We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Regulus dragged Lilah to a nearby tree and used a gravity well to hold her down.
"Pathetic welp...
Were thee to accept my gift, this would all hath been avoided. Thou would ne'er despair again..."

Regulus waits for Lilah to calm down.

OoC: @Random: No... They simply said a general statement, they are broken looking for answers... and have found none so far, therefore they lose hope.... (Internal YAY for me!)


"We are simply looking for answers... And we have found none here..."

Charlotte gets up and sighs. "Well if you guys can say otherwise....I guess we'll stay...."

"I.. i dont want to... i dont want to accept..." her voice was weak and she could speak

Ferdinand waves his arms in the air, "Screw it!"
He appears next to lilah, and looks at Regulus, "Let her go now, and I will spare your life."

"We have brought you here to be raised as one of our own." The GMB said to Wacky.

"Yaaay!" Four cheered as she took a drink from Reggie's hip flask.

Rose kissed Roland. "You feeling any better now?"

mia cryed at charlotte and laura "Your are freinds, if you need anything I for one will help you, who here agrees with me and wants to help them?" she said trying to prove char and laura wernt alone

OoC: And now I must be off....Farewell

"So thou would rather remain the pitiful welp thou now art?"
Regulus shows Lilah some more visions for a short time.
"Take a look at thyself... sobbing and wimpering, a broken shell. Thou could be so much more...

It ignored Ferdinand.

conel walked over to Winona "Whats going on? why is Mum(mia) sad?" conel asked curious

Tophat fires off another shell, making a splendid blue explosion.

AEanna smiled and nodded at Mia's appeeal to the group.
"I will do whatever I can for you, you need only ask."

"You really think I'm not gonna give my all for a freind?" Laguna smiled.

Roland smiles, "Yeah." He kisses Rose.

OoC: What would Roses Last name be?

I look at the bird, "Woa woa woa! Wait up! I have a home! I'm not from here! What would you want with me! I'm fat and lazy!"

Ferdinand grabs Lilah, and freezes time for them, and sends them both three hours into the past.

lilah couldnt take it anymore, she had had anoth. "I..i cant do anything to stop you, can i? she asked in pain What would you have me do?" she finaly asked

"It's because everyone feels like we've lost Charlotte and Laura. They used to be much different than now. I wish they were back, but I feel like there's nothing we can do to sway them." She hugged Connel out of her own need for comfort.

"We're gonna still try Winona. Charlotte and Laura are acting as observers, waiting for a single data point to disprove their theory. I intend to disprove them one way or another."

conel huged her back, he felt happy.

Nice try, but not nice enough.
Regulus reforms the time-warphole and pulls Lilah back out.
"Pledge thyself to me, become my apprentice.
Do as I say, and no harm will befall thee."

It said to her.

@Wacky: Hmmm, never actually thought about it. Cuftbert I suppose.

The GMB let out a massive terrifying laugh. "You should'a seen the look on your face! Man, that shit it priceless. Nah, I'm just fucking with you, were gonna eat you."

"Yeah! Dog-pile for support!" Four shouted as she jumped onto Mia.

Ferdinand comes back to The present, and looks to Regulus, "Tell me, how can I buy her freedom? I will do anything I can do without incurring the wrath of Imagination."

I look at him, "Uh... Okay..."
I run off the side, and begin falling down it like an idiot.

Roland holds Rose Cuffbert, Should we try to keep Charlotte and Laura here? And do you know your last name?

mia fell over backwards as four jumped on her
lilah sighed "I.. i.. will die if i refuse? or will you continue to torture me?" she asked as she managed to stop crying

Know ur priorities first. Your 2.75 GPA does not cut it. You need to improve your Chem Grade 55% is NO GOOD =(

Know ur priorities first. Your 2.75 GPA does not cut it. You need to improve your Chem Grade 55% is NO GOOD =(

OoC: Wait what? Who are you?

OoC: Um, what? Rosh, is that your little sibling or something?


Know ur priorities first. Your 2.75 GPA does not cut it. You need to improve your Chem Grade 55% is NO GOOD =(

OoC: Wait what? Who are you?

I second this thought! We're having fun, Private, so quit interrupting.

we should all make a [militry Rank]Rosh, then it would be funny

"Should thee refure, I will drag thee to the altar of Chaos and offer thee to the Chaos gods.
And believe me when I say, that the anguish they will give thee is far, far worse then anything I can do."

Regulus said to Lilah before turning to Ferdinand.
"Anything? Is that so..."

"Right, well....bye then Wacky.' Knife calls into the distance, before getting back in the car and speeding away.

"Huh. Gotta say, I was not expecting that." said GMB1
"You wanna chase after him?" GMB2 said.
"Nah man. Now I'm too afraid I might choke on his massive testicles."

"I think we should let them do what they want." Rose thought for a moment and said, "I guess it would be Cuftbert. That's what Mother said her's should be."

@Silver: I got dibs on General.

OoC: I'm off for the night. Bye.

@Drak Damn you, fine i chose admiral

@Roshes: I call Sergeant Major Lieutenant First Class Awesome General Badass McLovin Liam Neeson Braveheart Son of Arathorn Die Hard the Grey.

OoC: I take Captain.

Ferdinand nods, "Almost anything. Imagination puts limits on me, so I cannot do too much that might make you Overpowered. I can offer you someone powerful, or a weapon of mass destruction, and other things. However, they will have limits, so as to preserve drama. Just tell me, and I will tell you if Imagination will let me."

I Chase after knife, screaming like a little girl, sh-
I appear in the car with him, still screaming like a little girl.

Roland looks at Rose Cuffburt, "Okay. Its odd, really. Being the daughter of someone with no legal last name... What do you want to talk about?" He says, looking into the sky, watching the explosions.

OoC @Silver: I want marshal.

Lilah couldnt respond, both options were terible and would cause her great suffering "I-isnt there anything else i could do?" she said terified at her options

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