We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Well, let's just try and not worry about it now, okay?"

"How could she see 'em? She was a little too busy bein' threatened by the violent ones." Kidd says to Discord.

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"Sure" she just hoped that reguless couldnt read her mind, she was thinking about trying to rejoin the group

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"It was quite pleasant. So strange though, the instruments did not like any lutes, horns or flutes that I have ever seen. Some other form of instrument from your world, I guess. Where are you from anyway? The future of this world, as some of the others are?"

Charlotte materializes a violin and starts playing it.

Discord smiled, "You know, reg, I find it annoying your not responding to me. I'm here, complementing your good work, and you just ignore me? Is it because Lilah's here? Oh, she's a fool, following you! What would she know about running away from here! And Kidd, thats the point! You knew that would happen! since she was getting distracted by the violent ones, she would not see the level headed ones!"

"Discord you clever bastard." Ferdinand mumbles.

Roland nods, "Alright." he says.
He looks at Rose, and kisses her, "Anything you want to know about me? I just thought you'd like to know more about me."

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Laguna looked up the people around him. "Well, that cheered me up a lot." The sarcasm was thick and obvious. "I'm a soldier, I know we have to give things up. But this is different. I like you guys, really I do, and it tears me up when I cant help you out, even when I know it's impossible for me to help. It's not easy taking on everyone else's problems."

Kidd rolls his eyes at the patchwork monster and directs his attention to his weapons.

"Nothing in particular. Let's just talk about whatever's on your mind." Rose said with a smile.

OoC: What do you mean salt? I think I am making discord just how I want him too, seeming like he's neither good nor evil. A trickster, if you will.

"Then, Laguna, let us take on our problems ourselves. Weighing the burden of everyone else's problems on just anyone's shoulders is enough to break that person. Not one person in this world can do everything you know? I know how you feel, but we're ALL going to have to live with this fact." She kneeled down to him.

Roland shrugged, "Well... I don't know what to talk about, in truth... Just feel like we should talk about something..."

Discord laughs, "Oh, you poor fool, kidd. Sucked into chaos's web of lies. You can't beat me. I'm the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony."

OoC: I'll put him on a bus after he preforms what he came here for.

"Laguna, would it make you feel better if I said, I might have a way to trap Regulus without killing him? And that just maybe we could release Erica at a later date. Assuming he will ever revert back." Jio asked.

OoC: Kinda surprised Nail hasn't commented on this plan at all.
@Wacky Well, isn't Discord supposed to be Chaos incarnate?

"That's why we lean on each other." Laura said

Charlotte gave a hug to Laguna. "You have been helping everybody in the group, despite their own problems... Now it's time for us to help you.."

"When am I from? That's...kind of a hard question for me to answer. I was born in 1990, which is technically the past, but if this were the earth I was born on, it should be much farther into the future that it is...I'd say this is some kind of parallel dimension, thought I can't be sure. Maybe we just don't understand collapsars as well as we like to think." I say, assuming she won't understand most of what I'm saying.

Dromaeus leaned in close so that he was face to face with Laguna.
"Then we must stop Regulus before he corrupts anyone else! That is the only option. People will keep falling to his influence unless we silence him forever. And we can do it. I know we can, we almost had him days ago. But Laguna, you must let go of the idea that Erica still has to be saved. Even if she was not an illusion in the first place, Regulus has consumed her completely by now. Did you not notice that her body reappeared while he was still in control, as bait for us? I do not believe for a moment that that was Erica showing through. It was all Regulus. There is no reason for us to let him linger, and every reason to stop him, before more people are swayed from their path by him."

AEanna looked at Tanner in some confusion.
"Another timeline... that makes sense, but yousay that you are from further in the future,and also born in an earlier time than this? Can you travel through time?"

OoC: Yes, but he's on parole. He wants off parole. What to do to get off parole? Do good. How will he do good? Be a trickster.

"Let's see..."
Regulus scratched its head.
"Well, I and my bretheren stood at the dawn of creation, locked in a arguement with our lighter counterparts.
The Light Ones--that is what I am calling them, since I hath long since forgotten their true names--wished to create a utopian scociety, free of conflict. We Dark Souls argued that strife is neccesary for progress, for without it none would feel compelled to better themselves.
Anyway, after getting nowhere with words, my brethern decided to prove themselves by creating a prototype mortal. That is where my tale truly begins."

Regulus felt uncofertable to tell its story to a mortal but decided some honesty would be useful if it were to win Lilah's trust.
"I, as the least baleful of my kin, would serve as a fine guinipig for their experiments.
They did... things to my mind, I do not exactly remember what... but the result left me utterly broken for some time to come.
So broken in fact that I developed a persona to shield my mind from the dammage, thus Erica was born.
In time, I forgot more and more about my true self and Erica took over...
This is as much as I am willing to share."

OoC: What game is Regulus from? and Drak, did you miss my post?

Laguna looked at EMily. "I know. But it feels like a betrayal if I dont do anything. I'm stuck feeling bad either way, so might as well take the option that helps the rest of us, right?" He listend to Jio and Drom, and sighed. "Can't argue there. Regulus needs to be stopped. And if we get Erica back on the way, then thank god."

The Kidd keeps ignorin' Discord. Truthfully, he's usin' Chaos just as much as Chaos is usin' him.

"Well...why don't you tell me about your family? After all, you already know about mine."

Charlotte lets go of Laguna. "I wouldn't worry. If Jio's soul gem doesn't work, then you always got us..."

Charlotte grips her hand as a little ball of the Void appears in her palm... It then dissipates

OoC @wacky: It's an OC.

"Laguna, you can still do something by still giving us the support you've always given us. But don't take it too far or you'll break yourself like you did a few minutes ago. As for Regulus, he'll be destroyed, or trapped, or some other terrible fate that reflects his karma."

Dromaeus sighed.
"Jio, if... for the sake of argument, Erica did exist and was still trapped within Regulus, would you be able to seperate them within the gem? Or even just draw out Regulus while leaving her in their body?"

OOC: @Nailik is there a "Usualus" or a "Normalus" or a "Run-of-the-millus?" Okay I'll stop.

Jio thinks about it for a moment. "That depends on whether their souls are one or separate entities. If it is even possible. Honestly, I don't know. I might be able to find out when the time comes." I wonder if I could do the same for myself, somehow.

"Why trap it, when we could send it into the Void? And remember that Regulus is the actual soul, Erica is just a persona... It's best if we just get rid of it entirely...." said Laura.

Roland shrugged, "Eh, its a long story. I don't remember my famialy all that well, but I can tell you all I can remember."
"First off, you should probably understand how people in the muliverse are named. Offshoot timelines that rise up and become their own person, such as Doctor Com and me, are born with the same name. When we begin traveling, we have to change our name. Both me and Doctor Com's birth names are Anthony Williamson. "

Discord circles around, "Why look at you, mistaking my method of Chaos for your poor false god's method. He cannot use me, because I know everything."
It starts raining Chocolate milk.
"See? Anyway, I still must congratulate the accomplice of the mastermind! Regulus would have failed without you! Your cunning quick wits and clever manipulation of the facts made you a master at trickery! Just like a politician! And how your blocking out the fact that you want to convert Lilah to your crazy cult of zombies, your doing a great job! Until I pointed it out, that is."

OoC: Opinions on Discord?

OoC @Slenn: I named all the DS after celestial bodies, mostly stars. :P

"It's...kind of the opposite of time travel. You see, when you go through a collapsar, you travel a very great amount of distance in a very short period of time. The problem is, if you're traveling on a ship through a collapsar, you and everyone one else on the ship feels the same amount of time pass, but everything outside of the ship continues to age at a normal, much faster, rate. This is what's called 'Time Dilation'." After saying all that, I shake my head. "I don't care if I have an I.Q of 150, I'm not qualified to talk about this."

"Who cares? Maybe we can save her. I'd like to try." Jio sighs. "I wonder how you feel about me, in that case..."

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lilah looked at regulas strangly, the story sounded ulterly crazy but it seemed true. she didnt like this.. this thing that called itself a dark soul. she got up and slowly walked away

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