We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Tophat draws its pistol and fires a magazine at Grubbs, then follows up with a stab towards Grubbs throat.

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Roland walks up to the possesed grubbs.
"I just lost my mentor, and you thretened my girlfreind. Prepare to die a slow, painful death..." He muttered.
He grabed the beast's wings, and broke them in half, ripping them off. He grabs the fangs, and pulls them out. He grabs his head, and smashes it on the ground after tophat hits Grubb.

Random berk:
"As you wish. Divines protect you." AEanna said to Roland before turning backto Rose.
"Now, let us take a look at these wounds..." Shemuttered, lifting the bandage on Rose's forehead and beginning a spell that allowed unblemished flesh and skin to grow back over the ugly gash.

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Grubbs laughs out. "Foolish thing!" Grubbs laughs and smacks Tophat down an alleyway.

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OoC: @Jag Alleyway? I don't see an entire alleyway still standing.
Tophat simply took a step back to avoid Grubbs smack, then reloaded and fired another magasine at Grubbs.

"Thanks." Rose said to AEanna as she healed her. "I'm just sorry you have to do this for me."

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Grubbs watched a piece of wing fall off. "Oh no!" Grubbs said picking up Roland and crushing his balls in.

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OoC: Anyway, Roland is as mad as Fuck. He has no regard for self pitty at the current moment, and will do his best to humiliate Grubb.

Roland grunted as Grubb hit his balls.
He hit him in the face with a hammer, sending him to a nearby building, which then collapse on him.
"You bloody asshole..."
He pulls out his lightsaber.

"It is nothing." AEanna said with a friendly smile. "This group needs healers, and I am most adept at restoration magic. It is strange really, finding myself in this role among the group is the last thing I would have expected, but I am glad to do it."

Grubbs regains control and his wings and fangs grow back in. "Help me. Play a song then i can stop this!"

Roland glares.
He then sings this song, harmony and all. As in, every part of it.

OoC: He's playing time.

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You dive at Grubb, gun in hand. You pellet him with bullets.

"No, you will die."
Tophat says, reloading and firing of another magasine at Grubbs.
OoC: This will be the third group of .357 rounds fired at Grubbs, he hasn't responded yet.

"For what it's worth, I'm glad you're with us." Rose said as she gave AEanna a hug.

Grubbs looks at the bullets and freezes them. "Help me or Rose will die!"

... i though i killed him, and we agreed on it?

OoC: Didn't you notice the fact Roland sung? An entire song?

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Grubs throws a piece of rubble at Roland. "GEt me Rose and make her sing a song before *cough* You..Might...Wanna make her sing now!"

"So you're holding her hostage?" R asks. "Without ACTUALLY being able to threaten her life? Sorry, I don't negotiate with FUCKING IDIOTS!"
She shoots at Grubbs' head.

AEanna smiled and returned the hug, then broke free and repaired the wound on Rose's arm. With the job done, she drank a potion of magicka to compensate for the sun's inhibition of her natural magicka regeneration.

"Shall we return to the others, and see if we can help them?"

Tophat holsters its gun and sword, then walks over to a corner in the ship and falls asleep.
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Rose heard what Grubbs said with her cat hearing and said, "Worth a shot I suppose." Rose said to AEanna,"I think I can help them from here."
She brought a few instruments from the Roseland and set them up, as well as some amps so the song could be heard. She used the time folding technique Roland taught her again to play all of them at once and sang. I just hope this works.

mia teleported and grabed rose and held her close and folded her wings around creating a impenetrable sheild "There, there rose, its safe now". after her song
I stand next to mia and ready my attacks

@jag ill take that as a yes xD

Roland Glares at Grubb, his lightsaber glowing a dark blue-red-green swirl. He glares at Grub.
"There. She sung."

"You might wanna get her before it takes full control!"

AEanna stood off to one side and listened in silence as Rose played. The music appealed to her more than Eddie and Conall's metal, and she smiled and swayed with the tune.


mia fired a beem at grubbs that crashed him through the wall " 'nuff said, bitch "(<--snappy one line)

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Grubbs looks at evryone. "Old Grubbs was right but...What?...NO!" Grubbs screams slumping over the floor. Grubbs blinks 3 times and sits up. "Where am i? OH GOD ROSE! Is she alright?"

mia fired another beem at grubb which smashed him a fair distance away

R points the gun at Grubbs. "You're a fucking idiot."

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