We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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Samus processed that for a second. "You are in a relationship... with your sword..."

"Excuse me?" Seras asked a bit quietly.

"Uh, NO! Wait... Y-Yes? NONO!? ....I.... Uh... He.. Uh-It's..." The sheepgirl looked extremely flustered and constantly fumbled over her words before the rapier vibrated again, for a good few moments. Amelia sighed a bit before taking the sword out of the sheath and sighing. "Um.... He... Our relationship is... uh... c-complicated.... I think it'd be best if he told you himself..."

Amelia slowly pulled out the rapier and began to glow red for a few moments before the glow washed over Amelia and she began to shrink, while the sword began to grow in size, eventually forming a humanoid form with a tail. After a few moments, the sword was revealed to be a gray-furred wolf-morph male, standing at around 6'5" and looking majestic in a uniform easily identifiable as from the same company as Amelia. Amelia's form would have changed into one of a broadsword with the same ruby in the hilt. "Right...." The wolf said with a sigh, though his voice somewhat boomed and echoed in the small room. "It would be best if I just let you ask questions, I presume." He sat on the bed, making it creak. His voice would carry a French accent much like Amelia's as well.

There would be a knock on the door, followed by the query "Oi, your friend Rozzie said I was supposed to escort you lot to the teleporta room. You lads in there?"

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Seras backed away from Amelia as her light show went off, then blinked at the wolf that was suddenly there. "Where...where did she...?" she asked, very befuddled by this.

"I take enough breaks already." Jess insisted in reply to Ness. Looking back over the lobby, she sighed as none of the people she noticed seemed like who she was looking for and made to sit down. She locked in place, halfway between sitting and standing, as she noticed the young man in armor walking over to her and waited to hear his response to Ness' question.

Samus was taken aback by this. "What?! You were... you were an inanimate object! How is this possible?"

The wolf grinned as he noticed the knock on the doorway. "Well, can't have these people thinking I ate my girlfriend or something. The explaining'll have to wait until later." He lifted the broadsword up and smirked. "Sorry, my dear, but you're going to need to come back out of your shell." The broadsword vibrated in a low tone before the glow washed over the two people once again. This time, Amelia appeared out of the small light show with the rapier in hand. She turned to the doorway and stood up to answer it. "W-We're fine... We're coming out now!" She replied, opening the doorway.

Seras walked over to Amelia and gently touched her on the shoulder, as if wondering if she was really there.

Samus put her helmet back on and followed Amelia to the door, still trying to work through what just happened.

Amelia blinked and looked back toward Seras as she was tapped. Her cheeks were still a little bit red as she tilted her head a bit. "Wh-What is it...?" Contrary to what Seras might believe at the moment, tapping Amelia provided a realistic response of touching uniform fabric and the flesh underneath it.

"Uuuuuhhh...n-nothing..." Seras said as she stared at Amelia some more.

Lauren would be standing, in full battle rattle. this would include thick combat boots, fishnet stockings over shin guards, armor plated thighs, chest body armor with a nice amount of pouches over the front, a belt with a number of technological doodads on them, long sleeved shirt with some elbow guards sewn on, the typical predator bracers, and gloves with the fingers removed, leaving bare fingers. She had a strange tube of some sort with a strange twistable barrel at one end, with a welded on grip and bare metal trigger on the other. She also had a backpack brimming with all sorts of things weighing her down. "alright then, I'm supposed to be heading with you lot to the land of fun and games while the rest of the contract gets negotiated. Guess you'll be stuck with my fun hatin' arse for a while."

The paladin nodded, smiling beatifically. "Indeed my lady. I am Sir Reginald Purehearted, of the sacred order of the rose. I am to be your escort through the market place, and a few areas only our dignitaries are allowed to visit. You must simply state what you'd like visit or examine, and I will happily lead the way. I assume you and your friend would first like to visit the market?"

Amelia blinked twice as she looked toward Lauren and she gave the predator a quick nod. "A-Alright..." She paused for another moment before tilting her head. "Wait... a contract...?"

She began to frown a bit as Seras continued to stare at her. "....Please stop..."

Ness smiled and nodded toward the paladin calmly. "Well, thank you in advance, ....Sir Purehearted."
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"Well, you're the envoy here, Jess. Are we heading there first?" She asked, looking back to her companion.

Hearing an affirmative reply, Jess pushed herself up off the chair and back into a full standing position. "Well I didn't get a tour just to half-ass seeing things, so let's see as much as we're allowed." She commented initially. "And sure, let's see this 'market' first, why not?" She gave Reginald a quick glance-over as she spoke. I'd think it was odd that a tour guide is wearing armor like that... But hey, maybe that's just how they do things around here...

"Contracts, treaties, pacts, whatever the limp wristed politicians come up with. All the same to me."

Reginald nodded. "Come with me then, dear ladies, and let me show you the wonders of the market!" Reginald said, unaware of any sort of negative opinion. He turned to exit the lobby, confident the two would follow him.

Jess might note that the paint for Reginald's armor was applied liberally on, and seemed recent. Some areas had been missed, around the shoulder plating, and revealed more battlescarred plating.

At least he's enthusiastic... Jess thought to herself with a shrug as she followed Reginald. She noticed that his armor seemed to have been recently repainted, but didn't think terribly much of it.

Amelia paused for a moment or two before nodding slowly. "Alright... so what are we going to do then? are you just going to watch over us...?"

Ness blinked once before following after the paladin, looking over his armor and noting the scarred plating. ...Well, he's seen some action at least.... Hopefully, that wasn't in the city....

Seras blinked a little more before looking away from Amelia and at their new guide.

Axton also wandered over and stood behind Lauren.

Lauren shrugged. "Rozlynn said to bring you lot to the teleporta room, so I assume you lot ain't staying here. Guess we'd be heading back to the fancy company building of your peoples. If that works for ya, that is." she pointed to the exit, glancing at Axton as she did. "Right that way, you know. Simple enough marching orders."

Reginald moved with surety and dignity through the throng on the sidewalk, circling around the building. His cape would swirl and roll majestically in the barely existing breeze, and his footfalls resounded with what he would describe as grace and pose, and what others would describe as stomping.

Amelia blinked twice before nodding. "Uh... Thank you then, miss." She gave Lauren a little bow before walking toward the door the predator had pointed out. ...Part of me doesn't wanna leave....

Ness followed after Reginald, scratching behind her head a bit as he proudly stomped around. ...He kinda reminds me of a little kid stomping around in his daddy's boots... She giggled softly at the mental image before following after, giving him a bit of space so the cape wouldn't flap in her face.

As one would expect, the paladin's stomping around would cause more than a few heads to turn toward him, and in turn, the two women following after him.

Axton and Seras both followed behind Amelia as she headed for the way home. "Bout time." Axton muttered.

Lauren grunted, annoyed at Axton but holding comment. She walked into the annex, and took a right to enter the large stairwell. She quickly went down the well, trusting the group to follow her.

Axton and Seras did follow Lauren.

Amelia followed after, not saying much for a time before looking toward Lauren's back. "If it's alright to ask... what took so long for us to get cleared to leave?" She said shyly, having noted the grunt Lauren had given before, though she more or less had the same feelings Axton had.

Samus had followed the rest, but kept her thoughts to herself.

Lauren looked to Amelia. "We had to catch and kill the assassin team that was gunning for you." Lauren explained, taking the stairs down two at a time.

"...Pardon?" Axton asked as he head what Lauren said. He had assumed that the delay had been caused by the death of Miguel.

Seras was also rather startled to hear that assassins had been targeting them.

"What?!" Samus said. "Assassins?"

"Yeah, turns out that dumbaarse that got leery around Amelia dusted her with a phermone that attracted the screamer killer. When it busted out, it followed your scent right to the forest. Thankfully, we were able to keep you guys in the dorms and catch the buggers while they were getting ready to attack you lot. It'll be off to the gallows with them."
As Lauren explained this, she reached the bottom of the stairs, which led to a single exit. Lauren stepped towards it, hand gripping the handle.

"Huh. Thought you brave warriors liked to settle things face to face. Hope you put em down sooner rather than later." Axton said to Lauren.

Seras was just grateful there was no other trouble besides the beast attack.

Amelia's eyes widened quite a bit as she soaked in what Lauren had told her. ....Now that all makes sense, I suppose... "...Oh... wow... I..." She stuttered a bit as she followed after. Her rapier vibrated a bit and she sighed to herself. ...Yeah... They deserve what's coming to them...

"That's why we were attacked..." Samus mused, before looking at Lauren. "Why were we targeted?"

Lauren shrugged, pulling open the door and revealing a dark lit room. "Lad, if you ever piss of one of us, you'll realize right quick that we only bother with being fair if we think it'll be boring sport otherwise. You actually try to hurt us when we aren't looking to fight, that attitude would change right quick." Lauren informed Axton.

She shrugged at Samus's question. "We assume they wanted to shut down our diplomatic ties, like last time. You lot dying would have forced the WAOA to respond, which would have shut this little conference down right quick."

"Whatever." Axton said, thoroughly wanting to leave this place now.

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