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Michael watching, quite surprised as Cale had begun to do his work to form a star in his hand. When it was offered to him, he reached out with both hands. It was kind of heavy, but nothing worth worrying about.

"Uh.....Nydia, was it? Are you sure your companion is alright? He seems.....weak and pale. Maybe you should...take him to rest or something? You didn't need to do that for me, my boy. I don't need gifts...but thank you very much." Michael said, looking over the star he had been given carefully.


The mechanical man's confusion seemed to be growing by the second, and the bow that Alexander gave him seemed to make him even more confused as he awkwardly returned it, obviously not used to the gesture.

"Er....ah.....Howdy Alexander. I'm...uh....Jones." Jones said, still scratching his head with his mechanical hand. His other mechanical arm stayed where it was, not shining, but it was clearly functioning properly and purposefully.


The librarian scowled as he went about picking up books, obviously not keen to answer Raven's question. Seth, however, already knew what he was looking for, and stepped over to the window to find the two piles of odd metal just laying there.

"Hah.....Yeah, I should have figured as much. Toasted, just the way we like em." Seth smirked, and jumped down to get a closer look. Just in case, he started the flames around his hands to be sure that what he was going to look at was quite dead. Whatever it was. As he approached though, the many scorch marks and still quite smoking metals was obvious that it was all done, and a mean fight.

What the hell kind of thing are we dealing with though? I mean, risking a library? Crazy reckless......Aden. Yeah, I could probably put money on it.


Aaron found himself chuckling at Aden's questions. Inquisitive, probably power hungry, and a mean fighter. A man that Aaron could truly use in his team, if he wasn't so reckless.

"These big ones are more for us military types you could say, though there are bigger trader vessels, though we haven't sent those out to deliver much of anything for a while." Aaron explained as they approached the landing zone.

"Course, whether you manage to get your hands on one of these nice craft is going to be up to the Prime Minister. I'm not sure of all the details, but I understand this deal is a really big one. Excuse me."

Aaron stepped towards one of the guards, and after some quick questions and hushed voices, he turned back to Aden.

"Tell me Aden, how much do you enjoy crashing the party of your superiors? Are you experienced, and do you enjoy it?" Aaron asked, starting to walk back towards the Academy.

the sky? this man is as thick as his metal arms.
Out of no where he saw Alex appear which was nice seeing as after this little diversion someone to talk to was better then sleeping in for the rest of the day.
"Sorry what I meant was how you were this morning, not everyday you get to see an island full of magic and wonder!" He exaggerated casting an imaginary rainbow with his hands.

Nydia watched silently, impressed with Cale's work. She wished she could make something like that for Michael as well, but light could not retain form the way Cale's granite could unfortunately. Upon hearing Michael mention Cale wasn't looking good, Nydia couldn't help but notice it as well. "Ah, yes. We were having a tournament of sorts in honor of your visit and Cale and I were participating. We were just on our way to get some rest when you arrived and we came here instead." Nydia explained to Michael before turning to Cale.

"Perhaps he's right you know. Maybe we should get you to the infirmary. It would be most unfortunate if you were to overexert yourself and collapse again, Cale." Nydia said with a genuine look of concern on her face. Thinking back to the fight made her notice the bruise on her chest that she had been able to ignore until now. Even gently pressing against it made her wince. A mistake I'll not forget anytime soon thanks to this...

"Yeah! I need to practice more though. It'll be so much more awesome after I can use ice!" She felt good about the fight, but knew she would have been toast without her brother as a partner. "So um... why didn't we use any lightning? We could have finished the fight earlier..."

"Well, I thought there might have been more than one round. And if there was, I didn't want us to reveal our secret right off the bat. We could save it for a situation where we could catch them off guard. Now if I knew there was only going to be one round, we would have used it sooner. Always try to have an ace up your sleeve, and only use it when you need it." He said, starting to wander about.

She grabbed his sleeve and pulled him in the direction of the library. "There still might be more than one round. I want to try again!" she thought about Marcus. "Then again... Drew, what are you going to ask for? What do you want?

Cale nodded and turned to Micheal.

"Please, enjoy your stay here..." Cale said to Micheal then he turned towards Nydia. Her look of concern melted his resolve to stay like ore to a fire. Cale then extended his bent arm towards Nydia.

"May I have the pleasure of having you escort me back to the infirmary, Nydia?" Cale asked with a look of genuine humbleness on his face as well.

"Here, I'll help with that." With that said Alexander created a small rainbow going between his two hands with a laugh.

"Sorry if I confused you with the bow earlier Jones, just thought you might see me going for a hand shake to be a kind of attack. Seeing as I am a mage and all. Though I two am rather curious about what you think of our school from what little you've really seen so far." Alexander said before dispelling the rainbow.

"I'll be honest, I have no idea. There are a bunch of things I can think of. Not really sure what I want. And anything I am sure of, I know is beyond what he can give." He said, looking up to the clouds. "What about you? I'm sure he could probably get you what you want."

"Well, when you put it like that, how can I refuse? The pleasure will be all mine, Cale." Nydia said before turning back to Michael and giving another bow. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Michael and I too hope you enjoy your stay. Perhaps we will meet again. Farewell!"

As Nydia rose from the bow she took Cale's arm in her own and began heading for the infirmary. "See? That wasn't so bad was it? Lovely earthshaping by the way. Quite impressive."

Raven looked out at the spot where Seth had jumped down to, smoke still wafting from...whatever it was down there. What the hell is that? She didn't want to jump out the window so she more just crawled over the windowsill and let herself fall outside. She landed with a thud. Quickly brushing herself off in an attempt to save face, she came next to Seth, staring closer at the smoldering hunks of what appeared to be metal.

"So what the hell is this?" she asked. "Some Pyro get too upset that his table wasn't up to par with him? This is a mess."

"I want to be an Adept! That or learn how to use ice, which is pretty much the same thing. I don't know if he can teach me how to use ice though, isn't he a Pyro? Seth said he couldn't teach me how to fight... do you think Master Marcus can? Maybe 'cause he's a master and all..." They approached the library from the other end, not noticing the mess on the outside. She bounced up the stairs and into the library, not even noticing the mess of papers and books. She walked straight to the Hydromancer aisles, which were out of the way of Aden's flames, and started pulling out all the healing books she could find.

Jones initially scowled, appearing to figure that Edward was attempting to insult him. However, the rainbow that appeared due to Alexander made his eyes light back up. Giving a small nod, Jones seemed slightly less confused.

"Well lads, I haven't really seen much of anything, now have I? Saw a little bit from above, which is always kind of strange. Otherwise, doesn't look to much different from the other places I've passed over before." Jones said simply, not seeming too concerned with the people around him, nor the appearance he gave off.


Michael bowed in return to the departing two, seeming to make a small note of the behaviors that he seemed to see.
"Take care you two, and good luck to both of you...and do drag him out of his shell more often Nydia, I think it might help you both out!" Michael said, with a grin as he rose from his bow.

The man was then beset by a few other individuals apparently with their own questions that needed answering.


Seth chuckled to himself as Raven seemed to think that all Pyromancers were raging maniacs. While it could be generally true, simply tossing the blame around like that was a poor sign of information gathering, or at least it was to Seth. Reaching forward, Seth grabbed a small bit of metal.

"To the untrained eye. This, my dear Raven, is quite purposefully made metal. How do I know? Spend enough time doing the metalworking around here, and you figure out a few things. And judging by the.....different smell, I would say that this wasn't just a bit of metal. Something particular got very nicely cooked, and since it was cooked I imagine it was not welcome...or at least pissed off a pyromancer." Seth explained, looking over the odd metal that had so simply fallen apart from the others when he reached out to grab it.

Still very hot. Aden must have let the guy really freaking have it for this to smolder like this. That, or something fishy happened to....whatever the hell this is after it was cooked.


The librarian scowled again as Raven climbed out of the window, obviously not happy still with what had occurred on his watch to the library. However, Fei bouncing in reminded him that there were still duties to attend to, and the man turned back to address the girl.

"Hello! Is there something I can help you with? Seems you are looking for something in particular on healing!" The librarian said, looking at the books Fei had quickly been grabbing.

"Yes!" Fei clasped her hands together, turning to face the librarian. "I want a book for healing burns? Or any kind of wound really, it doesn't matter, I think I can handle it from a single good spell, do you know where I could find one? Or more than one, I can carry um... maybe 4 books if they're big. Even more if they're small!" She was in a fairly good mood, and excited as well, thinking about what she would ask for as her prize.

"For some reason I'm glad for that. I guess it's a good thing we don't seem imposing or that far out of the ordinary really. Though some part of me wished it left more of an impression than it's a place." Alexander replied to the soldier with a laugh.

"I wonder, are mages abnormal where you come from? I mean I spent most of my life here so it doesn't seem that special to me."

"You really liked it Nydia? Well thank you. I don't know, I considered it hasty and not quite up to par with what I've seen or let alone done but thank you once again." Cale said with a draining breath.

As Cale arrived at the infirmary and was given a cot to rest in for the time being while his wounds were being healed he wasn't surprised that Nydia lingered a bit.

"I can't thank you enough for today Nydia." Those last words shuffled about in Cale's lip as he was caught in another thought. "Any chance that a person like you would have time later on?"

"Later on?" Nydia paused to consider it for a moment. "Well.... Lightdwellers are supposed to be working here in the infirmary while our visitors are here. But I believe it may be best for me to rest after all that's happened today." Nydia said, touching her bruised chest gingerly again with a wince.

"Why do you ask though? Was there something you wanted my assistance with?"

The Librarian nodded, happy that he would be doing more today than chasing after hooligans who were being chased by fools. Going down a particular aisle, he grabbed a pair of books from the shelves, placing them in front of Fei.

"Alright, now this one is for healing of surface wounds. Cuts, bruises, burns, things like that. However, THIS one is a little bit thicker for a very good reason. It deals with the much more intricate stuff. Healing below more severe burns, some bone breaking, and things like that." The librarian said, placing his hand on each book as he explained the contents. However, his descriptions were quite off, as the one that was a little bit thicker seemed to add on an extra inch of pages.


Jones gave Alexander an odd look, then gestured to his arm which was mostly robotic, giving it a good flex and apparently testing grip on it.

"My good lad, this arm can stop someone from getting me with an ordinary arrow, let alone cooking my hands while I work, which is why I have THIS hand as well." Jones said, showing the hand of his other arm, which was also mechanical.

"Not to be offending, boy, but you don't exactly look too imposing even to a worn out sod like me, if for no other reason than I could break your hand. Course, I haven't seen what you can do other than make rainbows, so maybe there is a more hidden danger to ya like a knife launcher."

"I more meant the buildings than myself sir. Although there is more to me than rainbows. I'm actually somewhat advanced at my craft. Actually I'm currently working on a way to blind people with a flash of light on top of the required healing magic and lasers we all need to learn." Alexander said with a friendly smile. He didn't really mind that he had just been somewhat insulted. Jones didn't know him or much about magic at all apparently, so it couldn't be helped.

"Everyone here has more to them than one would expect, just something of the nature of magic itself. Usually the people here are stronger than they might look."

a little cocky, well he doesn't know any better
"um I can manipulate the ground under your feet, even the components that that arm is built out of. Just in case you were wondering what I could do... also did you say a knife launcher?" He liked how that word rolled off his tongue.
sounds cool in a savage kind of way

Cale nodded. "Later on could mean tomorrow as well. It could even mean the day after that given the context... maybe I'm being too pushy with you. But if I may be honest, I really enjoyed today. It was the most enjoyable day I had in a while especially with all the stuff going on these few days." Cale looked down at his scarf avoiding Nydia's eyes for a second then refocused back on it. "I think you helped make my day better." Cale sat himself up and planted his feet on the floor. He pushed himself up without any help, Cale had been through worse.

"Anyway I need to go... I can make it myself since your busy." As Cale walked out with his feet heavy with exhaustion Cale turned back one last time before he left for the Earth Mountains.

"Listen Nydia, I like you... in more ways than one. I'll be on the fields helping with the clearing out some place for our visitors. At least that's what the masters said we'd be doing tomorrow... see you around." Cale left the infirmary with one hand clutching his scarf and the other biting his nails.

Upon arriving in his dorm Cale was greeted by a familiar sight. Deanae at his door with a jester's smile on her face. Cale pushed her away before she got the chance to talk to him. But not wanting to go out without fighting Deanae grabbed Cale's hand and squeezed tightly as she drove him against the wall.

"You I don't like being pushed around, Cale." Deanae said as he noticed Cale's tiredness seeing that normally he would fight back in this current situation. "What's wrong, a little tired from all the fighting? I'm sure that you would have been tired anyway if you'd have worked.-"

"Stop it D! For the Gods' sake, I'm really tired today and I really don't feel like talking-"

"Talking about what? Your glorious endeavors in the arena without me or how you romanced some new visitor from Ker-"

"You didn't sound very mad about me going by myself! You should have asked!"

"Oh I'm not mad that you didn't go without me, I'm mad that I wasn't there to see you bumble into that Luminomancer's arms without me being there. Word travels faster than a aeromancer you know..." Deanae let go of Cale and ruffled his hair a bit. "You even smell like a lightdweller now. See you around, lover boy..."

Cale noted Deanae's words carefully and went into his room. Soon Cale's body met his bed as his mind slowly drifted into sleep.

"Lasers, ya say? I heard of the magic healing stuff, but being able to fire from your fingertips would be some sort of impressive, son. Might need to see a demonstration of that." Jones said with a laugh. He seemed like a well humored older fellow, though perhaps a bit more crass and personally energetic than the others. He turned to Edward, wearing a smirk.

"And you, my boy, seem pretty damn cocky. My arm is quite well under my control, and I know there ain't a damned thing you can do about it. And yes, a knife launcher. You know what a knife is, right?"

How did I not see this coming? Looking back it seems so obvious now. I study so hard... And yet I feel so ignorant now. Nydia's mind was in turmoil as she wandered down the halls towards her room, almost bumping into several people in her daze. When Cale walked out, she had barely had time to say goodbye. He said he liked me... In more ways than one. Even a fool like me can tell what that means. What do I say to that?

Somehow, Nydia managed to make to her room. She went in and let herself fall into bed, ignoring the sharp pain from her bruises. Though she tried, she could not seem to put her feelings to words. "I made a vow to myself and others. I cannot simply throw that vow away. But if I do not, Cale may suffer for it. And perhaps I will as well..." Nydia closed her eyes, but sleep did not find her soon. Years of avoiding matters of the heart had left her unfamiliar with such feelings and she was certainly paying the price for it now. I know how Cale feels about me, but how do I feel about him? As she finally drifted off to sleep, the question remained unanswered.

"Well pretty much any of us can do that. Honestly lasers aren't that special to us, they are what we use for offensive attacks. The better displays are from the Weavers and Masters really. I could give a display though, but I don't think it would be a good idea right here. What with all the other guards and being told to be on my best behavior and all." Alexander said before thinking about the question of the arm being under his control.

I wonder how he would feel if the metal were to be controlled.

The books looked like the textbooks she saw in class sometimes. She laced her fingers together behind her back and looked at the books suspiciously, but decided to go for it. "Erm... okay..." She picked up the bigger one first, then ran over and dropped it into her brother's arms. "Drew can you please carry this for me please? Okay, thank you!" The other book was very much lighter, and she balanced it on top of her head to pull out another lollipop. Mmm... grape~ She looked around for a room or any place free of books, this was the first time she was going to try a spell from a library book. "Um... where can I try some of these spells?" she asked the librarian.

Raven was still trying to fully grasp exactly what this could mean. So some guy in metal armor tried to attack a pyro in the library? "So wait, if these metal guys are here trying to cherrypick sheep to go off to some far off place and work them, why do they have things going around and getting into fights with people? Wouldn't the fights be enough to see who can fight? Why bother sneak attacking?"

"Hayhay no reason to be offended, I never said I could take control of your arm. Just meant I will someday I could bend steel to my will. And yes I know what a knife is, seems a little redundant to launch one. Would rather cut bread then people."
Edward felt his stomach grumble again after mentioning food.
"What kind of food do you have in the city? Can you grow stuff on those ships?"

"Fair enough boy. Still, would be impressive to see something along the lines of light being turned into a weapon just like that. I would like seeing it, even if you are not....that other stuff you said." Jones replied, appearing to be entertained by the idea of seeing light firing from the hands of someone. Turning to address Edward now, he shrugged.

"Not offended, just figure you couldn't manage that. You don't look....dedicated enough, I thinks the word. Besides, how is it redundant to launch one? You never heard of a thowing knife before?" Jones said, then pausing for a moment.

"Uh....Well, I imagine we could, if we actually put some dedication into making it so, but instead we just bring food, I figure....and what about you gents? You just grow all your own foods or something?"


"Of course! You just need to have someone supervise, and get to the separate room. There you are free to practice....within reason, of course." The librarian stated, pointing to the doorway some distance away in the back.

" book at a time, please. Don't want to risk too much at once."


"That is probably the biggest set of questions we cannot answer. Why sneak around in the first place when there is nothing to really stop them from getting around? And was the purpose to fight someone in the first place? Odd to be smashing open windows and fighting a pyromancer around here." Seth said, standing up to go look at the other body, which burned in a different way.

"This guy....didn't die the same way. He burned, but it doesn't seem like he did the same way. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, is what I feel."

Heat....from around him, but not spreading? What the hell did this guy have on him to cause that? Gods, what could a pyromancer have done to even manage this?

"Well my focus is a little broad." He said scratching his head
"never really train hard until I need toobut thats not the point! Oh and we grow our food, we get some good quantity since we can control the weather and soil conditions. You will taste the quality for the feast I am sure we are having."
better, I am starving
"And yes, its a little redundant. I have heard of throwing knives but I am sure you don't use hands for that job, probably an overly complex way to do it."

"Oh... okay! I'll just take the book Drew has." she nodded, putting the smaller one she had down. She dragged her brother to one of the back rooms, depositing him on one of the chairs before running back out to the librarian. "Um, excuse me, can you please watch me while I try something!?" She was excited to try a new spell that no one in her class would know.

"Well I'm sure there will be some kind of arranged display for you of some kind. Seeing as our masters made kind of a big deal about you showing up. I can see why obviously but you'll probably see something I have no chance of doing yet to be perfectly honest. Then again there may be some kind of set up where they take you around to the different schools while they train, I don't know though." Alexander replied. It was almost kind of funny that words that he used everyday were actually so foreign to this person.

"An....overtly complex way to throw knives without throwing them?......Boy, do they just keep you locked up or something? Crossbows, bow and arrow, slings? Any of those ring a bell?" Jones asked, now obviously slightly concerned about what he was talking about, only to turn to Alexander.

"Huh.....fair enough boy. Guess I will look forward to...whatever is going to happen, feast and all. Though, not sure what you fellas have here. What they serving?


The librarian nodded, happy to be of help to someone rather than chasing people down. He calmly walked to the room, showing the small open room with a few small amounts of each element inside.

"Just be cautious please. Can't afford to have anything else happen in the library today. Quite a mess I have to clean up, and I would rather not risk completely losing a book making someone else have to rewrite the whole thing."

Seth was right, it wasn't making a lot of sense. At least to Raven it wasn't. Of course, it really did just look like a pyro went rogue but Seth was still acting a bit off about it. What is going on with this? It looks like he doesn't know what happened here. Are the pyro's really having that much trouble keeping tabs on their own? Raven silently watched Seth try and work through his own thoughts and piece this together.

She nodded a quick thanks, and quickly began to scan the book. It didn't take her long to find and read over the text she needed, but everything else was too distracting for her to actually start the spell. Some 15 minutes later she had completely forgotten about healing her brothers burn, and was buried in a spell about manipulating water currents. She kept swirling the water in the small bowl in front of her, trying to get the temperatures right. "What do you think Drew? Technically the spell isn't really useful, and even then I could only really use it in a big body of water, but I can't control that much water yet. How much water do you think I'd really need though? I mean, I'd only need to heat the water up. It would cool by itself right? Maybe I should look at something more useful... aiieee look Drew! There's a spell to make a thunderstorm! That would be convenient wouldn't it? Instead of just having to make a reserve on our own we could make a thunderstorm and then we could use our own magic..."

"You're doing great, Fei. Maybe you should check that book out and practice some of them at home. You're trying to control the temperature, right? How about trying to freeze it?" He smiled, glad to see her so enthusiastic. I can go to an infirmary later for the burn. It isn't that bad...

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