We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Jio arrives next to Tanner and Lilah. "Okay... What the Hell are you two doing? I thought you were fighting, but now, you're kissing? Either stop this insanity or get a room." Jio sighs.

25 pages to go!

Regulus sends out a stream of dark energy through Lilah's mouth into Tanner's, making him feel the pain Lilah is feeling.
"We shalt see in due time wherther my theory is true or false.
Thou may speak smugly now, but let us see if that attitude remains when the little bloodsucker lies crying on the ground.
...At the very least, I will get a kick out of tormenting her."

"ASSUMING CONTROL!" Three shouted as she took control of Mia's body.
"Conall, get off your mother. Dog-piles over now."
"Okay mum." Conall said as he climbed off and sat down next to Four.

@Silver: Yes! Soon the prophecy shall be fulfilled!

OoC @Salty: 'get a room' Does this mean Jio finally learned what making love means? xD
@Drak: Shouldn't that be cat-piles?

EMily stopped tickling Winona, but the both of them kept laughing.
Winona panted a little and caught her breath. "Oh, my goodness. That's was so much fun!"

"Man, I'm super hungry after all that!"

I fall on top of Lilah, unable to support my own weight because of the sudden rush of pain. "I'm...sure you...would..." I say through clenched teeth. "Oh, hey Jio...I'm just...just fighting Regulus...you know...the usual stuff..." I say, still in pain.

'Lilah' teleports away from Tanner.

"Oh-ho! I most certainly will."
'She' says as she kicks Tanner in the side.

@Nail: *facepalms* why didn't I think of that? That's genius right there, I'm writing that down.

"I'm pretty hungry too." Four commented.

"That's Regulus? Then hold him still for me. I'll contain his soul." Jio pulls out the Soul Gem.

OoC: @Nailik Eh, he's still kinda clueless about the whole relationship aspect of stuff, but after seeing Four, Charlotte, and Laura on a regular basis, he knows it isn't something he should be watching.

"If your as indestructible as you like to claim, why don't you stop hiding in that girl's body and just crush me already?" I say, trying to coax the daemon out.

"Nay, thou will not be doing that."
Regulus says as it uses gravity to yank the gem from Jio's hand.
"Hmmm... I wonder."

It turns back to Tanner.
"Like I said, suffering should be enjoyed."

"Uh, Damn. What are you doing, monster? Give that back to me." Jio takes Zero Type R out and holds it in his hand as his Spirit channels into it and he holds it over his head. "I mean it."

Jin arrives with a deer in tow. "What the Hell is going on here?"

OoC: I'm so sorry that I asked what your plan was, now. T.T

"Hey, who's suffering? I'm not." 'though I'm tired of talking to you.'

"Whatever you do, don't hurt Lilah." I say to Jin and Jio.

"No? Did I not see thee writhe in pain a moment ago?
Granted, that is not the suffer I was refering to, but it is suffering all the same."

It says to Tanner before turning to Jio.
"Pfft. Thou shalln't lay a finger on me as long as I am in the body of this girl."
It says as it rolls the gem between Lilah's fingers.

OoC @Salty: I bet. xD

Four sniffed at the air and said, "Why do I smell dead deer?"
"Maybe there's a dead deer nearby?" Three suggested.
"Eh, worth checking out. You girls wanna help us find a dead deer?" Four shouted to EMily and Winona.

Roland and Rose dissappeared in a flash of light, and appeared in the mess hall of the USS Roseland
"Alright, so, do you want me to teach you, or do you want me to give you a potion to imput the knowledge into your head."

I appear next to Knife again.
"Woa... I hate Ferdinand!

Ferdinand looks at lilah, and sighs.
"Regulus, what if I said I could offer you another slave, a trickster. Someone powerful, more powerful then Lilah. What if I said I could offer you someone who could create your wildest fantasy, and sow the seeds of discord. Would you trade him for Lilah?"

Doctor Com looks at Four and three, then notices Conell, "Hey, how is my favorite godson doing?"

EMily shook her head in confusion. "Uuuuh. A dead dear?" She cocked an eyebrow. "Sure I'll help you find it I guess." EMily came over to Four and Winona followed.

"Dude! Stop trying to bargain with the alien...daemon...whatever!" I say to Ferdinand. "What's with the crystal anyway?" I ask.

Jio growls. "Damn you. Don't think I'm helpless. I can attack you without hurting Lilah." His Spirit channels into Zero Type R as he places it back on hi wrist. "Jin, you know what to do." Maximum Spirit! Initiate effect. Jio raises his hand and brings it down in a quick but fluid motion. "Mars Stinger!" A powerful whirlwind knocks Lilah back and causes her to lose her balance.

Jin drops the deer and runs for Lilah, trying to grab the Soul Gem.

OoC: @Nailik I'll fight you on this, but if you manage it...
@Silver Is Lilah filled with hatred? I'm think Jio maybe able to attack Regulus inside her with his O-Part without harming her.
@All You seriously wanna fight Regulus with me. Really really hard.

Ferdinand looks at tanner, "Don't care. I want her to live freely, and I will stop at nothing. Having regulus alive to free her will make things easier for both of us. And I will not hit Lilah, salt."

I sigh as I have to write that fourth wall breaking moment.

"We haven't seen Jio in a while have we. Shouldn't we go check up on him? Where did he go?"

@salt that depends, she is realy sad and stuff cos reg was torturing her, so i guess she hates him? actual i guess she is full of hatred for her village and the gangs from her past so i guess yes, she is full of hatred. she just dosnt realise it

OoC: @Wacky I'll give you one warning. Do NOT let Nailik succeed in his new plan... Trust me.
@Silver Yeah, she would not be unaffected by his O-Part. Only one non-angel was ever shown being able to take a hit from it without damage and she was desperately in love with Jio.

"Where's the fun in just drinking a potion? I want to really learn!" Rose declared.

The GMB clears his throat and his voice seems to change. "Sup bruh?"

"Heeeey God-Dad. I'm good. Mom and the others are gonna go find a dead deer, you wanna come with?" Conall said.

"Alright!" Four said. She closed her eyes and started sniffing at the air, she found the scent of Jin's deer and started making her way to it, following the scent like a bloodhound.

"Huh..." Knife says, looking at the reflipped car, "Why didn't I think of that?"
"Oh, and sure you can tag along Tweety." He says to GMB, before he gets in the car.

Regulus pulls the gem towards it before Jin can reach it.
It teleports behins the group and fires an energy beam at them before putting the gem in Lilah's pocket.
"I will be holding on to this."

OoC @Salty: The gem on its own can't do anything.
It's merely a container.

hey nalik, could you message me the plan, i guess it involves me since i have two characters alighned with you

I sigh. "This would be much easier if one of use could Do the Windy Thing."

OOC: I don't think I like this plan people are talking about...

'Should I get back in my suit?' I wonder as I dive out of the way of the energy blast. 'I'll just end up hurting her if I do...damn it...' I think as I crouch on the ground.

"What's wrong Regulus? I thought you wanted me to free you from Erica. I need that gem to do it."

"Tricky bastard isn't he? She..? Whatever it is." Jin takes a ready stance, but doesn't pull out Ashura.

OoC: @Nailik You still need it, though.
@Silver No, I kinda gave him the idea, though I don't wanna ruin it.

"I could make a joke right now....but I won't." Knife says, starting up the car.

Roland shrugged, "Alright."
He then proceded to teach her how to cook, and, since I have no idea how to, I have just made this so you know that he tought her how to cook, and so I don't have to ramble on about how he did it, which would be boring for me.

I look at the bird, and procede to fall over, then look at it, "Hello?"
I get in the car.

Doctor Com nods, "Don't see why not." And begins following him.

Ferdinand sighed, and contemplated soul theft.

OoC: Siver? Do you mind if I take Lilah's soul and power out of her body and put it into another body?

@wacky yes i do mind, and i LOVE that plan

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