The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Basically everyone.
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn.
Time: "Too damn early."

Wanderer, being the ever vigilant 'messiah' of his world, turned up late to the briefing. This probably earned him a bad look from the guards of Kazuya, but he stood in line and watched the speech. If anyone didn't notice him, when The President's speech was being air, "Bring back John Henry Eden!" was being chanted in the background. This would possibly annoy some of the people in the room, but in Wanderer's mind, he knew he was chanting a person's name who he ... exploded. ("Actually, I convinced him to blow himself up, quite different, no?") He internally responded.

Quieting down for the rest of the briefing, when the mention of disguises came up.
"Aha!" A sudden voice pierced whoever was talking.
Wanderer, once again being a nuisance, ran across the hanger into what looked like a miniature garage. Sparks flew out of the tiny out of sight room for quite a time, until a figure stepped out. Of course it was Wanderer. Stepping back towards the group, he ran his gloved fingers along the body. "I heard this as from a video game. A sci-fi one at that. Perfect for ... " Wanderer muttered, before bring out a laser pistol.

Giddy, happy, and probably crazy again, Wanderer raced to the VTOLs with excitement. A little voice called out, "Little help?" Stopping all of a sudden, he noticed the voice belonged to the girl he almost killed. "Que?" He said in a confused response. Looking, he saw Katya in her own disguise. "Did you get a little short?" He scoffed, yet the jabbing thought in the back of his head, told him that he owed her. Wanderer, almost wanting to roll his eyes at his evil self, but resisted the temptation. ("I'll admit, she ... does look cute.") He though, turning a little red under the helmet.

Quickly, Wanderer gave a quaint, little bow, and offered his hand. "Madam." He said, his tone sounding a little strange. If he was honest, he would admit he has not idea how to be a "gentleman".

Storm and Alpha.

For the couple listened neatly to the announcement and briefing. Storm a little shocked at the new President. "Well ... considering the former one didn't do anything then." Storm muttered quietly. Lacking a bit of attention to the briefing, his mind gave him the mental image, back when the world was in the Angel War, back when he was corrupted slowly without realizing so. Having a depressed face on, he felt a soft elbow in his side. Looking towards the perp, he saw Alpha, giving him a little smile. "Cheer up, I'm here for you this time." She said softly.

Immediately Storm had perked up, yet the sudden briefing about a disguise intrigued him, and he was eager to what everyone would choose, including Alpha. The after-though of not having his armour scared him, especially since he was burnt last time. Healthy, and armed with his partner, he was confident ... of course, he felt sad for the large armour sitting at the back of the hanger. Storm felt like he could see every speck of dust on it. When the two were to gather their disguise, both Storm and Alpha separated for a short while.

Storm who came back, was picking at his hair, making sure it was standing up. Grumbling to himself, he witnessed all in the room. "I don't know what to feel ... angry about using a combo of white dye and hair gel, or looking like ... this." He said to himself. Moving his hand, he pulled the katana that hung on his back. Once the point was an inch out of the sheath, it was suddenly covered in a blue energy, allowing the blade to glow blue.

"Hehe, I bet you're happy to finally have a use for that thing" Alpha called out to him. Storm, who was smirking, placed the sword back. "Certain- ... whoa." He said, finally having a look at his beloved. Alpha was dressed like an anime character too, she looked a little different. "Such a nuisance though ... I had to cut my hair, and dye it blue." She pouted, her hand touching a metal rapier that hung at her side.

Both happily annoyed together, they climbed onto the VTOL.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone


Teri was the first to light up at the idea, practically jumping up and down in excitement as she said, "Really?! We're going to go incognito in cosplay?! ohmygodohmygodohmygod Garm, come here, I've got an idea!"

As she pulled the wolf aside (with a huge grin on her face), Garm could only give an audible sigh of resignation. Besides, it wasn't like he had an idea either. After a few minutes of poofing an outfit, Violet working with makeup, and stowing away of (most) of her equipment, the Cleric came back astride Garm, who was now a very powder white color, "Man, this makes me feel like I'm back in high school all over again~!"
"I better have a long bath when we get back. This stuff is making my skin itch like crazy..."

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked at each other with curiosity at the thought of dressing up, then fluttered over to the gathering of resources in the back, before eventually deciding that Violet's help would be needed for them as well. After all was said and done, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg were painted up to look like two creatures from two very popular franchises, a pokemon and a digimon respectively.
As they approached in the new disguises, Ton Ton shifted uncomfortably, "I feel kind of naked without my robes..."
"You get used to it after a while, I don't even wear clothes~! This paint and latex stuff is itchy though."
That was when Cadolbolg noticed that now Shinobu disguised Katya was trying to draw his attention and he gave a little wave, "Hellooo~! I'm a thingy called a Patamon, and Ton Ton's a thingy called an Axew. What are you?"

Caim gave a sigh at Violet's shenanigins, and wordlessly turned to find some sort of disguise among the mess of items that were brought out. Primarily, he hoped that he could find some sort of warrior's guise. The prospect of going somewhere without bearing at least one of his blades was a less than pleasing prospect. After some sifting through, Caim returned with Hymir's Finger on his back, and a differing set of armor, and slicked hair to match, "I was told this was something from a tv show? So long as I can keep SOMETHING on me that's blade related, I don't entirely mind..."[1]

Angelus, rather like her pact partner, found the whole situation a little ridiculous, but was a bit more used to several transformations throughout varying travels between other worlds, she was somewhat used to changing her appearance. She scrounged through the piles of clothing, and took note of a yellow jumpsuit, as well as a movie poster next to it. With a smile, she donned it and returned, asking her pact partner, "Caim, lend me one of your Eastern blades, I see it suits this costume best."

*Angelus is now equipped with Nobuyoshi!*

((Apologies in advance for the shoddy writing. I feel like this was a bit lacking. I guess being out of practice does that to you.))

[1] Fun fact, Drakengard has several references to Berserk, Caim himself being based a little on Guts, and some shoutouts being in the game. you can even find a character called the Skull Knight in a painting! (but it might be a shop, I'm not sure.)

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Basically everyone


Rugal was one of the people even less then keen on the whole idea of Cosplay, though seeing how he knew Cortex would remember his face, he had no choice but to dress accordingly to counteract that.
Sadly for him though, the only thing that fit his size was both Offensive to him and other people.
"...I'm not putting that thing on. It doesn't hide my face and it's flat out goddamn racist...What else do you have?" He asked, starting to get the feeling that Kazuya was playing a prank on him.
Still, he was able to find a different outfit, though it certainly wasn't "Better".
"...I look and feel like a Kentucky Fired Idiot..." He groaned as he made his way towards the VTOL, wondering why the hell this outfit had so much dried blood on it.


David meanwhile was in the camp of people who was actively enjoying the idea of dressing up as he went to make the most of it.
"My time is growing thinner
I'm just a tired old sinner
No chips left on this shoulder
No pride in growing older
But when your borrowed time is though...
I'll be with you..."
He sang lowly to himself as he got changed, taking extra care to find Just the right kinda hat once he had the makeup finished.
"Heh...Redemption Blues..." Then finished as he put the hat on before tracing his finger around the brim of it, He always was a fan of the old westerns that played on the TV in his home country.


Blade wasn't really too invested in the search for Cortex, but seeing how he was on break, he wasn't just going to spend all his time lazing about in the Med Bay.
Remembering a few disguise tips from his master, he then set about finding something that would suit his slightly lizard-like body.
Having said that, a few bits of broken armor and a few fake teeth seemed to do the trick.
It wasn't perfect by any means, but it would do.
"Ewww...Why is this outfit all sticky?..." He whined slightly before getting ready for deployment.


All the while, Violet was leering like a vulture ready to strike, mind constantly processing dozens of possible outfits, just begging for someone to ask him for help.
And one of the people to do so was Nadalia, causing him to rub his hands in glee before saying "Step this way please..." as he lured her away from the rest of the group.
Leading her towards one of the little changing stalls they had set up, there was a mad glint in his eye as he said "Now...Lets make you fabulous!".
A few minutes later while Nadalia realized just how important the concept of "Consent" was, she was then pushed out of the stall in front of the group, having received a total makeover and a demotion.

"There you go~! Isn't Cosplay fun?!" He happily squeed while Nadalia got used to her new look, though as she was doing that, Kazuya did actually glance over.
...Couldn't happen to a nicer woman... He couldn't help but smirk after all the trouble she had caused him.
"Alright, everyone seems to be ready. All field personnel fall into VTOL 2 for this mission. Remember, we can't let Cortex know we're here until we have control over the situation. A Cornered rat is the most dangerous. Good luck." he then said to everyone before they got into the VTOL and were dropped off at MIT.

MIT Dropzone: Basically everyone

One quick VTOL trip later (Being sure to drop off the crew out of sight) and the crew found themselves near the Institute's parking lot where a flood of students and gaming fans were gathered, either going to one of the several pro-level matches or just having fun with their friends.
There was 3 ways into the building, though the front entrance, one of the service entrances and if someone felt like climbing, there was also some air vents as well.
All the while, the crowd was maintained by a series of security staff, all dressed up as Terran Marines from Starcraft, keeping with the theme of the event, bulky ass armor and all.
Cortex was somewhere in this sea of people and costumes, time to go find him.

If anyone needs more detail about the building or anything else, feel free to ask me

MIT Dropzone: Basically everyone

The sheer size of the gathered crowd was insane! Kala was among the first to voice this as follows.

"By the flame! This... this will be like trying to isolate a drop of water during a hurricane. That's... that's just the line to the door?! It would take a whole day just to get inside!"

ARES on the other hand was less intimidated by the crowd than the guards.

"I... I thought my armor was impressive... either he already knows we'd be here or he's expecting an alien invasion!" She exclaimed, voicing her paranoia of their incognito approach perhaps being all for naught.

"That's certainly a point... what's our plan of action? It would be hard to get in through the front door for reasons both obvious and mundane... any alternative suggestions?"

"I'd suggest the service entrance but they might have metal detectors there. Even if it weren't for the costume, I could waltz in there unarmed and unarmored and still trip something like that."

As the pair of them puzzled they awaited the opinions on the matter from the rest of the group.

Basically everyone.
Location: MIT Dropzone.


Stumbling out of the VTOL, Wanderer tried to fan underneath his helmet. "Oh Jesus ... why didn't I do something about this." He muttered, finally coming to see the mass of humans that were within the crowd. Seeing this large amount of humans wanted Wanderer to retch. Almost moving his hand to cover his mouth, Wanderer instead coughed inside his helmet. "Just look at them all, not knowing they're in danger. I can just spell the loneliness, self-pity ... and sexual pheromones." Turning his weapon off, he wanted to it to look like a prop, and not accidentally turning the people into melted ooze.

Eyeing up the air ducts, Wanderer smiled within the helmet. "I don't know about you ladies, but I'm not good with a crowd ... so I'm betting on splitting up, we'd attract less attention, but that's just me. So anyone wanna go vent crawling?" He said to the two dressed up girls in a professional manner, and inquiring to the rest of the group. Wanderer was hoping that he wouldn't be fully alone in this quest, for he was scared of large groups of humans ... or at least, he was scared for them.

Storm & Alpha

Listening to Kala, ARES, and Wanderer talked to the group about a plan, Storm nodded. "Both of you are correct. A large number of us together would attract more eyes, and with our equipment we would certainly be detected ... but ... " The Spartan/anime cosplayer nudged his AI partner. Feeling the nudge, Alpha kept down her urge to yelp and punch Storm. Breathing deeply, she would like to be useful on her first mission. "Um ... I could try and disable the detectors. As for the groups, usually four to six people are the largest groups to wander conventions." Alpha suggested.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

"Que? Did you get a little short?" A familiar voice asked from behind Katya's position located at the door of the waiting VTOL. Turning around, the Haxxx0r turned 500 year old Katana wielding vampire's pale face turned a particular shade of BRIGHT RED when she saw that it was Wanderer, dressed up in a familiar looking armor. To be clear, it wasn't the fact that it was Wanderer dressed in the armor, rather it was the sudden appearance of Commander Shepard, or at least his body double.

"Aren't you a little short to be a storm trooper?" The Quirky Quipster quipped before hopping up and down in an attempt to reach the VTOL's door handle.


Wanderer's arm reached over Katya's head as he opened the door for her before gesturing inside.

"Madam" He said politely.

"Thanks but I could have gotten that." Katya muttered, unused to the sheer amount of face to face time that she'd endured since joining up with this rag tag bunch of heroes. Entering the VTOL, Katya sat in the seat closest to the door, intent on being the be the first one to have her boots hit the ground and race towards the Tournament. She had a plan.

"B3WP! J00 h@v3 t3h @pp p@yl0ad 1 r3qu3st3d?" Katya asked almost gleefully.

"Yes, ma'am. Speed Hack and Aimbot are loaded into memory and ready for your use." B3WP reported.

Just so we're on the same page, B3WP wasn't talking about programs that Katya would be loading into the game terminal when she entered the tournament, she was talking about enhancing her own movements and reaction time to give her an edge over her opponents. Once she won the tournament in record time, she'd be able to locate this Doctor Neo Cortex and beat her rival NeCo in the tournament. It was the perfect plan!!

Glancing over at Wanderer while she waited for the VTOL to take off, she asked him a simple question.

"Why the helmet? Last I saw you didn't need to hide your face."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States
Time: 11:30 AM EST

There had been suggestions in regards to their method of entry into the building. Katya considered the various opinions before voicing her own.

"J00 kn0w, I cud @lw@yz h@v3 j00 guyz r3g1st3r3d az 3v3nt v01unt33rz wh1l3 1 g0 c0mp3t3!" Katya suggested. While MIT was a rather prestigious school, hiring enough people to run an event of this magnitude was more costly than it would have been worth. As it would have been, there should have been a pool of volunteers that the event could draw upon to get things done whether it was guest registration or running errands for various departments. Not only would it have given them a way into the event it would have allowed the crew the use of the less heavily guarded staff entrance as well as grant free movement throughout the building.

Wanderer, & Katya.
Location: VTOL.

"Ho ho ... good one. Even I get that reference." Wanderer responded, reminding himself he is not from this time.

Giggling to himself from Katya's quip, Wanderer quickly took his own place in the VTOL, the chair directly opposite of Katya. He had refused to make a return jab, even if his shadow was desperate to do so, but thanks to it's minor presence, it was easy to resist. Right beside Wanderer's leg was the laser pistol he carried, his hand rested on it as if he expected something to happen on the way there. Soon enough, his fingers began to tap the weapon in a rhythm. This was out of habit while his mind played a classical tune.

Snapped out of his musical mood, Wanderer pulled off his N7 helmet. His face and light brown bangs were lightly covered with perspiration. The most notable detail about his face, was probably the bright, blue glowing eyes. "While i haven't played the game and had to go on Youtube ... I don't exactly look like Commander Shepard, and I don't wanna go bald. So a helmet is perfect." Wanderer said, not foreseeing the regret that would soon be introduced to him. "Besides ... " He said leaning his neck, exposing the bare flesh. Pulling out a a weird bag, Wanderer's face screwed up for a second.

With the beg out, it was attached with a needle, which the mass Effect cosplayer stabbed into a vein. The blue glow from his eyes quickly faded away. "Uh, I haven't told anyone, but I'm radioactive ... literally." Wander said with a slight blushing face, his gun hand now scratching his hair.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

The young woman's little girl eyes flashed as Wanderer refused to pass the time with the time honored tradition of playful banter before she leaned back in the seat, her legs dangling over the side of the chair. Playful banter was Katya's thing even when she was jockeying a keyboard on the forums. Still she couldn't resist Wanderer's vision of Commander Shepard.

"You would have gone with Baldy Shep, huh? That's a pretty brave choice. Not a lot of women can pull off the bald look." The L33t Haxxx0r said with a smirk, playing at the fact that Wanderer hadn't specified whether he's seen a male Shep or female Shep.

A bit of time passed before Wanderer puled out the strange bag and jabbed a needle into his neck. It was surprising since Katya had had that sort of thing done to her almost her entire life. Ironically, the very thing that appeared to be killing the man sitting across from her was the very thing that had been used to prolong Katya's life. It appeared that Wanderer was radioactive.

"Literally... as opposed to being an Imagine Dragons song?" The young girl said before realizing that the joke had fallen flat, "That explains why you live in a shack on the roof... I mean... how'd you manage that one?"

FLASHBACK, "and I talk waaaaay too much."
Wanderer, & Katya.
Location: VTOL.

Hearing the fact that he lives in a shack, Wanderer suddenly pointed his finger at Katya, as if he was trying to impersonate a certain video game character. "Excuse me! It's a very nice shack, it has a robo butler, a vending machine, and a good connection to that internet. You would change your mind if you saw it ... well, at least the inside." Wanderer said with a rather excited look. Shortly he took a few seconds to take a breath, and it looked as if some part came back to his eyes. A few more seconds had past, and it looked like as if Wanderer was deciding to talk about his life.

Wiping the sweat on his brow, Wanderer took one more breath."I will admit, it does get lonely. I've done a lot that earned me this body." He said, pulling out the needle in his neck. The blood that slightly came out from the hole was crimson with a yellow-ish glow to it. Yet the drop of blood was ended by the sudden disappearance of the hole. "Funny thing, it isn't that dangerous. It's low radiation that circulates my blood stream ... " He said once more, and allowed himself to take a few breaths. It seemed that this topic was rather hard for him to talk about.

"But hey, that happens when the world surrounding you is a wasteland. The water is radioactive. The food is radioactive. Even the settlements can be radioactive ... ... I actually have a base in a town called Megaton.." He said with a smile and closed eyes, as he remembered his somewhat beloved past. Opening his eyes, Wanderer nodded. "Yes, it was called that because it had a active nuclear bomb at the center, very dangerous, made a religion even." Wanderer said.

Suddenly laughing, his eyes looked wet, and his gaze went beyond the girl. "I somehow deactivated it ... and this was hours after I was kicked out the home that housed me for the first 18 years of my life. Other things happened that made it my home ... mostly saving the Sheriff from the asshole who wanted to detonate the bomb. So I blew a hole in his skull. It saved a father, and gave me my home." He said, but his voice grew dry. Shaking his head slightly, he looked at Katya once again.

"Hah. That bomb, me swimming a lot, eating radiated junk, almost being killed multiple times, and much more got me here. Enough about me though. All of that gives me a reason to love this world, it has the beauty we once had." Wanderer finished, his eyes gazing out to the land outside of the VTOL, and finally back to Katya. Yet this time, while his eyes still contained moisture, they contained something much beyond it.

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Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

Hello Hand! Meet Forehead! Forehead, meet Hand!

It seemed that Katya's own lack of anything remotely resembling social skills had offended Wanderer. It wasn't that Katya had meant that Wanderer being radioactive made him an outcast, it was more along the lines of Wanderer's radioactivity, no matter how low, made him apt to making other things radioactive.

"Sorry!" Katya muttered slightly above a level of being under her breath, " I wasn't trying to be mean about living in your home. It's just that being radioactive has got make finding friends sort of hard. I mean I'm sure that it's a nice shack but isolating yourself up there has got to be lonely."

She was transferring. Not data but more along the lines of emotions. She, like Wanderer, had been forced to live life outside of the crowds. The difference was, while Wanderer could make people sick after a long enough exposure in his presence, Katya needed to stay away from people in order to keep her from getting sick. The side effect of her treatments had ravaged her auto-immune system to a dangerously low level, at least that was the case before B3WP was bonded to her.

Looking outside at their Autumn surroundings in the New England countryside, Katya couldn't help but agree with Wanderer's sentiments. The world was wonderful once you got to experience it.

"Anyways. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to make you homesick."

What in the... was Katya being civil... for once? It seemed that the crew was having a strange effect on her personality.

"So you eat junk? My parents say that I eat that too."

Wanderer, & Katya.
Location: VTOL.

Pondering at Katya's question, Wanderer thought about what would be considered junk. "Um, potato crips, sugar bombs, noodles, and Mac and cheese. That's all the pre-war stuff, found in the rubble." He said, scratching the soft stubble on his chine. "You could consider my homebrew alcohol and drugs ... definitely the drugs." He said awkwardly, especially at the mention of drugs, which he viewed in more of a battle perspective compared to this world.

"Not the worst crap I've tried, there has always been ... worse ... meats." Wanderer said, closing his eyes as he was taken back to one of his worse memories. Pinching his cheek slightly, he returned to a more better mood, putting on a semi-forced smile. "The food is much better here though. The same for friends, I don't have a "kill one hundred people to get one friend" ratio going on." Said Wanderer, whose thoughts were partly confused for talking this much about himself.

"The Lone Wanderer for a reason, huh?"

Speaking under his breath, he wanted the topic to be a little lighter. "So what do you do for fun?"

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Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

Wanderer might not have known it but he had asked quite the loaded question. Between surfing the internet, breaching high security networks, hunting down criminals, killing them and harvesting their body for raw bio materials in order to extend her own life, there was little else besides a penchant for shopping at some rather expensive boutiques, not that money was any object since she could just simply extend her credit limit with a few keystrokes here and there. Even if the murdering of a murderer was fun, did it mean that the work was any less important? Did it mean that they didn't deserve it less?

Katya realized that Wanderer was staring at her and that she was just sort of zoning out, lost in an ocean of thoughts regarding the morality of what she considered fun.

"Oh, um. This and that. Stuff. Yeah. I like to do stuff for fun." The Haxx0r that looked like Oshino Shinobu stated vaguely. She wagered it might be better if she showed him. Pulling out her mobile phone, Katya quickly hacked into Boston's metro net and pulled up a series of traffic cameras, connecting them to the FBI's facial recognition database.

"Here we go." Katya said as she duplicated her phones screen onto a monitor, "That man in the Grey SUV is Mad Adam, responsible for some 33 hits for La Madre Vacca. The witnesses to his murders have ended up either disappeared or later recanted their testimony thanks to his connections. Let's see how he likes it when his car malfunctions."


The SUV on the monitor suddenly accelerated through the traffic light as it sent a cloud of white smoke from its screeching tires. The scene suddenly cut to an interior camera located within the car itself, the driver's surprised face dominated anything else as he attempted to reassert his control over the out of control vehicle. The radio suddenly turned on and started playing a song...

The camera cut to another one located in front of the car, which was pointed directly at the lowered ramp of a car transport. The car was suddenly airbourne, the horn blaring "La Cucaracha" as the SUV took flight directly into the open jaws of a car crusher. The monitors suddenly went black as the car and its passenger was converted in a small metal cube.

"Heheheheh." Katya chuckled to herself.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States
Time: 11:30 AM EST


Azan felt self-assure, knowing fully that Kazuya had ignored his question to tend to matters of another sort. The sort that dealt with a customary dress up of a heroine figure. Azan did not feel much for the outfits of many of the others, taking small slender and somewhat heathenish forms and costumes, but he did recognize the armor of the Black Swordsman being donned by the wyrm-riding blood knight.

Azan stood uncomfortably underneath two sets of heavy plate armor. It was also unbearably hot. It would have been an apt idea to remove the layer of heat-insulating padding that was within Havel's armor. Unfortunately Azan's intellectual keenness failed him unexpectedly. Azan positioned himself next to Caim, Dragon Tooth in hand.

"How are we expected to find such a diminutive man in throngs of perverts and heretics?" The thought was aloud and to no one in particular. He stood and looked at the Space Marines that held the 'security' of the place in check. Since Azan was far too encumbered to climb to the service entrances and far too large a man to fit through the air vents he decided that he would enter the building through the main gate.

Indeed he walked toward the main gate, cutting off much of the uncouth masses and made an attempt to enter through the gate.


Wanderer, & Katya.
Location: VTOL.

For the majority of the 'example', Wanderer kept his mouth shut, wondering what this girl does for fun. By the time she had explained the target, Wanderer knew where this road was heading. As the scene played out, and the car entered the machine, Wanderer cocked his head at the contraption. When the crusher was done, the small metal cube was ejected. "Ah ..." He gasped, not shocked at usually horrifying scene.

His eyes focusing on the metal cube. Wanderer could just sense the trickling blood, which poured from object. Giving a nod, he accepted the death easily. "Killing a killer, I see, something we share too." Wanderer said, giving a nod once more, he motion giving off the notion that he was analyzing the scene in his mind. "Could be mistaken as a accident, no connection to you, and of course, no view of the actual death, making it lighter on not just your soul, but to everyone's around you. I see assassination has become more accessible to this time."

Wanderer was fairly interested in the assassination, or "vigilante justice" as others would put. Opening his eyes, they looked like the focus was gone from them, as if the man in front of her was looking at past memories ... of death. The look in them contained a fair sadness, yet acceptance. From his tone from before, blood was not just common to the man, but it was the very thing he saw most in his life.

"Bah, I can't help it." Wanderer threw up his arms, his eyes now looking as if he can't accept some of this world. "I can't see the fun, I guess." He said, his tone a little disappointed in himself. Looking back at Katya, he gave a bigger smile than usual, with a tad of normality to it, considering the topic. "Damn. I'm just too used to my code ... which is, allowing the enemy to see you before their passing." Wanderer expressed, except this time, his eyes betrayed his act, allowing a more colder mask to overtake the look he put on before.

If he were imitating anything, it would be a corpse's smile.

Basically everyone.
Location: MIT Dropzone.

Seeing the exchange of the odd Deadpools getting on Nadalia's bad side by trying to buddy up to her made Kala think one thing. Well, Violet chose to give "The Iron Queen" A costume based on a damsel in distress? They'll blend in just about as well as a pirate ship gliding over land. Funny, I'd tell those freaks to leave her alone myself if it weren't for the need to blend in. This character is mute right?

She thought, and as she walked over to their exchange, pointing a finger at each of the Deadpools, then put her hands together and signed for them to separate by then spreading her hands in opposite directions with her palms out.

ARES on the other hand was quite a bit more direct. "I might inform you that the princess there is not your friend. Haven't you heard of "personal space?" She said, though trying to bluff a bit to keep up appearances. "It took a lot of work to get them to come here. She's nervous of crowds, so please do give the princess some room to breathe before she ends up having a panic attack."

She addresses the group, lending no hint as to whether or not "Panic" or "Attack" was the more important word.

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Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Hangar
Time: 10:00 AM EST

The concept of a personal code of conduct in reference to those who would otherwise not have lost any sleep after stabbing you in the back was a rather foreign one to Katya. What was even more upsetting was the fact that Wanderer seemed to take offense at her display as he went into some sort of funk, his face setting into a false smile as he tried to pass off whatever he was feeling as something else, the l33t haxxx0r was unused to reading emotion from faces. On the internet it was so much easier to know what people were thinking since you could only take it at face value. To do otherwise would have meant that you'd spend much of your time wracking your brain over what the subtext of a person's private message was.

"Right." The Haxxx0r said simply as she looked out the window and saw they the VTOL was approaching MIT.

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Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States
Time: 11:30 AM EST

Seeing as how the others weren't exactly listening to Katya's suggestion as to how they could not only gain entrance to the building but gain greater access to the events, Katya quickly started jabbing away at her mobile, accessing the event's wireless signal and gaining access to the MIT networks. It was a rather simple affair since the WIFI network at MIT had been designed to give its students wifi everywhere on campus. The only problem with that, from a security standpoint was that it also allowed an unwelcome intruder such as Katya and B3WP access to other devices on the wifi network, such as the event staff database.

The Database itself had been encrypted with a 128 bit encryption algorithm, a standard that had become so common that Katya didn't need to decrypt the output in order to understand what it was that she was looking at.

A couple of minutes later, new entries had been logged into the database using the existing biometric data that she had on the Rising Dawn Crew. Additionally, she had flagged their badges with Event Staff access that would give them free reign when wandering through the event building. The other buildings were a no go since that would mean enrolling the crew as Students at MIT. This would involve adding their data to the student database, designing a class roster, adding financial data and finally and most impossible of all, convincing the professors that the RD Crew had been students through out the semester. Then there was the fact that some of the crew looked way too old to be students.

"S33 j00 guys l@t3r!" Katya waved as she headed off towards the event registration to pick up her competitor's badge.

MIT Dropzone: Basically everyone


While the rest of the crew was scoping the place out, Rugal was busy shaking his head at what he saw, sure, he had been to fancy dress balls before, but this was something else.
So many adults pretending to be kids again...urg, the youth these days... He thought as he rolled his eyes at the growing wave of Deadpool Wanna-bes who were bothering Nadaila.
While ARES and Kala was trying to be civil, Rugal was a lot more "Hands on" about getting them to piss the fuck off.
"Alright, kids, fun time is over, get the hell out of here!" He said before pulling one of them aside roughly, throwing him to the ground in a show of force to try and shatter the crowd.
This however merely got more ire from the group then anything.
"WHOA!...Thought this a E-sports event, not a FURRY Convention!"
"This guy trying to Yiff us?"
"Nice fursuit you Cockhead!"

"...The hell is a Furry?..." Rugal merely asked outloud, prompting even more laughter as the vein in his forehead threatened to burst out from under his mask.
The straw the broke the camels back as when one of them threw a cream pie at his face, causing him to pause before slowly wiping it off his mask and allowing him to get "Fully in Character".
"...You really shouldn't have done that..." he growled as he raised the blood cover bat that seemed to be part of his character's costume before swinging it flat into the offending Deadpools chest with enough force to launch him back into his friends, knocking them all over like bowling pins, there was no more laughter after that.
"Right...ANYONE ELSE WANT TO JOKE ABOUT MY ATTIRE?!" He shouted, right before the hoard ran off, most of them having played Hotline Miami and already knowing where this could be going.
"That's what I though! Tch, kids these days...You Alright Nadalia?" He then asked as he wiped pie off his mask.


David all the while was looking at the guards while the others tried to find a way around them.
"Hmmm...Think I can get past them. Even if Cortex did go whole hog on the security, they are still just that, security for a convention. And I'm just a Western Enthusiast with a decommissioned M500..." He chuckled as he quickly cracked open his weapon and took out the firing pin, turning a handgun able to blow limbs clean off bodies into a simple prop, though he pocketed the pin for once he needed it.
"Alright, I'm going go in the front door. They shouldn't stop me for my equipment and even then, I should be able to talk my in. I'll keep you guys posted." He said to the group before moving towards the main entrance and got in line.
Once his turn came, he remained calm as he got his ticket.
"Well? how's the men? Admit 1, please." He asked in standard cowboy fashion, tipping his hat and all.
The guards eyed him up as the detector went off, prompting him to point to his spurs and weapon.
"At ease lads, they're props. Can't get that plastic shit, breaks if you so much as look at it too hard." He explained, the guards seeming to buy his excuse as they let him in.
"Thank aye kindly." David then said as he went inside, finding that the crowd inside was nearly twice as big as the one he just left behind and that just for one of the games they were hosting


Blade was able to pass off as the Acid Ninja from Mortal Kombat with great ease, though he had enough of guards with really big guns for one lifetime so the front entrance was not something he was keen on.
"Well, Wanderer, if you want to go for the vents, I think I can make a distraction for you for anyone else..." Blade chuckled before he walked over to one of the sides of the building.
Rubbing his hands together, he then began to climb the side of the building competely unassisted, though he took his time to make it seem like he was just a guy in a special suit rather then some Pokemon Ninja.
All the while, the crowd was looking in awe as this guy put several of the Spiderman cosplayers to shame, his act being enough to ensure that the crowd and the guard's attention was on him.


If Katya was to look at the roster for the event while she was going though the network she would find that most of the guards weren't from MIT but rather were part of a Merc group called "Desperado Enforcement LLC" and seemed to be paid personally by Cortex or "Dr. Clancy Lang" himself, though that didn't explain the armor and weapons they had.
Also, it seemed most the building security systems were, rather wisely, competely unconnected from the building Wifi.
Finally, if anyone else wanted their "Staff Badge", they would have to pick it up in person from the Staff office inside the building.

The event registration area itself was away from the main entrance, sparing the pro-players from having to go though the convention to reach their games.
The man running the place, a rather bored looking Matt Horner cosplayer, was reading a magazine and didn't even bother to look away from it as he printed off Kayta's badge before lobbing it at her.
While pro-gamers weren't given full access to the building, she did get free reign over the entire stage area for whatever game she signed up for (but only for that game), as well as bragging rights for being a "Real E-Sports Athlete".

The Metal Detectors could be switched off, but if Alpha was to look, the OS used to control them was custom coded, most likely by Cortex himself.
While it wouldn't be hard to turn them off or at least alter them to not go off when the crew went though them, it seemed like the entire building security was connected to this OS, meaning if she could get inside the network, she could possibly have access to the whole building.
Having said that, there was a serious risk of her being detected once inside and if he willing to hard code the entire building's cameras, doors and databases in his own personal language for the sake of security, lord only knows how much countermeasures he could have installed on his network.

Basically everyone.
Location: MIT Dropzone.


By the time Blade had addressed the disguised murderer, he was already within the Deadpool crowd, guiding himself through the insults, shitty jokes, and redness. Almost wanting them to squirt blood, luckily enough they started to move away from the angered Rugal. As the crowd was attracted to the wall climbing Blade, Wanderer was already by the vents, with one Deadpool cosplayer in a head lock. Looking up, he smirked as he witnessed Blade's skill.

"Now that's interesting." He muttered just before the Deadpool cried, "not the face!" Wanderer sighed before he pointed towards the entrance, and put on his best Commander Shepard impersonation. "I'm sick of your ... ... shit? Look, boobies!" He yelled, making the guy look to the entrance before being punched in the skull. Before any attraction went towards Wanderer, the vent hatch was already missing, and a hum came from within. "Dum, dum, dum, dum~"

For all he knew, he was heading towards a pool of acid. Yet he did not fret, for Wanderer knew he could get out of any situation ... ... with a mass amount of violence.

Storm & Alpha

Seeing every placing their own plans into action, Alpha sighed. "I sort of knew this would happen." He nudged her in a caring way. Giving a nod, she looked to anyone else wanting a way in. "If you want to get through the front door, follow us." Alpha announced as she marched away, Storm naturally following her, even secretly 'admiring' what she was wearing with a smug smirk.

As they walked, Storm took quick glances at the guards and security. Alpha was looking at a brief within her eye interface, it was a folder one Cortex. "They call Neo Cortex "reckless". I believe that he may be too confident in his own skill." Alpha said, their group coming up to the security checkpoint. Under pressure, Alpha was excercising her AI power. Going through files, commands, even the more 'casual' files the Cortex had on "woman in science outfits". Ultimately she got through just time, turned off the detectors, and they all managed to pass the checkpoint, gaining access to the area.

"I don't want to go through a lonely man's files ever again." She admitted, holding onto her beloved's arms. "Don't worry, you did good ... also, I must admit, I have my own files." Storm said, looking away into the crowd of people, he could feel some eyes on him. "I know, they're all photo of me though. You keep us walking, I'll see if I can scan this crowd and find him." Alpha said, being fully conscious of the blushing Storm next to her.

("Yes, but she hasn't found her nudes file.") The disguised Spartan said, smirking as his overally suppressed boyhood came out in his mind.

MIT Dropzone: Basically everyone

"Well, I guess the simplest way in is probably the best." Kala said as she hopped into line right behind storm and alpha, many "characters" acting out a fear of their costume. Sheesh, one would think these people would have grown up by now. I'll admit though, it's an odd feeling to inspire fear whilst IN my disguise.

ARES was reluctant, however they did the same. They could just play off the detector as finding their costume's armor right? Though to their surprise, the detector didn't go off. Strange, did someone disable the metal detector? they thought as they made their way inside.

MIT Dropzone: Basically everyone

Icarus, Selena.
Icarus and Selena saw Rugal nearly murder the Deadpool crowd, Icarus turned his head away, he could feel several eyes on him. he wanted to just find cortex and get out seriously regretting his disguise.
A man in a Sora costume suddenly wrapped his arms around Icarus
"Xion my dear Xion I missed you"
Icarus didn't even flinch he simply flipped the man onto his back
"Egh I- Mean no harm I just miss my kairi-waifu, Please marry me."
I umm I'm not the marrying type,.
" PleasePleasePleasePlease-" he tried to beg but Icarus put his hand on the mans mouth
"Unless you know a dragon who can perform the ceremony I wont consider it a valid wedding"
Little did he know Icarus was standing very close to Teri whom could easily hear Icarus's statement.
"A a dragon that's ridiculous who would be married by a dragon?"
"That's how my parents got married, I'm sorry" he turned away hearing the guy grumble about how girls were
'too demanding' he shook his head trying to find Selena when he he saw a Deadpool sneaking behind Nadalia he pulled his hood over his head planning an interception he got very close when The fool made the worst mistake, the slap resonated loudly he froze about kept his eyes on the Culprit but that's when Nadalia exploded


Icarus wanted to try and calm Nadalia but all he could do was cower and inch away, he had never seen a woman this mad, and it was terrifying.

Avatar Adventure
Location: MIT Convention Center


Azan was simply let into the hall. Bypassing the line and the security. Storm had done something strange that Azan could not comprehend. He was incredibly perplexed, but he was not of a mind to complain. The hall was large and bustling, more so than many of the events that Azan had bore witness too. Young adults pushed by him, each clad in strange skins and exotic cloths. His mustache bristled with irritation. There was an air of flippancy he despised. Decency was thin lined here.

Nadalia was ahead being harassed by a series of men in red suits. Rugal got involved shortly thereafter. Ares too. Yet the situation diffused in the worst way possible. Nadalia was furious beyond furious, a burning aura consumes the air around her. She moved forward. The air was stiflingly muted. Azan gave little thought to his next action.

He ran.

Azan pushed through the crowd toward the back of the hall, toward the maintenance rooms. He pulled Havel's helmet over his own with a earthy thunk. The slate scaled rubbed dully against each other. He reached one of the double doors. Two guards moved forward to try and defuse the situation. The mechanical eyes were watching the scene. He was invisible. Azan pushed the doors. Locked. He took Dragon Tooth in both hands and gave a great heaving swing. The doors swung open in its wake. Not anymore.

The hallways behind were poorly lit and small. He beckoned quickly toward those he could see. Ares in particular.

There was nothing to do about Nadalia. If they stopped her, there was no hiding their connection to each other. If they left her be, she would have the entirety of Cortex's attention on her. It would be best to capitalize on her sacrifice. He thought that Cortex might be the type to be hiding behind the scenes.


Basically everyone.
Location: MIT Dropzone.


Alright, who has the balls?! was the first thing to come to Kala's mind as she heard Nadalia's scream of rage induced by unwelcome physical contact. Noticing however that this, alongside Blade's performance seemed to have distracted a great number of the crowds and guards, she decided to go with Azan's capitalization on the matter. However, she remained a bit more covert in her entry, slipping in without notice and without storming the building. This sort of thing is why she hated the idea of this "cosplay." Sheesh, when one takes on another persona amongst a multitude of people doing the same it really emboldens them beyond all decency hm? Why so many people partake in such an event is beyond me. she thought, as she had work her way inside by blending with the distracted crowd.

ARES on the other hand had decided to use their perfectly legitimate entry to browse around a bit. While she reasoned that many of the group would suggest this "Dr. Cortex" to pull the strings from behind the scenes, she deeply considered entertaining the idea of him being amongst the crowd enjoying his own festivities. That and... well, there weren't ever any real festivities she was allowed to enjoy in the first place. No one she knew really ever threw parties or conventions in New Eden. At least none that the "humanoid artillery" were told of.

It wasn't truly the hardest life to live. Especially because she knew little else. The whole reason presented to the public for her and the other ARES initiative droids was to bolster the line. In truth though, they were the line. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is likely a duck no? That was the whole purpose to their existence. Fighting the Chosen, so their makers didn't have to. In other words, a decoy... a diversion...

The thing is, when you design to make a being of such adequate humanity to confuse and divert the efforts of ones who wish to destroy humanity, it wouldn't "feel" fair to not recognize them as such.

Wandering the halls of a place of knowledge (admittedly being currently used for what sets an odd example for the festivities of this world) she decides to peek inside a few of the empty classrooms.

MIT Dropzone: Outside of the building


Just when he thought that he defused the situation, some bastard just HAD to try and be a "Player" and possibly cost the lives of everyone within a mile radius.
"...Oh you stupid son of a-"


Wincing instantly at her outburst for bringing about the attention of everyone in the area, while it was a great distraction, Nadaila could be blowing their cover if she got all "fired up" and went to town on that poor bastard.
"Nadalia! Calm down! You'll bring the whole damn building down on top us!" He shouted to her in a bid to snap her out of her anger, mostly from a lack of better ideas, the crowd getting the way of him reaching her before she went off to try and part someone from their internal organs.
Either way, he saw the guards quickly move in to see what the racket was about, causing him to grumble as he tried to get to her before they did, shoving aside the attendees that got in his way.


David meanwhile was none the wiser of the situation outside as he mingled with the crowd, while he wasn't a massive gaming nerd, it was still a rather enjoyable feeling to be out and about in "Public" public with the bog standard people.
He went from stall to stall, posing for the odd passerby and showing off his quick draw skills to the ladies.
Man, why can't more missions be like this? He thought as he regrouped with the other members of the crew who made it inside.
"So Azan, where you going to loo-aaaannndd he's gone..." He sighed as Azan took off in a big hurry for some reason, though it was lost on him.
Not one for sublets that one, is he?... He shook his head dismissively while Storm and Alpha made their way inside.
"Hellva a crowd huh? Didn't think video games where that interesting to watch. So, ideas where our target is?" He asked the Spartan and AI before stopping at a water fountain to fill his canteen.
"...What? When else can I dress up as a cowboy and go to work like that?" He said before taking a drink, humorously offering Kala a sip, despite her mask having no holes to do so with.
"Hey, Kal. Pretty sure the rings still work if you want to try them?" He said as he tapped his own, least the Triefing get bored of standing around in silence/muffled speech.


Blade was enjoying his little act, for someone so used to covert ops, it was a little jarring being the center of attention, but it allowed Wanderer to go vent crawling.
However, it was also a little worried when Nadalia's screaming and shouting ended up getting all the attention, as well of the ire of the guards.
Still, making the most of the distraction, he quickly climbed up the rest of the building before running along the roof.
"Blade to all points, I'm on the roof. If I can assist from up here, I will." He sent over the rings was he went about the top of the building, hoping to find an unguarded window or something.


While Nadalia went for the kill, her harassment was picked up by the guards as they moved from the entrance towards her, the crowd moving out of their way as they did, not wanting to mess with them.
There was 3 in total as they move towards Nadalia, The pretty-est, "Queen" seeing a shadow cast over her as they towered over her.
"Lady, is there some kind of problem?..." One of them said though some kind of voice box on the suit in an annoyed tone, they didn't sound like guards, in fact, they sounded more like the marines they were dressed up as.
Either way, they stood over her with their weapons in full display, showing off the care to attention in each C-14 Impaler gauss rifle.

Back with Alpha, after she cracked the Metal Detector, she paused when she saw a Command Line prompt that seemed a little out of place upon reviewing her recent actions:

runas /noprofile /user:...Bob.../administrator cmd
enter administrator password: *********************************************
Password accepted

Front Lobby:/cd Front Lobby/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem
Front Lobby:/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem>Shutdown /r /t 10 /c "Device needs to update"
Front Lobby:/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem>cls

Front Lobby:/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem>Exit

Clang:/Users/Adminstration/AIMBot>cd Front Lobby/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem
Front Lobby:/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem>type warning.txt
I am watching you

Front Lobby:/Devices/DesperadoLLCSensorsystem>exit

Wanderer meanwhile soon found himself near the maintenance area of the college, at least he assumed so when he saw a member of the institute custodians below him, a Latino woman grumbling in Spanish as she mopped the floor.
What was notable was that she was dressed up as Some kind of Cyborg, but when her arm suddenly started jerking wildly, she groaned before pulling out some kind of tool and went about fixing it, either she was REALLY in character or that wasn't just makeup.
As she sat against the wall and silently repaired her metal parts, Wanderer realized that there was something about this woman that he remembered, something from his past, but...what?
Either way, the hallway she was in lead towards one of the shop labs where metalworking was done as well as one of the backstage of the Counter Strike arena.

Azan's incursion into the backrooms was actually pretty successful for the most part as he ran though the back rooms, there was no cameras back here, though he soon found out why.
He neared a corner before the smell of burning began to fill his nostrils as well a black smoke pooling around the ceiling.
"D-d-dude! I was just wanting to get the player's autograph! I'm just here for DOTA!" a panicked young voice said as loud thudding footsteps shook the ground.
"I didn't know that MIT let illiterate people in. The sign said "No entry". No telling what could happen to someone if they got lost..." a voice with a radio filter over it said before a blast of fire sparked.
If he was to look around the corner, he would see a young man cowering the corner before a massive orange mech as he cornered him, fire dripping from a set of nozzles on his wrists.
"...Fire...Washes the skin off the bone...The Sin from the soul, Cleans away the dirt...
And Momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy..." He said before he raised his hand and went to turn that man into a fine ash...

Finally, ARES was able to get to one of the more quiet parts of the building, aside from a few students cramming for exams, there was little to see, least until she got closer to one of the computer labs where 2 men were working on some kind of product on their computers.
"Hey, you hear that Dr. Lang was on the horn to NASA? Think they finally picked up that project he's been getting the interns to work on."
"Seriously?...That was actually to NASA? I thought he just wanted to make the sports crowd suffer."
"...Well, could have been both. Still, they were moving some large boxes just this morning I heard from Joe. Saw the trucks drive out on his way in this morning."
"Think he'll actually pay the interns now?"
"And that's why I'm glad I didn't take the spots when they opened up."
As the talked on, she noted something was off about what she could make out on their screens, they were going programming but there was something off about it, why would a program called "Semester 2 Project" require software drivers for SAM Missiles and a Mk.4 Plasma Caster?

Basically everyone.
Location: MIT Dropzone.

"Well yes David that's definitely one way to still communicate. Sheesh, I keep forgetting I have this thing." Kala says, finally remembering the ring she's been wearing for... damn, how long was it?

"Also, you mean to tell me you didn't hear Nadalia? She's just about ready to snap. I probably would too if any god forsaken pervert somewhere around here laid their hands on me. That's probably what's up with his haste. Speaking of which, it might be in our best interest to either run from the giant gun toting guards heading in that direction, or get a rocket launcher to deal with them." She says, cluing David in on why they probably shouldn't be as close to the entrance as they are. The further the better.

ARES on the other hand, decided to get a closer look on what was going on inside of those computer labs. Seeing the two gentlemen inside however, made them take a more... direct approach.

Kicking in the door with her arm raised, she told the two of them- "It's set to stun. Honest!" Before firing the Tesla rifle at the both of them.

Even when somehow powered down to non-lethal levels, it's hard for the average guy to stay awake when hit with a lightning bolt. Given a bit of time before they wake up, ARES connects their AI to the computer in question, beginning a download of the file for this "Semester 2 Project" from within.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts | United States
Time: 11:30 AM EST

Katya stood in the middle of what appeared to be some sort of common area located on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it appeared to be a poor place to be. An explosion sent the insides of a dorm room outside of the dorm building, scattering the flaming bedding and books onto the grass. Meanwhile someone had gone to the trouble of scaling another building and was sending 50 caliber bullets into a cafeteria, one of which struck a gas main and sent the deep fryer through the kitchen's roof. Still another person, armed with a Gatling Gun sent a wall of lead towards an entrenched person armed with a flame thrower.

While all this was going on, no one paid any attention to Katya nor did they speak to her. A student, recently freed from her status as a hostage ran through her, following a man armed with an Assault Rifle, never saying a word as she was evacuated to her preassigned extraction point. No one could see Katya or hear here even as she spoke since she was spectating on a Hostage Match between two rival teams. Even though she had no interest in the match itself, Katya used the opportunity to scout the new map that had been released specifically for this event, a realistic representation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The coders for the event had performed a room by room scan of the campus before each and every scan point was assigned a material classification in order to react in a realistic fashion to the game's physics engine. This, of course, appeared to be cheating in Katya's view. The map clearly favored any player that was a student or faculty member of M.I.T since they traversed the campus day in and day out. These students also had from months to years to plan ahead. What student didn't think about going postal around Midterm or Finals weeks.

The Gamer Girl didn't complain, however, the map was just like any other map that Katya played and like every other map she had played, the environment always had a trick to it. All Katya had to do was figure it out.

"Hey guys! They totally have a replica of MIT for the deathmatches coming up! Looks like they scanned the entire campus! I wonder if there's any hidden stuff I can find while I'm spectating!" Katya texted the Rising Dawn Crew.

Location: Maintenance | MIT.

Looking down from the vents, Wanderer stopped humming the theme song from Mission Impossible. The look of the cyborg somewhat weird him out. The cyborgs from his world were more human-like, and the one cybotic friend he made (and saved) was much more human than many other ins the wasteland. Still, he couldn't help but feel like he has met one like this before. Shaking his thoughts out of his head, Wanderer knew he had to get down there. Sighing, he knew that he had to already change costume. Surprisingly he got a silent alert from his Pipboy.

Katya's message:
"Hey guys! They totally have a replica of MIT for the deathmatches coming up! Looks like they scanned the entire campus! I wonder if there's any hidden stuff I can find while I'm spectating!"

Noting Katya's message, Wanderer was still annoyed that he had to change costume. Wanderer started muttering silently as he changed his look to a hat and jumpsuit. Praying to the God that he believes in, Wanderer tried to slip out of the vent silently. While the dirty jumpsuit would aid him in convincing anyone, he forgot about the dried blood stain that was right on the crotch area.

Storm & Alpha
Location: show floor | MIT.

Within her eyes, Alpha saw the message from the console. Already on high alert, she softly pulled Storm away from the group following them, hoping that they will not follow them. Closely whispering to her love, Alpha alerted him. "Don't move quickly. We have eyes on us. I'll send a message to everyone, and you get us to the cosplay contest. " Said Alpha, in which Storm nodded quickly and started to guide them to the hall where the cosplay contest was going to be held.

Alpha's message:
"Be careful everyone, they have someone in the system watching. They've seen us so we'll cut our communication and split for now. Do your best~! (;^o^)"

- AI A

Sending that message to everyone. Alpha hoped that this would be sorted quickly, or that someone will get rid of the man behind the screen. Otherwise, they may have to do something in the contest.

The Avatar Adventure
Location: MIT Convention Center


Azan stared at the firebat. The air was filled with an acrid scent, like charcoal. The firebat stepped forward, raising his flamethrowers toward the poor boy. Azan stepped forward and brought Dragon Tooth to bear, rushing forward in a flurry of stone and steel. The first strike cracked against the Firebat's thick armor, knocking him forward and filling the hall with a shrill ringing of metal.

He was unfazed. The firebat turned around, indignant. "Who are you, why are there so many DAMN people here!?" His voice echoed through his transponder. He raised an arm and let loose a flurry of fire, dousing Azan in flame. Luckily for him (and mostly by pure chance) Havel's armor was built to resist flame. The stone dragonscales that the armor was forged from kept cool as the napalm licked the grey slate.

Azan swung again, knocking the firebat's arm upwards. "Run!" He screamed at the boy. The soldier stood at least three feet over Azan's stockier build and so the firebat bullrushed Azan, throwing him against the wall.

"Intruders will be punished." The firebat prepped his flamethrowers, intent on roasting the man alive.

Azan got onto his feet and held Dragon Tooth up against the oncoming enforcer. However, Azan held Dragon Tooth inversely, holding onto the large blunt base and rushing forward to pierce the enforcer in the chest.

MIT Convention: Main Hall: David, Kalastryn, anyone else

David finally caught the hint that Kala was laying down as Nadalia and Rugal went to talk to the guards about the former's "Unwanted handling".
"...y-yeah, maybe we should move on..." He nervously said as they moved deeper into the main hub of the convention, nearer to the enterances to the main stages for the head line games like Counter Strike and DOTA.
"Dammit...Hope they can handle that, can't blow our cover to save their asses. Not now at least..." He grumbled, though he trusted Rugal's Judgement enough to manage to avoid them having a major fight right outside the venue.
"Alright then, I think we should check out the main stages, Kayta just texted me and said that she has the Counter Strike stage so that leaves us with....ummm..." The sniper stumbled on his words when he realized he barely knew half of the other stuff they were showing, turns out there is much time for videogames in the military.
"...Gah, fuck. Alright, hand on, should be a guide here somewhere...A-ha. Here we go..." He added as he managed to grab a listing for the big events for the day.

Cortex Power E-Sports Invitational Day 1:

Ultra Street Fighter 4/Fighting Game Bloc - Stage 1
League of Legends - Stage 2
Defense of the Ancients 2 - Stage 3
Counter Strike - Stage 4
Starcraft 2 - Stage 5
Cosplay Contest - Stage 6

"...Huh...You know, when i heard the word "eSports", I thought they were just going to play FIFA or something...Right Kal, which one you going to?" David mused as he looked though the guide.

MIT Convention: Cosplay Contest: Storm, Alpha

If they thought that the crowd on the way in was daunting, that was nothing compared to the crowd near the contest area, a massive explosion of color flooded over Storm and Alpha as they made their way inside.
Between all the people making their way to the judging booth and all the other people just there to play around in character, it soon became extremely hard for the pair to remain together as the massive sea of cosplayers soon split them up.
Storm found himself being pushed towards the stage where a queue of cosplayers were lined up to be judged while Alpha found herself being shoved into the middle of the mass of humans.
As this was going on, she noticed a few more strange prompts appearing in her programming:

runas /noprofile /env /user Users:Adminstration/AIMBot cmd

enter administration password: You**************************************************
Access Denied
enter administration password: ***Will**********************************************
Access Denied
enter administration password: *******Not*******************************************
Access Denied
enter administration password: **********Escape*************************************
Access Denied
enter administration password: ****************Me***********************************
Access Denied
enter administration password: ******************Alpha******************************
Access Denied

It was that "Person" from earlier, it was trying to hack her by trying every possible password combination in extremely rapid succession, like trying to break down a door by kicking it over and over and over and over again.
And judging from how quickly it was going down the list of possible answers, it lead her to realize something: It was another AI that was trying to do this!

MIT Convention: Student Computer Lab ARES

Before the students could even respond to her comment, they were both out like a light and slumped over the desks they were sitting at.
A download wasn't entirely necessary, seeing how the file in question was already open right in front of her, though there was a copy of it on the portable hard drive one of the students brought with them.
On the code of "Semester 2 Project" was several references to something called "M.A.N.G.O. Ver. 2.01".
While it didn't actually show her what the device looked like, the programs these students were making said it all: Advanced shield systems, complex life support, enough weapon drivers to make some of her kin rather jealous.
Looks like Cortex was outsourcing some of his weapons research to his students, thankfully it seems this one was compete as the code was just started under a week ago, but this raised a question: If this was Semester 2, What was Semester 1?

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 3: Azan

The poor teen didn't need any more prompting from Azan as he went to engage the firebat.
The sword trust cleanly though the suit's armor, threatening to stab the man within, but the pilot, being aware of this, was quick to grab the blade in with his hands before wrestling for control of it, least it impale him.
He then brought the foot of his armor into Azan's gut before violently headbutting the knight, using his protective helmet to try and shun his enemy.
After that, he gripped tightly around the sword before throwing himself down on his back as he lifted the blade upwards, the end result being a sort of "Suplex" that would drive Azan's skull into the ground and (Hopefully) get this damn sword out of his chest!

MIT Convention: Maintenance route to Stage 4: Wanderer

Meanwhile, Wanderer was able to sneak out the vent without too much trouble as the woman was too busy trying to repair her arm to really notice him.
Once she was done however, she glanced over as he was walking away and let out a loud groan before marching up to him.
"HEY! IDOITIA! Joo can't go that way, you fucking inbred!" She began shouting at him before she grabbed him by the shoulder before pushing him against the wall.
"Now, get the hell over to Stage 2, some dumb fat chocolate eating brat when joo..." She trailed off as she looked deep into his eyes for a moment, all anger fading from her voice as she slowly took off his glasses and baseball cap.
The good news was: Wanderer now remembered who she was.
The Bad news was: Catalina now remembered who Wanderer was!
"...JOO! FUCKING BITCH! JOO MADE ME LIKE THIS! ALL YOU MEN ARE THE FUCKING SAME!" She frantically screamed before violent striking him in the gut with a violent upper cut, enough to break both his Damage Threshold and his Damage Resistance as he pinned him to the ground and began to try and insert her fist into his brain by punching him repeatedly in the face, her augmentations allowing her to do so at a breakneck speed.

MIT Convention: CS_MIT Spectator Mode: Kayta

As the bullets flew though the air and shouts of "Fire in the hole" rang out, Kayta was able to admire just how much detail the student community map creators put into the map they were using for the Invitational, It was nearly a 1:1 model of the building they were inside.
As a result, she got a good idea of the layout of the building but she also got a good idea of what "Could" be in the building.
While it seems great care was taken to re-create the college, several areas seemed to be rather out of place, she could tell as there was a sharp decline in texture quality (The bane of any Hardcore PC Gamer), as if someone "Painted over" those spots with a generic texture prior to the map being used.
Such areas including: A old boiler room entrance near Stage 1, a loading bay door near the Service Entrance outside and the entirety of the Administrators office.
Still, while she knew the building like the back of her hand now, that wasn't suddenly going to get rid of the mercs Cortex hired as "Staff" that guarded the rest of the building outside of the parts used for the convention.

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