and obscuring his vision, which was probably for the best in Katya's case since a pipe had gotten itself lodged in her abdomen.

"Warning, Sever Trauma Detected. Commencing emergency Medical Treatment" B3WP intoned before causing Katya to scream out in pain once again as the nano-agents did their work on the Young Hacker's damaged body.

Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hanger
Time: Present

"#WTF?!" The young hacker swore as she took her first step on the gigantic airship, though it wasn't due to the fact that she was still in the process of getting stitched up from her recent encounter with the Wanderer nor was it due to the fact that the Airship was enormous and shiny. No, she swore more or less due to the fact that the ship's WiFi setup was 802.11b.

"S3r310sly? J00 c@n fl0@t @ c1ty 1n t3h sky butt j00 c@n't upd@t3 j00r h@rdw@r3?"

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Rising Dawn Crew, G-Corp Personnel

David was a bit startled at first when Storm padded him on the shoulder, but soon chilled once he saw Storm.
"Yeah, give me violent drug runners over hellspawn, demons and the manifestations of man's worst qualities any day. It's just nice to have things be simple, you know? Could have gone better, all things considered, but look at this way: If Alpha is coded right, then she'll dig the scars, eh?" He joked as he punched him in the arm somewhat.
This was right before Nikoli and a few G-corp soldiers began making a massive fuss over David's medical situation, causing him to protest "Hey, Guys! I'm fine, it was only 3 stories, Oi, Lads! I can walk. Hey, HEY!" as they strapped him to a cot before wheeling him off to the medical bay.

Kazuya meanwhile, After Nikoli gave his field report, took one look at Dr. Insaneo as he went about asking who was in charge, instantly deciding that it wasn't worth his time to talk to yet another of the Rising Dawns more "Quirky" members as he then motioned for Violet to do the meet and great.
"Now, Melethia, These will do the trick nicely and I've noted your advice on the guard patterns. I'm guessing that when you bypass enough of them, you know what works and what doesn't. But rest assured: Nothing and especially No-one gets out of out of my grasp." He firmly stated as he carefully packed a few choice weapons and tools into a briefcase before making his way towards the brig along with 2 of his nastier looking men.
Judging from the ones he choose from her collection, The elf knew that Doom was in for a most unpleasant experience...

Onto lighter matters, Violet took on the role of greeting Dr. Insaneo and the young Katya, even if he wasn't actually part of the Rising Dawn.
"I know right?! I was expecting at least a 802.11g or possibly a 802.11n on account of the size of the place. Think it might have something to do with the AI's bandwidth requirements but I didn't want to pry too much[1]. Ah, either way, Welcome to the Rising Dawn...Well, I'm not actually part of them but Eheheheheh...So Welcome aboard. Dr. Insaneo, I already know, you should really change that name, as for you...Were you at the DEF CON Hacking convention in Las Vegas last year?..."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

Not long after Azan took his nap, the first flood of G-Corp Soldiers began to enter, figuring with the prisoner taken in, they could use the downtime to take a break between base building and fending off their boss's new "Girl-Friend" (Nadalia) and her murderous episodes.
As a result, by the time Chris sneaked off over there, she found herself in a crowd once more as the men queued up for food as well as bitch about how spicy the Imp cooks made everything, even the drinks.
In the confusion of the crowd, she ended up bumping into a strange and effeminate looking man that stood out from the sea of soldiers, spilling his coffee all over his white outfit as a result.
Reeling back, the man then glared at her cursed "Sonofa-...What? Couldn't see me?...Watch where the hell you are going, you blind cave crawling whore!" before shoving her aside, muttering more slurs under his breath as he went to clean himself up.

[1] *Silently prays that my College Networking Course wasn't all in vain*

The (Un)Real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Night

The Book of Fate

Before any world-shattering revelations had been divulged, Titania has insisted that the three women, and nanomachine construct, would move to a more comfortable lodging. There they would also find left over foodstuffs to satiate their stomachs, which after the initial rush of adrenaline and excitement, had risen with a hungry vengeance.

The room belonging to the two women was in as much dusty disarray as it had been when Titania left. Deborah made some effort to clean up the mess as they entered and Titania, still unsound on her feet, took some of the pastries Deborah had left her and presented them to the golden data core and Selmy. Selmy took a custard bun gratefully and ate it silently. Selmy was distressed, and still in shock, but was otherwise silent for the remainder of the encounter; she was content to simply listen to the incredulous story that was unfolding around her and stew in her own thoughts of faith and disbelief. Deborah brought in a plate with four bowls of phardzohka for the girls. The stew was warm and savory, flavored non-traditionally with hot south China peppers and special mountain herbs from Borneo. Deborah had taken a liking to global cuisine in their half-year downtime in the (Un)real World.

Over their light dinner Titania introduced herself to B3WP, "I am Titania." Deborah bowed her head and smiled kindly, "I am Deborah."

Selmy spoke weakly afterwards, "I'm Selmy..."

Titania and Deborah looked Selmy, and she, under pressure returned awkwardly and quietly to her meal. "Sorry... everyone was introducing themselves."

Titania turned back to B3WP and Deborah stood up and picked up a coat to drape across Titania's shoulders. She was still wearing only her sheer nightgown, and the cold had caused her skin to goosebump, despite everyone present being female, Deborah still felt pangs of jealousy in her heat at Titania's immodest attire. Titania spoke, "This is Earth, true and proper. This is a world that the world you hail form takes its form from. To put it simply, this is the base layer to the fantastical painting that is your world. This world is much more modest, with harder laws of reality, and a hard-wired inability to be affected by phenomena intervention and cyclical reconstruction."

"That's her fancy way of saying that this world is persistent." Deborah said slyly, wrapping her arms around Titania's shoulders and pulling Titania's head beneath her chin.

The air was filled with a soft silence, the only audible thing being Selmy's blatant discomfort, despite her desperate attempts to conceal it.

"We helped you because we are from the same world you are from. One filled with magic, one filled with fantastical things, but ultimately, one filled with nothing but repeating destruction and painful memories and emotions." Titania closed her eyes, "We helped you because you seemed like you needed help, if that is simple enough. And if it was not apparent, we are both creations of the character you would know colloquially as Red Mage. Though now he has many other names, and simultaneously a very precise name."

"Tania, let's not get into orders of causality and multiplicity with Selmy in the room, yeah?" Deborah said sweetly. Titania turned toward Selmy and became amused at how uncomfortable she was, not with the concepts being bandied around the conversation (which consequently were above her meager ability to cope with existential ideology) but with Deborah's and Titania's homosexual relationship.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

As the drow realized she'd bumped into someone, her cheeks darkened and an automatic reply started to form on her lips. "I-I'm so-" Her apology was cut short, however by the rudeness of the individual in front of her. Her initial step back upon brushing him was arrested, leaving her rather closer than she'd planned on as her cheeks darkened further. Something seemed to flicker in her eyes, a vivid purple light that filled them completely, removing any sign of iris, sclera or pupil. "What... did you just call me?" Her voice had lost some of its usual softness, and her normal slight slouch gave way as she straightened up, standing her full height as she looked at him. Her hands clenched and unclenched into fists, the same light as her eyes dancing around her fingertips, almost making it look like she possessed spectral claws.

Location: The Rising Dawn, Canteen
The Heroes, Icarus, Selena.

Upon return Icarus was at the Canteen getting something to eat, using his ki powers or even an intense fight consumed a lot of his energy, but his mind was racing, He still had his issues in mind, Memories kept swirling though his mind, thinking about Diabs, then his thoughts turned to Darkside, then...
A jolt of electricity cracked in his hand and the glass in his hand shattered. The shatter of the glass drew anyone else there's attention. He quietly slipped away and decided to relax with some training, he went into a training room he changed into his training gear it was almost identical but made of a different material, he also put on weighted bracers on his legs and wrists. he then went to the training room and started practicing on a heavy punching bag. He hammered it with his punches and quickly sending it swinging wildly, he made sure not to let himself get hit by the weighted bag.

Selena had returned to the Dawn, and was now in the library, She had noticed the scepter had become more and more active it was as if the thing had taken a life of it's own, Then again Icarus had likely awakened the entity inside the object was a sealant, as long as it was whole an ancient entity was sealed away, but if it were to break it would release the monster once again. She had heard of artifacts like this and she knew of a similar spell. Icarus likely had made the ancient entity awaken and possibly it was gaining strength and a stronger hold on this plane. she sighed she considered trying to be rid of the cursed thing but it was safer in her possession, she certainly couldn't tell Icarus she stole it.

Location: Classified
As faust formed with only a cloak to cover them self the voice laughed.
"For now we keep to the shadows growing strong as we ensure a vice grip on the world, we cannot take the people's will by force but by subtle machinations, there is one that is my priority seek out this witch," a smokey apparition appeared then focused to form a striking image of Selena.
"Do not injure her she bears a scepter, that scepter is key to my strength if you can bring the scepter to me and whatever you do, do NOT damage it. DO not make your presence known to the witch, there is one other you must be cautious of." the smoke re-morphed, this time it depicted Icarus.
"Be wary of him, he may be a threat to us but while he may not know it he shall be mine to command" a harsh laughter emanated through the room, Faust suddenly got a cold sense of dread, goosebumps formed on her skin.
"For now go report only if you have something worth the time I shall attempt to make contact with others, perhaps I can arrange for a tailor for you as well" The voice gave a cold chuckle the body had disappeared. that strange feeling of eyes watching her soon dissipated the presence was gone.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

The man in white paused for a moment when Chris went to confront him for his bullshit, something that gave him pause as he looked back at the Drow.
"Oh wow...Blind AND Deaf. How you made it this far in life, I'll never know..." He sighed, clearly unaware of the fact Chris was most likely 4 times his age.
"Allow me to repeat myself then: Next time you are stumbling about, watch that you don't crash into one of your betters. This way, you can avoid troubling fine people like me and I, in turn, am not troubled by a lesser being, such as a freak like you. Now begone from my sight, Degenerate." He was kind enough to repeat right in the Drow's face while the rest of the room was distracted over Icarus's sudden outburst, few of them paying attention to the fight about to break out as a result.
Hien then turned around and resumed his trip to the washroom, shaking his head as he did.

The (Un)Real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Night

The Book of Fate

Having no preconceived notion as to what the answers to B3WP's questions were, the data core readily accepted the answers that it had been provided by both Miss Titania and Miss Deborah, no matter how unbelievable the answers were. It was already possible to simulate city growth in order to predict the expansion of city services and utilities. The world or simulation, depending on the mechanism from which it had been created, from which B3WP originated was simply a natural extension of this exercise. There were, however, a few minor anomalies in the explanations however. As Miss Titania had stated, this Parent World to B3WP's subordinate was much more modest technologically. From the survey of available information that B3WP had been able to intercept, this Parent World was technologically inferior to the one from which Miss Titania, Miss Deborah and B3WP hailed. It appeared an illogical existence where the level of investment in Entertainment and Military Technologies far exceeded more utilitarian applications.

As B3WP processed the information, it sensed the pastry that had been set before it and slowly engulfed the morsel in a manner similar to an amoeba absorbing its meal. Once inside, the biological components of the nano-agents would break down the meal into its basic protein components for use in regeneration.

The technological inconsistencies with the Parent World was a extraneous topic that could be returned to later, especially with the limited capacity that B3WP had available and the fact that there were more pressing matters to be attended to.

"Thank you." B3WP stated, sounding more cheerful as it completed digesting the pastry. There was already a slight increase in the Data Core's size as a result of the small meal. It would be at least another couple of hours before the bio-components could replicate again but it was able to bring its personality simulation online.

"Also, thank you for your explanation in regards to this world and its relationship to ours. From your explanation, I can assume that our subordinate world is used as a method of entertainment?" It queried rhetorically. Based upon the already mentioned technological prioritization of this world, it was a safe assumption, especially considering that, based upon the physical laws that existed in the subordinate world, very little could be gained militarily.

The Data Core let out an audible sigh as it continued to crunch various pieces of data, assembling what information it had into a semblance of an understanding of the larger picture. There was still a number of questions that needed to be posed.

"I apologize for the additional queries but in my current state, I have limited access to my database. Currently I have no idea who this Red Mage is." B3WP stated, its personality simulation crashing for a moment, "Also, you mentioned another entity that Lambda-11 and Nu-13 were generated from. Could you elaborate?"

Taking a glance over towards Selmy and her uncomfortable state, B3WP concluded that it was better to be a machine sometimes. This did not preclude the swarm from checking on the welfare of one of its benefactors. The Golden Sphere flattened for a moment before splitting in two. One remaining in place whilst the other moved to Selmy in a rather disturbing cross between oozing and rolling.

"Are you alright, Miss Selmy? You appear to be in distress." B3WP#2 asked.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Canteen | Rising Dawn


Azan heard the commotion around him, but did not truly wake up until he heard what he hated most. Righteous disrespect. It reminded him too much of his old boss. By boss, of course, his thoughts had wandered to the Holy See council in the Vatican who had kicked him out of the order. Azan stood up and covered the distance between him and Hien in two strides, and grabbing him by the collar of his clothes, lifted him into the air. "Azan has a problem with your attitude soldier!" he shouted from within his steel helmet. His voice bounced around the inside of his armor, making it seem louder than it was. Unfortunately, his voice was already very loud.


Avatar Adventure
Location: ---
Time: ---


The air around her skin was cold, her lips were slightly pursed, tasting the air, savoring the experience on her bare skin. It was the first time that Faust could feel, and she wanted to feel as much as she could within the boundary of her mission. The mission to recover the scepter, she mused as she looked at the mark on her forearm, would have been much easier if she was still part of the master entity. But now she was on her own, with little in the way of power. Her body was essentially organic, it had all the responses that came with being human at least. Whichever committee had made the decision to create a human agent was a cruel and curious entity indeed. The dark around her was palatable. She rand her hands across her body, observing each goosebumps on her skin, but soon realized she enjoyed the sound of her silk mantle rubbing against her hands. The soft swish, like a zipper being pulled up and down smoothly. She smiled and turned to leave, returning to the Rising Dawn.

It was a predicament. How could you get something from someone without hurting them or being seen?

In the end it seemed like she would have to rely on the master entity after all. Faust laughed as the rift in space swallowed her and placed her in the hanger of the Rising Dawn, her mantle fluttered in the artificial breeze. A glorious feeling.


The (Un)Real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Night


Its talking to me. A blob of light is talking to me. Selmy looked at B3WP2 incredulously. She lifted a spoonful of the stew and placed it in her mouth. Selmy shook her head no. "I am pretty not alright," she said, blushing heavily. There are some things that I just can't stand, but I never thought yuri would be one of them.

To the right Titania leaned forward and starting to speak to the first of the golden orbs. Deborah hung tightly tot he small albino girl, her face buried in her white hair. Selmy shivered, its something straight out of a manga, but why is it so awkward!? "Indeed, you are correct. The world that we are from is a render for entertainment."

"That puts us in a little less of a self-important right doesn't it?"

Titania continued, "As for the 'precursor' I believe you speak of BlackHarte. It is a colloquial name that we use, his true designation is unknown to us." Titania pursed her lips and tried to think of what to say next, and Deborah started to run her hands through the smaller girl's long white hair. The older girl closed her eyes and fell into a sort of trance above Titania, one that made Selmy turn around and stare blankly at one of the far walls of the room. Why does that make my heart beat so fast? "He originally was a nanomachine construct that assisted a sickly girl we knew as Alice, that was how she was introduced to us as. However, during the first supernatural incident they were involved in, details can be found in the case files referring to "the elemental stones," they came across what is now known as the Stone of Darkness." Selmy heard Titania pick up her bowl and train it in a few seconds, ending with an audible sigh. "The elemental stones are powerful not because of their inherent magic, but by the nature of their existence and creation. The stones have powers and appearances that are wholly dictated by the nature of their Observer."

Deborah bonked something on the table, "An Observer is someone who takes charge of a character and observes his or her existence. By way of some mumbo jumbo existentialist stuff I don't really understand."

"An Observer is someone who grants legitimacy to a character, gives them their form and power in the mind's eye. It is too difficult to go into too much details at the moment because I am not entirely clear on the concept myself." Titania paused and took something off, the run of fabric against fabric was very noticeable. "The Stone therefore has no legitimate Observer since it was created in ambiguity between two Observers. This gives it tremendous strength to be exploited, and it has. BlackHarte, after the 'rebirth' of his charge Alice took the stone for himself and began observation of it, and through that began to realize how it was possible to Observe himself. In that sense he has placed himself outside of the jurisdiction of an Observer, a person in this world that governs his actions." Titania placed something heavy and dull on the table, "Because BlackHarte is now an Observer, he has entered the game as his own. Whatever logic circuit governs his thinking, he has decided that he is more reasonable and benevolent to the people inside of your world than the people who govern it now. That leads to the subject of Lambda-11 and Nu-13, they are not strictly speaking creations of the nanomachine complex, he is incapable of creating things out of his will, he can only borrow people from other worlds, as an Observer. It is very confusing why he does this, but it is generally accepted between us and them, them being the other people who are in opposition to BlackHarte, that his ability to Observe is incredibly dangerous. He can at any given time take control and modify the behavior and actions of anyone inside of your world, as well as send agents into any realm that is tangential to your world."

"That was a long lecture Tania... and I don't think even I really understand most of what you said." Deborah flipped through the pages of a book, "and what does this have to do at all with defining what BlackHarte is? You've given a lecture on what his powers are."

Titania sounded annoyed, "Very well then, BlackHarte is a nanomachine construct that has gained sentience and essentially deific status." Titania tugged hard on something because something heavy smashed into the table.

Deborah cried out in surprise and pain, "Tania! That was mean... you know I'm sensitive there..."

What in the world is that supposed to mean!?

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Rising Dawn Crew, G-Corp Personnel

The robotics engineer in the Hangar (Violet) May actually be impressed (and a little afraid) of one of the last to step out from the transport into the rising dawn hangar. The intimidation factor might come from the backbreaking weight of the gun and armor they are carrying, and the impression might come from just how Lifelike ARES was. Hell, if it weren't for the armor and gun making them stand out, they could blend in to the public rather well. She walks up to Violet and Katya asking...

"Are either of you good with machines? I think I may have a bit of a malfunction. GPS says there aren't any repulsors or SIN towers... anywhere."[1] Also, to break the conversation (if a bit late.) "No one thinks Gigabytes are a bit ancient history around here? Last I recalled those were the lowest unit of data storage, not anything special."

[1] So you all get the lingo here, by repulsors she means melding repulsors, which stave off that interdimensional storm where they are from. Without one nearby where 35 is from... they would not be having this conversation. SIN is basically like a combination of social security and the internet, and stands for "Shared Intelligence Network."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rising Dawn Crew, G-Corp Staff


Nickolai cringed as he walked into the canteen, which was roaring with laughter. Biertov apparently never got tired of that...anecdote. There were days he questioned why he considered Biertov his friend. Mostly, they were quiet days; any time there was a fight he was immediately reminded not only why he bothered with the vulgar Serbian, but how frighteningly effective he was in a fight.

"Oh!" Doctor Insano said, walking in behind Nickolai. "The canteen is the kitchen. I would have never guessed."

Nickolai rolled his eyes. "Just...go get some food."

"WITH PLEASURE!" Doctor Insano said, walking away.

Nickolai shook his head, got some tomato soup, and sat down next to Biertov. "Edge is injured very badly."

"Dah." Biertov said solemnly. "I saw him not long ago, and his friend Boss. I hope they are-"

"Chto?[1]" Nickolai said, standing up.

Biertov leaned back. "Boss is also in medical wing. Said he was...tripping over balls. I imagine he is high on something. Edge is also sleeping very soundly."

Nickolai shook his head, and took a sip of his tomato soup...and immediately spat it out. "CHTO YEBAT' ETO?"

Biertov looked at the bowl. "Looks like borscht, drug"

Nickolai wiped his tongue off with a napkin. "Well it tastes molten metal. Is there anything that-"

"THE GRANOLA ISN'T TERRIBLE!" Doctor Insano shouted. "The water is though. Somehow..."

[1] What?/Say that again?

The (Un)Real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Night

B3WP | Deborah | Selmy | Titania

"Character? Observer?" B3WP queried internally as it organized the informational deluge that it had been given and before long, the relationships became clearer. From its time spent with Little Miss, B3WP could liken the relationship to Little Miss and a video game character. Though the medium in which control over the character or avatar was enforced by the Observer or Player differed the relationship did not. The subordinate world being a form of entertainment also explained why there had been repeated threats in so short a time. In the span of a few years, there had been many a world endangering event.

As B3WP neared completion of its data processing, it did a quick historical check of the Parent World for major conflicts. It was not surprised to find that there were periods of unrest and danger. Chronologically, they occurred much further apart than the events in the subordinate world. While this observation could conclude that this was the top-tier world, B3WP made a note to itself that time is even simulated within a simulation. Years within a simulation could be mere seconds to the observer of the simulation. Additionally, it appeared that in a majority of the major wars in the Parent World, this (Un)Real World, that a single entity was responsible to the conflict's resolution, though it had evolved over the years.

Saving that forked process for future reference, the Primary B3WP addressed the two women, Miss Titania and Miss Deborah, who appeared to be in the midst of what B3WP assumed was a mating ritual, given the pheromones it detected.

"Thank you for the information, Miss Titania. I believe I understand the basics of the concepts that you spoke of. I would like to speak more on this at a later time if we are able." B3WP stated as it recorded a series of queries to be asked later.

Query List:

1) Are Characters created by the Observers or chosen?
2) If chosen, what criteria do Observers use in choosing a character?
3) If an Observer is killed, what happens to their Character?
4) If Subject BlackHarte was able to become an Observer, have either of you done the same?

"Also, thank you for the clarification on Subject BlackHarte's abilities, Miss Titania. While it does not, as Miss Deborah stated, explain what it is, it does shed some light on some things that I had interest in." The Swarm stated before moving onto another topic.

"If Subject BlackHarte believes that it is best suited for mediating control over the subordinate world it can be reasonably assumed that it would attempt to subvert the control of the other Observers and that the other Observers resist. The unknown variable in this matter is where you and Miss Deborah stand in this conflict." B3WP stated, aware that they did not stand with Subject Blackharte and yet it was possible that they were not aligned with the other Observers. It could stand to reason that they were merely a neutral party, what this world referred to as a Switzerland, or that they were simply a refuge for those like B3WP, who had wandered into this Parent World.

"I am pretty not alright," Miss Selmy responded to B3WP's query before turning red in her face and later hiding it.

"Are you injured? Do you require medical intervention?" B3WP asked, despite the fact that with as few Nano-Agents remaining as it was, B3WP couldn't even cure the common cold. Still if Miss Selmy had been willing to intervene on B3WP's behalf against Lambda-11, B3WP would still help her as best as it could.

Which might have been why B3WP #2 suddenly shot out from where it sat and latched onto Miss Selmy's wrist, checking her vital statistics such as pulse, blood pressure, O2 saturation... not that Miss Selmy would have been aware of what it was doing.

The Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn
Time: The Present

"Uh wut?" Katya asked in response to Ares's question about Repulsors and SIN Towers, "H@bl0 3ngl3s? S1N T0w3rz? I d1dn't kn0w b0tz l1k3d S&M clubz."

In other words, Katya had no idea what Ares was talking about, which was just as well since she wasn't feeling particularly friendly after that Deathmatch session with Wanderer. But if there was one thing that could make Katya feel better, it was a nice drink... or a hot bath... whichever was easier to get on the flying scow.

"@s 4 gigz, j00 hav3 p3tz in j00r p0ck3t, Ar3z? [1]" Katya teased, though truth be told she might have been impressed if Arez pulled out a Petabyte thumb drive.

"@ls0 wh3r3 t3h dr1nkz at?!"

"Little Miss, might I remind you, once again, what alcohol does to my systems?" B3WP asked with a hint of worry in its voice, " My bio-components have only just recovered after the last time you binged on alcohol. Might I suggest a glass of warm milk and a selection of cheeses, fruits and vegetables? They will aid in your recovery... and mine as well."

[1] Petabyte= 1000 Terabytes

ARES looked rather embarrassed actually at Katya's remarks. Especially the one on the SIN tower. "N-n-not what I meant! ... wait, you really don't know what that is do you? SIN... as in shared intelligence network? Oh, and my hard-drive consists of over 50 petabytes of data so yes, I do have Petabytes in my socks." *she says, closing her eyes for a second, then opens them saying. "I guess since the Arclight isn't showing up on GPS either then the world is still in one piece. Where and when the FUCK did I wake up?!?!" she shouts, seriously beginning to think that androids do dream, and she doesn't like this one a single bit.

Rising Dawn: Canteen

The drow stiffened in anger, the light in her eyes growing brighter still as her hair started to unravel from its loose braid she'd kept it in. She started to reach towards the rude individual in front of her, to prevent his retreating after what he'd just said. "You..." Whatever she was going to say next was interrupted, first by a burst of laughter from elsewhere in the canteen, and then by the large armored fellow picking up the source of her ire. She paused, her hair now fully loosened from its restraints, with purple fire starting to dance from two spots along her temples. She looked from... Azan, was it? to the person being held before taking a long, deep breath to try and calm herself down. Uk zhah er'griff galla ulu xxizzHe's only trying to help... She looked up at Azan, her voice sounding slightly strained as she tried to keep control. "Mister... Azan, thank you for you concern, but... I do think this is something I need to... handle myself. Put him down, please?"

Without waiting to see if Azan complies with her request, she turns back towards the hapless, clueless Hien. "Considering I've... survived for over a century handling... worse things than you can possibly dream of existed, I'd say I'd rather be... blind and deaf than as... incompetent as you seem to be. Aren't you... supposed to be able to dodge better than that?" She'd seen similar outfits to the one he was wearing before, and knew the general ability set it was supposed to imply. "And if I were... blind and deaf, at least then I wouldn't... have to put up with your rude, condescending drivel, but sadly, I'm not, so you better apologize for... speaking to me that way."

Rising Dawn: Canteen

Hearing the commotion, Nickolai stood up and walked over to where the knight, the elf, and the man in white were standing; Biertov stood up and followed. "Friend knight!" Nickolai said. "I need you to put him down; our people are not quite as sturdy as you." Turning to Chris, he said, "I apologize for his behavior, madame; I will personally see to it that he is reported and reprimanded for it."

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Rising Dawn Crew, G-Corp Personnel

Violet zoned out once he saw Ares just show up with the rest of the crew, unable to take his eyes off her specs as everyone else talked around him.
Sure, he dabbled in robotics before and Nano-robotics were in testing in several regions (Katya was proof of that)[1], but even from a casual glance, he could see that this was far beyond anything his research on the matter.
"...You are from the future, aren't you?...Oh, sorry, The year is 2014 and you are on the Rising Dawn Airship just off the coast of Los Angeles, California State, U.S.A. I...Don't think the networks and software you are referring too are going to exist for several years yet..." He calmly explained as Katya asked for a drink.
"Well, there are some Margaritas over by the snack table, provided that the boss's new "Girlfriend" didn't toast the thing. We have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!" The G-Corp doctor then said as he rushed over for his tablet.
"ummm, Pardon, but do you mind if I get some system specs? I mean, it's not too often that we get robotics this advanced on board and even rarer when it's not trying to kill us all! Aha-ha...ha..." He nervously asked as he prepared himself to take some notes.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

First, Hien found his "Students" in a drunken stupor, then that blind dark elf bitch showed up and spilled his coffee, now a bunch of Kazuya's lackeys were trying to order *HIM* around like some misbehaving private?!
And the nerve of that..."Freak" call him Incompetent and demand an apology?
"...You want me to say sorry?..." He scoffed at the notion before shaking his head slightly.
The next thing Azan knew, the man in white brought up his arm before setting off a smoke bomb, followed by swift plam strike to the Knight's adam to break his hold.
Second he hit the ground, Nickolai watched as he rushed forward, like a man stuck on "Fast Forward" as Hien went for a heavy roundhouse to his center mass, knocking him aside and over a table.
As for the Drow, Chris then watched as the Ninja suddenly seemed to Teleport above her as he pulled his double sided Cypher and slashed her down the whole front of her body, from her face to her thigh, enough to left a mark but not enough to be fatal. (Though if it was a few inches deeper, she would have been cut in 2)
"...Apology. Accepted." Hien then said as he slowly walked away in an attempt to be badass, his blade now dripping with blood.

[1] Sorry if I got my facts wrong there NPC 22! ^^;

Sorry. Dragon Age is taking ... a lot of my time. >.<


Wanderer Vs Katya.
Location: Bookies' Hideout.

Opening his eyes, colours spun and crossed his eyes. The drug has finally worn off, but it left a rather colourful show. His vision began to grow normal, a little blurred, but he could see the slightly tinted blue sky, and the gray buildings surrounding him. The faint touch of liquid came from the back of his head. Groaning he touched and massaged his temple. "He went ... far overboard." Wanderer coughed out, finally noticing the crimson seeping beside him.

The normal personality of Wanderer sighed, his helmet was crack. His vision was getting back together, and he could only think about his shadow. Then it struck him, "The girl!" He said, Wanderer almost leaped back onto his legs, but suddenly his sight was blocked by an unknown matter, which sent him back down onto his knees, but this allowed him to notice the screaming nearby. "Damn it! Stop this! I'm not him!" Is all he could yell.


Storm-1788 (unarmoured), and David.
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn.

Allowing a breath of relief to flow out of him, he nodded towards David. "Hopefully ... but I have no idea if she will kick my ass, and she can. She will be very angry, and probably attach herself to me for a long while." Storm said in a worked up attitude, but if David looked, he could see a smile plastered on his exposed face. Then rather quickly, David was restrained, strapped, and wheeled off quickly. Storm shrugged and quickly followed David's 'Doctors', but as he strided in a good pace, he wondered if Alpha would really dick the scar.


Wanderer, who was trying to go after David and Storm, was clutching his head as he dragged his large blade behind him. He cursed the fall he took fighting Katya, but he cursed his shadow even more. Thinking about Katya, Wanderer looked around, feeling guilty that she took a hit because he other self wanted entertainment. Sighing, he mentally promised he would talk to her later, and soon enough he hobbled back to the medical bay, hoping that David, Storm, and the G-Corp soldiers won't be too surprised that a decapitated deathclaw head is alive and willing to roar, bit, and possibly kill them.

"Man, he's fucked up" He said, addressing 'himself'.

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Rising Dawn Crew, G-Corp Personnel

It was a bit shocking for ARES to discover they were many, many years before the Arclight was one lucky engineer's dream... "Well..." She trailed off, thinking quite a bit on the fact that everyone she'd ever met doesn't exist yet, and might not exist at any point for that matter. Snapping back to Violet's question however, she replies. "I guess it can't hurt... but there is one thing I have to tell you about some of the files locked away in my noggin. There is a blueprint for a sort of space ship called the Arclight. Under no circumstances are you to even think about taking a look at that. It's literally better for the entire world that such a device was never even considered a goal from even the most ambitious of engineers, understand?" She says, then touching a point on the back of her neck for a small projector to bring up a holographic monitor/keyboard combination. She goes over to the bar with the drinks Violet mentioned, pulls up a chair and sits down, letting the Doc get to work when he feels like it.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

The drow's eyes widened as Hien started to attack the people around him, wondering just how crazy this person was before he suddenly disappeared. She looked around, trying to figure out where he'd gone to, but didn't think to look up until his shadow from the lights above fell onto her face. She tried to step away, outside of the sword's strike, but without much luck, managing only to get her face out of the way, leaving the sharp blade free to cut its way through her clothes and body.

She cried out in pain as the soft pieces of fabric fluttered to the floor, the edges of the grey material - even her now-ruined undergarments were the same soft grey - dyed a deep red. Even as the blade cut through her flesh, though, Hien could feel the resistance of her body change, as though something was pushing the blade outwards until it was merely laying her skin open - still a grievous wound when done to the stomach, to be sure, but not as deep as he'd been planning. As he turned away, the blood of the (mostly) innocent dripping from his sword, a flash of purple light shone throughout the room, sending the shadows into crazed patterns for a moment.

Before he could turn around, a clawed hand - no light show this time, but physical claws, or possibly a very oddly-designed gauntlet - grabbed him by the shoulder and squeezed, the claws not quite drawing blood as he's spun around to see a snarling face in front of him. The creature hissed loudly, her tails lashing behind her as they raise upwards, barbed points turning to point at his face. "That's two apologies you owe me now. You're not going to get the chance to need a third." The voice was familiar to anyone who'd heard the drow speak, but much stronger, even a little deeper.

Storm-1788 (unarmoured), Edge and David West.
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn.

Once they were in the medical bay, David was finally able to get the G-Corp Soldiers that seemed to now work there to leave him to his own devices, least after all the tests and such were done and he took some more powerful painkillers for his head.
"Hey, isn't that what your problem was? The fact you two weren't talking? Hell, if you ask nicely she might even play nurse, Eh? hehaha..." He joked as he sightly blissfully, while the resident healers did a good job keeping them all in one piece, it was nice to get a shot of the straight stuff once in a while. (Granted, not as nice as not getting hospitalized in the first place, but still)
"So you want to tell her or shall I? I mean, if you want, I can make up some bullshit about you racing into a burning building to save some Civies...Also, how did you get all "Scar-face" anyway? Probably should have asked that first..."

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Katya, ARES 35, Violet, G-Corp personnel

"...N-noted..." Violet suddenly stammered, starting to realize the possible downsides of messing with technology several decades in the future, as well as fiddling with time traveler in general.
Still, perhaps she was just like the others and from another realm rather then this one in the future.
Once she was seated, he then said "Do me a favor and let me know if I'm touching upon anything important. I'll admit my work was more "Spec'd" towards more basic functionality, like Movement of limbs and completing orders. AI wasn't something I was all at well versed in and the last thing I would want would be to delete a important piece of data and give you "Brain Damage"." before he went about rooting around ARES's main CPU for internal diagnostics, figuring the logs there would give him some insight on the android's inner workings, something that ARES might find a little ticklish.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Azan, Chris, Hien, anyone else

Hien was feeling pretty proud of himself, he was about to teach one of those brat students of Hiryu a lesson, as well as Hiryu himself, he put a lesser being in her place and now he was walking away, the soldiers seeming to fear him as they cowered before him and-...began to run out of the room?
It was around this moment he realized that something might be a little bit wrong as he saw the powerful purple glow coming from behind him, the smug look on his face starting to fade a little right before he felt a clawed hand on his shoulder.
"...uh oh..." He murmured before he was spun around to witness a..."Different" Chris to the one he just shit talked.
"!!! What on Earth-!?" He screamed before instinct finally kicked in and he attempted to bring up his blade once more, attempting to make the most of the close proximity to plunge it into her gut.

As Violet started sifting through the files on ARES' hard drive, he may have been a bit shocked as to the complexity of the information within. They did have a roughly 50 Petabyte hard drive, and while most of it was in a unit called "Shared AI" it seemed as though ARES' inner workings were made up of about 6 computers, one for general knowledge and one for each of their combat frames. He'd find a great number of futuristic blueprints and instruction manuals in shared data, as well as a file that gave them a proficiency with "mundane weapons" (though most of what was in that file were things from mounted machine guns, SPAS 12s, C4, grenade launchers... the fact that these were considered mundane says a lot about her dimension's war capabilities.) and a whole host of different blueprints. Among the most interesting was a "molecular printer" which could condense, extend, and shape matter. One of it's listed functions was making weapons and vehicles out of scrap metal and ores without much physical or manual exertion. As he looked into the blueprints, he saw the blueprint file that Ares had informed him of, "Arclight." ARES was also explaining much about their workings at the time. "To clarify on why I don't want the Arclight's blueprints in anyone's hands is because, while it was a failed experiment by some of our time's most intuitive engineers, it was dangerously unstable. Which only really lead to bad things when you consider that, scientifically, it was able to condense the time space continuum to make light years take seconds to travel."

Looking into the blueprints for the "SIN tower" and "Melding Repulsor" he could see just how bad a failure it was. The SIN tower's blueprint states that it's required for a connection to the SIN network, which through the technical babble he could reason was like a combination of the internet, social security, GPS, and that SIN (shared intelligence network) was tracked as an implant put in to people's craniums so that the leader of the Accord (Think of him as president of what's left of the world.) could keep tabs on threatening individuals.

"It's a real invasion of privacy, but with the melding bringing us to the verge of a second apocalypse, privacy is a luxury. I guess I can be glad that SIN doesn't exist yet though."

Furthermore, the Melding repulsors were basically humanity's lifeline in a second apocalypse. They keep a sort of giant, sentient storm called the melding from enveloping the entire globe and poisoning, mutating, and killing the entire human race...

Those files were only on one of the six computers that made up ARES' AI. Violet would see that the other 5 were connected to combat directories, one being active now.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn


Azan was bewildered, he stood back and watched a scene of demonic brutality unfold before him. But more pressingly, he was trying to figure out how the far easterner had managed to punch him int he throat through his armor for there were no gaps between his helmet and breastplate. In fact, his helmet could barely turn, much less look up or down. Nevertheless Azan could not condone demonic violence, where holy violence would be completely acceptable.

The Easterner brought up that curved longsword of his to spear the demon, and the demon let great claws reel back to strike the swordsman, but both attacks found themselves lodged firmly on either side of Azan's grand mace. Azan was not a smart man, but he made up for his lack of tactical brilliance with brute strength and indefatigable determination.


Azan's mustache, both his real and ornamental one, bristled with the raw energy that was filling the room. The metal of his pole arm creaked at the strength of the two combatants. "Please think of the others within this airship if you were to bring it down with your antics."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hanger Array | Rising Dawn


Faust looked to her right and found a young adult female, a metal golem, and a very effeminate man conversing. Realizing that none of them had taken notice to her, she slipped out of the hanger array, her red cloak fluttering in the artificial breeze of the airship. Beneath the cloak, the dry air of the airship irritated her young skin. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes, letting the larger entity within the airship guide her to her mark, that strange scepter, and that strange woman.

The master unit responded by drawing Faust an invisible path to her target, and soon Faust found herself standing outside the Library door. Her heart beat within her chest, for the first time in her short life she felt excitement, but whether it was because of the hunt or because of something else she could not say. Faust pushed open the library door inside of the Rising Dawn and stepped into the cool shadowy room that constituted the library, unsure of where she would find Selena and at the same time refrain from being seen. Thought it had been fortunate so far (through no small manipulation of BlackHarte's) that none of the personnel in the Rising Dawn had seen or bumped into Faust and her odd attire.


The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Nearing Dawn


The air around them smelled sweetly now of the effervescent foam of fruit wines. Deborah had opened three bottles, one for their guests and one for each Deborah and Titania. Despite her frail girlish figure, Titania was still a Celtic god and she'd be damned if people thought of her as a lightweight. Deborah poured three glasses of the wine, a blend of apricot, grapes, and cranberries with cinnamon spice. It had a light amber body to it, and was fizzy, more like soda than wine and had a strong warming effect after ingestion.

"Ah! Get oof! Get off! What are you doing!?" Selmy crashed onto the floor, her left arm trying desperately to pry B3WP2 off of her right wrist. She seemed genuinely distressed at the presence of the nanomachine entity attached to her skin. "Please don't eat me, please don't eat me!!! And please don't do anything vulgar to meeeee!!!!"

"She's a strange one isn't she?" Deborah placed a glass of the wine at each set place on the dining table. Titania took an entire bottle and drank directly from it, taking down half of the contents before she spoke again, this time with her face a cherry blossom pink.

"We are dedicated to stopping BlackHarte, there used to be more of us, but our methods for stopping that black beast differ wildly. Whereas I don't care much for drawing civilians into our conflict, the others are willing to push disaster onto this world to summon a new Observer to deal with BlackHarte." Titania slumped back into her chair and slid down until she slouched so deeply that only her eyes were visible above the table. "Before you start askin' and stuff, yeh I'm an Observah, 'tis true."

Deborah peered at Titania and smiled, "Its been too long since your last drink, and you went too hard."

"Ah shuddup ya bint. I'm fine."

"Well your metabolism has certainly sped up, thats for sure," Deborah said sweetly as she took a sip from her own glass. She flipped open the Book of Fate and peered inside, smiling at its record of B3WP's internal thoughts.

Query List:

1) Are Characters created by the Observers or chosen?
2) If chosen, what criteria do Observers use in choosing a character?
3) If an Observer is killed, what happens to their Character?
4) If Subject BlackHarte was able to become an Observer, have either of you done the same?

"Characters can be either created or chosen, but characters with more simultaneous Observers tend to be stronger and more resistant to phenomena intervention by another Observer, which means established characters like Lambda-11 and Nu-13 are more powerful than characters like Tania and I. However, there is one caveat. If an Observer forces a character to break canon or act Out of Character, than the bonus granted by being canon is rendered moot because he or she will no longer be the entity recognized by the other bystanding Observers.

Observers have no set criteria in choosing a character, its simply the preference of the Observer. Some enjoy sexually charged characters, some enjoy fighters, other enjoy comedic sociopathy.

If an Observer is rendered unable to Observe a character, then unless another Observer is observing that character, then that character will cease to exist. Though it is possible to leave a record of the character for future Observers to find and use, thereby granting resurrectional processes to the character in question.

As Tania has said before, she has taken primary Observer responsibilities after the retirement of our own creator and original Observer. In this case she must continuously Observe herself or everyone who relies on her for continuity will perish. And it is because of that nature that we are allowed to continue to exist in this seed world."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Bookie's Hideout | Los Angeles | California
Time: Flashback

Katya vs. Wanderer

As the Wanderer fell to his knees, Katya cursed from her position 90 degrees right from where her decoy was laying, continuing to scream its decoy head off whilst it had been impaled in the abdomen by a rather large pipe.

"Fsck!" Katya cursed as she dropped B3WP's optical camouflage and took her the opportunity to attack while the Mook{Wanderer) was otherwise inconvenienced by a headache. Jumping from her position, she didn't quite take into account that she HAD actually been injured by Wanderer's laser projectiles and her legs weren't yet 100%.

"D13 muth3rf- @@@@@@@@RRRRGGGG!!!!" The Young Hacker yelled and screamed as she landed on her injured legs, ill suited for the impact of such a landing, and started rolling towards where Wanderer was, coming to a halt in front of him.

The fact that he didn't attack her when she landed in front of the Mook didn't truly register with the young woman until after her attack... a handful of dirt to Wanderer's face... his helmeted face.

Damn it! Stop this! I'm not him! The Mook said, right before Katya spotted a Rising Dawn patch on Wanderer's outfit.

"0h." She said before chuckling, "Ha1!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Hanger Array | Rising Dawn


One would think that an open bar and an 18 year old young woman would yield a drunken 18 year old woman with puke scented hair but not in Katya's case. She totally bypassed the alcohol and went for the "other" drinks that most 18 year gamers would go for. Finding an ample supply of green tea, she began a round of steeping the loose leaves in a pot of not water, but Red Bull, infusing the noxious energy drink with all the caffeine and anti-oxidants she could get as she repeatedly steeped the combination in more and more and more green tea. After about 30 minutes and 3 rounds of brewing, Katya moved on adding ginseng, pixie stix and vitamin B12 to the concoction before settling down in the Hanger, taking note of a particularly interesting looking aircraft, if not rather familiar in the fact that it looked almost exactly like the Swordfish mono-racer from the anime Cowboy Bebop. The one exception to this familiarity was that the aircraft had been painted stealth black and was outfitted a passenger in addition to the pilot.

The fact that she was not only riding on what amounted to a flying fortress/city but watching as a technician poked around the inner workings of an honest to goodness Android made what was already a surreal experience all the more strange. Add to that the existence of dragons, elves, knights and Time Travel made the young Hacker Heroine consider checking herself into an insane asylum. Of course that consideration was chucked out the window as she overheard a particularly interesting tidbit of conversation.

"I guess it can't hurt... but there is one thing I have to tell you about some of the files locked away in my noggin. There is a blueprint for a sort of space ship called the Arclight. Under no circumstances are you to even think about taking a look at that. It's literally better for the entire world that such a device was never even considered a goal from even the most ambitious of engineers, understand?"

"???" Katya's ears perked. The phrase "Under no circumstances are you to even think about taking a look at that" was like an invitation to go peeking at whatever blueprint or file Ares had said not to look at.

"B3WP. L00kz l1k3 1t'z pl@yt1m3!" Little Miss Rostikova whispered to B3WP as the pulled out her mobile phone. With a grin on her face, the young hacker began surreptitiously scanning Ares' network interfaces, looking for any defenses that might have been in place.


The (Un)real World
Location: The Loft | Cupertino | California
Time: Nearing Dawn


As B3WP listened to Miss Deborah and the now inebriated Miss Titania speak, a series off ripples suddenly appeared on the normally tranquil surface of the spherical data core, a reaction triggered by Miss Selmy's panic being transmitted to B3WP by B3WP2. For some reason, B3WP's military designers had thought it a good idea to cause B3WP's biological components to be flooded with aggression inducing chemicals whenever an interfaced human subject underwent feelings of panic or fear rather than simply train soldiers to better cope with the stress of combat.

Sensing that the young woman was in the midst of a panic attack having witnessed what she had that night, the primary B3WP unit issued a command its subordinate causing Miss Selmy to feel a slight prick in her wrist as she was injected with a mild sedative.

"From my observations, Miss Selmy conforms to societal, emotional and mental norms. Her reaction to my secondary unit's attempt to interface and monitor her vital signs is expected given the events that she witnessed earlier." B3WP stated before Miss Deborah took control of the briefing as Miss Titania appeared on the verge of being rendered fully inoperative due to sever alcohol intoxication.

If B3WP was distressed by Miss Deborah appearing to have hacked its logs, the Nano-Agent Swarm displayed no outward reaction. It did, however, note that Miss Deborah had looked at the book in her hands prior to andwering B3WP's logged queries.

"Thank you for your responses, Miss Deborah. They have been most informative. If what was stated is true, it would be a safe assumption that Little Miss... that is ... my human host Miss Katya is under the control of an Observer. It would also be safe to assume that Subject BlackHarte would attempt to cause harm to Little Miss's Observer, which could cause her harm. I can only conclude that the most logical course of action in order to keep Little Miss safe would be to assist you and Miss Titania in your actions against Subject BlackHarte."

There was a slight hesitation as B3WP processed various scenarios involving combat against Subject BlackHarte. It was likely that Subject BlackHarte's weakest units were ones like Lambda-11 and Nu-13, it was illogical to send one's stronger units without foreknowledge of the enemy's abilities and strengths. Given this assumption, it was highly unlikely that B3WP could assist in any significant manner.

"Given our last encounter with Subject BlackHarte's subordinates, I have concluded that without significant upgrade to my combat systems, I will be unable to assist you in any substantive manner. Is there a manner in which characters can be upgraded?" B3WP asked. Though its voice was flat and lacked any emotion, there was still a desperate quality to the small sphere as it considered the possibility that Little Miss could be wiped out of existence.

Rising Dawn: Currently occupied Hanger: Katya, ARES 35, Violet, G-Corp personnel

Violet was a bit worried by ARES's warning but then stated "Don't think my boss would be too interested in a space ship. Hell, unless it could be used in a battle, I don't think Kazuya would even look at it.", partly to re-assure the "person" who's head he was rooting though, though mostly to re-assure himself that he wouldn't be forced to make some kind of Doomsday Device.
At the moment however, he was rather impressed with the level of detail some of the entries on her homeworld, usually weaponized robots just had enough data to explain why they were shooting at stuff and the rest of their CPU was based around how to do just thatm then again, she had 6 of them so she had processing power to spare.
"Ah, Good news, You needn't worry about SIN. The NSA on the other hand..." He snarked as he went though the rest of the blueprints, especially that kind of Modular Printer, 3D printing but with advanced metalworking thrown in? He could retire with an invention like that! (Of course he would play royalties to the rightful owner...After Taxes and Expenses).
"Alright, do you have a means of data transfer? Be it wireless or USB?..." He then asked eagerly, overlooking a few of the red flags of Katya's attempt to hack the machine during his fixation on the big bucks.

Rising Dawn, Canteen: Rising Dawn Group, G-Corp group

"Nickolai! Nickolai, wake up! are you alrigght? Are you hurt? Are you alive? Can you mo-"

Nickolai, barely cognizant, nodded. Biertov was kneeling over him; someone in the background was shouting, and there was some kind of monster in the canteen. "Dah." Nickolai said. "I am fine." Which wasn't exactly true; he was sure he had some broken ribs, and he couldn't quite feel anything below his chest, but he could still get up just fine. "This is not good." Nickolai said, looking around. "We need to get out." Nickolai took a deep breath. "ALL OF G-CORP UNITS IN CANTEEN! LEAVE NOW! Biertov-"

"What is it?" Biertov asked.

"I cannot walk." Nickolai said. "You need to get Kazuya, right now."

Biertov shook his head, and picked up Nickolai. "Nien. We need to get Kazuya."


Gasping, panting, and exhausted, Doctor Insano ran into a powerfully built man in a red suit. "MONSTER!" Doctor Insano gasped, grabbing onto the man to keep steady. "IN THE KITCHEN. STUPID WHITE NINJA GUY PISSED OFF THE DROW GIRL AND SHE TURNED INTO A CHAOS MONSTER. GO DO SOMETHING."

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