We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC:@Random You shall see.....

Grubbs shrugged and lay back and closed his eyes. "Do you want to see my house. We could all go there its massive!" Grubbs said brodcasting hi words to everyone.

Lilah comes across a stuffed bear.

"Right...but you said I was wrong about something?" I ask EMily, starting to feel a little embarrassed about my nudeness.

OOC: Might as well, @Gear. Everyone else has...


lilah triped over the teddy,she quickly got back up and looked at it

"I said you were wrong about me. I heard that thought that crossed your mind earlier. You said that I was in physics and that I wouldn't understand. But I do understand. Education is supposed to be difficult to manage." She looked down and sighed.
She pulled out a towel from the ethereal plane and gave it to Tanner.

>PS: Go looking for the cyborg dame.

That sounds like a great idea! You start your walk, and begin looking around for Lambda.

>PS: No, fine LILAH.

Uhh... who shall you find?

>PS: Go hit on the cyborg!

You find Lambda, and ask her how she's been.

Roland shrugs, "Eh, first thing you must expect: Everything is harder then explected. Believe me, I KNOW!"

"I don't really know, what to say. Honestly, removing Satan from me, even with the possibility of death, could be worthwhile. On the other hand, he'd likely find a new host. And that person may not be able or willing to contain him like I can." Jio relied.

"I guess that's true about your music." Jin shrugs.

The bear blinks.

lilah steped back, did that bear just blink?!

AEanna felt restless. Somehow the day felt a lot longer without anyone attacking them. Sheran her hand idly through the grass until she felt something hard and blocky beneath her fingers. On picking it up, she found that it was a thick chunk of wood, slightly blackened. It must have been blown out of one of the buildings. She smiled as she thought of the times she had seen Dromaeus whittling such a piece of wood or mammoth tusk with Mehrune's Razor. Taking the dagger from her belt, she began to tentatively cut slivers from the block of wood.

@slenn conel talked to winona

OOC: @Shadow, yeah I know, I was thinking.

"Alright then Conall. It was fun!" She made a bright smile and she followed him back to the ship, with the bass guitar over her neck.

Tophat walks over to Doc Com.
"You alright?"

Lamda hovered past a doorway, but she backed up a bit and looked through. Tanner was in there, along with several other members of the group. "What is going on?"

OoC: Well, I say hilarity, but in reailty she's probably just gonna float there OR she's gonna carve everyone in the room into turduken.

>PS:what are you thinking, the robot chinks TANNERS, you should find LILAH

The bear stands up, and winks.

"I take it it's not as simply as getting rid of him, huh?
Well, I guess all you can do at this point is hope for the best!"

conel walked through the portal and then walked around the ship, he saw matt and rushed over to him "Matt! i need to talk to you"

"Uh... what?"

"Oh...I was actually just saying you wouldn't be able to help me learn anything about psychology, but never mind." I say to EMily. I accept the towel as Lambda floats by. 'Oh come on...' I think.

"I was talking to joel and i though you might be able to help me out" conel asked making sure no one was looking at them

Doctor Com looks at Yes-Man and tophat, "Oh.. nothings wrong. Just thinking about my past..." He said heavily.

Silver Shadow:
>PS:what are you thinking, the robot chinks TANNERS, you should find LILAH

Yes, your right... But... Something tells you Lilah is already taken.
Oh well. You walk away, and walk up to lilah. You ask her how things are going.
He see's the bear, and stare, DEATH'S SCYTHE at the ready.

Four thinks that she should probably get dressed now, considering people are starting to flood into the room. "Someone mind giving me a hand with this thing?" She asks as she starts to put on her bodysuit.

Rose gives Roland a determined nod and goes back to practicing.

"Pretty much. I can't do more than that."

Lambda cocked her head quizically. "I asked you a question." She looked at Four.

lilah tells PS whats been going on (not much)
mia dosnt seem bothered that the only thing hiding her 'areas' was her tail

"Um... o- okay."

The bear winks at Lilah.

She chuckled as she took a few steps back from Tanner. "I see then..." She cocked an eyebrow. She found Winona again.

"Oh my goodness! I was very worried. I see you spent some time with Conall?" She eyed the bass guitar. "It matches your dress."

"Well that never goes well."
Tophat sits down besides Doc Com.

>PS: Get rid of that BEAR! It's clearly evil.

"Uh...uh...I...uh..." I say to Lambda.

"So, any rays of light on that sea of darkness of yours?"
That would make a sweet album name...

i showed matt his power, my arm glowed and butterflys apearred "I... i thought you might know more about joel than me, i felt like i should talk to you about this" i said nervously
lilah looked woriedly at the bear

OOC: Who wants to head to Cracery Vale!

The bear smiles.

Matt's eyes widen in shock.

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