We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Yuki smirked a bit, her ears perking up a bit. "A living soul, huh...? I guess that's not far off from what I am or what I deal with. And that's just great, fighting a lot of people will probably make me a lot happier. ...I'm starting to remember... something...

Ness waved back as Jess teleported away before clutching her right arm and using her glove to begin soothing the pain of Jess hugging a little too tightly. Owie... Well... I'm going to need to find this Chafla... but to find his home... and maybe the key... I'll need to survey him for a long time... She mused as she walked outside and began to travel the college grounds.

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Savranth sat down on a bench.

Seeing Nybeth Athena walked over to him. "Can I help you?"

Black nodded. "The Hazama will drive you to search for your own soul, only then can understand what you must do" she said to Yukino. "Fighting? I'll have to show you to some... neutral people who wonder there..." She added, putting a hand to her chin. "Actually I know one person who would love to give you a fight, for similar reasons..."

Sophia was walking along the outer edge of one of the walks along the main hall, still eating the beef jerfy. As she took another bite her vision shifted over as she thought she heard someone she knew. She saw Yukino and Black talking. She stared for a couple seconds, the beef still in her mouth. 'It's those two from the other day...' She thought as she teared a chuck of the beef off with her teeth.

"If it is that much of a bother, merely think of the day your actions will spell her doom. That ought be enough motivation to get you through the ordeal." I should know. Loki remarked with a slight smirk. "Now, the thing to do is start small. Strike down some random passersby and wait for the rumors to circulate, from there, strike down targets of greater importance. I trust you are capable of this. And, to uphold my end of the bargain, should I ever come across this person you wish to have put to death, I will be sure to do my part in working towards that end."

"Yeah... That's a shame." Erica said as she sat down besides Valentine. "Still, better to look at the things we do have, rather then the things we don't, hmm?"

Jessica walked up to the bench Savranth was on and sat down on the end opposite the one he was sitting on. "Hey. Sorry about disappearing there for...how long has it been? Anyway, I got distracted by a few personal issues. But that's been dealt with now." She said as she took off her visor and stuck it back in her coat, no longer needing it for the time being.

"Possibly. There are two matters I need resolved." Nybeth replied to Athena. "First, I recall that I have not been compensated for my work in aiding in the conquer of Holadino. Second, I would like an update as to whether or not operations will be moving soon."

Grace walks up to Ness, "Hey... What'd I miss?"

Rita was just listening, her arms crossed

From above Loki, White, and Rita Envy was now in his default form, sitting on a branch "Well that's a dumb plan. I can give you a better one, free of charge even!"

"No problem. Anyone else joining us?" Savranth asked Jessica.

"First. You haven't been around in a long time. Where have you been all this time?" Athena asked Nybeth.

White looked above to Envy. "Oh? and what does your plan involve then?" She asked. "Although what ever it is, I might still have to strike someone down....for a bit of fun..." She added with a slight smirk.

Valentine nodded in agreement. "Indeed Miss Erica, it's better to live in the now instead of the what if" She said with a smile.

Yuki's ears perk up and she looked a little interested. "...And who would that be?" Searching for myself...?

Ness looks over at Grace and adjusts her hat a bit. "Hmm... Not much... I just need to do something today. Do you need to go to Lakewest by any chance, Ms. Grace? I'm heading there now." The fedora girl sighed before taking off her tattered, slightly sticky and dingy lab coat and taking it off. She looked like she wanted to find a place to burn it.

Grace see's the labcoat, and picks it up, "Not really, but I don't really have much else to do." she said.

"He goes by the name of Deadeye, his a bit chaotic like you...." Black said with a small smirk. "I think you two would be the prefect couple, you could state your love to each other as you fight to the death" She said jokingly to Yukino. Black noticed someone was staring at her, but paid little mind to it for the moment.

"Prying eyes are upon us still." Loki remarked upon hearing Evny, not looking at it just yet. That plan would have served me perfectly, in fact. But let us see if I cannot see if I could not capitalize on the new arival. "What is it you suggest? And how did you manage to arive here without me taking notice. Furthermore, what are you wearing?" Truly... Who in their right mind would wear something like that?

"Living in the here and now is how I always live. Anyway, you've missed quite a bit since you left Skyrim. I dare say you'd barely recignise Winterhold now. Other then the fact that it's still cold. That never changes." Erica answered, standing up, chuckling near the end. Walking over to the bed she had been sleeping in, Erica took off her sleeping gown to get dressed. Valentine would notice a relatively large scar on Erica's left side.

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Ness extended her hand toward Grace. "If you're not doing anything, feel free to follow me. I may need help on this." Then again... maybe not... If Grace takes her hand, they'll find themselves near the outskirts of Lakewest in a flash.

Yuki scoffed a bit. "I have mentioned I only like women at some point, haven't I? If not... then now you know. Regardless of his chaoticness, we'll see if he can keep up with me and mine... which I highly doubt."

Jessica stared at Savranth for a few moments, not saying anything. ...Pretty sure I forgot some people, now that I think about it. "Uh...maybe. Give me a minute to check on something." She replied to Savranth. She looked away and stared off into space as she mentally contacted Ness, asking, "Hey, have you seen Erica recently? I'm wondering if she might be interested in getting in on what I'm doing."

"Because my continued presence here was neither asked for, nor required, I have been attending to personal matters during this period of inactivity." Nybeth replied to Athena, standing up slightly straighter.

Sophia continued looking for a short time after, mostly making sure she was seeing the same person that she thought she was. 'She left all of a sudden, Black as I remember... Should I ask her how she is doing..?' She thought to herself. Not to look like she was just focusing on Black, she looked another way, taking another bite out of the jerky.

"Seriously, I managed to fix up better clothes than that." said Rita, looking up at Envy

Envy jumped down from the trees, his landing betraying his true weight as he sunk up to his knees in the ground. "Goddamit!" said Envy as he pulled himself out. "First off, you really shouldn't make fun of others fashion just to make yourselves feel better about your own lack of fashion sense. Secondly, you should look up more. Nice meeting spot by the way, very secretive. Now, as to my suggestion, this "Black" already works for the wizard guys, what point would having Legaia want her dead serve when they would already be trying to kill her as a Xiphatian? No, what you do is have her kill other Xiphatians, now she's wanted there and her days are numbered. Oh, and for the record, Legaia has Blacks picture on file, they know she works for Xiphatia. Do my plan and she has nowhere to turn."

Grace takes Ness's hands, and seems a bit disoriented, and looks around.
"Where are we?" she said.
"What are we doing here, anyway?" she asked.


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Black raised an eyebrow slightly. "Oh, didn't know that...sorry...I was only...'joking'..." she said to Yukino, giving her a small bow out of apology. "and you sound quite cocky there, guessing that was on purpose?" She asked Yukino. she crossed her arms slightly. Now that makes me wonder why she was flustered when Persephone touched her....could she have a 'crush' on her? either way it's not my business to ask...

"Really? maybe I should visit there, but I'll be sure to bring a coat or something" Valentine said with a small giggle. "Miss Erica, if you don't mind me asking.....how did you....get that?" She asked, referring to the scar.

"Take your time..." Savranth replies, leaning back.

Athena looks at Nybeth for a moment. "Very well, but you have no right to complain when you're not here to collect your payment." She says crossing her arms. "Anyway, I'll make sure you get payed if you follow me." She said turning to lead Nybeth to the Main Building.

"Well then, John Saber, considder yourself hired. Now, to discuss matters of what we requirer you to do, and your payment, you'll need to go to Holadino. That's the farming town south-eas of here. Ask for Captain Rainfield."

it half the day to reach it but he got to Holadino when he got there he found the nearest soldier and "i'm looking fora captain rainfield could you point me in his direction?"

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Lyra was staring at the plain that she had been watching, her gaze rapt. Anyone watching her would think she was simply being a good sentry.
Those people would not see what she saw. She watched as, only in her eyes, two predators fought. One wore all black, and had the armor of a warrior. The other wore white, with the lighter armor but more powerful weapon of a hunter. they dueled, never gaining ground against the other, never finding a weakness in the others defense. She watched with a raptness due to a religious ceremony.

Ness tilted her head toward Lakewest in response to Grace as she replied to Jessica. "The last time I left her, she was in Lakewest... I'll see if I can find her for you... but if you have anything to do that might involve fighting, then you may as well not bother."

Turning back to Grace, she shrugged. "I'm merely going to observe someone of interest to me. It'll get boring most likely, but there should be something to gain from it."

Yuki smirked as she gave Black a small wink. "Yeah, that last part... well all of what I said was for real. You know me and my mouth, Vocaloid... but when the time comes, I'll back it up." She seemed to pause for a moment before shouting at the sky. "I'M NOT GETTING SHIPPED, DAMMIT!!"

Grace nodded, "Do you think people would stare if I stood on your shoulder?" she asked.

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Loki looked quizically as Envy sank into the ground as he jumped down. "Another who looks it, but is in fact not human, it seems. Is this not a quaint little meeting." he remarked. "As for your plan, that is all well and good, but it is of no consuquence to me. What I care about is not wherther this person, who is appearantly called Black..." The rivals have even equally ridiculous names, it seems. "Lives or dies. What I care about, is that Legaia falls into such disarray that they see the appeal of the treaty table." he answered Envy, pausing after mentioning Black's name to mentally ridicule it. He didn't bother to follow up on Envy's other comments.

"My scar?" Erica repeated, lifting her left arm to look at it herself. "A painful reminder of a lessen learned the hard way." she answered. Reaching for her satchel, she began getting dressed.

"Captain Rainfield? I believe she headed for the general's office. Follow me." the soldier who Saber addressed answer, then began walking to the main building. Entering, the soldier lead Saber to Tiberius' office. Standing outside, he knocked on the door.

"So we wait for her to join the fight, by doing so increases the prove that she is a destroyer..." White said to Envy. "I like it Sir Envy, so long as you give her a small test a one point" She said with a grin. "Oh don't worry Sir Loki, your see this place fall. I can almost promise it"

"Yeah well, I suppose I have to agree on that one" Black said to Yukino, not sure what to make of her winking. when Yukino suddenly shouted out, Black took a small step back. "Who are you talking to?" Did she just read my mind?

"What happened Miss Erica?" Valentine asked, she stood up concerned.

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Nybeth simply followed after Athena after she started walking, not seeing a need to say anything else. When did I even complain about their tardiness in dispensing payment? I believe I dealt with it in stride.

"Thanks. As far as I know it shouldn't involve fighting. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be getting myself involved in it. Just gonna try and ask the King some question/look into this whole 'Divine Authority' thing." Jessica telepathically replied to Ness. Turning her attention back to Savranth, she said, "Okay, so, for the moment it looks like it'll just be us. Might have some other people joining in later though. You got those pictures ready?"

Rita scowled at Envy's comments, but decided that slightly setting him on fire might not be the best move at the moment

Envy frowned at Loki "You want Legaia to fall into disarray? Why? They're so much easier to deal with, none of that super speed and lightning bullshit." Looking over to White it said "Oh don't worry, that sounds like way too much fun to pass up."

Sophia almost jumped a little as Yukino shouted to the sky. 'What is she talking about? Why would someone ship her?' Sophia thought as she pictured Yukino being in a crate.

Ness looked toward Grace as she walked toward the Spice Rack to try and find Erica. "I'm pretty sure I stand out as it is. Having a squirrel on my shoulder would only aggravate that, I'm afraid."

"You're going to meet the King!? ...Good luck then, Jessica and keep me posted on what you happen to find out when you get there. I'll keep working on trying to get the key here." She telegraphed to Jess, somewhat happily.

Yuki blinked a bit before shaking her head repeatedly. "Nothing... just something... I felt... a disturbance in the force...." Taking a calm breath, she looked back toward Black stepping back. "Oh! Did I scare you~?

"Captain Rainfield? Sure, follow me." the soldier who Saber addressed answer, then began walking to where Athena was. "Captain? There is someone here to see you." He called out.

John steps forward "hi i'm a mercenary sent from lakewest assign you" he said

"So you sense something that caused you to shout out?" Different I'd give you that Black said to Yukino, then gave her a small nod as a reply. "And Yes, you did make me jump slightly..." She added, as she put her hand back in her pocket.

White smirked. "Good to hear!" she said to Envy.

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