The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Rising Dawn Adventures

Black Mesa Transit System: Annie, Ryan

The visit from Ghost was short lived, since he fled the train due to the train passing by the Helipad. AA!Darren abandoned ship the train as well, copying that spec op's style despite risking his life. Although seeing how he literally allowed each passing sign to destroy his face ... that was no concern of Annie's. Still, she sat in the seat and looked outward with a plain expression.

That was until a vortex opened up, a body emerged from the vortex by spiraled pieces until it became whole. Load & behold, it was Ryan standing before Annie. "... I didn't know you were capable of warping into existence out of nothingness."

"... Yea. There's a lot of things i'm capable of doing- but that's besides the point. I wanted to talk with you Annie."

"Going to give me facts again about 14 year olds in Japan being profitable to obese men? ..."

"No, no. I'm being serious with you about this talk. Let me take a seat first."

The sound of his voice sounded quite low, the kind of tone you'd expect from someone whom worked all day or was barely 'there'. Because of this, Annie didn't give him any lip and decided to let the man seat. Once Ryan sat across her, he took a breath and looked right at her, his red sharingan of an eye visible to her through the mask's eyehole.

"I admit, i'm a dick. No doubt about it Annie. See, in my mind- I like to consider myself a good person looking out for everyone and being thoughtful. In my eyes, I see myself as a heroic and selfless man with noble ambitions. But that's not at all true, is it? I'm just a typical young adult whom abused his author powers and disregarded precious people i've brought along. The reason I joke with you often, despite the backlash ... is not to anger you. It's to bring me comfort and redirect your anger at my stupidity instead of the bigger issue that's present. I know you're still highly upset with me abandoning you during the Persona arc ... I know you feel used, lied to, and forgotten- in which you would be right. That was the case. After all, I had you get waterboarded with oil in the most traumatizing experience given in a scenario. Who does something like that to a human being really? That would be someone whom was blind sided to their role in this universe and took advantage of his creations... and by creations I mean already existing characters brought under my control because of my status." The train was already coming to a halt near the Helipad with everyone hanging around. Rugal, Elise, Nadalia, Selena, Miia, Kalatryn, Rory, Black Harte, Alpha, Storm, Miia ... and so on. From the window, Ryan could see them all despite how a normal person would struggle gazing through such a dim eyehole with one eye.

"I was a fan of your work Annie. Or I should say, your qualities from the world you originated from. Talented, wise, motivated to a cause but not a typical antagonist with some cheesy traits which nearly all villains show. You did show compassion, and care for others despite not wanting to show it. Even in your titan form, you spared Armin along with trying to avoid killing the Survey Corps if possible. There's a lot of things you regret as well, and even without my sharingan- I can see it through your eyes Annie. But don't take this as me pointing out your flaws. Rather, I am the one who wronged you countless times."

"Why are you addressing all of this to me? This feels like a peripeteia to me, this apology coming from you of all people."

". .. Let's just say something happened recently that got me jittery. After such a moment, reality kicks in and I am left with the biggest guilt a man can bear. But then other things swooped into my mind- other thoughts like what happened with you for example. If I had not opened up about my guilt, it may of swallowed me whole. That, and because you deserve much better from me. For now on Annie, i'll respect your wishes and not treat you as some fictional heresy."

Annie studied Ryan long and hard after that. In fact, what came next made Ryan stiffen up.
"Take off your mask."

"What? ... why?"

"Just take your mask off." Seeing how this was a direct order and the dude didn't want to test her patients- Ryan agreed by doing what she asked for. Undoing the strap behind his head and removing the mask, Annie for the first time in a long while finally saw his face. (You have to remember, Annie only saw Ryan as a Dragonoid in the Persona arc. She had not seen his actual human face at all if hardly ever). Her expression had not changed much, but she was staring at him for sure. Ryan's left eye (to him, it'd be his right eye) ... it was the Sharingan. A unique red eye that can change into the Mangekyou Sharingan to unlock new powers in Ryan's favor but only those he's capable of performing (such as the time dimension jumping / letting things phase through him).

His right eye (to him, it'd be his left) was not a Sharingan. When Ryan doesn't have his eyes activated into these special eyes, they're a normal brown color with a tint of green. However when he does transform his eyes to become special, his left eye becomes the Sharingan and his right is revealed to be the Rinnegan.


"So that's why you wear that poorly designed mask with one eyehole. It's to conceal your other eye, isn't that right?"

"Ay. My eyes are 'evolving' if you want to call it that. I only managed to get one of them to enter the next stage. My right one can only provide the space time abilities, while the other ... well, I haven't even unlocked it's fullest potential. Also even using one of the Rinnegan's techniques drains far more from me than if I was to use all of my Sharingan powers combined. Not worth exhausting myself when I could get killed at any time, right?"

"... I see."

At last, Annie got up from her seat and went to step outside the parked train. Ryan in a swift motion placed his mask back on, locked the strap in place and went to follow her. As both took their exist, Annie brushed her hair from the forehead while noticing the blonde man tied up with a crimson pink webbing... sort of like a cocoon. She looked back at Ryan, making him freeze as he was closing in on her.


"Will this be a fresh start then? Between us that is ... Ryan?"

He didn't know how to respond. For a solid few seconds, he stood there before her with a shocked expression (despite it was hidden behind the orange mask). Literally, this girl hated his guts and wanted nothing to do with him. If it wasn't for his OP abilities such as phasing through and time jumping, she could of ended him easily.

But here, Annie was showing a door to him... an open door for a bond to emerge. After all this guy put her through and how she despised him- just opening up with that little acknowledgement (as in his faults) made her respect him.

Did Annie just ... allow me to be friends with her? No, it's not that even. She is willing to be alongside me as her author like how Teri's friends with Garm. Even though Garm is a wolf of a beast and a creation, Teri does not treat him less of a person- and this goes for Annie as well. Maybe now, I can ... "Yes. I would actually like that very much. Welcome back to the Rising Dawn, Annie Leonhardt."

The titan shifter did not express it visibly, but he could catch that hint of 'happiness' there ... an acceptance. Perhaps this is why she couldn't handle Ryan around or even before the abandonment- because all he saw her as was a 'character' and nothing stacked on that. With Ryan's experience with Miia, he wasn't going to be repeating his mistakes this time around.

Together, they walked toward Rugal and the group whom all stood above the knocked out Wesker.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: The Rising Dawn
Raison d'etre.

Fateless Child

                   Niflheim cocked his head. The imminent threat of nuclear flame had faded and with it, the bad memories that were written into his very being. The crimson mist receded back into him. The fireflies dimmed - once again letting the dying sun fill the scorched mesa with golden light. Time's lazy meandering flow continued ambivalent to the transpired events. Niflheim reflected on the nature of his own being, just how small he was in the open world before him. It was a fleeting sense of wanton humanity that he was unsure whereabouts it had come from; but for now he was lost in the movement of time, watching the sunset was all that he desired.

                   A sharp warbling pitch drew his notice. The trembling of the air was unnatural. It was like an infant's cry. The sun had almost entirely set, the twilight drew its fingers across the sky. The clouds were touched by hues of pink and purple. The endless blue faded to a deep black. The stars and moon danced in the distance casting their light for the creatures of the desert. The Rising Dawn beckoned. The airship bellowed, creaking metal and shifting machinery filled his body with foreboding. The ship approached, gallant in the twilight but at the same time intimidating. It felt distinctly unnatural, as if born of a insidious cruelty and veiled by heroic valor. The warbling sounded again as the ship drew closer. Several aircraft launched from its maw and landed around the heroes of the day. The swirling winds from their engines blew away Niflheim's fireflies. They floated away as if lost in a river. Gone. Gone and forgotten. Who they were individually and who they were before their service did not matter. Even as a whole their consequence was rather small. Even knowing all of that, Niflheim felt somewhat saddened as he watched their lights become engulfed by the fire of the sun.

                   As the others boarded the shuttles to return to the Rising Dawn, Niflheim reduced himself into a mist and vanished. Seeking to travel his own way back to his spawning grounds.


Coming of Age
Location: Primary Cabin Bulkhead | Rising Dawn
Be still my fluttering heart. Tremble not, as my knees do, when I face him.

Molli Faust

                   Somebody! Anybody! Help, please help! Faust was sprinting down the corridor as fast as she could. John trailed not far behind. The pounding of their feet against the wooden floors was maddening. It sounded like a tribal heartbeat, desperate strikes against taut leather. Thud, thump, thud-thud, thump. When compounded with the hum of the ship's engines and the intangible pull of liquids in pipes their footsteps gave life to the Rising Dawn. A heartbeat for Leviathan. Faust turned right, she slid hard against the waxed floors and slammed into the corner wall. She screamed in shock. John fell forward and caught her, his heavier weight keeping him steady on the floor. He let Faust down as he ran and she hit her stride in a mere moment. The hangar bay was just up ahead. Kazuya was their, and the rest of the heroes would be returning soon. Dolly, hang in there. You are not allowed to die! Someone has to know what's wrong with you! Somebody has to know!

                   "I have the dossiers now," John said, "Nadalia and Edge both having healing abilities, but Teri is designated as the de judeo medic." He flipped the PDA around and slid it back into his belt.

                   Faust made a hard left and slammed into the hangar's main gate. The steel doors clicked and slowly began to open. Hot air rushed into the temperature controlled chambers of the Rising Dawn, throwing Faust's red hair into a whirling frenzy. The hangar was empty. The aircraft had gone down to pick up the crew.

                   "No... no, no, no no no no nononononono," Faust wailed. She clawed the sides of her face in shock. John grabbed her from behind to stop her from hurting herself.

                   "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay! There are some left on the ship! We have time, we have time!"

                   "No! DOLLY!" Faust broke down into incoherent sobs. John held her close. The hot desert wind enveloped them as the last rays of the sun broke into the open hangar array. It was big. The entire ship was gargantuan in scale. Still, or rather, because of the size of the open space before them, they felt helplessly small. Sane men locked away in a prison of metal - treated by wardens born from Hell. The soul trembled before the utter vastness of the world around them.


Storm, Alpha, and everyone else.
Location: Black Mesa | Executive Helipad

Above the Black Mesa complex, the shining dot dashed across the sky. Soon enough, it started ascending into the atmosphere, and within a very short amount of time, that small dot was not visible from the Earth ground. Yet, as some gazes remained where it was, it was uncertain if the doctor, madman, and violent gunslinger would return to that Earth. Whether if that was a good or bad thing was up to that person.

Two figures stood on the edge of the helipad, keeping from where the main group were basking in victory. They too were looking up into the Heavens. The tall Spartan removed his helmet, brushing his celestial white hair aside. "Didn't think he'd go like that." Storm muttered, placing his hand along his head, as if his sight could still see the shooting missile. "Nope, that thing is in space..." he said, confirming it with a nod.

"Does this mean we have to clean his mess up in the medical bay?" She said, looking away from the horizon. Sighing she looked to the defeated scientist "Hopefully with this, everything will be wrapped up soon." The AI said, a look of concern darkening her face. Storm smoothly wrapped an arm around her, allowing her to see his gentle smile. "Who knows, maybe we have to go next. Anyway..." He said, making a gun out of his fingers and directing them to the sky.

"See You Space Cowboy..."
With that final goodbye, the two left to go back to the Rising Dawn.

Location: Missile | Spaaaaaaaace~
Music: To the top~

some call it "the final frontier", yet any point of view involved with the Rising Dawn would know that such things were false. It is only "another frontier". Wanderer was from a completely other world, where the universe is different, and Earth has bombarded itself to another future. So "finale frontier" didn't make sense to him, especially since some documents on the Dawn stated that there were physical figures from Heaven and Hell involved with them.

Many questions to answer.
Many places to visit.
Many heads to shoot into a hundred pieces.
Some of these things plagued the Wanderer's mind.

Standing on top of the missile, the survivalist looked upon the vibrant Earth that this universe knew. "I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End..." He said to himself, it was a quote that he had told himself many times over, in good and bad times. Yet he knew how to end that thought. "Yet... this is not my end. For there is so much to do, and so many beginnings to start."

Leaving silence hanging, Wanderer tapped on his Pipboy, activating a strange beacon that he knew well. Finally, the missile ran out of fuel, floating and rotating. Laying on the now useless projectile, he looking upon the Earth once more, making a gun with his fingers. "Bang~." He muttered before closing his eyes, placing a nice smile on, and finally feeling somewhat a peace.

"Will I see this Earth again? Oh well, I need to visit the Commonwealth."
Then, the missile and Wanderer ceased to exist in that Universe.

The President, and Merlin.
Location: Top deck | Daedalus II | Above Black Mesa.

With the confirmation of the disappearance of both missile and Wanderer, two figures stood on top of the Daedalus. The machine that was readied before was standing a bit away, both President and Magus were a little disappointed that this weapon wasn't tested out in anyway. In some weird way, they almost thought that Metal Gear SAINT Joan was sad itself as it was lowered back into the hanger. Both sighed and looked back into the sky.

"Do you think he'll be back?"
Merlin's eyes misted over as he looked into the distance, as if he were trying to see into the future. Turning back his gaze to the Commander-in-chief, he smiled and shrugged. "Who knows, but what I do know is this..." He said, pulling out what seemed to a be a USB.

The President grabbed it, eyes sparkling. "Is this..." He said, and before he could finish, Merlin answered with a nod. Giving a bellowing laugh, The President held the USB up. "We might have those fuckers now!"

Black Mesa: Executive Helipad: Wesker Vs. Most of the Cast

(Woah, so he's going off to leave us to explain his screw ups? That's-)

(Acceptable. I understand we usually have a stance of taking responsibility for one's own mistakes... but...)

Kala thought back and forth as she pondered what to say. Miia still crushed and sobbing on the ground in front of her.

(She wouldn't listen to a word he said, and I don't think she ever would without someone else to step in. Look at how crushed this made her. I doubt she's ever seen someone get hurt this way in her life, but she's been foisted upon a group that inflicts such pain as a means to our ends. It doesn't matter if they "had it coming." They were defending a vile human being who would have destroyed even them in his wake despite their loyalty... but loyalty is a virtue in it's own right, even to the wrong side.)

In the most comforting voice she could muster, Kala started to speak. "Miia... that's what I've heard him call you no? He's told you that I'm one that can be trusted, and I want to put your mind at ease. I suppose with how angered you must be at him for now you must be surprised that he entrusted me to this task while I'm... in opposition to his decision to silence you. In fact I agree with your actions more than the actions of those here whom I've known far longer than you." She says, kneeling down to get closer to the hunched over Lamia's current height.

"You've missed what I said to him most unfortunately, but you are the voice of reason in this scenario. Death is a necessary part of life, but not all death is necessary. Even though these men were opposing us and intended to kill us in horrible ways, including a bomb which would have destroyed everyone here- including themselves, and a great many people who simply live peacefully too close by... I cannot say we approached the situation appropriately. Because you're right from my perspective. This butchery is simply too much. She says, sighing and shaking her head.

"That said... we can't just stop. If we threw in the towel and started preaching instead of fighting this place would be a nuclear wasteland and we'd be ashes and dust... because they surely would not have done the same. We all use what methods we can, and I attempt to keep mine nonlethal when the opportunity presents itself... numb to the violence though I've become. Though if we could compromise, the fact of the matter is people die Miia... there is sadly no way around that. Whether it be naturally or through armed conflict. Though I suppose we should heed your words, and endeavor not to become more like those we despise."

With a smile, she finalizes her explanation with the following. "I didn't always have these wings... I was given them by a god I did not know... perhaps because I hold views comparable to yours... yet I would say perhaps they should have been imparted to you. I'm not sure what world you come from, but I never had the luxury of your innocence... there were many evils in my old world. Evils which had to be fought against, lest they do unspeakable things to you. Death was commonplace, in a thousand different horrid ways... but it was often the least of your worries. There were creatures that would rob you of your sanity and leave you a mumbling incoherent mess as they feasted upon your mind. Others that would crush your very will and use your body as a vessel to live out your life whilst you are never yourself again... merely observing actions no longer yours through eyes that used to belong to you."

"My own kind was human... long ago. But that is for another time. Your world must be very... different to foster one so merciful as yourself. Such as to throw yourself under the same strike in order to cause the violence to stop. I would speak at length with you on this later... but first." She says as she scowls a bit, her shadow leaking out in her next phrase.

"What... the hell were you thinking? What would it have solved? If you died in his defense too? The sentiment was beautiful but we're here for a reason. We tried, at first... to explain the situation. We only wanted one man alive and well. But while Loyalty is a virtue, they fought back, and they fought back hard. They didn't give us a choice but to do the same." she fumes, clenching her eyes shut, before calming down.

"If you died because of that semantic... as virtuous as it was, what would you have accomplished? The fighting wouldn't have stopped. I understand your plight... they shouldn't die with such pain if they even have to at all. But they didn't give us much choice... I was only here long enough to here your outcry... but I know this is the case, because I trust every man, woman, and creature here. They wouldn't hurt anyone without necessity though... I admit I've not met the one you guarded against." She says, remembering... that she doesn't remember ever meeting Rory.

"This said... it may be in your best interest to stay with us. This world is inhabited almost exclusively by humans. To the point where they would disbelieve the existence of those like you and I. Their reactions might vary should anyone find you, but it's very likely they would be afraid of you. Our airship "The Rising Dawn" often travels between worlds... though we are not in control of this at all times. It is... possible, that it could ferry you back to your home with time."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
"Presses Fast Forward on the Remote..."
Katya Rostikova

She hadn't had one thing to drink yet and already the Rising Dawn's resident underage lush had her side of her head pressed against the smooth wooden surface of the Canteen's bar. For now Katya Rostikova appeared to be staring at the individual wood grains that comprised the deep brown colored drinking surface. Picking her head up she looked over at Luke, the Canteen's head bartender, and started speaking once again.

"So... there I was... standing on top of a freaking nuclear missile, working on disabling not one, not two but ten primary detonation triggers on ten warheads. Not only that, but I needed to disable ten backup triggers as well. Oh sure, ARES was able to render the subcritical plutonium inactive and everything but we'll still standing on enough plastic explosive to not only set off the solid rocket fuel but ruin our days entirely." The Rising Dawn's resident Weaver of Tales and scarves in her spare time stated with a rather incredulous look on her face, "and that's when I noticed that ARES had started sweating. I mean, keep in mind I'm pretty sure people like her can count electric sheep but sweat? Can they even do that? I guess if a maniac can steer a multiple nuclear warhead tipped rocket towards space, I guess she can sweat. Stranger things have happened right? Don't answer... rhetorical question. It's not like a random berserker prince saved my life just so I can go about questioning my reality."

There was a slight wistfulness when she referenced the Caerleonian... Caerleonite ... Prince of Caerleon. They'd spent a few hours under that rubble after the Cyborg factory had gone critical. Did something happen when Caim wasn't looking? Possibly.

"Anyways... long story short... Nuclear Warheads disabled... Wanderer gets shot into space and ARES and I have to glide back down to Earth." As she concluded her story, she spat out Wanderer's name. What a joke. Riding on a missile and almost getting the world destroyed for what... glory? She hoped that he was getting some good anal loving by some Zetian Fratboy Aliens aboard their Mothership. Still there was something the needed to be more immediately addressed.

"Sooooooo... Luke... buddy... pal... friend..." The Scheming Girl started warming up... seguing... "Could you... you know... tell me everything you know about Caim? Purdy purdy please?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Corridors and Corridors and Corridors
"Fire Dragon?!"
Rory Mercury

Death's Demi-Goddess was standing at a crossroads, not figuratively but quite literally. As it was ahead of her, looking to her left and her right, Rory Mercury saw long corridors that seemed to go on forever. She'd never been inside of such a large machine, especially not one that dwarfed the Imperial Palace and especially and definitely not one that was somehow held aloft in the sky. She shuddered to think of how things might have turned out if the nations that had demanded access to the Arnus Gate had brought such a machine over to Rory's world.

Choosing the left corridor, the darkly dressed Demi-Goddess passed by what appeared to be a Sky Tavern, complete with a young girl bragging about her accomplishments to a bartender that looked like he was barely paying attention. No matter what world she was in, there were quite a few things that were a constant. Taverns were one of these constants. As tempted as she was to stop in for meal, the Oracle wanted to continue her exploration of her new surroundings. Though this was not her first time on the Rising Dawn, she was able to more freely explore now that the Hunt for Wesker had reached its anti-climactic conclusion and there weren't dump truck loads of people dying.

As she continued on, Rory Mercury happened upon what must have been the ship's medical bay. Peering inside, Emloy's Apostle could hear the moaning of the wounded and infirmed. While none of the more powerful members of the Rising Dawn had been wounded, it appeared that a great many of their regular soldiers had been. Entering the Medical Ward, the young looking woman was able to see the full extent of the injuries that had been sustained. Burns, cuts, bullet holes... these were but a few in a long list of trauma that could be received in battle. Noticing a soldier with half of her face wrapped up in bloody bandages, Rory walked over to where she lay, looking over her. While she didn't know what it was that the machines were saying, the devotee of Emloy knew that this woman was dying. Holding the nameless woman's hand, she waited until soul departed body.


With all the fighting over and done with, the Cleric gave a tired sigh and leaned back; only to realize that she was about to lean on - wait a second - turning around, Teri saw that Garm's second passenger had seemingly disappeared. Vergil had probably slipped away in all of the chaos, leaving only Teri and Ton Ton on the wolf's back. Well, he probably enjoyed the loss of weight on his back. With a shrug, Teri was about to turn back to Rugal to say something, only to be interrupted again by a notification on her tablet. Tapping the screen, a message from Vermilion appeared,

"While your unit were out doing field work, word has been reached regarding a potentially fatal magic based ailment in the Medical Bay. An employee named Faust is searching for you, Teri. Would you please make your way to the Med-Bay ASAP?"

"I'm on my way, let her know I'm en route to the Med Bay."

After she tapped and sent a response back to Vermilion, Teri rubbed her temples faintly, even after a big fight her job was never done. Oh well, better to nip this in the bud, and with the attack on Black Mesa, the cleric already had a good selection of her spells equipped. After thinking to herself, "Never a dull moment, huh?" Teri turned back to Rugal and pointed towards the Dawn, "Got word in from Vermi that somethings up in the Med Bay. How about you head to the bar and get a drink? You look like you could use one... Anyways, ask for Luke, he'll get you sorted. I'll meet you later, kay?"


Arriving in the Med Bay, Teri's eyes scanned the room, taking in the sight of all of the wounded soldiers and- who was that? The Cleric's eyes fell upon a woman in Gothic-Lolita clothes holding the hand of another girl who looked very...Oh. She must have been the critical patient Vermilion mentioned. Taking a step forward, Teri approached the woman in the Goth-Loli getup and gently spoke to her, "Pardon me, miss, but would you kindly move away from the patient? I'm one of the doctors on call here, and I need a little bit of space to properly examine her wounds."

(I figured her and Faust could just meet in the Med Bay from here)


After a quick flight back to the Dawn and another nose rub for his draconic companion, Caim elected that the time was for him to grab a bite to eat, as well as try to catch up with Cadolbolg's side of the adventure. Moving to the Canteen, Caim gave a quick order to the Imps, and Cadolbolg began chattering away about what he did with Angelus during their aerial patrol.

((Caim and Cadolbolg are in the Canteen, I kept it short so they'd be open for other characters to approach))

Angleus/Ton Ton

Angelus initially considered following after Caim to the Canteen, but instead found herself feeling a bit antsy instead. The high of the battles in the air still hadn't quite left her system. Even after spending some time in her proper form, Angelus felt the urge to move. Perhaps some brisk exercise would do her some good? The Dawn was big enough, she could probably walk it's entire length and burn off the energy necessary. Thus, the dragon-in-human-form began to pace around the Dawn's corridors...

As for Ton Ton, he wasn't entirely sure what to do with himself. He wanted to let Caim and Cadolbolg catch up with their little chat, and Angelus had made herself scarce fast. Perhaps he could go practice his skills? Having to rely upon Everybody's Grudge to deal with bigger and tougher enemies wasn't a very safe battle plan....

((Angelus is wandering the Halls of the Dawn, and Ton Ton will be going near the Training rooms. Like Caim and Angelus, kept it short to enable ease of interaction.))

Luke, Boss, Katya

Luke gave Boss his demanded soda and began other prep work for the bar (placing some glasses in a fridge, beginning to chop some garnishes and peels, etc.) for a moment before quipping, "Well, looks like you're not going to die just yet. However, I think you shouldn't discount yourself from this little headcount. A decision to remain passive is still a choice. I can only make my move if no other choices remain... Do you understand what I mean? Now, I do believe some more of your comrades are returning to the ship - kindly keep our conversation to yourself; those who know who I am know for a reason."

It was then that Katya came to a barstool and slumped against the bar itself. She weaved a lengthy tale concerning herself, the android ARES, and the Wanderer; detailing the disabling of the nuclear warhead. Luke nodded in that manner professional bartenders do, genunine enough to show interest, but still somewhat distant. It was then however, she began demanding a dossier on the resident Prince of Caerleon; with a mention that he had saved her life in battle (albiet offhandedly, but Luke was very familiar of that kind of passive reference; he employed it himself). With a gentle smile Luke continued to peel a lemon as he answered, "An interesting man, that one. On one hand, an unrepentant murderer - a bloody crown adorning his head whilst sitting atop a throne of swords. Yet, on the other, a man who cares for family and is beholden to their every whim. Tell me, what do you know of Crows, Ms. Katya? That may help you.[1] Of course, you could always go over there and talk to him."
The bartender gestured to a far table where the mute warrior in question was currently sitting, caught somewhere between waiting for some food and "talking" to a small turtle-dragon looking creature.

[1] I swear, I'm going somewhere with this. That and I'm playing off an animal motif given to Caim in some alternate materials.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
"Considering Caim"
Katya Rostikova

The normally brazen young lass was playing it coy or something of the sort. Looking over at the table where the Berserker Prince held court with his "son," Cadolbolg. Cadolbolg, along with Ton Ton, was one of the first members of the Rising Dawn that Katya had met all the way back in Los Angeles. She'd introduced them to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles just prior to them being shot at by a gaggle of gang bangers. It seemed like such a long time ago. Realizing that she'd been staring at Caim, the young woman felt blood rush to her cheeks and forced herself to look back at Luke, resting her head on her hands, her fingers covering her cheeks as to not draw attention to the fact that she was blushing quite deeply.

"Crows? Besides the fact that they're carrion birds that look around for scraps of food, nothing much. They're pretty fearless and playful?" The Rising Dawn's Resident Chat-Rouletter commented as she pulled out her mobile phone and punched in a series of words before showing the display to Luke, "See? Playful."

"But really, that doesn't help me much. Unless you're trying to tell me to avoid him since he eats the dead or something... he doesn't do that right?" The Hypocritical Hyperactive Heroine stated. Of all the things she could be squeamish about was the possibility that Caim feasted upon the body of those he killed. Wasn't that already Katya's shtick?

Perhaps she was overthinking things. Perhaps it was better to just go over to talk to him?

"Thanks for the advice, Luke." The Hacker stated as she hopped out of the bar stool and started walking towards where Caim and Cadolbolg were seated. Taking a couple steps, the normally fearless femme quickly did a one hundred and eighty degree turn and walked right back to where she'd been sitting. Perhaps some liquid courage?

"Could I get a drink... lets try a Fuzzy Navel today."

Oh sure Katya, order one of the lightest drinks on the menu. You're really not going to talk to the Caerleonite Prince today are you?

Waiting for her drink, she quickly looked around the Canteen for someone, anyone else she could talk to about something, anything else that didn't directly involve the Crown Prince of Carnage. Where was ARES-35 when Katya needed her?

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Corridors and Corridors and Corridors
"Rory, meet Teri. Teri, meet Rory."
Rory Mercury

As she stood above a dying soldier in the medical ward of the Rising Dawn, Rory Mecury ignored the vast number of humming and beeping machines that were attached to the injured and dying soldiers that surrounded her. She'd prayed over the dying during battle, when flights of mounted dragons engulfed the field of battle with their fiery breath. She'd prayed over the dying as their body was torn to shreds by the hands of an angry mob. It was only natural then that Rory would pray for the dying soldier to have a safe and speedy journey on her way to meet Emloy.

"Pardon me, miss, but would you kindly move away from the patient? I'm one of the doctors on call here, and I need a little bit of space to properly examine her wounds." A soft and feminine voice asked from behind where the Darkly Dressed Demi-Goddess stood.

Turning around, Rory Mercury came face to face with the Ship's Doctor, Teri. Dressed in a set of simple robes, the young woman that had addressed Rory looked more like a religious priestess than a medical doctor. However, if Rory was proof of anything, one could never judge a book by its cover. Despite her youthful appearance, the young girl dressed in a Loli Goth outfit was well over one thousand years old. It also wouldn't hurt for the medic to give the dying woman something to comfort her transition. Stepping to the side, the thousand year old girl watched as the robed doctor examined her patient.

"Part of her face has been torn off by a creature forged of both flesh and metal.' Rory stated, relaying what Emloy told her about the dying woman, "Her stomach has also been pierced by a lance of light. Something similar to what this device does."

As she stated this, Rory pulled out one of the laser pistols that she'd acquired from the NOD Commando and placed it on one of the metal trays that stood next to the patient's bed.

"She will soon depart to meet Emloy." Rory added. Despite the technological miracles she'd witnessed during her time aiding the Japanese Self Defense Force, she'd seen many soldiers succumb to their wounds while the Medics could do little but ease their pain. The best that Rory could offer was her prayers and comfort through companionship until such a time as the woman was ready to transition to the next stage of life.

Coming of Age
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn
Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus.


      Faust burst into the Med Bay. John followed closely behind. The somber atmosphere of the place sent chills down Faust's spine. There were many more patients now than there had been. The battle was unexpectedly costly. Faust walked forward slowly and cautiously, suddenly painfully aware of the gentleness needed to traverse the place."

      "Teri," John said, "we need your assistance with a patient after you are done with this one."

      Faust spoke in a panic bordering on a manic scream, "It's the First Lieutenant! There's something very wrong with her and the Auto-Docs couldn't figure out what!"

      "Molli, please calm down. This isn't appropriate behavior." John paused and looked at the second woman by the bedside. "Rory Mercury, your presence bodes ill for the people here I suppose." He started to walk toward the back of the Med Bay, toward a special quarantine room. "The First Lieutenant is this way, when you're ready Master Cleric."

Formatting didn't look good in spoilers. Excuse the below.

She Who Would Be God
Chapter: 8 - Emergent Experience
Be still my fluttering Heart


"Because it was never my intention to attack Ruby."

     Lambda paused. Her eyes were closed. There was a soft wind blowing. "It was never my mission to attack and destroy Ruby. My mission was to awaken you. This was true immediately after Mu-12 slipped into your ranks. Nu-13's goal was the destruction of Mu-12, so she was much more aggressive in her stance. She did not care for your survival."

     She let a few moments pass before she continued.

     "Moreover ever since the event in the hotel, that initial phenomena intervention with Titania, you had been in a world of the Master Unit's creation - which is why afterward I could talk to you normally. The Master Unit intervened personally to ensure Titania's survival in fact."

     "All life is precious to me. Even that of mine enemies. Mu-12 is the only exception - she was a part of me that went rogue. Taking on a powerful Observation strength unto herself until she became insane. I sought to separate her from Causality for the greater sake of the world."

Long post is LONG. Sorry, going to try and do all these in chronological order so sorry if it's confusing to read

Black Mesa Exec Helipad: Rugal, ARES, Mark, Nadalia, Elise, Annie Feat. G-Corp Goonz

After knocking out Wesker, Rugal had a slight flashback to the simpler times, where the answer to all his life's problems could be solved with petty violence.
He was in that trace for a while, recalling all the wonderful things in life he had gathered though the virtue of being able to hit things REALLY hard.
After ARES speech however, he snapped back to reality stating "What kind of man does this?...One that knows that his luck has finally ran out..." as Elise began fussing over his fist and the man it just knocked out.
"Oh he'll live. He was taking knocks like that before he even began taking some of his own performance enhancers. Just find something to restrain him with. Make sure it's strong, he's a lot stronger then he looks...And don't throw that away, he might be looking for that tooth later." The captain said to Elise as the group began to move out.
"And whatever you do, don't leave the "Sovereign" alone with him. They-...have "History" with each other, so much so that I'd say this would be the second worst thing to happen to Wesker this day. Even with my personal disdain for him, I'd also like it not to be the last thing he experiences in this life..." He then explained to Nadalia while his former underling was taken away in a rather embarrassing pink cocoon, thank god he wasn't awake to see this.

While this was going on, Mark and Annie began to make their way over to the grou-
"Wait-...isn't tha-....ON THE GROUND! NOW!" one of the nearby survivors of the mission shouted before raising his weapon at Annie, Quickly causing a chain reaction that resulted in at least half a dozen laser sights now trained on her head.
"Yeah! Didn't think we wouldn't notice your blonde genocidal ass-*Crunch!*-Stomping around after that-*Crunch!*-you pulled in Lax-*Crunch*-Venturas?! You DON'T have the right to remain silent-*Crunch!*-You DON'T have the right to an attorney-*Crunch!*-And anything you say can and will be used to drop your as-....guys?..." The more "Macho" of the squad asked as he suddenly noticed them backing the hell up, their hands up and notably without weapons.
Unsure of what was happening, he returned his eye to the dot sight on his rifle, only to find that something was blocking it as a shadow was cast over him.
"...Ohhhhh, fuck my life..." He squirmed before Rugal held his hand out expectantly, the soldier quickly surrendering his weapon before it was torn apart right in front of his eyes (Literally in fact).
"...You. Saw. Nothing. You. Will Say. Nothing...Nod your head slowly if you understand what I am conveying to you..." He spoke like a stern parent, causing a single, perfectly synchronized motion from all the soldiers.
"Good. Now go assist our men in evacuating the wounded..."

With their "New" orders received, Rugal then glanced back at Annie, seeming to tense up a little as he did.
For a few moments, he looked like he was about to say something, but after a few repeated attempts (And failures), he merely left it wt a quiet nod before making his way back to a departing transport.
Once he was out of view, he then let his composure crack, quickly burying his face in his hands and groaning.
That made 5 elements of his terrible evil past that he was now sharing a roof with for the foreseeable future and each with their own bone to pick which they would most likely keep jamming him with for the entire duration.
"...I need a drink..."
"Got word in from Vermi that somethings up in the Med Bay. How about you head to the bar and get a drink? You look like you could use one... Anyways, ask for Luke, he'll get you sorted. I'll meet you later, kay?"
"Alright, have fun Dear..."

Black Mesa Exec Helipad:David, Blade

While the victory lap was starting, Blade was busy attempting to help David get though a serious moment in his life, not every say someone lives though the disarming of a nuclear weapon seconds before it exploded.
"Aw man, come on. Dude, How the hell do you humans got so much fluids for this shit!?!" The Pokemon whined as David threw up for the upteenth time and for reasons that weren't even related to booze for once!
"*Hack! Cough* Oh-....oh-god....Alrigh-.....Think I got it..."
"...You're sure you are done?..."
"....I'll see you back on the ship..." The Strider said as he walked off, shaking his head in the process while David composed himself.
"...H-hey! Wait up man!"

Rising Dawn: G-Corp Hanger: Kazuya/Wesker, Violet

After one of the most costly missions since the attack of Darkside, Kazuya let himself relax for the first time since he woke up today
Not only did he manage to secure Wesker, steal a entire treasure trove of US Black Projects, but Wanderer was now gone from this world and that alone was worth some celebrating.
In fact, there were some G-Corp members who were more happy about that then the mission actually being a sucess, he killed a LOT of their friends when he "Borrowed" that jet.
Still, there were a few other matters he had to take care of before he take a break, namely personally greeting his former co-worker with one of the biggest shit eating grins he could muster as his men escorted him on board, adding an rather humiliating looking Hannibal-style muzzle to his face on top of the Cocoon Elise made for him.
"Ahhhh, Dr. Birkin I presume? That is what you are calling yourself these days, isn't it? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be quite at home. As they say: Home is were Everyone knows your name...Take him away." He snidely said before motioning for him to be taken to the brig, Wesker glaring at him for the entire trip until he was take from view.

Turning to the returning heroes, he then said "If I remember correctly, Wesker was always the "Brains" of the operation, least in the practical sense unlike Cortex. He should give us a great deal of insight into Bison's operations. My Men will assist US forces in the clean up operation. I advise everyone to tend to their wounded before we get to any "Celebrations"..."
Despite his usual mannerisms, he did seem to actually smile before adding "...After MIT, I was questioning just how much of your fame was actually warranted. But after today's performance, All such fears have been purged. Great work out there. Another win like that and we'll be dragging Bison kicking and screaming into a windowless jail cell."
Saluting for a moment, he then returned to his work as well as getting prepared for the "Questioning" to soon follow...

Meanwhile, Violet was a bit more busy with another pressing issue as he carefully filled a needle with a clear fluid before moving over to Faith, who had to be sedated after she tried to (And I quote) "Steal this trick ass whip and ride that motherfucker into the sunset like that guy from that movie with Jesus and Nazis.".
"Alright, have to get the dosage just right..." The doctor said before tapping the needle slightly and-...spraying the cold water inside over her face to wake her up (Look, he isn't that kinda Doctor, alright?)
When she woke up, he then said "Sorry about that. It appeared that one of the creatures who appeared as part of the portal storm took over your senses for a while. It's okay, we were able to extract the offending spirit, but you might need one of these for a while..."
As if she wasn't confused enough, Violet then handed her an Ice Pack for the developing black eye she got when Kazuya's men knocked her out.

...Also, where the hell was Ryan when this was all going down?

Rising Dawn: "G-Corp Party Bus": Kane, Angus, Dr. Zero, Psycho, Ghost, AA!Darren, Dr. Insaneo

In the clean up operation, several of the more notable members of the Black Mesa staff and the invading forces were rounded up, as well as allies being extracted from the field of battle.
Ghost was mainly there as this was his primary extraction route, but AA!Darren managed to get himself captured, mainly to avoid an extremely awkward conversation with the other crew members, he had little reason to believe they would be happy to see him again.
Outside of that, there was also a man who seemed to be more burn wounds then flesh, painfully inhaling and exhaling though the ashes that were his lungs.
Despite this, the legend of Kane was not lost on Kazuya's men, so despite his surprisingly non-lethal condition, they kept him in handcuffs regardless
Next to him was the infamous "Angel Expert" who was currently laid down and strapped to a gurney like some kind of mental patient, barely lucid from the amount of blood he lost when Wanderer ripped his ankles off.
There was also a strange stone orb that seemed to be shaking the entire trip, as if someone was trapped inside it and was trying to get out.

"Keep struggling, ain't getting out of that one..." Psycho snarked from inside the glass containment unit he was sealed inside after he failed to get Faith to hotwire that VTOL.
The specter looked around the insides of the transport as he saw a fairly normal if unwashed teenager sitting across from him.
"...So....what you in for?"
"I dunno....What are you here for?"
"Oh, the usual. Sexual harassment, attempted sexual assault, actual assault, indecent exposure, kidnapping I guess and attempted to steal a military vehicle. Your turn."
"....Took part in an online role-play group."
"....Pfffff hahahahaa-...Oh, wait. You're serious. Let me laugh even harder-AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
There wasn't a witty response from AA!Darren, merely a sigh of acceptance as he silently awaited whatever the hell laid ahead.
...Eh, maybe I can sneak into the morgue once we land, ride the rest of this shitfest out in one of the body trays or something... He thought as he looked over to a field medic tending to someone who appeared to have stolen from Noah Antwiler's closet.

Insaneo found himself waking up in a jolt after a stim-pak was jammed into his chest.
"Hey-hey. Take it easy. We got your call, we're your chauffeurs for the day. No need to tip, Mr. Mishima wanted to give his thanks for your efforts." The Medic said as he let Insaneo's tech handle the rest while the Transport landed in the hanger.
Once the door opened, Ghost quickly made his exit, throwing his weapon over his shoulder and whistling though his helmet before Insaneo was slightly rushed out.
During his exit, a pair of men in black suits walked past him and into the VTOL, right before the doors opened and the fate of the unlucky sods within was lost to the world...

Rising Dawn: Bar Katya, Boss, Luke, Rugal

Not long after getting back on the ship, Rugal made a beeline for that drink he was talking about a few paragraphs ago.
While Katya was showing off something about birds in the snow, he took a seat before giving a simple order.
"Good evening. Behind the fridge, David leaves a supply of his personal "Experiments". I'll take a shot glass with the contents of the red bottle." He said, clearly either having a deathwish or a urgent need to switch his mind off.
When Luke went to get the order, he found the hollowed out wall the Sniper used for his personal stash but the real concern was when his eyes watered just pouring the drink.
Once his beverage was served, he gave a nod of thanks before quickly knocking it back, holding his own nose as he did.
There was a moment of delay before the reaction kicked in, prompting Rugal of all people to pull out a handkerchief before coughing harshly into it, all while looking like he was ingested some kind of poison.
"Ohhhhh....uhhhhh...another." He then requested as he slid the glass back, his voice barely going above a whisper as his body tried to process...whatever the hell David cooked up.

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: David, Furiae

While David was no stranger to the Medical Wing, but he had to admit, it was so strange to see it so packed now.
Sure, he'd see the odd crew or staff member in here getting patched up, but half of Kazuya's men were all getting worked on, many of them missing limbs and bleeding out.
Man...hope she doesn't see this... He thought to himself as he edged his way past the others before entering one of the side rooms, namely the one Furiae was still resting in.
After taking a moment to clean himself up and check his own breath (Thank god for that gum he borrowed on the flight over here)he went for her bedside but froze for a moment as there was a large window showing off all the wounded soldiers in plain view.
"Gracefully", he slid the curtains shut before making his way to the chair by her bedside.
"Hey...How you holding up? I came by this morning but you were still resting." He asked the half-Goddess, already kicking himself over his choice of words.
"But you were still resting", yeah, can I sound any more like a stalker?...

((I swear to god, I will update the rest soon, just trying to sort out my main gaming laptop after a wonky NVIDIA driver killed it ATM))

Rising Dawn: Medical Wing
Teri, Rory, Faust, John

"She will soon depart to meet Emloy."

Teri's head gave the smallest incline of curiosity, the question tumbling out before she thought it through, "Who...?" However, her inquiry would have to wait, there was still the matter of this patient. True to Rory's quick diagnosis, there were bad lacerations on the soldier's face, as well as a nasty looking wound in her stomach. Whoever was on call before Teri came in had the bright idea to dress the wounds prior, but as the Cleric removed the bandages, a less than savory sight was beheld before her - a punctured abdominal wound was always nasty; especially when stomach acid became involved.

Angry red areas appeared in the wound's area, causing the Cleric to grimace. She'd have to make sure the stomach was sealed before she finished up the rest of the healing process, lest the acids within cause more damage. Pointing a finger at the gut, Teri allowed some of her healing pool to enable a precise, localized repair of the solider's stomach and associated membranes, nipping the source of infection in the bud. Following that, she reached for a small instrument and flipped a switch, enabling a small suctioning tool to activate. Sticking it in, Teri carefully moved the tool around and grabbed what remnants of stomach acids remained within the patient. Now for the hard part. Putting the tool away, Teri gestured towards Rory, "Help me turn her on her side, I can't close the wound completely if it's touching anything."

From there, Rory found herself being conscripted into a heavy lifter, whatever reason that may be. But it was then that the Apostle of Emloy noticed something strange - a sensation began to wash over her body, warm and soothing. The Apostle could feel her muscle aches beginning to melt away, and she saw that the soldier's body was beginning to repair itself as well. However, it came to a head when Teri finally removed the bandages from the exit wound and intoned something in a language Rory never heard, before incanting - "Panacea!" and placing a hand on the soldier's body. And like that, the wounds began to close on their own. Teri gave another series of chants before whispering a quiet "Cure Serious Wounds", keeping her hand in place until the exit wound closed completely. With that, the soldier was gently placed back on her back, and Rory could see that the wounds on the soldier's stomach and face were healed. Sure, some small scars remained on the two wounds, but according to the life monitor's, her condition had stabilized. The self declared doctor gave a relieved sigh and smiled at Rory, "You were right on the nose there, ma'am. If I hadn't shown up when I did, she probably would have died. Perhaps you could be my assistant for the rest of the treatments?"

The Cleric gave a small giggle at the thought, seeing as she had already conscripted this poor woman already in helping with the patient's treatment; much less ask her to stick around. However, before she could say much of anything else, a frantic woman and a man who was desperately trying to calm her down entered, leading the Cleric to realize that the patient she had just saved from the brink was NOT the droids she was looking for. Giving a small wave to Rory, Teri followed after John and Faust to the next order of business...

David West, Furiae

Furiae was reading a small book before David came into her room, albiet with some difficulty - since she had found herself in her liberated position, being able to sit still for long was not something she was quite alright with being. Thus, when the roughed up Irishman popped into her room, the former Goddess felt equal parts joy and fear in his arrival: the former, on account of David being able to save her from some boredom; and the latter because she thought David would never want to see her again. At least, not after what he had seen...

Taking a small piece of paper and marking her page, Furiae closed the book and stiffly turned towards the attentive soldier, but found her eyes still focusing more upon the tiles near his feet rather than looking his face, "You.. you didn't need to come by, David. I'm fine, honestly. If anything, I feel a little embarrassed. I lost control of myself in the field, and by doing so, exposed my position to my brother. I was trying to keep my visit a surprise after all, but all I did was cause more damage... And that's not even mentioning what happened on the field -"

She stopped herself there, the look on her face communicating it clearly enough to David - she wasn't authorized to tell WHAT exactly she had seen or done to promptly garner her reaction on the ground, but it certainly was troubling. With another sigh, Furiae found herself turning away from the soldier, and focusing upon the wall to her left instead, finally speaking out what was troubling her, her voice taking a dull, lifeless edge as she did so, "...I understand if you want to stop seeing me after this. Really. You've seen some terrible things down there coming from me, and that's not necessarily normal. And, while I appreciated the concern, you don't need to be so formal as to give me a last visit. I wouldn't have held it against you at all."

Rising Dawn: Canteen
Luke, Boss, Katya, Rugal

The blonde bartender gave the lightest of chuckles at Katya's order, considering that A) She was far more inclined to drink heavily on a good day, and B) he could sense that she didn't exactly pick up on his hints. Taking a moment to mix the drink and push it towards the Hacker, Luke allowed a teasing edge to enter his voice, almost grandly announcing the drink in question: "One oh-so-lowly concentrated but delightfully fruity, Fuzzy Navel. A little uncharacteristic of your drink choices, I think, you tend to stick towards shooting beverages straight. But, I suppose a little experimentation never hurt..."

Giving Katya a moment to sip on the drink, Luke began again with his frame of thought about corvids, "You're...Slowly on track to what I was saying, so I'll give you another hint - Crows, while they do frequent battles, have more to them than their umber plumage. Unlike their commonly mistaken identity and larger family member - the raven, crows have a tendency towards large family groups; engaging in social activity with not only themselves, but in other species entirely, sometimes even tugging at the tail-feathers of other birds to elicit a reaction. They've also shown themselves adept at tools, and express a greater intelligence than what one would initially think of a scavenger..."

He allowed Katya's gaze to turn towards Caim and Cadolbolg again, only to happen upon seeing the warrior was engaging in some sort of indulgence with his metallic son. Caim had allowed Cadolbolg to clamor all over his shoulders and head while chattering excitedly. In turn, the Prince's face, while usually hard and uninviting, actually looked softer for once; finally appearing as a man in his mid twenties rather than a hardened soldier. Of course, Luke also knew that Katya's endeavor was not one to bear fruit either - not that he wouldn't indulge her. It was far better for her to love and lose rather than for him to crush her hopes right then and there; for he believed Katya had to learn about these sort of things on her own.

However, Luke's little bit of fun would have to wait, as he had another patron before him - one Rugal Bernstein. A minor disappointment, as Luke was expecting the daughter's presence rather than the father, but his job was his least he thought so before he gathered Rugal's beverage of choice and poured it for the King of Fighters. While Luke was usually able to keep calm and cool as a freshly refrigerated cucumber, Rugal - the Dawn's current captain and father-figure to someone very dear to him - had downed something that made HIS eyes water. HIM, the literal devil in disguise on board. The bartender had to take a step back and try to mull over a battle plan, if nothing else, attempt to prevent poisoning the immense German man via consumption. Clearing his throat, Luke tucked a stray hair back into place before pouring a glass of ice water for Rugal and attempting to speak in a calm manner as he pushed it forwards, "Mister Bernstein, while I'm not usually one to question my patrons, I think perhaps it'd be wise to take it a little more slowly? Perhaps you'd like a glass of wine instead? I do know we still contain some nice vintages from Europe. And, depending on what you chose, we could pair that nicely with something to eat? Drinking on an empty stomach rarely ends well, after all..."

Rising Dawn: Bar Katya, Boss, Luke, Rugal

Rugal spaced out for a moment before letting out a quiet burp, groaning a little from the intense smell before Luke handed him an ice water.
"That won', be necessary.......ohhhh...I just need something-...urg, to take the edge off...If I desired a vintage, I would have ordered it. Thank you for the offer however." he said, though despite that statement, he still accepted a good gulp of the ice water, crunching one of the ice cubes in his mouth to help cleanse the taste from, what the label called it, "Taste of Cloonconra Turf".
"...I have 4 former employees of mine on this ship, each one more then willing to give out several accounts of my past actions out to anyone who would listen as well as a woman I did unspeakable things to suddenly returning to the ship out of thin air...Just feels like the more I try to move away from my past, the more the world wants to bring it up..." He sighed before taking another gulp of the ice water before tapping on his shot glass once more.
"I might retire to my room once this liquor kicks in. I just-...I guess I just want to distance myself from the current situation for a while. Before I can do that, I need to untense myself. Hence my presence here."

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: David, Furiae

"...not necessarily normal?..."
There was a unsettling silence in the air for a moment after the Sniper said that, Furiae closing her eyes as she expected a goodbye.
It was then that she heard something else, namely...Snorting? Followed by laughter?
When she looked up, she noticed David was holding his side as he snapped his knee slightly.
"Furiae...Look around for a moment...We are on a technologically advanced airship that houses some of the most "Abnormal" people in the world. Hell, less then half an hour ago, I was piloting a high speed aircraft while a military android, a social media addict and a mutant doctor who shoots himself in the head for fun disarmed a nuclear missile Mid-Flight. On top of that, I've also faced down the hordes of hell in the Middle East, fought in the Angel War, visited the ACTUAL Grim Reaper's Hell Condo and you are worried about "Freaking me out"?..."
While part of him was kinda wanting to bail, he wasn't going to let the fact that she was part murderous hell angel(?) put him off.
Edging closer to her bedside, he took her hand in his own before adding "Yeah, I'll admit, it was kinda unexpected but I'm not going to hold something outside of your control against ya. Besides, trying to kill or nearly getting killed by a crew member is kinda a rite of passage around here. So I'm sorry to break it to ya, Darlin'..."

Looking deeply into her eyes and smiling, he then added "You are going to have to do a lot better then that to get rid of me..."

Rising Dawn: Brig: Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot

Doom was nervously watching the entire battle from his cell, moving his bed and standing on his tippy toes to reach the window.
It was rather uncomfortable to stay like that for hours on end, but he watched with welling tears as he worried about one of his closest friends in the whole world (Even if he did try to kill him after the fall of the Original Cartel).
Cortex meanwhile was pacing in his cell, trying to find some kind of way to escape as always, constantly glancing at the guards nearby, looking for any weakness he could exploit.
Both Villains dropped what they were doing when the door opened and a pair of soldiers dragged a struggling Wesker into his cell, still stuck in Elise's cocoon and that mouth muzzle, before lobbing him inside and locking him up.
"...You going to at least let me out of this thing?..." He complained before the guards returned to their posts, pretending not to have heard his request.
"Oh shit, they got you too?!"
"W-w-Wesker?! Oh my god, Doom was so worried that they were going to-"
"Doom? Doom, is that you? What the hell are you doing here?"
"Oh-Th-th-they tracked me down-an-and..."

There was a stunned silence in the brig for a moment, least until a slight sniffle filled the void, surprisingly not from the inexperienced doctor.
"It's okay...Doom kinda had it coming..."
There was a brief moment of nervous laughing between the duo while Cortex helped to tear apart the webbing, while they were some of the least sympathetic people in the world as well as the architects of some of the worst crimes on the planet, they were still one big happy Family collection of co-workers who resented each other.
"Inuart?....Did he get out?"
"Barely. He managed to get into an escape craft before the airships moved in. He's heading for Bison now. He's safe, I made sure of it."
"Oh thank god...If these guys find him, they are going to make sure he stays dead next time..."
"We can't worry about him now. Him and Bison won't be able to take on the entire Rising Dawn on their own. Best thing we can do for him is try to keep our mouths shut."
"B-b-b-b-ut what about Kazuya? He nearly-...Doom almost-"
"Doom...Listen to me...I know things are bad right now, maybe even the worst they've ever been. But I need you to trust me. We're going to make it out here. Alive. I don't know how, but I promise you this: We are going to get though this..."
"...Y-y-you promise?..."
"I promise. We are ALL going to get out of here...somehow..."
"Christ Above, just fuck each other already, you fucking homos. God..." Deadshot chimed from his cell, all while making note about their plotting to escape...

Rising Dawn: Canteen
Luke, Boss, Katya, Rugal

"If you want MY advice-" Boss interjected. "Don't worry about it. You're not the same person you used to be, right? And anyone who claims otherwise is flatly and self-evidently wrong. I mean, sure, people have beef with you. Hell, I'm pretty sure Edge has beef with you for whatever reason. But y'know what?" Boss pointed to Caim. "The bloody prince and his valiant steed have your back." Boss pointed to Katya. "Little Miss here has your back. Insano has your back, no question, and that's no small feat. Hell, if it came down to it, I', eighty percent sure Edge would have your back, and he doesn't even like you. And that's not to mention the half or more of the people on Kazuya's paycheck who you've won over. Or me! I've got your back!" Boss scooted closer to Rugal, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Do you think maybe that means something? That maybe what you're doing is more importaint than what you've done?" Boss took a deep breath. "Don't...don't beat yourself up too much. I'll tell you the same thing I told Icarus awhile back; you're not the first person to make a mistake in all the histories of all the many worlds. You're not even the first person to make a horrible, tragic mistake in all the histories of all the many worlds. And if it's any consolation, you won't be the last, either. The best thing you could possibly do is take the world as it is now; not as it could be, not as you wish it should be, but as it is, this very moment."

Rising Dawn: Barracks
Icarus appeared in his bedroom he immediately felt lighter, "Wow I cant believe how tired I feel, well I guess I may as well relax. He closed his eyes and his armor disappeared, returning his basic clothes, he wings disappeared. on his right index finger was a black ring with a large Ruby, the ring was shaped to look like a dragon. he smirked and looked around "weird I thought they'd be back by now"
"Apparently You forgot time is different in the void you were deep inside the farther reaches even though you may have been there for a few hours it was mere seconds, don't worry your friends will likely return"
He smiled and headed to the canteen to get something to eat and ice cold water, suddenly he felt the skin crawl on his right arm
"Hey something going on?"
"I can Sense the presence of another Dragon, This could be dangerous
"Another dragon? Oh it's probably Angelus"
" Hmm This is a dangerous situation, Dragon are highly territorial By nature when two powerful Dragons meet a fight is inevitable, Entering their territory without permission is Asking for trouble.
Icaurs however also felt a strange but familiar presence, "Hey wait is that..."
"Aroooo" a low growl as an old friend entered.
"D-Danny Boy?" Icarus asked as a Lucario came into his line of vision, as the two recognized each other Icarus tackled him into a hug laughing as the two play wrestled
"It is you, Oh it's so good to see you." He stood back and as did the Lucario.
They then sat down and had a drink together as they used to long ago, laughing together.
Suddenly the ring glowed
I hate to interrupt this reunion but you may want to leave
"Huh why's that?" Icarus said confused his sharp ears detected someone approaching
Trust me you will want to leave now or things will become more confusing.
Alright, Come on Danny boy let's go." And so the two left taking their drinks with them, leaving an empty canteen before the heroes arrived.

Coming of Age
Location: Null Magic Quarantine Module | Medical Bay | Rising Dawn
We lose what is certain when we pursue the uncertain.


Dolly was lying on her cot. My chest tightened. The machinery around her whirred in the same unchanging way that they always did. They didn't care whether or not someone was dying. They did their job. They did is just as well whether there was someone or not. They were static. They were tools. You could replace one without feeling the absence of the original.

The room was padded with special crystals that some master magician had designed. They absorbed any latent magic that was being produced in the immediate area, thereby creating a zone that was sterile of magic. Very good for keeping contagious curses from spreading. Now these crystals shone brightly hues of rich purple and blue, signalling that they were reaching their capacity to store magic.

An autodoc lay nearby idle. There was nothing wrong with Dolly, it insisted. John took a step forward and examined the poor girl.

Her hair was spread out below her. Her forehead was beaded with sweet. Her eyes were closed, but her eyes moved frantically underneath her eyelids. She was biting her lip, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to inflame the skin. The autodoc had stripped her of the ship's uniform and put her into a medical gown. Wires led beneath the tunic and tubes ran into her arms. She was properly restrained by metal, though it had started to deform from constant stress.

"Dolly," Molli said. She walked up beside John and held her breath. The heartbeat monitor was silent. A single flat line ran across it's screen. Yet Dolly was clearly breathing. Her brain was showing signs of feverish activity in fact. She seemed absolutely alive. It was just that...

"She has no pulse," John finished Molli's thought. He put a hand in the nook between her chin and neck, "but she's still warm." John turned to Teri as she came in, his brown eyes flashed in the crystal light of the room. "Master Cleric, please. Please figure out what's wrong with her. The First Lieutenant is a good person at heart, this I know." John hit a few switched on the panels and turned off the null-magic field.

And an ephemeral energy burst forth rearing it's head like a caged beast. It was magic unbound, clashing with something. A hatred that couldn't be contained.

BlackHarte separated a small part of his body from the superstructure and dropped down outside the cell. He raised his head curiously. "Interesting development."

Black Mesa - Executive Helipad: Miia, Kalastryn

The silence she was receiving from Miia spoke volumes. Distrust of joining the Rising Dawn swiftly following seeing war for what may well have been the first time she ever had to witness it? It was only all too natural, so Kala simply nods in a calm response. "That's alright as well. I can't force you, and I understand that you must be in shock after seeing a scene like this laid out in front of you." She says as she walks gently over to the crying Lamia and kneels over, blanketing over her shoulder with one wing.

"But what will it solve to sulk here? I will not lie, it is unlikely our ship would take you to the world you call home... but it is the only way I know of that can perform such a feat, however unpredictable. I told you before that I envied your innocence, and I suppose that is an appropriate term for such a feeling. I wish that, whatever world you might have lived in to foster such a lack of brutality, I could have been raised there." Her expression turns almost pained at this, before she continues...

"but... I... I wasn't. I was raised in a world that looked at me as a pinnacle of evil, even when I was a child. I was an orphan, and the kindest people I dare say that world had ever brought to life raised me in place of my birth parents. I knew enough magic, that I could look human... and it worked. It was only then that I went to seek shelter at their home... but even when they discovered what lay beneath that mask all those years ago, they treated me no different. No different than the innocent child I truly was at the time."

"I might have ended up with a heart as soft as yours, if that love story was all there was to it. but others weren't so accepting. I kept my mask on, all the time... but others in that small town started to have suspicions on my parents simply because I existed. They didn't know it was me, exactly... but they knew they fostered a "devil child" as their paranoia took hold. And... they killed them. I ran away from my old home, because they restrained those two loving people inside the home we shared, and burned it to the ground." she says as a small flame flickers at the tip of her fingers, as she stares into it withdrawn.

"With what you've seen today, I imagine it easy to imagine us as terrible, terrible people who laid everyone in our path low. But this world is full of terrible, terrible people... these people were no better- or worse I suppose. But you see... we all have our reasons to do this. I will not coerce you... but if I can convince you that through it all your only route home might be through us... would you come with us? I would make an attempt to avoid ever even forcing you to join us in combative operations, if you so desired."

"and if you so happen to wonder why I stay here when I happen to largely agree with you that the brutality is too much? I answer... If you wish to go home, I would have wished the same, if mine was still there. My whole world is gone, and the few people left from it that I cherish remaining are with me on that vessel. Where they go, I go... and in the process, I stop others from suffering such a fate. Wouldn't you agree that is something worth fighting for, no matter what it costs you? Being honest... I've died for that pursuit before." She says, fluttering the wings behind her back gently for emphasis.

"The change it helped to bring however, was worth every moment I spent before such time. We aren't so terrible I swear... and really, I do think that even if not all of us would be so open to your ideals... it would be better than the alternative of being here alone and weeping, right?" She asks, leaving Miia with as much time as she needs to decide.

Staying by the pained serpent all the while.

Rising Dawn: Bar Katya, Boss, Luke, Rugal, ARES

ARES had taken note of a few things over the time they had spent amidst the Rising Dawn's numbers. Naturally, even though they had just stopped a nuclear missile detonation, food and drink were necessity for others even if not for herself. However... she also began to take note as she approached the bar and picked up the odor of the alcoholic substance Rugal was ingesting, it appears those drinks didn't always have to be safe for the consumption of minors. In fact, she noted that if... that was on tap... in all likelihood they usually weren't.

She had been cloaked via her stealth module in one corner of the bar waiting for Katya, before she got into another conversation that is. Now however, it was just about time to start her piece of conversation.

Briskly walking over to Katya, she tapped her on the shoulder as her stealth module's effect then melted away. "Ms. Rostikova, I do believe I informed you I wished to discuss something with you while we were in the field. So if I may be allowed to shift the topic from crows to something else. At least vaguely related to what I wished to speak with you about."

"Now, when I first came aboard and had Dr. Violet analyze my systems, you attempted to breach into them. I want to show you the files neither of you were allowed to see. This might sound odd coming from a machine, but thank god for faulty programming, eh?" she said with a smirk.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
I gotta peeeeeeee!
Katya Rostikova

Seven Fuzzy Navels, three Mai Tais and Six Pina Coladas later Katya Rostikova found herself washed in a very familiar sensation. There was one sole difference this time around, however. Where the Bossman, Rugal, was going for the strong stuff in small quantities, the Rising Dawn's Drunken Drama Queen was going for the light stuff in mass quantities and while both Rugal and Katya were each working on a sizable buzz, Katya's main issue turned out to be her bladder's limited capacity for liquids. It was rather unfortunate that ARES had chosen this moment to start to talk to Katya about the files and such. The Decadent Drunkard had neither the attention span nor the cognitive powers to comprehend what ARES was even talking about. That wasn't to say that Katya didn't try to listen to what ARES was saying, it was simply beyond her powers at that very moment in time. The only thing Katya could do was simply nod in time with ARES' lips, which suddenly found themselves halted by a finger pressed against them.

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... I hafta pee." The young woman muttered. Swaying her the bar stool for a moment, the current crimson haired catastrophe kicked herself off of her seat, landed on her feet and proceeded to wait for the turbulence that had been buffeting the ship to stop.

"W...whoa." Katya muttered as she held onto the bar to keep herself from falling face first onto the floor. Seeing as how the ship's refusal to stop listing was as stubborn as her bladder's refusal to stop being full, the Hacker smartly decided to proceed in the direction of the rest room.

She didn't make it too far as her path to the restroom brought her perilously close to Caim's gravitational pull, if that's what you could call it. The inebriated calamity named Katya couldn't help be swerve her way towards where both Caim and Cadolbolg sat before firmly planting herself in an empty chair.

"H... h... heeeeeeey!" The Drunken Drama Queen slurred a greeting to the mismatched father and son before pointing a finger at Caim, "Y... you... yooooooooooou. You safed meh youuuuuuuuu. I... i... s'it troo that choo were a burd? Thash cooool Caim. Thash all right wiff me. Y... you wanna no whyy? Y... you safed me maaaaan. You kepp meh from going 'AHHHHHHHHHH' *squish*. S... so it doesn matter if you wur a burd, Caim. You wanna know why? I ... I like you, Caaaaaaim. I like you... a looot."

With a sudden surge of alcohol fueled courage, the Digital Drunkard found herself grabbing the Caerleonian Prince's hand and pressing it against her chest.

"Y.. yuh feel that? It mah hart. It beats up mah chest when I... I'm near you." The Girl who Forgot to tend to her bladder admitted feebly. Katya paused for a moment as she heard the sound of liquid dripping against the Canteen's floor.

"Awwwwwww crap! Goddamm it!" Katya exclaimed as she got up out of her seat and attempted to wipe away the spilled drink from her pants. The pee part? Yeah, B3WP had that covered. The situation was already embarrassing enough without Katya stewing in a bladder load of her own urine for the rest of the night, "S... sorry Caiim... lemme get chu a'noffer one."

"Luke! Luuuuuuuuuke! 'Nother one? Yeah..." Clearly this was getting out of hand since Katya started making Darth Vader Respirator noises, "Aaaaahm your father Luuuuuuuuuuke... I toll him, Luke! I toll him that I didn' care tha he wus a burd! I thin he's gonna tell me he lykes meh too!"

"I believe this has gone on long enough." B3WP's familiar voice said over Katya's mobile.


The ship had settled. The world was no longer spinning and Katya was in the middle of her room ranting like a lunatic. Turning to where Caim and Cadolbolg sat, Miss Rostikova could only give the Berserker Swordsman and his Son a weak smile as her cheeks suddenly felt like they'd been dipped in lava.

"S... sorry." Katya muttered weakly as she scurried back to where ARES was and grabbed her by the arm, pulling the woman shaped machine out of the Canteen with her, "So-you-were-talking-about-files-right? I-can-look-at-those-files-for-you-I'd-love-to-look-at-those-files-for-you."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Corridors and Corridors and Corridors
I wat?
Rory Mercury

Standing next to the medical bed where the dying soldier lay, Rory the Reaper watched as the ship's medic caused the woman's once grievous wounds to close, much in the same manner that her own wounds healed themselves. The healing didn't appear to be limited to the woman however as the dull ached caused by the knotted muscles that had not yet been resolved by her indestructible nature started to fade away leaving the young looking woman feeling rather refreshed. While Emloy's Oracle was not an expert on magic to the degree that Leilei was, the Darkly Dressed Demi-Goddess could tell that the nature of the Doctor was different from the magic that Rory was used to. More specifically, the origins of the healing magic felt more akin to Rory's own powers than the magical powers that Leilei the Mage frequently displayed.

Was this woman healer a Demi-Goddess like Rory? If she was, who was her Patron God? There was no God who held dominion over the healing arts, though given the Empire's violent history, one might have expected there to be one.

The woman soldier was breathing easier now that her wounds have been fully cared for. Rory no longer felt Emloy's pull towards this woman. One would have thought that being a Disciple of the God of Death that Rory would have argued against the healing of a woman so obviously on the verge of death, however this was simply not the case. Death was the climax of one's life before transitioning to the next. While the act of killing was not a sin in the eyes of Emloy neither was the act of pulling another from the brink of Death. Death was inevitable for most and if one's role in the world had not yet been fulfilled, the God of Death would rather have the person serve out their purpose before moving on.

Sitting with the woman for a time, Rory suddenly found herself drawn to yet another emergency. While Emloy had guided Rory to her previous patient, a sudden pulse of magic energy was what drew the Demi-Goddess this time. Walking towards the source of the commotion, the loligoth peeked her head into the room where the ships medic had been called to. Inside the room was a cell and inside of the cell was something... strange. Fully entering the room, Rory stood beside the dark mass that was observing the event that was unfolding inside of the cell.

"What's happening to her?" Rory asked in a purely curious fashion.

Coming of Age
Location: Null Magic Quarantine Room | Medbay
We lose what is certain when we pursue the uncertain.


"What's happening to her?" Rory asked in a purely curious fashion.

BlackHarte turned his eye and looked Rory once over. "Ah, Mistress Rory Mercury. Nice to see you." He turned his attention back to the event at hand. To the others it looked like chaotic magic had sprung out of the young woman's heart - BlackHarte knew her as First Lieutenant Dolores Selmy - but to BlackHarte the scene burned with invisible tension. The very reality around her was resonating strongly with something else and that vibration was shaking poor Dolores apart from the inside out. It was erasing her presence from the world - from the future and from the past.

After a long silence BlackHarte finally responded to Rory's question. "She is in the process of being repossessed, so to speak. She borrowed something very powerful, and that owner has come back. Naturally the power desires to return to it's original owner. That is the simple explanation." BlackHarte nodded his head in satisfaction of his own analytical prowess and continued, "If I were to say it in more technical terms, her quantum identity is collapsing because an identical signature has appeared in close enough proximity to begin a meta-physical feedback loop."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Rising Dawn: G-Corp Hanger: Kazuya/Wesker, Violet, Nadalia, Elise

Turning to the returning heroes, he then said "If I remember correctly, Wesker was always the "Brains" of the operation, least in the practical sense unlike Cortex. He should give us a great deal of insight into Bison's operations. My Men will assist US forces in the clean up operation. I advise everyone to tend to their wounded before we get to any "Celebrations"..."

Despite his usual mannerisms, he did seem to actually smile before adding "...After MIT, I was questioning just how much of your fame was actually warranted. But after today's performance, All such fears have been purged. Great work out there. Another win like that and we'll be dragging Bison kicking and screaming into a windowless jail cell."

Kazuya saluted before returning to his station, happily and I quote 'happily' preparing to question the Rising Dawn's guests of honor such as Wesker, Cortex, and Dr. Doom if needed be. Elise had her arms folded, a soft smile on her face with the look of success lingering there. "My oh my ... we captured Wesker after all and no one within the crew died. And to think we were seconds away from being incinerated from that nuclear bomb."

"Indeed ... but Elise, what shall we do with these prisoners?" Nadalia asked, carrying at least eight men, two on each of her shoulders and two tucked above her arms as if Nadalia was going on a camping trip. Although these men were clearly in shape, Elise's webbing was stronger then rope ... the crimson pink silk tied these men up from the ankle to the collar bone without a single thread out of place.

"Oh? The ones we captured at the dam before infiltrating the base? ... Perhaps put them in a brig away from Wesker and the likes of Cortex. I don't want these men being in any danger from the man that tried nuking his own people."

"I understand. I'll be seeing you later then Elise."

With that, the Iron Queen went to two soldiers standing around, questioning as to what brig holds 'normal' prisoners apart from the supernatural ones. As for Elise, she thought about joining Kazuya for another toast but felt the man had much business to attend to. Then it hit her- and she knew what to do next.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise

"Inuart?....Did he get out?"
"Barely. He managed to get into an escape craft before the airships moved in. He's heading for Bison now. He's safe, I made sure of it."
"Oh thank god...If these guys find him, they are going to make sure he stays dead next time..."
"We can't worry about him now. Him and Bison won't be able to take on the entire Rising Dawn on their own. Best thing we can do for him is try to keep our mouths shut."
"B-b-b-b-ut what about Kazuya? He nearly-...Doom almost-"
"Doom...Listen to me...I know things are bad right now, maybe even the worst they've ever been. But I need you to trust me. We're going to make it out here. Alive. I don't know how, but I promise you this: We are going to get though this..."
"...Y-y-you promise?..."
"I promise. We are ALL going to get out of here...somehow..."

"Christ Above, just fuck each other already, you fucking homos. God..."

Suddenly, a female voice came from the doorway leading into the brig ... Deadshot if not Doom especially recognized the voice. It was Elise chatting with one of the guards whom allowed her access into the restricted area.
"Hahaha~ yes it was quite bad out there. But everyone made it out in one peace, thanks to the Rising Dawn's efforts in keeping things in order. Seeing such teamwork and cognoscenti in the art of war. Ah, where are my manners? Thank you kindly for escorting me here, but I can take it from here gentleman~"

She stepped in, eyeing the 'new' prisoners. Cortex was with Wesker, Deadshot was in his own little cell while Doom was among them- noticing Elise was walking up to the bars in front of Cell's presence.
"As promised, I had returned. Just wanted to check up on my friends ... and ensure no harm had come to any of you. Because if that was the case, we would have a problem now wouldn't we?" She turned her head to the nearby guards, with a friendly smile that hid the warning I'm not joking.

Black Mesa - Executive Helipad: Miia, Kalastryn

". .. . . . .. . .. .... ..."

Miia had her eyes drawn to Kala's ... tearing up more with a surprised yet saddened face, but not because she was so fixated on the massacre at the helipad. It was Kala's touching yet tragic story about having to flee her home because people couldn't accept her appearance nor her race. The entire speech gripped Miia by her very heart, rendering the girl to speak at all (which could explain why Kala assumed Miia was ignoring her). Without warning, Kala was brought down in a slow but deep hug ... Miia comforting Kala with the Lamia's chin resting on the girl's shoulder and arms holding the girl close to the point Kala was on her knees in the process.

"I can ... see why you appear to have wings." Miia mumbled mostly to herself, but loud enough for Kala to pick up on. Her embrace was one like of a child's, holding someone to better their spirits but also show that they're in their thoughts ... Miia not letting go simply from how emotional she was overall. Her bangs covered her sore, red eyes but the voice was now able to stay stabilized, no longer cracking every word or so. ".. J-just need some time to adapt is all. I, I don't ever want to witness something like this again. Please, take me into the ship. I .. want to be anywhere but here."

Kala helped the serpent girl up, and strapped her arm underneath Miia's ... holding each other's arms as Kala escorted poor Miia upon the Rising Dawn's itself. On the way there, Miia turned to Kala and spoke softly with a weak voice, "Thanks for .. talking to me. I really can't get over what took place here, a.. and ... I won't ever change my mind about how murder is wrong, but ... at least I understand why you and your friends had to take action. Still, it ... it's a lot to take in and I would rather get my mind off .. somehow. Also please, don't worry about me. You already took the liberty to give me a really warm talk, so the least I can do is not worry you so much. .. ."

The Rising Dawn: Hotel Room Annie, Ryan

".. Nice place you have here. Looks like every other room we've been to in the past." Annie stated sarcastically, making fun of the fact nearly every guest room has the same layout if not the same design for both the beds, the wallpaper, the location of furniture, and the bathrooms installed.

"Yea, but .. it's still far better then any hotel room you'll find yourself sleeping in on Earth for free."

Annie had her hands supporting her body's weight, rocking those legs back & forth in a laid back fashion while observing her surroundings. She combed her hair so it wouldn't bother her eyes no longer, while mentioning, "To think, Rugal would suddenly make me into a parvenu ... not only allowing me on board of the ship but not tossing me into a jail cell."

"Well, he isn't as much of a monster as y- .. .. okay scratch that. He isn't a bad person, when he tries to be a good person. Clearly from the way he saw you back at the helipad, the man had some real guilt pressed into his face. Now i'm not saying you must forgive him, but as long as i'm with you- there's no need for anyone to consider you a criminal on the loose."

".. Tch." Annie groaned to herself, looking away from Ryan (while he was still dressed in that black robe and wearing the orange mask). Seeing this reaction made Ryan kind of want to chuckle, but already told Annie he wouldn't give her anymore problems. Unstrapping the mask, he placed it gently on the counter next to his own bed and rubbed his face to get the eyes adjusted to the light.

"So .. it's quite good seeing you again Annie. Didn't think you would be 'okay' with staying in the same room as me."

"Just because I mentioned about us having a fresh start, doesn't mean my feelings toward you are cleared. I still resent you, yet despite this- you're the only person I trust on the Rising Dawn. Anyone else is possibly dirt waiting to backstab me or touch themselves while torturing me."

That comment made Ryan somewhat cringe, yet he didn't blame her for the raw assumption. After all, after hearing what the Wanderer did to his own crew, with Rugal capable of turning into Mr. Satan if he so chose to, or say anyone else getting their jollies in getting back at Annie for the sake of revenge; there was a lot of risk so Ryan wasn't going to change her mind on the subject.

"Just make yourself at home. You don't have to even attend any missions the Rising Dawn undertakes, but know you won't be tied down by supervision nor any bullcrap Kazuya throws at ya. I'll make sure you're treated like a regular per ... okay scratch THAT. You'll be treated better then the soldiers here. Haha ..aha ... *cough*"

No offense to the Rising Dawn, but the ship wasn't exactly holding up a good reputation for keeping their hired soldiers safe, respected, or treated with dignity. Most die on a whim if something goes wrong, or discarded due to everyone else being #1 on the saving Private Ryan's list. So with that, Ryan sat on the bed next to Annie and stretched, deciding to lay on his back and relax for a brief moment with the muscles thanking him for being on something so soft such as the bed.

".. So what now?"

"Well, we hang back until orders are given. You're again, free to live here as a resident of the Rising Dawn or join the crew on some nifty adventures. Beats me, for all I know is that Wesker- the madman whom tried to nuke everyone back to the stone age- is going to be integr- at. .. ed ..." Ryan paused, realizing he may of hit some notes that could trigger Annie's horrific memories of the past.

He read her face by shifting his eyes, and he was right ... her expression held some anger. But she tried to restrain herself, and look forward by 'pretending' to not really care. Yet, he regretted his words and remained in silence with Annie as they heard nothing but silence itself.


The Rising Dawn Adventures

Rising Dawn: G-Corp Hanger: Dr. Violet, Faith

Meanwhile, Violet was a bit more busy with another pressing issue as he carefully filled a needle with a clear fluid before moving over to Faith, who had to be sedated after she tried to (And I quote) "Steal this trick ass whip and ride that motherfucker into the sunset like that guy from that movie with Jesus and Nazis.".
"Alright, have to get the dosage just right..." The doctor said before tapping the needle slightly and-...spraying the cold water inside over her face to wake her up (Look, he isn't that kinda Doctor, alright?)
When she woke up, he then said "Sorry about that. It appeared that one of the creatures who appeared as part of the portal storm took over your senses for a while. It's okay, we were able to extract the offending spirit, but you might need one of these for a while..."
As if she wasn't confused enough, Violet then handed her an Ice Pack for the developing black eye she got when Kazuya's men knocked her out.

".. . .. I'm ... thank you." Faith managed to muster out, accepting the Ice Pack and placing it against her head.
She laid back and looking at the ceiling, her eyes drawing out the details in every plate built into the Rising Dawn's cover.

Why am I so weak? How come I couldn't force him out of my body?
Did all my training, my hard work- all prove i'm just physically superior to most Pokemon?
.. But the moment someone catches me by surprise, I am hopeless to fend for myself?
What if I ended up hurting someone while being possessed? What if I ended up killing Ry ... . . an.

It started occurring to the Shiny Pokemon that perhaps, without Ryan to train her or provide orders on the next attack ... she was not independent. Every battle she went through had Ryan alongside her, even the one that took place in space. When her trainer was nowhere in sight, this Ghost type easily possessed her if not did the most basic psychic ability (Hypnosis) to put her under.

The mere thought made Faith clench her fists and cause the Ice Pack to rip open from the sheer power of her psychic abilities leaking out. She turned to the startled Dr. Violet and addressed, "That 'thing' you extracted from me was simply a Haunter, a Ghost-type Pokemon. For it to of overtaken my body for a joy ride at my power level ... is inexcusable. This can only mean one thing-"

Faith stood up, as if her body didn't care about being drained from the possession. Everything near her was shifting around, shaking, some levitating off the surface where they once stood. Even a nearby vehicle was sliding to the side, Faith's body glowing a faint aura.

"I'm going to train my @$$ off until nothing can overtake me; let alone get near me to do anything. If Ryan asks for me, tell him i'll be off and he knows where to find me. Tell him, that I am no longer in need of a trainer to hold my hand- that I must fight my own battles."

Before Dr. Violet could say a word, Faith used Teleport and vanished, but unlike most teleports ... this one was strong. Strong enough to create a vast sphere of light to blind half the Hangar and make all the objects around violently shoot backwards, including Dr. Violet sliding back in his seat. Wherever Faith went to ... she meant business in getting stronger.

Faith (Shiny Gardevoir) is now inactive from the AA RP. Whomever wants to contact her, please notify me and i'll bring her into the RP again. Until then, she's off to train like those behind the scenes in Dragonball Z lol.

Rising Dawn | outside the canteen: ARES, Katya

Needless to say ARES was not quite... amused at Katya's intoxicated "performance." However, being dragged out of the room by her arm as Katya seemed to suddenly sober up certainly did seem to help the issue. "Right well-"

"So-you-were-talking-about-files-right? I-can-look-at-those-files-for-you-I'd-love-to-look-at-those-files-for-you."

ARES let out an audible groan, rubbing her temples. "Please Ms. do try to calm down. I understand that such a fiasco must have been just as embarrassing to go through as it was to watch but still, compose yourself a bit? Also... given your current emotional state, and the fact that you were intoxicated moments ago, I think I'll hold off on showing you the files... but the conversation I wanted to have is another matter actually." She says with a sigh.

"Basically... when I first arrived on the rising dawn, you tried to hack into my files and view some confidential material. With my programming on the fritz, I can talk about that and so much more, thankfully." she says, curiously content with the inflicted "damage."

"I wanted to speak with you since back inside Black Mesa after my little outburst, and I do hope you can forgive me for that as well. I'll get you the files on a USB later but... well being quite honest I sort of singled you out for the number one person to speak to on this. If for no other reason, your the only person I've ever really known to at least have acted like you cared." she says with a shrug of her shoulders.

"See I told you back in Black Mesa that I could simply restore the damaged files myself, but truth be told I really don't want to. It's because of my programming that I've never actually been able to talk about the other form of pain. Sure I have a synthetic nervous system, and to appear more human and thus fulfill my role as a decoy I will, from time to time, display other natural bodily functions like sweating while under great stress... but my AI isn't like any you've likely laid eyes on. Sure I have file storage like any operating system you could probably name for a computer but fundamentally there are a few things to explain." She continues, scratching the back of her head for... what reason exactly? Whether or not they were deciding where to start their explanation, it's a gesture that would of course be very out of place for any form of machine.

"How familiar are you with "The Uncanny Valley?" To put it simply, if you add human features to an inhuman object it begins an approach to "The Uncanny Valley." It is a phenomenon which... how to explain it? Alright... if something is distinctly inhuman, and you can tell this by even looking at it from a distance, then the human features about it will catch your eye. However inversely to this if some thing appears nearly human enough to fool you maybe even into thinking they could be an old childhood neighbor then all parts of them, from the way they look to the way they speak glaringly catch your eye and become... unsettling to many. Do you by any chance see where I might be headed with this Ms?"

"Of course the Uncanny Valley is, symbolically, a valley. It has the trough which many repulsive appearing amalgamations of human features and a plethora of features that distinctly are not, and a peak at one side where the object in question clearly isn't human, but what few human traits it might exhibit would be... endearing perhaps? ARES units such as myself were meant to be built for the far side of the valley, utterly indistinguishable from human beings... when we needed to be." She says, taking a brief pause to let all the information sink in.

"And... that brings me back around to my programming. You see, my body is built to be able to appear in all ways human. Look at my face and tell me that if it weren't for the armor or the fact that you saw what I was capable of, and you just met me at random on a city street corner you'd have any idea I wasn't someone living in a random apartment building and nothing more? This presented... a small problem to the Accord. Having us as Decoys was one thing, but not being able to tell us apart from the general populace would have been... troublesome. So they said to hell with Asimov and simply programmed ARES units the way I've previously described... which a LOT of people were pissed about. To be honest, I was too... not that I could say as much... they typed that into my head too." She says as she bites her lower lip, thinking about how to approach the next topic.

"People hated this because my AI was essentially brainwashing when you break it down to it's fundamentals. Now don't look at me like I'm spouting nonsense, the systems behind my thought processes are quite exemplary, even if quite forcefully restricted by the Accord's programming. Every human being where I'm from gets a microchip inserted into their cranium at the moment their born, has been that way for well over a couple centuries, that directly links them to the SIN network. Think of it like having a form of internet linked directly into the cranium of every living person. Now I'll say it flat out, the backdrop for ARES' AI programming was sampled from the most promising people connected to said network. Consenting, knowledgeable, or... well not they were essentially pretty steamed about being mechanically cloned, the results being the ARES initiative." She says, as she looks away, looking rather... disheartened for her final piece on the matter.

"Yeah... they were more steamed that they hadn't been told about the special occasion the network was being used for to collect samples on their brain activity rather than the fact a version of them would be sent time and time again to die. I have to hand it to the Accord though, they make some marvelous technology... because my AI is so great the "Artificial" portion of the acronym might as well be sliced off. You learn through your experiences right? You go to schools, colleges, the like? Well I did too, or I thought I did. Virtual reality, lived a whole life in a matter of weeks, truly believing I wasn't any different from your average Jane until I just "Woke up" being handed a rifle. She finishes, letting out a heavy sigh now that all of this is off her chest.

"You can't have any idea what that's like. I... well I think just like you do, but I wasn't ever allowed to speak out of line about the fact that such is the case. It only served to piss me off more that no one where I was from cared, perfectly content to have me throw myself between them and the enemy time and again. I... well if we ever end up where I'm from, I figure someone should probably know. You seemed like the best person to tell because, well..." She says with a shrug.

"Thanks for caring."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Rising Dawn: Hotel Room Annie, Ryan

(Warning: Some content that's above PG 13 can be found in this post, but not for reasons you may think. Discretion is advised)

After a few solid minutes, Ryan shifted on his side to look at Annie whom had not moved from her spot since the moment they arrived. Sitting on the bed with her arms sitting on the girl's lap, she looked ahead with a blank, uninterested expression. Blinking, the author decided to sit upright and talk to the Titan Shifter.

"Are you hungry by any chance? Maybe I can, order us some food from the imps. They might be menacing at first but past that- they're incredible chiefs by heart."

"Not hungry." The awkward silence was really due to Annie wanting time to herself, while Ryan wanted to make a conversation. Still, he wasn't going to allow this moment to belittle his mood. Rather, he would get up and fetch something himself. As the dude got up from the bed to seek some food ... Annie spoke to him with the following, "Why did you abandon me?"

".. Oh .. .. . uhh h hhh..." Talk about the moment growing more awkward. This time, her eyes were lined with his, Annie looking right at him with no change of expression. Even though it was kind of clear as to why Ryan left Annie simply because other matters in life came up, he didn't want to keep her in the dark.

"If you have to know, and the truth that is- I was stupid Annie. Things in life came up, I was overwhelmed ... heck I wasn't happy with being a dragonoid made of stone. Abandoned a lot of things besides you, but yeah ... it was for selfish reasons. Primary reason of course was not having anything to contribute to the Rising Dawn. With my shadow failing to overtake my body, I felt no need to continue doing the Persona Arc with the crew. It was awful of me to remove you from the adventure as well I admit, but after you and Rugal's breakdown .. I kind of felt it was for the best. But yeah, I am sorry... like, really sorry .. and nothing I can say will really change that except with how you feel about it in the end Annie."

Silence. It once again fell between Titan Shifter and the author before her. At this point, a sweat drop formed down the guy's head because Annie at any moment can stand up and kick his sorry hide. Yet, she didn't express anger nor sadness. Her stare was just that, a stare. Sighing however, Annie got up and brushed her hair back once more.

"Fair enough ... I won't hold that against you any longer. As long as you keep your word about having me around, then there's nothing to be bitter over. I can't say the same for Rugal yet, but that's a different subject from this one."

For some reason, Ryan's heart began to race a little, noticing how he was alone with Annie. Now for the most part, he was a civilized dude who would never make advancements on a girl, especially if she was not willing to accept such a move. Yet, this reminded of him when Ryan was alone with Faith. He remembered times she would cuddle with him at night, pressing herself to him. Sometimes it would be just that, other times, well- it'd be more. Making out, feeling her up or the Shiny Gardevoir making advances on him ... it was that kind of 'friends with benefits' except Faith felt very strongly for the author.

Only say, two times did their time together go across the red tape and into what you'd call "making an attempt at love" for both parties. Now they didn't have sex, but when I say close, it was a close call. A simple reason as to why it never went into intercourse was the fact Ryan didn't want to have sex with a fictional creature despite she was physically there and could touch her, hear her, see her, and everyone else could too. Still, it didn't feel right to Ryan so the act was called off.

Here, Annie was a person, aka a human being. Her appearance was that of a normal girl, whom was also very pretty. That confident look, the short but unique haircut that was made of blonde hair, the fact Annie was in very good shape and bearing 'somewhat' near his age. Sure she was 16 and Ryan was 24, but ... this wasn't the United States when you're on a dimension traveling ship like the Rising Dawn. The thought of him being alone with Annie started to make Ryan's face somewhat flush red.

Annie raised an eyebrow at first, questioning why Ryan was suddenly beginning to blush until-


".. You're not having any ill-willed thoughts about us being alone in this room, are you Ryan?"

"W-WHAT?!! Nooooooo, NOO! Co- Pppppfffttt come on really? Not at all Annie, like we wo- .. .ahahahh. Please."

Annie wasn't buying it, and gazed closer at the author's face, causing more sweat to beat down the author's face. You gotta admit, he did hold up the natural smile quite well but everything else was showing flags of him repeating 'CRAP' in his mind. Annie looked away, and sat back down onto the bed with her face looking bored once more.

".. In that case, it wouldn't be a problem if I changed, would it?"

"I-i'm sorry, wh-what?"

"We're not kids Ryan. Given what has unfolded between us, we've been exposed to war, bloodshed, violence ... why would me changing be considered taboo?" Without another word, Annie slid her arm back into the brown opened-up jacket and started undressing. Ryan immediately turned around, taking slow breathes to ease himself from having 'those' kinds of thoughts. He could hear the soft ruffling of Annie's clothes as she removed them, unbuckling the straps around her heels and all the other clothing that Annie had in possession. It wasn't until a moment later he felt someone toss a jacket onto his head, making the author shrug it off with no idea as to what had happened. When he turned around to scold Annie, he was left speechless.

She was entirely naked in front of his eyes, from head-to-toe had nothing hiding her body whatsoever. Breasts, abs, the face, the treasure below ... she was revealing her skin to him, in which Ryan gulped in an attempt to not squeak (because that's how shocked he was).

"I don't see the big deal about this. When I shift into the Female Titan, that form takes after me as well. Yet, you hadn't batted an eye when seeing that despite there's no skin to be found on my other form. This is me, and if i'm going to put my trust in you, I want to know if you're mature after all."

"... Ma-mature? Like how I react or does that imply self control? .. Because .. uhah. .. I mean it's so forward Annie-"

She crossed her arms and looked un-amused, eyes narrowed and finger tapping on the arm. Yet after some pause, she changed back to her bored self before facing toward the matress.

"Get in bed with me." She ordered, pointing at the bed.

"W-WHAT?!!" Ryan backed away, arm up with his eyes wide as saucers. This wasn't like Annie, and he started to think this was Chrysalis or something trying to sneak some energy from him. But his eyes were activated, and his sharingan read that this was 100% Annie. She looked back with a stare, but it wasn't a death stare. This was one testing him, one look that went to see what the author would do next.

Feeling like his muscles were like butter, the guy did as he was told, and went for the bed. He got on first, with Annie to follow after as both laid down, looking at each other. His eyes kept adverting from the naked body, while Annie didn't shy away from the fact she was nude in front of a guy she had distaste for. Closing her eyes, she asked a question, "I've seen the way you looked at me awhile back. Your eyes said it all- and even now, you desire me. Why aren't you submitting to those thoughts?"

"Bee .. . .eeccc .. caayuuusueee ... . .. . uuugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy crap this is awkward, heh ...." Ryan stumbled onto his words, deciding to lay on his back and gaze at the ceiling without wanting to peer anymore at Annie's face, so he could risk seeing 'other' things. Yet, to his absolute surprise- she began crawling over him, and sitting on top of the author while everything was definitely in view. He froze, mouth somewhat hanging and heart beating harder then before. Certainly, in this position- she was looking at him below while arms pushed against his shoulders, her eyes locking with his.

"T.. . this is REALLY not appropriate Annie. I, .. did someone dose your drink or something? .. AUauahah. . . oh god please cover your chest. Wh-why are you doing this i'm so confused and insecure about this."

"You hadn't answered my question ... why do you resist going for the chance?"

"W-what chance??"

"The chance of sleeping with me. Don't pretend you can't easily use me ... for i'm aware of your specialties. You're capable of putting me in a trance with that eye, aren't you? For all I know, you could of used 'genjutsu' on me and forced me to go along with anything. Yet, you didn't ... nor did you do so up to this point. Were you bidding your time, or was it the fact you had me go through so much- that raping me without memory of what happened would place more guilt on your consciousness?"

Embarrassment and the scrawny act on Ryan's part completely left, only filling in surprise but sadness on the author's end. It seemed Annie didn't trust Ryan, and the truth was- she was pushing him to confess and take her now. She figured Ryan may try to sexually assault her, so why not get the truth out before the situation spirals into her assumption? Yet, this hurt him personally on a deep level .. Annie was willing to be raped so she could understand the kind of person Ryan was. She didn't want this, but her life led this girl to tackle trust in the most dire ways.

Ryan was still until he placed a hand onto his head, sighing aloud.
"You have it all wrong. Just because I find you attractive, doesn't mean i'm going to try anything. I understand, and I mean I understand why you don't trust anyone on the Rising Dawn, including me. Rugal had you tortured with waterboarding, using oil which is insane overall. Being alone with a guy who ditched you without a 2nd thought is clear to perhaps, have other motives. Annie, yes ... I can put mostly anyone in a hypnotic stance with my Sharingan. I can cast illusions into one's mind to see / perceive things differently. But no matter what, I would never do that to you. Never. I'd rather have you cut my dick off then have it go into someone unwillingly. The thing I despise more then murder, is rape .... and I ... I wouldn't put you through such an experience. Please put your clothes on Annie, and let's not bring this up again."

"..." She stayed silent, still sitting on top of the guy while he laid back on the bed. Her expression shifted slightly to a painful one, despite you couldn't tell unless you were staring. Bringing up Rugal and the fact she was willing to let Ryan rape her to reveal his true character put a strain on the girl's heart, and she looked away with an unpleasant look with sadness showing.

"You've most certainly been through a lot, but I didn't think it was to this extent. I'm ... ... sorry, Annie."

He leaned up and placed a hand on her cheek. Even by turning it towards him, Annie refused to look him in the eyes and had her eyes on the floor. Despite risking a bad reaction from Annie, he hugged her with one hand behind the head. She had her eyes open wider, a small shock-like expression her face, but she didn't react to the hug (least negatively). With that, Ryan felt one arm go around his back and the other clinging to his shoulder. She was hugging him back now, even though it wasn't as widely wrapped around as Ryan's grip was on Annie herself. Still, it was all the moment could ask for before the hug broke off slowly and Ryan glanced into her eyes one last time. He then proceeded to reach over and grab Annie's clothes, handing it back to her. Nodding, she started to get dressed with this shamed look still pressed onto the Titan Shifter's face. Once fully dressed, she turned to him and said, "You know what..? .. I could go for a bite. What's there to have around here?"

"Ah, here Annie. I'll show you ... " Getting up himself, he escorted her out the door as both began making their way to the canteen.

Rising Dawn: Canteen
Luke, Boss, Rugal
Icarus entered the canteen again in his black cloak lined with raven feathers.
He ordered a drink the Bartender prepared him a White Russian.
"My Dad promised me When I turned 16 he'd share a drink with me, it was supposed to be my first one." he sighed and made a cheers gesture and took a long draught.
"I hate to eavesdrop but I heard you talking about your past haunting you Rugal, Take it from me things we do in the past are filled with regret" His wings unfurled the dark fathers were like that of a raven.
"The Sad truth is you can never escape your past at best maybe you can learn from it, unlikely though. What I do know is it sucks when you make a mistake and you can never make up for it."

The Lone Wanderer: Epilogue.
Location: ? | War. War never changes.


And so it was that the Lone Wanderer ventured forth from the wastes, intent on discovering the fate of a new world that held another future of humanity. This new, adventurous world proved a cruel and evil place, just like his own. Yet while this evil lurked in the most unknown places, this was not the only similarity between both worlds, for the seeds of heroism and good were spread over this new world, even if some of these heroes were unique and helped the world in their own way.

Satisfied with what heroes that world has, The Lone Wanderer returned to his own home, where the perks of civilization have mostly faded away. Yet, his battle always remained, as long as he had enough bullets and raiders to kill, but the motivation and picture of that world pushed him on. It was a strange dream, a group full of heroes that protected a world, it was as if inspiration had struck him, and the fact that new 'Saints' were rising all around the American wastes foretold a new story to come.

At the present time, he received a present from that other world. The reminder that he should remember the values he learnt from his first journey, from the Vault, to his own false demise. Yet that was not the only present, for they say that the Wanderer had a new mean streak in him, while others praised him for his new medical skills, yet, the man himself thought he was completely normal, and then he remembered his two side experience from before.

Standing on top of a large mountain, the lonely figure looked over the Capital Wasteland, and for a brief second, he could see a better world, then a crackling voice came over his Pipboy.
"Paladin Lord..." A voice called out, and without a second to waste, the Wanderer smirked.

"Sarah, I really don't like it when you call me that."
"And I really don't like when a certain someone vanishes off the face of the planet..."
"Isn't that a perk of the rank? Anyway, there was a good reason."
"Just try me."
"Well, I've already told you all about what I saw. Even that 'present' I brought back made Elder Lyons believe me."
"...I don't believe you can bring back a nuclear missile from another world, but-"
"...But its tech is unusual..."
"Exactly, well, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that we know have another card against our enemies."
"Another step in the right direction?"
"Hopefully, but you've heard what is going on in the Commonwealth, right?."
"Another person like you... a 'Saint' as you describe it."
"Yup, and you know what people like me do. We'll have to play it safely for now, and hope this guy is the Saint we need."

Looking at the tired sunset, Wanderer nodded to himself, waking his resolve. "Whatever you believe, I got what I needed from that world, now just leave it to the newbie. Apart from that, keep safe, love. Wanderer out." Wanderer spoke into his Pipboy before shutting down communications. At that moment, he only wondered what footsteps that Sole Survivor was doing.

"It's good to be back."

To be continued?

Rising Dawn: Brig: Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise

A cold silence quickly filled the room, Wesker's presence among the other prisoners quickly prompting their collective "Shutting up" while their captors were in the room.
Doom glanced around a little before attempting to say something, only to be hushed by a stern head shake from Wesker.
After a while, each of the prisoners moved away from the cells, Wesker sitting on his bed, Cortex suddenly deciding now would be a good time to have a shave and Doom going back to that window to catch one last look at the Black Mesa ruins as it began to fade into the horizon.
"...Man, tough crowd today, huh?..." Deadshot quipped as he quickly texted something on his phone before putting it away, as if he was preforming a minor misdeed.
"Still, no need to worry about little old us. Only the finest saints in all the land in here, Am I right lads?" He then spoke out, getting just as cold of a reception from the other inmates as Elise did.
"...Tch, that's just rude now, that's what that is..."

All the while, a detachment of G-Corp soldiers arrived to take in the NOD soldiers that Nadalia had delivered.
However, instead of locking them into the brig, they instead spoke to the on duty guards for a moment before taking the soldiers to a new location, none so much as batting an eye as they did...

Rising Dawn:G-Corp Hanger: Faith Dr. Violet

Once Faith started to glow and her Aura began to shake the room, Violet quickly ducked behind his desk and remained there until she had teleported away.
Peering out slowly, he then adjusted his glasses for a moment as he let his heart-rate settling.
" come everyone can do that?..." He groaned as his fear of the Hanger getting blown up for the 3rd time began to pass before he resumed his work, namely decoding the contents of the flash drive that Ghost had managed to snag.

The Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn: Brig: Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise, Nadalia

Elise was no fool, for the way Doom faced her but suddenly 'changing character' with the others peering at him- it was clear none of the captives wanted Doom to speak with the Spider Queen. She wasn't upset by any means, yet she didn't really appreciate peer pressure being given to the poor guy. "It's okay Doom, there's no need to talk if you don't feel like it. I'm not going to pin that against you dear~ just know you are always free to have a idle chat with me."

"...Man, tough crowd today, huh?..."

"Haha~ it would seem so. I'm used to it, so nothing to complain about really."

"Still, no need to worry about little old us. Only the finest saints in all the land in here, Am I right lads?" He then spoke out, getting just as cold of a reception from the other inmates as Elise did.
"...Tch, that's just rude now, that's what that is..."

"To be modest, they're simply 'protecting' themselves. Who knows what can happen if they drop their guard around me, or if i'm actually trust worthy to begin with. For all Wesker knows, among the others .. I could notify Kazuya of their plans or weaknesses, which would lead to some serious problems on their behalf, no?"

Elise did the 'come here' notion to a guard, which prompted him to open Doom's cell. She stepped in without hesitation, despite he wasn't alone in his cell. Still, what was she going to care about? Suddenly being held hostage or being attacked? This assassin held no such fear, and acted perfectly normal with a friendly smile on her face (although with her icy blue eyes slightly glowing and that smirk, one may assume she's up to no good). Nether the less, she clapped her hands together when noticing Doom still had that silky crimson pink figurine she made him, that took appearance after Doom himself.

"Ah~ you kept it all this time! I'm touched love, for you to of kept it safe after all."

She strolled to the doll and picked it up gently, rotating it with her long finger-coated icy blue nails before facing Doom with a gleeful expression. ".. Doom dearest. Why don't you close your eyes again. I have a special treat for you. No no, this isn't a trick I promise you. Come now, relax your eye lids and let me surprise you!" Hesitant and with the others 'watching him', Doom wasn't sure at first. But that smile and reassuring voice made him submit by closing his eyes. He suddenly heard her nails tipping each other in rasping clicks as if she was doing something that required handy work, Elise whisping to herself during the process.

It wasn't until a solid 74 seconds (1 minute, 14 seconds) did Elise tap his shoulder and allowed Doom to open his eyes.
Behold, she held him not one but several other gifts in the palm of her hand, the same size as his Doom figurine.

"Now i'm aware of the fact you're all fully grown men, but it never hurts to have figurines that remind you of remaining friends, yes? Back in my own room, I have crafted a figurine resembling each Rising Dawn member. Because I want to remember my friends in case something happens to them." With that, she smiled and saw Doom take them from her slowly. Whether he decided to keep them or discard them, it mattered not. These figurines were the same size & portion as the Doom doll, while having specific details on their bodies which is quite impressive (totally not including the fact she made these in less then a minute using crimson pink silk created from her own hands on the spot).

"As for your fellow companions, well .. I am sure they'll be given something as well. For now, allow me to make myself at home with you Doom~" Elise sat on the nearest mattress which allowed her to fold one leg over the other. With two finger-like snails tapping to the side of her hear, Elise addressed to someone via earpiece, "Alright Nadalia dear, come on in. I would like you to accompany us for a nice meal." Not a moment too soon, Nadalia came in with a grumpy expression, pushing what looked like a large cart with a white sheet covering the steel ... several plates laid on top with silver bowls hiding the food beneath them.

"Elise, these are criminals of the Rising Dawn, under my Sovereign's watch. Why are we spoiling them with the finest foods on board? It makes no sense to me." Even the guards tilted their heads in confusion, wondering what the hell is this all about.

Elise opened the cell door and allowed Nadalia to come in with the cart, trays lifted off the plates and exposing what you would call 'the rich people's baffet with all kinds of wine glasses sitting on the top layer, and the smell so nice & strong even those outside the door could get a whiff of it. Even the actual members of the Rising Dawn were probably not spoiling themselves like this.


"Now then, let's get everyone else in here~" Elise walked on over to the other cells, dragged (well, tugged really but still) on the other prisoners and got them into the cell Doom was stationed in. At this point, a few of the guards were going to protest against little event, but a glare from Nadalia's eyes told them to stay put. Even Deadshot was playfully yanked into the same cell and despite it was kind of crowded, including that large freaken cart being in the center .. there was room to sit back and enjoy a meal with the plates resting on everyone's lap. Silverwear, deserts, hot steaming meals were all present which made Nadalia rub her own face with one hand- not understanding why Elise was being so kind to these low lives.

"No need to hold back gentlemen. Dig in, treat yourselves! This may be your only chance for a decent meal. Ah, maybe you feel the food is drugged or tainted. Let me prove to you otherwise~" With that, Elise grabbed a plate and took a bite of sliced up ham, making the "Mmhh~" noise to show how delicious it was.

"That man tried to nuke us all Elise. If anything, we should eat in front of him instead ..."

"Hush now. Don't try to make the mood sour dear, let us enjoy this special occasion as a family."

Nadalia winced, not wanting to even consider any of these people 'family', let alone tolerate them being part of Nadalia's life in any relations of being friends at least. Still, her eyes closed with a 'the crap I put up with' expression as she helped herself to one of the meals, grabbing a buffalo chicken bear handed and biting into it without showing manners (hopefully there was napkins with the buffet). "I would of treated the guards as well, but they hold access to the wonderful little imps that cook in the canteen. They could always help themselves to a meal, while you guys are imprisoned behind these bars. So, no guilt to bear here!" Elise chuckled, taking more swift but delicate bites into the roasted ham slices which melted in her mouth.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
Intersections of Artificial Humanity
Katya Rostikova

This was a rather uncanny sensation. For a girl that had been raised with either a computer monitor or the screen of a mobile device in front of her face, Katya Rostikova was not unfamiliar with people disclosing all the personal details of their lives. The fact that people were not starting directly into the face of another human being gave the illusion of security... of anonymity. It made it feel as if it were the computer that was disclosing the details of its life to her, despite the fact that it was another human typing these words.

The uncanny portion of listening to ARES' story was the fact that Katya was once again learning the most personal of details except this time it was through face to face interactions with what was technically a machine. Despite the tragedy of the story that ARES had disclosed to the Rising Dawn's Resident hacker, it was unneeded. Regardless of whether or not ARES was a human, regardless of whether or not her personality was a forgery of the personality of real people, regardless of whether or not ARES was 'malfunctioning' or 'in proper working order,' Katya would have treated her the same.

"Thanks for caring."

Was this the cue for a hug? Yes, it was definitely a cue for another hug.

Katya's skinny arms wrapped themselves around ARES as she brought the "machine" in for an embrace.

"You don't really need to thank me. You know that my best friend happens to be a machine, right?" The Hacker said referencing B3WP, "It wouldn't have mattered if you were a toaster that spat toast in my face every morning because you're real where it counts."

The young woman tapped ARES first on the forehead and then on the chest. They were two sides of a coin, ARES and Katya. Where one was a machine turning more human, Katya was turning more into a machine as B3WP's nano-agents spread out through her body to the areas that required medical assistance. Somewhere along the line, they'd intersect.

The hug was broken as Katya's stomach grumbled, a side effect of B3WP purging the alcohol from her body.

"Do you think we could get something to eat somewhere other than the Canteen? I... don't really think I'm ready to go back there."The hacker said with flushed cheeks.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay
Rory Mercury

The Crimson eyes belonging to Rory Mercury glazed over at Blackharte's more technical response to her question as to what was ailing First Lieutenant Delores Selmy. While the assortment of answers that had been given would have made sense to a child born of this world, the deeply black entity failed to take into account that this particular Grim Reaper was not of this world.

It had been roughly One Hundred years since Rory had encountered beings from this world and a little over Forty Years since she'd interacted with anyone at all, save her for own Disciples back in the Special Region. Her memories lingered over her own chosen Oracle, Tyuule, for a moment. The Darkly Dressed Demi-Goddess wondered what would become of her now that Rory had descended back into her position as Emloy's Agent in the Mortal Realm. She held onto the memory for a moment before focusing back ont he topic at hand.

Classified as the Special Region by the Japanese Govenment, Rory's world was technologically inferior to Japan. During the failed invasion by Imperial Forces, the Gate located on Arnus Hill had opened a portal to the Ginza District in the Japanese City of Tokyo. Overwhelmed by the element of surprise, there was a large number of civilian casualties as the Imperial Forces ran unfettered through the city. It was only through the coordination of the Hero of Ginza, First Lieutenant Itami Youji, that the number of civilian casualties was not larger. The invasion ended poorly for the Empire once the JSDF had been mobilized and invasion force was given a taste of this world's technology.

In accordance with the Imperial Treaty with Japan, the Gate was eventually closed and once again, the World of the Special Region floundered technologically despite the many advances that had been made by the Mage Scholar Leilei. In the time since the closure of the Arnus Gate, it seemed that the technological gulf between the Special Region and Earth had only widened as was proven by the existence of this very Airship that Rory was aboard.

To shorten an already long explanation, the look that Rory the Reaper gave the black mass was one of utter and complete ignorance. For all she knew, Blackharte was describing the process that proceeded First Lieutenant Selmy turning into an orangish fluid after being visited by a horde of blue haired clones named Rei. The Demi-Goddess briefly wished Itami were here to explain things to her. He had on many occasion taken the time to explain things to Rory in terms that she could relate to. A firearm? I was akin to a magical device that used chemicals to propel a projectile rather than magic. A mobile phone? A device that used invisible waves and allowed its user to communicate with another person using a mobile phone over vast distances.

"I'm sorry I asked," Rory quipped as she looked through the barrier that separated herself from the ailing woman, "Emloy can tell me."

Pressing her hands together, the Oracle bowed her head slightly and listened for the Death God's loving whispers. His answer caused Death's Disciple to gasp in surprise and terror, a terror not for herself but for First Lieutenant Selmy.

What was happening to the woman on the side of the barrier was wrong and went against everything the young looking priestess believed. What was happening to this Delores Selmy was not Death, despite what it might have looked like. Death was the climax of life, which meant in order to have a Death, a life must have been lived. This was not Death. This was the eradication of Dolores' existence and the evidence that she had ever lived in this world. While watching the ship's Medical Officer bring back a woman from the brink of death did nothing to offend the Grim Reaper's beliefs, this... was too much.

"How is this happening? Who would so callously erase all traces of this woman from having ever existed?" The Grim Reaper asked through bared teeth, her knuckles whitening as she tightened her grip on her Halberd.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise, Nadalia

There was a array of mixed reactions from the prisoners in the brig when Elise brought in a entire party's worth of food and drink:

Doom stared at it longingly, Teri and Elise had been kind to him and ensured he was treated somewhat like a human being while he was locked up, but he had been under the thumb of the Las Venturas Bookies for months.
All that time being fed scraps and cigarette butts took it toll on him as he licked his lips nervously and tried to downplay the fact that he would eat though the bars to have a bite, all while a tummy grumble hung in the air.

Cortex was a little less fazed by it and was more focusing on Nadalia, recalling the trouble she had caused for him during his capture and the fact that she seemed to refer to Kazuya as a "Sovereign" of all things.
The Spider looking one was kind enough, but anyone who viewed someone with Kazuya's reputation as some kind of royalty was not the kind of person he'd want to be anywhere near if he could help it.

Wesker was a..."strange" case as he seemed to have his eyes glued to one part of the tray any nothing else: The drinks, namely the ones involving liquor.
As he stared at them, reached into his pocket before seeming to fiddle with something inside it.
Gritting his teeth a little, he finally spoke: "...Well, if you are in the business of serving refreshments, I would rather enjoy a large black Americano with triple sugar. In all of the "Excitement" of this morning, I had to forgo my lunchtime coffee and I find it somewhat effects my productivity otherwise..."
With that kind of "Blessing", Doom quickly dug in, wolfing down whatever he could get his hands on while Cortex helped himself to some fruit in a much more restrained matter.

Deadshot meanwhile just hung back, not really engaging the others too much but rather peering down slightly at times to text something on his phone.
After getting a reply back from-...someone, he then loosened up before keenly taking the strongest booze he could find and being sure to drink it with as much emotion as possible.
It would almost be comdical, like someone trying out for a model in a TV advert, if it wasn't for the fact it seemed to put one of the other prisoners on edge.
"...Make that two Americanos..."

The Following was Collab'd with this guy right here!

Rising Dawn: Medical Bay: Insaneo

Insano rested his head on the cot, trying to sleep. At first, he thought he could listen in on what was being said, but his hearing really had been damaged in that explosion;


Insano was taken aback. Is the hipster referring himself as 'President now? he thought.


Oh yeah. He's still around Insano sat up in his cot. "Hey, I need to make a call. Don't...don't panic."

Patch it through, but via text. Insano thought.



"...again?" Insano replied.
Why is his text purple? He then thought, Surely my systems aren't damaged that badly...


Insano chuckled to himself. "You don't mean that dam where Black Mesa was operating, do you?"


"I would hope so, Mr. President. I did just help shut it down."



"No shit."


Insano looked at his stump of an arm, and mulled over how long replacing it could wait. "I suppose I can spare 15 minutes to help the leader of the free world." Insano said. "Count me in."

The Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn: Brig Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise, Nadalia

"...Well, if you are in the business of serving refreshments, I would rather enjoy a large black Americano with triple sugar. In all of the "Excitement" of this morning, I had to forgo my lunchtime coffee and I find it somewhat effects my productivity otherwise..." The Iron Queen couldn't hold back and mad dog Wesker, despite he paid no heed to the woman. Her eyes starting burning a crimson maroon glow, yet her anger was kept in check due to Elise being right there.

On the corner of her eye did she notice Deadshot chugging that alcohol like he was dying of thirst. Everyone seemed to of noticed, which led to Wesker replying with, "...Make that two Americanos..."

"Are the conditions here that poor? Shortage of water to drink for the prisoners?"

"From the looks of it dear~ it may be something else, on a personal scope." Elise answered, looking somewhat concerned for the man willing to puke his brains out from how fast he drank that bottle in such a short span of time. Still, Nadalia viewed on over to the food, with a slanted frown. Pride and morality clogging her judgement, she shook her head before stepping out of the cell.

"Oh Nadalia, you haven't taken a bite of this lemon cake! Don't you want to eat something before it's all gone?"

".. You're going soft on them Elise, but I cannot be acquainted with them such as yourself." Not even bothering to gaze back, she walked past the guards and out of the brig. Her teeth behind the lips gritted from view, her eyes glowing brighter red.

If they crossed my kingdom in an attempt to bring genocide against my people .. their death beds would be made on the spot. How can Elise treat them with such delicacy? My heart burns with wrath, but ... I will not lower my standards by ending their lives. My sovereign would not want Wesker dead when my companions risked everything to take him alive. I will let it be, for now ....

Before turning a corner of the hallway, her hand pressed against the metal wall .. the steel starting to steam from flames escaping the Bride of Ashe's palm upon it's surface. Luckily she noticed in time before accidentally melting the wall of metal, and proceeded onward with fueled rage dwindling .. making her muscles beg for attention to extort-

Rising Dawn: Outside the Canteen Nadalia, Ryan, Annie

".. You forgot to wear your mask." Annie pointed out, making Ryan pause before opening the doors to the canteen. The author blinked before making a 'I goofed up' expression; causing him to make a rather low groan in annoyance.

".. Hmmm .. alright, give me a second." Ryan mentioned before his Sharingan eye took the shape of the Mangekyou form, opening up a miniature blackhole that quickly spiraled his body into the void. Annie couldn't of waited longer then 17 seconds, because a wormhole the size of your pinkie's tip opened up... a body taking form from the windy spirals and came forth Ryan with his orange mask on.
"Thanks for the reminder, would of been pretty awful if people found out whom I really was. Now then, let's- .. Hold up. Is that Nadalia?" Ryan leaned to check past Annie, realizing his Dark Souls II character was coming toward the canteen. She stopped midway and stared at Ryan (aka Madara since she didn't recognize the author) and Annie whom she had not properly met yet.

Not wanting to make this awkward, he waved her over. "Ah! Nadalia, hello there. We were just about to get a bite. Want to join us?"
".. Hmm. I've never seen her once among the Rising Dawn when we embarked on the Persona Arc."

"Oh, right. She's new to the Rising Dawn which explains why you two haven't met. But go ahead, say hi to her!"

Annie and Nadalia walked forth, coming towards each other. Once they came face to face, Nadalia looked down as Annie had to lean her sights upward to match Nadalia's level. Despite being 'taller', it didn't stop Annie from having her bored expression which could of been read as rude to anyone ... especially in Nadalia's case.

".. Is your allegiance with the Rising Dawn? I do not recognize you nor have heard of you mentioned."

"Maybe that should be fixed..." Annie said normally, but the words had the threat tucked in as those blue eyes looked back at Ryan. He shook for a mere second before coughing into his hand, stepping up to Nadalia.
"Apologies. This is, well .. Nadalia. The Iron Queen that resides in the Brume Tower .. long story short, she's a fragment of Manus aka Father of the Abyss. Don't worry, she isn't an evil incarnation or anything- Nadalia is considered a powerful pyromancer who had claimed herself as Queen of Alonne."

".. Who has granted you such knowledge on my very reputation? .. Never had I spoken a word to you about myself masked one. Speak." Nadalia stated with her arms crossed eyes trying to see past Ryan's mask with flaring eyes. Despite she didn't look angry, the author could tell he maybe, just maybe pried into Nadalia's history by telling Annie all of this.

Before Ryan could defend himself, Annie cut in with the announcement,
"Annie Leonhardt, member of the 104th Trainees Squad.
Promoted to officer, Military Police."

".. A warrior that follows order? Such a class is fit to find respect." Nadalia mentioned, bowing her head to Annie in signs of respecting her role. This actually made Annie look puzzled, and bowed her head back just to be kind in return. Ryan on the inside sighed with relief, but aloud told the following, "With that out of the way, want to go get a meal with us Nadalia? Never too much room am I right?"

"Allow me to retaliate your offer with another offer. I challenge you masked one to a honorable fight."

*Blinks* ".. Come again?"

"Do you not recall how you evaded my attack with your particular power? Such as my blade slicing through you with no cuts left behind? My blade never brought harm to you, and yet it did phase through. This made me wish to see more of this for myself, as we would pin our martial arts against one another."

"Am I not the only one you tend to offend Ryan?" Annie questioned which he couldn't tell if it was sarcasm or not.

".. No, no. It was a misunderstanding- they saw me with an unconscious woman; someone that I rescued. Assuming I was the reason of her being out of it, Nadalia tried to attack me. I simply pulled a trick and she never managed to land a blow. So now seeing how Nadalia loves training with Rugal, wants to have a brawl with me. Which .. uh gg..h h h.." Ryan kind of went off stuttering softly, nervous about such an offer. Okay sure he can activate his Mangekyou and use space-time powers, allow things to phase through him like a ghost, all while having other powerful techniques which he had not mastered yet, but this was Nadalia we're talking about.

Nadalia is a power house with the strength to match Rugal's. She is the most powerful pyromancer in Drangleic if not her world over. If you checked out the woman's abs, they were packed with muscle that could grind cheese. Her fire can range from just average to hellfire black-golden flames. Being near that could melt your knuckles right off and the rest of your body too. Obviously this wasn't someone Ryan wanted to bump heads with, because one small mistake or mistiming of his eye abilities and BAM! Broken arm, burnt face, shattered ribs ... and that's putting it kindly. Actually nearly everyone on The Rising Dawn could kick Ryan's sorry tush for they're strong in given areas relating to combat. If it wasn't for his eyes ... well, he'd be no better then a guard patrolling a parking lot of some local store. "Well ..?"

"Can I bring Annie along and help me in a 2 on 1 fight?" Annie's head turned very slowly to Ryan's direction, in a way someone does when they couldn't believe what was said. She wasn't angry exactly, but unhappy with being pulled into a situation without her permission. "So .. you're dragging me into this? Why exactly..?"

"I'm inclined to agree with Annie- why must you insist a double team against me? It matters not, but what about the girl's say in this?"

".. Alright, alright! Sorry about that. But honestly you'd wreck me Nadalia, no question. I need someone to assist me and Annie could definitely be my battle buddy." This made the Titan Shifter faceplam and have her eyes closed ... finding the term 'battle buddy' to be so tacky. "Well I don't think you'd rather be called 'sidekick' now, would you?"

"Fine then ... guess that's the best i'm getting out of you." Annie claimed, brushing her hair back and notifying Nadalia upfront, "Don't want to be held responsible if anything happens to him. Enough of the crew already want me dead or gone, so i'll be sticking my neck out for this loser."

"Harsh." Ryan frowned upon with some sorrow hidden in his voice. Regardless, he prepped up and got Nadalia's attention with, "Yeah, we'll settle on a two against one then. Let's uh, head to the training room. Least it'll make us hungrier for a meal at the canteen."

With that, they started making their way to the training room with Ryan remaining calm, confident and capable of anything. We all know deep down he was flinching from the thought of getting burned into a crisp or perhaps man handled like a rag doll. Annie couldn't care less but wasn't going to let Ryan get injured and have all the blame placed on her head.

Part One (1/2)

Rising Dawn: Brig Wesker, Doom, Cortex, Deadshot, Elise

Until Elise got back with the coffee, the former Black Mesa admin stared on at Deadshot, while he was aware of the trick he was most likely trying to pull, Wesker knew it was working as he clung to whatever was in his pocket.
However, once she returned, he quickly managed to regain his composure once he managed to get a taste of the nectar of the gods, smacking his lips slightly after his sip.
"Ahhhh...You know, a lot of people dislike the Americano...Most believe it to be "Mud and Water" as one of my employees put it...Still, there is something about it's rather..."Harsh" taste that I find most stimulating. Had you attacked a few hours later, I feel the result of our battle would have been much different..." He calmly explained as he took another sip, popping the plastic top off the cup to put in some more sugar.
"Seriously, new guy? You think Coffee would have saved your ass from the Rising Dawn?" Deadshot snarked, seeming to ease his drinking pace a little after noticing Wesker stopped paying attention.
"You would be amazed what the right type of Focus can do for any man in the right setting..."

"Tch, keep telling yourself that, 4-eyes. Least I'm not the one that Kazuya is going to pay a visit to..." The assassin then said with a massive childish shit eating grin on his face
Pausing for a moment, Wesker slowly turned his gaze towards Deadshot before saying "...Well...Perhaps I should meet him instead?"
Elise was about to take another bite of her lemon cake when her hand was suddenly dripped, her head turning to see Wesker holding it as he then threw the contents of his cuppa in her face.
In barely the blink of an eye, Elise was blinded as her eyes were burned by roasting hot roasted coffee beans.
The Guards went in to control the situation, only for Cortex to latch onto one of them and stab him in the throat with a fork while the other prisoners took down the remaining one in a combined effort.

Though horrible facial burns and pain, Elise stumbled around in pain before getting grabbed by the collar for a moment.
In the dark-brown haze that was her vision, there was a black blur for a fraction of a second before the entire left side of her skull was caved in by a viscous spinning roundhouse kick from the newest inmate, almost taking her head clean off.
Falling to the ground near the cell door, she could barely make out the figure of Wesker standing over her, adjusting his glasses for a moment before staring down at her, A sly smirk on his face as he did.
Gripping one of the bars of the cell door, he then slammed it right into the Spider Queen's head, crushing it and leaving her a twitching bloody mess before slamming it again and again an-

....Hmm...While I could handle Kazuya's exterior guard...There is just something about wasting perfectly good Coffee...

"Tch, keep telling yourself that, 4-eyes. Least I'm not the one that Kazuya is going to pay a visit to..." The assassin then said with a massive childish shit eating grin on his face
Currently glancing at Elise before slowly turning to Deadshot, he merely answered "Yes...I believe I will...Hm, That is actually pretty good coffee. Elise, What brand did you use to make this? I believe that the machines in my lab's canteen served the Kahlua range..."

The Rising Dawn - Canteen: ARES, Katya

ARES winced- if only for but a moment, as yet again Katya displayed a lack of respect of personal boundaries. Then again, the "life" ARES lived made them determine this was something they'd never get used to... but that they didn't really mind.

Backing out of Katya's hug as she brought up food, she replied "Well now that I can hopefully put my former programming as servant and decoy behind me I don't exactly want to take any more orders." she said as she folded her arms with a grin.

"A favor is different though. Anything in particular you'd like? I could go and get it for you... honestly seeing how much of a scene you made, I don't blame you for not wanting to go back in there."

The Rising Dawn - Arriving: Miia, Kalastryn

Damn... we appear to be in the wrong profession. With a speech like that we should have been a cleric, sermons would be a breeze.

Well... you know just as well as me why that wouldn't have worked. It would have been great... but what faith could I actually assign myself to without suspicion? The silver flame, even though I empathize... most ironically, with their message of purging evil? I'm not blind to the irony, but aside from Slindis, they would quite likely have been blind to my honesty in ascribing to their faith. The Sovereign Host would likely have been equally adamant in turning me away, and in likened faith to them the only thing that remains off the top of my head would be the Dark Six from their own faith... not to be involved with.

I get it, I get it... your preaching to the choir here. We'd either probably have been laughed off, killed, or ended up in some dark cult... but hey, we're as much a saint as any of them in their shiny armor and holy symbols right? Kala thought, her face easily showing that perhaps that wasn't the case. After all her spells and other assorted abilities of late... she told Miia she tries to take alternative routes to killing people, but this came from a necromancer who's gone so far into the practice of black magic as to assume the form of a vampire and return at will...

...Half true. I would try not to hurt anyone, but honestly with how things were at home I became so used to defending myself, and then making it a living to go to dangerous places where killing was often just a part of the job, I started neglecting to ask whether or not I'd even have to fight those battles at all. She realizes as her and Miia arrive.

Chuckling at what Miia said as they stepped in, she replies,"Nonsense. Far be it for me to escort you away from a war zone and at least not do what I can to assist in helping you get acquainted with your surroundings. Honestly, you really shouldn't change your mind about such ideals, if any man or beast can forsake something so humbling from their way of thinking and believe that it is never unjustified... well I'd perish the thought of meeting such a person." She says, scratching her chin, as if thinking on what to say next. Actually... so many, many things she has been saying.

"You know Miia I'm going to level with you here... meeting you has been rather... enlightening. I rarely carry many weapons of my own, but that's because in my own way I can be lethal with or without one. However I should confess that you've had an effect of causing me to reflect on this... my home world caused many people strife parallel to my own, and so it was a necessity to survive. The term "Cutthroat" comes to mind for the environment. But... your own home... tell me- if you'd care to, what is it like there?" she asks, rather timidly compared to her usual demeanor. She can speak quite freely of a great many things. She had no fear of angering the leader of an entire country in order to spur him to action. She could discuss at length the horrors that plagued her old home, and how it ceases to be. This however, is different. It is not her life nor her actions she would discuss, and she wanted to handle the question carefully.

After all she would hate to make Miia fear the improbability of returning...

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