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"Hmmm? I didn't say anything."


Frail gusts of wind rake autumn leaves across the concrete pavement. The derelict Mall still stands on its crumbling foundation, its shattered glass windows reflecting the light of a world once filled with the spring of hope, now only marked by the fall of innocence.

An unexpected, uninvited guest arrived.


"RaN we are never watching your movie collection ever again."

"Yeah, because re-watching Equestria Girls season nine sounds so much better."

"Oh please do I look like a fuckwit?"

"Season 7 is where it's at."

"Horsefuckingshit, they replaced King Sombra's voice with Dave Letterman that year."

"True, but you can't tell me that the drugs two-parter wasn't the high point of the entire show." Knife says as he leans back and puts his hands behind his head. "Besides, I prefer Letterman's rendition of the chara-" I dive through the window, fly-kick Knife in the face and land seated on the couch in one fluid movement.

"So, what I miss?"

"The worst movie marathon ever."

"Well thank fuck for that."
Knife sits up, gingerly rubbing his cheek. "And that was for what, exactly?"
"I dunno," I say with a shrug, "I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance."
"Hmm, I have taught you well young one."
"Indeed you have."

Hey folks. This is your GM.

I've had a disagreement with one of our players, over what should have been ancient history. We're hashing it over, but no promises for now.

For all intents and purposes, this story is finished. I may post in this thread occasionally, but only for minor updates. If you are still interested, go check out the Earthventure, I'm sure it will be worth it.

See you around,

>Janet: Keep flying.

You do so with gusto and continue passing over the quiet forest and back to the Mall, its side still broken open due to past battles. As you land close to the entrance and look in the trees nearby, you find no sign of organic activity, let alone human life. You head inside the Mall and continue your search there: you get the same amount of nothing out of it.

It's been a bizarrely long while since everyone left: even your father figure, Tox, has completely went off the map for seemingly no reason. And while they're gone, all you can really do is wander the halls of the Mall and the forest that's around it in the hopes of trying to find someone you know, if not just about anyone out there. But that has went on for multiple months now.

You decide to come back to the large tower where you once was, and where the remains of the mecha-dragon still are. You reach the top and quickly get in position to rest, overlooking another time the partially broken dome that covers the Mall. As you prepare to drift off to sleep, you catch something from the corner of your eye just prior to closing them.

A large shadow is looming over.

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