The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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*Stern's fingers still hovered around his guns, he was certain that the man was aware of this.*

I doubt it, they don't listen to me.

*He looked around again at the situation, trying to find any potential cover should things turn ugly.*

Whatever the lombax came here to do is unimportant, that device however, is. We need to be allowed to leave with it; it's the best chance we've got at ending this war. I'm guessing you suspect as much though, you wouldn't keep it under lock and key otherwise

And what exactly do you plan to do with it? How exactly will it let you end this war? You really think every NPC will just willingly go home? You think the worlds are stable enough that they would stay home? You're trying a solution that has long since stopped being an option...

Then we use it to get into each of the factions' bases and kill their leaders! The solution not being ideal is not enough of a reason not to attempt it.

*Stern unclipped his holsters, ready for anything.

Stern is right! Did I just agree with Stern? We need to at least try this. Even if we can't send all the NPCs home, we could definitely end the war. You say you keep balance, but all you seem to do is refuse to give the world the help it needs! Sora walked closer to Aeon, trying to hold his attention. The way you've been using it, the Dimensionator might as well be broken!

Simply killing the faction leaders won't be enough to end the war. They can be replaced, as WMD has been showing. However, you do raise a good point. But it's not in my hands. I am but a single member of the guild. Perhaps you should ask them. But you won't be able to as long as we're trapped here...

Orvus finally spoke up again. "If it would help, I could provide you with a ship to leave the clock. This is a vast universe, you may just find what you're looking for eventually. But please, if you intend to wreak havoc, don't do it near the device that stabilizes all time."
Azimuth is the only one of us that knows this universe at all.

Dimentio finally spoke up. I can get the device back. He stored it in my dimension, after all. But I know you all would have my head if I handed something over to someone like that. And if I tried something, Azimuth would pay for it. So I was waiting for a general course of action to be decided.
So what now?
Hang on... He reached into the pocket dimension and pulled out the device. Anyone have anything they want to say before I do something?

*Stern went over the various scenarios in his head, trying to figure out what the best course of action would be.*

No. Do it.

*He wanted to see what would happen next.*

Dimentio sighed and opened the portal, grabbing the device. You do know that I could stop you if you try anything funny, fancy-pants. Hell, me being here is probably your worst nightmare. Space and Time magic don't mix well together... he threatened, throwing it to Aeon.
I'm well aware of that. But since you make this threat, you must know you'd be in as much danger as I would be...
Kinda why I've been willing to negotiate...

Aeon snapped his fingers, unfreezing Azimuth. I think it's about time we leave this place...

- PAC Central Operations Base, Australia -

Price hunched over the computer screen as data poured onto the screen along with pictures from the satellites confirming what was put on screen.

Operation Black Widow: Complete

Nayr: KIA

Situation Report: Tracker Group-0 obtained the information necessary to find Nayr's location which was a bar named "Shangri-Lah". There the Tracker Group engaged a mixture of criminals and those loyal to Nayr. Upon confirming Nayr's location, Crimson Squad-Omega, entered the bar as well engaging the criminal thugs until Nayr revealed himself. Operative Mahibang was injured in the battle while Operative Kisu battled Nayr. Tracker Group-0 also assisted in the battle, landing several blows against Nayr before Operative Kisu landed the final blows. Crimson Squad-Omega extracted to PAC Manila.

End Report.

-----Follow-Up report complete-----------

Awaiting confirmation:

Y[] N[]

Price reread the short report over and over again taking in all for what the report is worth. He worried deeply how Neko was feeling and only could imagine the pain she could have. He pushed himself from the desk and got on the comm unit contacting the base. He should have foresaw the council forcing Neko to go after Nayr as she was the only free asset to take out a man as dangerous as him. To them, she was just another weapon in their arsenal. This is what WMD wanted and it was finally realized by the PAC. The irony was palpable.

Then Price shut off the comms before it could reach the base. He grabbed what he could and packed it in his bag. He was on the tarmac of the base in less than ten minutes with nothing but a large duffel bag and in less than five, Price was inbound to the Philippines. On the small hover plane he finally contacted Elanor.

"Elanor, this is Price. I'm on the way to the base now. Tell Neko I'm on the way as well."

Price hanged up turning off his comm unit. His decision was clear and his cause was pure. It was just a matter of time until the circle was complete.

"Elanor, this is Price. I'm on the way to the base now. Tell Neko I'm on the way as well."

"Price, what are you planning?" Elanor said but the feed died immediately after he had said those words. She looked up at the computer screen in front of her, seeing the report that she typed up and sent to him. Elanor cursed under her breath or more specifically cursed Price. He was the definition of cloak-and-dagger and getting a definite read on him was nearly impossible.

She pushed herself from the desk and went back to the quarters where they stayed. Daza and Pico were taking a nap in the well air-conditioned rooms of the PAC base. Elanor found Neko hearing her sullen whispers and choked cries even behind the closed door. Elanor's fist lingered a few inches off the door before she knocked on it.

"Neko? Neko, I need you to pull yourself together for at least a few more hours. Price, he's coming over soon."

Azimuth shouted out in pain from the sudden deep wound in his shoulder. He looked around, stunned. All of the others looked tense, and Aeon held the Dimensionator. Clearly Dimentio had failed to hold onto it. I still have a chance. Orvus said it was safe to go back six minutes. I could still reach the time chamber and...Wait, how much time has passed? I have no idea. There's too much risk...I failed.

Azimuth glanced disgustedly at his broken portal generator, and stared at Aeon. I'm surprised you didn't kill me.

"Neko? Neko, I need you to pull yourself together for at least a few more hours. Price, he's coming over soon."

Elanor's voice was nice, Neko thought. She never seemed to lose her cool. Probably why she was in the position that she was. She didn't even bother to try and respond. Her arms and legs were heavy, and even if there was any light she was sure she wouldn't be able to see anything for a while. Her face and neck were paralyzed. A heavy dose of tranquilizers and alcohol ensured that. It was strange to have these instead of psychotic episodes, but it was welcome nonetheless.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the drugs to pass through her system. "I'll... I'll be... ready." Her voice was grainy. She cracked several times. Price... Price... She hadn't seen him in a while, not since he dropped her off with Elanor. She remembered the day she left Nova Scotia. The sunset was gorgeous. Deep blue reflecting the light. It had only been what, three months now. It was enough to make her homesick.

I didn't want there to be any violence, but you forced my hand...
Come on, man... we need to get out of here. We still have some things we need to do.
We shouldn't waste any more time...

No more than this trip already wasted.

*Stern clipped his holsters and subtly drew his hands back to his sides. He would've acted, but the others seem to have decided not to provoke the Guild Member. Even so, they needed that dimensionator, stopping the war was going to be virtually impossible without it.*

"I'll... I'll be... ready."

Elanor leaned back, hearing Neko's faint voice. She sighed deeply, making her way back to her own quarters down the narrow corridor. Elanor didn't have the faintest clue on how to help Neko with her problem or let alone deal with them. All she could do was console her and tell her how everything was going to get better but words like those could only last for so long. Neko was a outstanding warrior in her own right without all the powers. Training her wasn't all that difficult as well but controlling her emotional outbursts was another story. Some days she would breakdown into tears or end up tearing the place down instead.

Then down the hall the door opened with Price behind it. Elanor looked partially relieved but also partially worried as well, wondering what he will do or let alone say to Neko.

"Where is she?" Price asked as gently as he could.

"Here, she's right down the hall." They didn't proceed five steps until Price asked yet another question.

"Have they given her any sort of drugs?"

"I told you, nothing serious. Mostly tranquilizers and depressants."

And how much has she had ever since Black Widow?"

Too many. Here. This is the room she's in." Elanor went up to the door with a worried look on her face. "I'm entering, Neko."

Captain Price was treated to see Neko, lying on the bed nearly motionless and silent. If he didn't hear her breathing then he would have assumed her dead.

"I'll be outside." Elanor went out in the hall and Price turned on the light. He sat himself on a chair opposite from her.

"How much drugs have they been giving you?" Price asked.

She could hear them walking towards her door long before the bright light blinded her. Even with her eyes closed it hurt. She took her pillow out from under her head and buried her face in it. "Take three in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening." she grumbled, repeating what was written on the bottle. She had gone through her month's supply in the last 48 hours though. "It wears off too fast. I need stronger pills, actually." She turned on her side, her bright eye peeking out from under the pillow.

"I knew this was a terrible idea." Price ringed his wrists before looking up at Neko.

"Listen Neko, I'm sorry I got you into this. I was naive to think the council wouldn't put you on missions like these. I even bloody pushed for your team to handle missions as far away from your past as possible and now they've made you up and kill Ry- Nayr." He corrected. Price wanted to smack himself right then and there. Price shook his head.

"Can you go on, Neko?"

"Aha... did you really come over here to check on me?" She smiled and looked at the ceiling. "I knew I would have to kill him. Why would I let anyone else take my place? I appreciate your efforts though..." She was starting to see colors on the white ceiling. Maybe she had taken too many. But what did doctors know?

"I'm a soldier, Price. Isn't that why I'm here? I'm a weapon, just like anyone else with talent or power, or intelligence. I've been given a lot of favor with my assignments. I can't just... avoid all the bad ones forever." Neko slowly reached up to her face. She still wore her eyepatch even though her eye was slowly returning to normal. It covered the scar. She ran her fingers under it. The skin was smooth now, all that remained was the light scar tissue that never healed. It was like a tattoo. Even before she was a Chimera, she was a weapon. What did being the ultimate weapon change?

"PAC... has given me a lot. I owe them. I owe you." For some reason, probably the drugs, she burst out laughing. It was hilarious.

"Damn it... I was hoping you'd say no and force me to kidnap you." Price joked but there was a hint of truth in his words. He really didn't feel conformable with Neko being in the PAC but it seemed like she really didn't mind being used anymore. His shoulder slumped, not knowing what to do let alone say to Neko now that she's given her honest opinion.

"How many times have you been kidnapped anyway? From your dossier, it seems like a reoccurring thing with your group." Price joked.

"This place isn't bad." She was silent for a while. She completely ignored his kidnapping comment. "There is... one thing though..." She sat up, and the room spun. It made her want to throw up. She leaned against the wall of the bunk. "They don't treat me bad. If I wanted to, I could escape easily. Why would I? I'm paid, I'm safe, and... I'm only missing one thing." The most important thing... "Can... can I ask you for a favor, Price?" She stood up, almost falling over. "I-it's... important..." She thought carefully. "... ... Rukifellth... ..."

Price ear's caught the last words of her response. He must have meant something more to her than anybody else in her group at the moment and frankly that baffled him. He leaned forward as if he was telling a secret.

"Rukifellth?" Price's face was wrapped in thought. "You want him here, don't you?"

She started to say yes, and then she remembered how they last parted. It was foggy in her head, but the words still drove her insane. You nearly killed me. If you want to go, door's right there. Go ahead and kill some more people who are nice to you. I think there are some innocent children waiting outside with some very cutable throats. Just go. She turned away from Price. What if he didn't want to see her? "I... I have another mission soon. I don't even know where he is anymore. I don't know... if he wants to see me. But... I want to see him again. Can... can you help me?"

Price got up from his chair and crouched near Neko's bed. Now he could smell the alcohol from her breath.

"I'll find him for you, Neko. Once I find him I'll contact Elanor but it might take a while." Price got up and went to the door. Before he left, Price looked back at Neko. "You better still be alive by the time I contact you." Price joked.

With that he left the room and arrived to a empty hallway. Elanor had left for her quarters as well, catching up on sleep and getting ready for the last mission. Price sighed and walked out of the barracks, intent on finding Rukifellth despite the fact that he had practically disappeared from the face of the earth. He didn't want to disclose that fact to her and allowed her to hope that he was still out there and perhaps he is. It was just a matter of finding him, that's all.

Azimuth sighed. I suppose we are done here. How much time did I miss?
It wasn't long. Couldn't be more than five minutes. Sora turned to Aeon So are we going back to Antarctica?

Aeon nodded, and he got the device ready, opening a path back to Antarctica. Come on, come on... let's get going.
Yes... you still have matters you want to attend to...

Five minutes... Azimuth mused to himself, glancing at Dimentio. That isn't a long time at all He stepped towards the portal, but turned back to face Orvus. It was nice to meet you Orvus. Sorry to have wasted your time with my request to enter the Time Chamber. Despondently, he walked through the portal and back into the Guild's Antarctic fortress.

"Well see you probably never wise clock dude. Enjoy the lack of fight in your home. Putting his gun away, hoping that Antarctica suddenly got less creepy when he was gone. Jumping back into the portal.

Once they were back in the real world, the portal closed. Come on... we need to get out of here...
Will the jet still be able to fly?
It should...

Then let's get the hell out of here.

*Appearing before them was the leader of the Guild, Scythe. He greeted them with a pensive glare.*

I witnessed what transpired. You attempted to steal the Dimensionator from us; a foolish gesture. You were wise to surrender it.

*He gestured for the group to follow him as he led them down an icy corridor.*

Now we must send you away again, there is somewhere we need you to be.

Right... I know where we need to be...
So let's not waste any more of your time! he grabbed the others and teleported them to the jet.
What the...?
Look, we need to get out of here. And I'd rather we get out of here on our terms rather than his... He turned to Stern. Get us in the air.
But he didn't seem hostile. It's not like he had any need to be subtle about any hostility...
Well we were heading ehre anyway. Stern! Air! Now!

*Stern hopped into the co-pilot's seat, and prepared for take-off. Looking at the nav screen, and out the window showed an impassible wall of ice. While the jet was still firing up, the wall cracked at the middle and began to part revealing the blue sky above, without wasting anytime Stern flew the jet out of the guild's headquarters.*

*Back in the guild, Scythe turned toward Aeon.*
It was a grave risk giving them access to the device. I trust you had the situation under control?

So what are we going to do? No matter how fast we get there, they'll probably be long gone.
We need to look for the right people in PAC. We'll also need to be careful not to piss off the wrong people...
And how are we going to do that?
I'm working on it...

There were a few unexpected moments. I had expected stricter security in the clock, but the residents did have the same understanding as I: that the flow of time is too delicate to be disrupted. The lombax's intentions are pure, but he just can't see the full scale of what he is attempting. Also, the magician seems to know a little more about the time magic than I gave him credit for. But nothing I couldn't handle...

*Stern was sure the jet was now out of range from the guild. He set the jet on auto pilot, and walked into the passenger bay.*

We're still gonna need that dimension-thing. Something like that, too powerful to be in the hands of a group like the guild.


Next time do not be so callous. Letting the device slip out of our hands, even for a brief moment, could be disastrous.

*Scythe's vision trailed for a few moments before he teleported away.*

That threat posed by that group is growing. If they further disrupt the balance, we might need to take action.

There are safeguards in place. I feel it will soon be time to make use of them.
That would be wise

After a couple hours, they found themselves flying over Indonesia. ...Do you think she might be here?
I doubt it...
So what should we do? Perhaps head towards Japan?
Not the wisest idea... that place is a lot more heavily guarded.
But they might let us in.
Perhaps... Stern? Sora? Azimuth? Freeman? he turned to the others.

Freeman took a slurp of his still frozen coke. It had been awhile since he thought about hypothetical physics. hypothetical before the cascade event..
They couldn't take any risks with this, nothing of this magnitude.
*Flipping a new switch the windshield in the pilot seat displayed sensor data showing everything from sabot count to flushes per hour*
God how long did it take to-Wait focus..

Subset data highlighted/

Total main door opening-> 2

Heat readings->internal->passenger cabin-> 6

We entered once, then entered again after our time drama. They didn't pull us out the normal way. Internal heat didn't increase yet someone pulled us out. time freeze?
Now why would they do that... obvious.
But what to do now.

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