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image Vergil Crawford - Safehouse - Grim

"Well sorry for having a little fun for five minutes. People experience life in different ways and act differently. That can be for some people, the whole reason of growing old, so they can reflect and enjoy the good times they had." Vergil remarked.

"If I knew you going to be so... words cannot describe my feelings right now. I regret saving your life, lord knows I would have been happier, and don't ask me why I did. You know what, I'm leaving." Vergil further added, seething with anger. Having enough with this conversation, he got up out of his chair and headed towards the door. Before he left, he added.

"Telnor, Vessel, if you two need me for something, I'll be in The Eternal Mist, oh and before you ask again Scarlett, the area is safe... for now."

He slammed the door on his way out, and walked out of sight. When he knew he was out of sight. He said to himself, "I just need to calm down, just need something to relax with".

The vessel was above getting involved.
Well almost above it.
But Scarlet just couldn't be allowed to say that without some form of rebuttal.
"I didn't intend to offend you. I was just being accurate and I would be interested to see the logic by which you qualify your skills as in anyway more pure than mine. I've been travelling with only the barest connection to any faction for years now. And my skills are pretty natural, I wasn't really aware you even knew what I could do."
She spoke calmly but it was saturated with sarcasm and irony. You'd barley even notice really.

imageScarlett Verneer - Safehouse - Grim

Scarlett remembered all the sadness and frustration been a member of the Red Stain caused, all the friends and lovers who never returned, all the times she had cried herself to sleep. She could see it in Telnor's anger. Over the years Scarlett had become cold and usually cared little for the feelings of other people. She didn't get many visitors and it showed.

Scarlett walked over to Telnor. "...I'm sorry, I don't get many visitors. I was just... never mind."

image Nana Gavech - Mage Academy - Upper District

The news had stung her like a bee. Could it be true? The whole entire Ion family killed? Lorel had been kind to her, they were friends. Was it possible that he like the rest of his family were working to bring down Upper District, and if so, why? Life in the Upper is a good one. Though while his name was whispered in the academies halls, it was soon and quickly forgotten. Hadn't even been a week an already all the possible ways to insult the Ion family was created.

And while some anger burned inside, she couldn't find it in herself to hate Lorel as he was a good friend. But one question lingered in her mind, did Lorel know about his family's plans? She doubted that he knew, as he never showed signs of wanting to destroy Upper. Was it possible that he was killed innocently?

Nana got up from her table and went over to Maro's room, as he knew that Lorel was good friends with him as she was as well. When she arrived, the room was silent, and he was hunched over his desk, eyes closed. While she didn't want to disturb his sleep, she couldn't wait to ask. "Maro, Teacher!"

Suddenly Maro flew up out of his sleep, with an incredibly disturbed look. He rubbed his eyes and then looked at her. "Nana, it's you? I assume you came to talk about Lorel?"

"Yes... It's hard to imagine that he is dead."

Maro didn't know what to tell her. "Yes, it is hard..." But then there was something she noticed about Maro in his voice and eyes as he couldn't keep a straight stare. Almost like he wasn't telling her something.

"Maro, is there something I don't know? Something that hasn't been told to the public?"

Immediately Maro yelled. "No! No! Nothing. It truly is hard..."

Nana stared at him, and he moved back. "Tell me what is it your hiding!"

He knew he couldn't mind, Maro always had been a terrible liar. "Lorel... Isn't dead. He is still alive..."

Alive? Really? But how did he know?

"How do you know that?" She demanded.

Maro pulled open his drawer and pulled out a letter and handed it to her. She opened it and began to read it in her head.

Dear Maro,

On the evening on April 21st, I made contact with Lorel. I had found him being attacked by Mage Hunters. That night, I explained to him what was going on and the various reasons. He seemed to understand. We plan to go to Grim, but first to Tabulath to meet with Yias and discuss recent events. In Grim we will be meeting with Itsuka Maen to get her to join our side. From there we shall go to the South, or possibly North. Depending on what happens.

Operation Deathly Continuation, is a go.

From Velen.

"So he is alive. But what is this, Operation Deathly Continuation? Maro, what is going on?"

"Nana... All I will say, are you prepared to know? Your life will change and you can't go back. Are you sure you wish to know?"

image Itsuka Maen - Tower of Di - Grim.

After Lorel and Velen left, she began to prepare. She put on a blue and dark blue shirt on but kept her current pants, then she put on large brown boots, and then got her hair back to its normal curly self, and then put a brown hat on top of it with various curls sticking out below. Then she grabbed a red satchel with various pockets to place stuff in. Now she was ready.

She left her room and descending down the towers spiral stair cases, until she reached the bottom. Before joining Velen and Lorel she would need to buy goods for the trip. Food, medical supplies and some Magi Crystals but they would be costly. Hopefully she could get them for cheaper. As she left the tower she signed out on the desk and left. The two guards bowed and then she went down the stairs and into Grim.

imageScarlett Verneer - Safehouse - Grim

Scarlett turned to the Vessel.

"I was referring to the other two mostly, but your skills, why don't you tell me about them?"

Telnor- Safehouse- Grim

Telnor brushed past Scarlet.
"Goodbye. Thank you for the place to rest.," he turned to Vessel. "Goodbye Vessel. I can't say it wasn't interesting. Maybe I will see you again." With that he left the safehouse and entered the streets of Grim once again. He walked down the street unknowingly following Vergil's path.

image Vergil Crawford - Somewhere - Grim

"Damn it! Vergil thought to himself, but now in a much more calmer mood. "I acted like such a jerk in front of everyone. I'll head back... but later. For now, its just me, no one else." He further added, stopping momentarily to rub his forehead.

After walking through the streets of Grim, he came across a quiet market. It had a few stalls, some were selling weapons, others armour. He found a table at a cosy restaurant, and started to watch the scenes of the day unfold. Vergil laughed a little as he noticed several of the merchants squabbling over whose merchandise was superior, at points it almost turned into a fight, but unfortunately, no such entertainment was found.

"They could give a live demonstration about whose items were best by using them in a fight. But seeing their, somewhat rotund stature, I don't think they would fit." He muttered under his breath as people returned to their daily routines. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a pair of gentlemen sit at a table opposite him. One was in his late teens and sported white hair, the other, he couldn't tell, but at a guess, he was in his late twenties, early thirties at the most.

"Those two seem distracted by their meal, if I move quick enough, and time my actions, I could have the older guy's Kiel pouch away in a moment's notice." He remarked, making sure no one was listening.

Vergil carefully got out of his seat, and strolled over to their table. He pretended to trip to get closer to the target.

"Sorry about that sir, must have been a loose cobblestone or something, let me just tie my bootlace, and I'll be on my way." He told the gentleman, kneeling down in the process. After he made sure his attention was elsewhere, Vergil drew out one of this throwing knives, and quickly cut the belt loop, catching the pouch as it fell. He then got up, and strolled into the crowds, blending in with the group, and making sure he wasn't spotted.

"Hmm, like taking candy from a baby." Vergil smirked as he became one with the crowd.

Lucian pushed himself from their targets shoulders and landed squarely atop the soles of his feet mere seconds before Vincent's dark blade made contact with their foe, luckily enough too; the mage was cleaved swiftly in two. Proceeding his landing, Lucian opted to remained still for a moment, drawing in the morning rays as they emerged from behind the slate grey clouds hanging wistfully in the foreground of a canopy of blue.

"My wound's are fine, I'm more worried about my poncho, you sliced the damn thing in two" Lucian announced with a spark of agitation before casually walked to the pile of gore that was once their target, reaching down and inspecting the damage Vincent's black blade had inflicted upon the dark garb. Lucian gripped the corner of the high collar on his ruined piece of clothing, pulled it from the bloody pulp of their target and raised it to the light, as if inspecting it.

"Completely ruined, it's ripped and soaked in blood." Lucian let out a great sigh and let the fabric fall to the ground. He turned on his heel and began retracing his steps back to the silver steed hidden back at the rundown stables.

"Can you still ride?" Grey queried his partner. Vincent gripped his limp appendage and made sharp eye contact before giving a slow nod. He could ride, but it was going to hurt like all hell, then again... that's what the Mage Hunters were up against; all hell.

"Good, saddle up. We're off to Grim."

"Well it's hard to explain, be easier to show really."
She held out her hands. On each was a simple black mark, the outline of a drop of blood and a leaf. They were very simple designs lacking any real detail.
The drop of blood was filling slightly from the centre.
She explained the basics, that it was a gift from the gods, that it was about maintaining the balance, that it most certainly had nothing to do with magic, she even managed to get in a demonstration but it probably would have helped if she'd asked first. She also casually touched on its connection to music but only briefly. In essence her powers generated music but weren't really affected by it.
"What do you think?
I also have some advanced skills in chemistry as well but that's mostly just knowledge I could teach that to anyone."

image Lorel Ion - Grim

Suddenly in a blur Velen got out of his seat and grabbed the man who had tripped and walked. "Do you really think we would be that stupid to not see what you did. If you don't give me it back. I will cut you down."

Lorel got up, he hadn't noticed it at all that his pouch had gotten stolen and he stood up too, but began to fear that it would draw to much attention.

image Vergil Crawford - Somewhere - Grim

"Certainly sir, didn't mean to rob you blind, nor keep the Kiel for myself. T'was merely a test of skill. Here you go" Vergil replied with as he turned his back on the pair, and began to walk away, as he did he tossed the bag of coin to the man, whilst secretly activating a Decoy Bomb.

"Should you need the services of a thief, and you happen to be still in Grim at the time, head over to The Eternal Mist, but just you two. Wouldn't want any trobule arising from it. Good day to you, Ion boy." He further added as he dropped his Decoy Bomb, and disappeared.

image Lorel Ion - Grim

"What the fuck was that? A test? A Thief? What was he leading onto?" Lorel spoke as the man vanished with the smoke bomb. The crowd around moved away and then saw nothing as the smoke vanished. Velen sat back down and he himself had to admit he had no idea what happened.

"To be honest Lorel, I have no idea at all. But I think we should pursue him. The Eternal Mist... Must be an inn or something around here." Velen spoke looking around as if someone else was going to come out.

"Follow him? Why not we go back to Itsuka's? I haven't asked her about the Red Magic."

"Don't worry Lorel. But I can't just let this end like this. I can't feel reassured that everything will proceed as planned if we don't tie up this loose end."

Both of them stood up, and paid the tavern and left the area. Lorel was a bit nervous but Velen had seen the thief's kind many times before. After walking for a bit, reaching 12 in the afternoon, they arrived outside the Eternal Mist. It was a reasonable size inn, nothing too different from any other inn. Above the door was a logo that read out Eternal Mist in red letters, but an almost misty white overlay to it.

Together they entered the inn, not knowing what to expect.

image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

After he had vanished from the crowd, Vergil instantly made his way to The Eternal Mist. It was 11:30 PM by the time he saw the misty overlay draped across the crimson red letters. He decided to avoid Tobias, since he was still in possession of his key. Before he was up the stairs, he yelled Tobias, who was in the back room.

"We may be expecting some guests as it were, but don't worry, they are for me." He then waited in his room, behind the secret door. It was almost 12 noon by the time he heard footsteps outside.

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

When they entered they went up to the desk where a man was waiting. He greeted them and told him his name was Tobias.

"Um, we were told to come here by someone. A thief, to be blunt. He had black hair and red eyes. Do you know of him?" Velen asked.

Tobias The Innkeeper - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"Yeah I know of him. His name is Vergil Crawford, experienced thief, part time assassin, has good connections with most of the major factions, especially the Red Stain. He's a friend of mine. In fact, he helped me with a few problems I had a few years ago, in return, he has a permanent base here in the north eastern part of the Middle Section. What's your business with him then?" Tobias replied in a rather serious manner, all the while his right hand was underneath the desk and out of sight, as he began charging a small bolt of dark, electrical like energy, which thanks to his talents, he was able to mask the signature.


image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

Vergil could hear conversation going on downstairs, he recognised the voices as being of Tobias and the gentleman from earlier. He decided to enter the fray.

"Ah, Tobias, these are those guests I was on about earlier, this way gentlemen." He gestured them to follow, as they entered the room, he heard the click of the wall going back into place. Vergil then sat himself in a tall armchair, and rested his left leg on the other. He then clasped his hands together, and placed them on top of the left leg.

"Now then gentlemen, what would you like to discuss?" Vergil asked with a smirk on his face, and a gleam in his eyes.

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

Velen kept a clam look. "Normally a thief doesn't leave with words of intrigue. They don't tell a person to meet them somewhere and then also have the theft called a test. We came here to ask why, Vergil, as Tobias called you. Who exactly are you?"

image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"Well that is hard to say, some would call me an enigma, others mysterious. Anyway, what I meant to say was that little display was a test of my skills, not yours, so there was no need to worry, Velen Majl. Yes, I know of you, that scar you possess is very distinguishable." Vergil replied to Velen, he then cocked his head towards the younger man.

"You, judging by the white hair and tattered attire of a noble, your Lorel Ion. My condolences to you about that terrible tragedy that fell upon your house, your father was a interesting person in of himself". Vergil told him in a suave tone of voice.

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

Velen angrily walked towards the man. "How do you know? What connection do you have to us?"

Lorel had no idea what to think of Vergil. Did he know his father? But how?

Scarlet wasn't saying anything, the vessel got that a lot, hardly surprising but it was still annoying.
"Fine then."
The vessel got up.
"Anyway I think I'll be meeting up with the others. If you decide to get more talkative meet me at The Eternal Mist ."
She briefly wondered why they said the name with such a strange accent. Like it was much more pronounced, they only said it once or twice, sometimes on names or places.
The Vessel was up almost ready to go. Part of her still hoped scarlet would snap out of it, talking to yourself felt so much less mad when there was someone else their you could pretend to talk to.

imageScarlett Verneer - Safehouse - Grim

"Ok." Scarlett remarked distracted by something on her mind. "I'll go with you."

image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

Vergil replied to the sudden anger in Velen's voice, he spoke calmly to him and to Lorel.

"Very little. It was Lorel's father who had hired me to obtain some sensitive information for him and his compatriots, the Steel Heart faction. Yes, I knew of your family's connections, it is a noble goal that they seek, to bring down a corrupt regime. It seems I was referred to him by a senior member of the Steel Heart from some work I did with them directly about a fortnight ago."

"If your father Lorel; had taken better care of hiding the information I provided him, or had at least let me deal with its destruction, why he and the rest of your family would still be alive to this day." He had finished speaking with the two of them, he then spoke directly to Lorel.

"Technically, with your father dead Lorel, you would of inherited his seat within the Noble court. It is more than likely now that Amelia Foel has rescinded your claim, and replaced you with someone that can be more easily controlled, like a puppet." Vergil further added in a snide manner.

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

"You dare insult my father you thief!" Lorel rushed at him, but Velen put out his arm and stopped Lorel. "Velen!"

"Lorel, calm yourself. Vergil, we have no idea what happened or how the information was leaked. If anything a person from the inside betrayed us. But what I am still worried about is you. How did you know we were here, and what do you want?"

Oh thank, well the vessel wasn't sure which particular god was responsible, several were already claiming responsibility. Oh well she'd thanks the relevant parties later.
"Well If you like then I guess." Her apathy sounded totally convincing.
"So what did you think of the show?"
Stepping out on the street was a bit of a strange feeling. Under cover of night the street looked rather different so this was the first time the vessel had seen it in broad daylight.
There was a pool of something green.
"Oh that's where it ended up. I wouldn't step in it if I were you. That stuff will eat you through to the bone if you let it."

imageScarlett Verneer - Safehouse - Grim

Scarlett stepped out onto the street and took a quick look around. All was clear.

"It was... Interesting to say the least."

Something was bugging Scarlett. It gnawed at the back of her mind but failed to emerge into a clear thought.

"Tell me Vessel. If your gift from the Gods is to create balance then do you think there might be someone out there with the opposite. To create chaos? I mean the Gods seem to pretty keen on karma."

image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"I would hold your tongue boy. I have many hands in many pockets, and information on your location can easily pass from one hand to another." He responded to Lorel's outburst.

"I did not know that you two were here in Grim, I just happened upon you by coincidence. Funny thing about coincidence, I seem to be running into a small trail of it recently. As for what I want, well that is an interesting question, to be honest, I don't know." He replied to Velen's query in a jovial manner. He then rose from his seat, and walked to the other end of the room.

"Well actually none of them like karma; it's just the result of there being so many diametrically opposed beings. They've sort of agreed to all mess with the world equally.
As for chaos I'd say it's a misrepresentation of the issue. I'm more than capable of creating chaos, healing can be just as chaotic and I've seen pretty ordered violence."
Now that wasn't strictly honest we all know who she first thought of, you can even see it in her eyes.
They moved pretty quickly through the streets.
"This looks like the place."
They were outside the pub; they'd approached from the side streets and were in one of the nearest allies.
"You want to go in the front or would you prefer not to be boring?"

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

Velen moved back and sat down in one of the various chairs, and the nodded for Lorel to do the same and he did to. "Vergil, how about we just, are silent about this. You keep your pockets closed, and we can both go away unhurt." He felt like he was repeating his self often quite lately. First with the Mage Hunter, then with Vergil, twice.

Basically bribing people into silencing their mouths. "But I must ask, just out of curiosity, do you have anything to do with that massacre that took place recently?"

Should I ask about Yias? Does she know of her? And why didn't Lorel's father, Hongi, not tell me of this man?

Telnor- Grim

Telnor sat at a table at a tavern, four empty mugs sat in front of him and he held a fifth in his hand. Damn that woman. Sakne I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't a better leader, that I couldn't protect you like I promised. Nicon I'm sorry that I let your brother die. I'm so SORRY . Telnor placed his head on the table. He banged his fist on the table making the mugs jumped. Maybe I should help Vergil. Maybe just maybe I can make up for my past mistakes. Telnor stood up, throw down 200 Kiel onto the table for the beer and stumbled out of the tavern. He stumbled along the streets of Grim occasionally stopping to ask directions to The Eternal Mist Finally he was close to the inn, and as he got closer he saw Scarlet and Vessel standing outside.

image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"Very well, I'll shall keep my mouth shut, and pockets sealed on the matter. As for your query about the massacre at Harold Nehelem's Estate, I was there, but did not take part in the massacre, I was dealing with some long over due business". Vergil replied to Velen's query as he looked out the window, noticing both The Vessel and Scarlett outside the Inn, off in the distance he could Telnor following drunkenly behind the others.

"It seems I have other guests." He remarked.

imageScarlett Verneer - Eternal Mist - Grim

"We'll enter through the front." Scarlett smiled warmly. "In my experience the back usually has the most guards, and I have the suspicion Vergil's choice of venue is anything but an ordinary Inn, we might as well act normal and besides Vergil chose this place right? So it must be safe enough to enter."

Scarlett closed her eyes and mapped the area for sound. Nothing unusual. Walking casually around to the Inn door she pulled it open, and stepped inside.

image Lorel Ion - Eternal Mist - Grim

"Velen, we probably should head back to the Tower soon, Itsuka maybe waiting for us." Lorel spoke softly to Velen.

"Yes, we shall. Though it being roughly halfway to 1, I doubt she is finished with all of her deeds."

Then Velen turned to Vergil. "Vergil, would you like us to leave before meeting with your next guests?"

image Tobias The Innkeeper - The Eternal Mist - Grim

When he saw Vergil and the two gentlemen head upstairs, Tobias disengaged the energy he was storing, and carried on with his duties. It was roughly half an hour later when two women entered the Inn.

"Good afternoon ladies, welcome to The Eternal Mist, one of Grim's best kept Inns. Now what can I do for you?" Tobias asked them in a charming manner.


image Vergil Crawford - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"Certainly, I'm sure you two have other matters that need completing. Should you need my services, ask Tobias how best to contact me should I not be here. Good day to you." Vergil replied to Velen, and then briefly bowed at them.

The Vessel was soon in after. She took Scarlett's hand. Anything to further disarm potential guards (most likely male after all). She considered a kiss but that would probably be hard to explain and just look forced. After all the more subtle blade was often the one that cut deepest.
The hand not currently engaged in a saffic bond was instinctually checking for her tools, a poison or two, check. Acid flask, check. Dragon's breath (so named because of its interesting relationship with fire) check and...
Few seconds of desperate thumbing.

imageScarlett Verneer - Eternal Mist - Grim

Scarlett's concentration faltered when the Vessel took her hand. As such she only managed to hear a few words from the area around Vergil.

Velen. Tower. Itsuka.

It was enough. Scarlett had been mapping the sound of the Inn from the moment she stepped in with her gift. It had taken a split second to find Vergil upstairs and his, unusual guests.

"I'm going to be blunt. Take me to Vergil." She remarked to the man who had approached them.

Tobias The Innkeeper - The Eternal Mist - Grim

"Has Vergil become Mr. Popular or something, besides, he's upstairs, and judging by the sound of it his business is finished with the two gentlemen he had earlier". Tobias, not affected by what was transpiring, gestured upstairs.

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