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"New Years Resolution, destroy the idiotic notion of a resolution in the public's mind."

I read three books in a single day.

"So...Paddy. Anything else on that list?"


"That didn't sound very convincing."

"It wasn't supposed to."

"So what else is on that list?"

"Hmm. Let me check it. (Twice.)"

to do:

I peek over at the list.

"In what order?"

"They're both equal below crimes."

I toss Paddy a blunt.

"Make your choice."

"Let's" [CENSORED]

"It's rather convenient when we make none of this official."

"Because of your fixation on Sister." Wait are we the writers of fighters?

"Saying that's all in the past would be a terrible lie, but at the moment it's a non-issue."

"Who is Sister's writer anyway?"

"If I knew, I would-Yeah okay, I'd probably still be here either way."

"You wanna play Risk or somethin?"

"Sure. I call the uh...shoe."

"Let's not in that case."

"I could futilely attempt to integrate you into the wonderful world of mainstream comic books."

I throw the King City trade at Salt's head.

"And this is when it all falls apart before it even begins."

"You wanna argue about comics or you wanna fuck?"

"Is it possible to do both?"


"Then the latter."

"Good choice."

"After that ordeal, I say we start comparing people here to Breaking Bad characters. I'm Walt, naturally."


"Knife's Hank, given he's the only one with a moral standard."

"Trilby is Tuco, because they're violent shitheads."

"Jesse...Jesse is ah..."


"Sure. Now Skyler...I'm bad at this."

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