Modern Warfare 2 Seemingly Hacked One Day Post Launch

| 11 Nov 2009 17:48

Despite the game having been on store shelves less than two days, a newly released video seemingly proves that the anti-hacking technology Activision put into Modern Warfare 2 has been compromised.

Released by the group behind the website, the two minute YouTube clip shows an online match in which the player's character can see through walls, hit people from ridiculously long distances with inaccurate weaponry and, of course, fire magic bullets that pass right through solid objects. Typical hacker tricks, really.

The sad bit is that, if this clip is to be believed, Modern Warfare 2's IWNet anti-cheating system is yet another piece of hack prevention technology that simply didn't work. If someone wants to cheat in Modern Warfare 2 it won't be that difficult, and everyone who plays with or against that person will suffer as a result.

That said, perhaps the greatest deterrent to this hack becoming widespread is the website itself. The site's owners are charging $20 for the downloadable hack, and while I'm sure some morons will see no problem with handing over financial info to people who are attempting to profit off of unethical reverse engineering, hopefully most of you can see why that might not be a great idea.

(Via MTV Multiplayer)

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