We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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"Oh! I-- Sorry, I just got a little excited about the idea..." Ness said, smiling guiltily. Hearing what Jess said, her eyes lit up. "Really?! I'd love to be working on it! " The fedora girl began to think about what she would've wanted help with. "Well, I could always use an extra hand or two at my lab, but you're busy enough as it is. ...I'm not really su--" She stopped for a moment before sighing and looking to Jess, scratching the back of her head again, her ears drooping a small bit. "Well... the one thing I'd really want help with is my memory again. Even after getting involved in another anomaly, things still haven't come back to me... I thought I'd be fine with that gap... but it's starting to make me all anxious again. Do you think you might be able to help with that, Jess?" She asked, looking a small bit hopeful.

Jessica smiled warmly back at Ness. "Alright then, I'll have a talk with everyone else next time we meet up if you really feel that strongly about it." She listened to Ness, tilting her head to one side as she noticed her stopping and seeming to get depressed. After hearing Ness' request she perked back up again. "Oh, uh, yeah. I might be able to help with that." She nervously cleared her thought before adding, "Do you happen to know if anything in particular is bugging you? Or should we just try and go over everything again?"

Ness smiled widely at the prospect of working with her friend once again, her ears perking back up. "Uh.... I remember a lot more about what happened, way more than I expected to get back... but I think that the large gaps still left involve you." Ness replied, looking straight at Jess. "It's weird... the person I'm the closest with from that time is the person I remember the least..." She said, scratching the back of her head.

"Oh... Y-Yeah... About that..." Jessica looked away from Ness and rubbed at her right arm. Her right hand was clearly visible as still being mechanical, though it wasn't the same arm that she had previously had, it now being a much less advanced and polished model. "You see, there were some things that I hadn't mentioned, because...well, I was hoping they would come back to you naturally..." She trailed off and took in a deep breath before letting it out slowly. Okay Broca... Seems like it's now or never... "Back then, before... you know... You and I were, um... more intimate with each other..." As she spoke, Jessica's face started growing more and more flush.

Ness blinked a bit, staring blankly for a moment before she ended up blushing as well. "...Wait...wha--?" ...How did I forget something like that!? She rubbed the back of her head, looking down toward the floor for a good period of time before looking back up but still away from Jess.

She wouldn't lie to me about that, right...?
Don't ask me, kid. Like I always say, just go with your gut.
But she's a girl... and I'm a girl... I thought I was into guys!
Pffff, bitch please, you were never into anything.
...That's... true... but still, I...
You're probably not gonna get another chance. Think about this, she was patient enough to wait for you to try to remember, right? Who else would try to do that if they didn't like you a lot?

"...You're... not mad at me for not remembering... right? I mean.... that should've been the first thing I remembered..." Ness said after some more time thinking. She was obviously still a bit flustered as she continued looking away, ears drooped a small bit.

Jessica looked away from Ness as her ears drooped upon seeing her initial reaction. Hearing Ness speak up again, she looked at her and vehemently shook her head. "No! I'm not mad at you at all!... If anything it's all my own fault..." She slumped down in her seat and looked away from Ness. "I-I didn't say anything at first because... well... I assumed you'd hate me for it. Like... you'd probably think I was just some creepy pervert trying to take advantage of you... So I just thought I'd wait and see if I could jog your memory... But then, as time kept going on... I-I just assumed... I don't even know what really... that you were just not remembering because I didn't deserve it... Because it's all my fault you died in the first place... That you just hated me... I-I don't know..." She started tearing up and covered up her eyes with her sleeve.

Ness looked a bit conflicted as she listened to Jess. After a while, she simply reached over and gave Jess a hug. "...Don't blame yourself for me dying. I could have run away... but I made a dumb choice to try and fight a battle I was never going to win. And if I hated you for that, I wouldn't be here right now, would I?" She smiled a small bit as she looked Jess in the eyes. "And... if you had told me this just when we had met... after I died... I probably would've been thinking what you thought... that you might've been a pervert. But seeing that you've waited this long and had enough faith in me to not give up... makes me really happy, even if it's all one big lie. So... don't cry, okay?" She said, beginning to tear up a bit herself.

Jessica instinctively hugged Ness back tightly as Ness tried to comfort her. "I-It's not a lie though... Honest... I-I hadn't felt happy for most of my life until I met you... I wouldn't lie about that..." She started sniffling as she looked Ness back in the eyes. "B-But it r-really is all my fault... i-if I just hadn't been so s-stupid... " She cut herself off with a large sniffle before saying, "I-I'm sorry... I-I'll just try and s-stop now..." She smiled a bit as she tried to stem her tears and get her breathing back under control.

Ness smiled a little bit as Jess said what she said. "Well... I'm glad I was able to make you happy... I guess all I'm trying to do isn't for naught..." She sniffled a bit before wiping a tear from her eye. "Ah... now I'm crying too... And let's just stop trying to blame ourselves for what happened. The real bastard is that guy we were trying to fight... that's it." Ness began to hug Jessica tighter. "...Let's just try to start off new, okay? ...If you wanna be like this again, that is?"

Jessica's smile widened as she slowly began to stop sniffling. "Y-Yeah... I'd like that... I'd like that more than anything..." She quietly replied as she continued hugging Ness. Her tears and sniffling then seemed to pick right back up again and she squeezed Ness as tightly as she could, though it wouldn't be by any means painful.

Ness simply closed her eyes and held Jessica close. The girl might feel Ness jolt a bit and then relax. She then began to audibly sniffle as well as she hugged tighter. ....Finally... I remember... "...I'm really happy to hear that..."

...Wait, what do we do next...?

Jessica began gently nuzzling Ness' cheek, even going as far as starting to purr. "C-Can we just stay like this a little bit longer?..." She asked.

Ness paused for a moment before pressing her forehead to Jess' and nodding. "...Yeah... the work can wait for now..."

[Fade to black...]

Fuck, lookit all these other epilogues that got forgot.

And here's all the epilogues I so rudely buried.

Fuck, lookit all these epilogues.


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