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31 Oct 2017 17:43
Erik J RT @Cavalorn: Specifically, it's in 'In Search of Lost Gods: A Guide to British Folklore' by Ralph Whitlock, 1979. Reply
31 Oct 2017 17:41
Erik J RT @Cavalorn: The fact that we unwittingly view ancient seasonal celebrations through a lens of 19th century Spiritualist Christianity is a… Reply
31 Oct 2017 17:41
Erik J RT @Cavalorn: Currently trying to track down the earliest reference to Samhain being 'the time when the veil grows thin'. Suspect it will b… Reply
31 Oct 2017 17:32
Erik J RT @RichFelker: @taviso @hanno @sleevi_ It only does the actual acme work, assuming you know how to make your own keys, CSRs, httpd configs… Reply
31 Oct 2017 17:19
Erik J @JimPethokoukis @RonenV It's because early versions of any hardware are usually pure luxury due to cost and fragili… Reply
31 Oct 2017 17:09
Erik J RT @JamesSurowiecki: The Court literally ruled that the guy might have been asking for a "lawyer dog." Reply
31 Oct 2017 15:07
Erik J RT @RealSexyCyborg: Western individuals and organizations need to understand, when you validate non-inclusive Chinese organizations you mak… Reply
31 Oct 2017 15:03
Erik J RT @RealSexyCyborg: .@MakerFaireSZ still refusing to put female speakers on press releases. @MakerFaire staff still 100% ok with this. http… Reply
31 Oct 2017 15:00
Erik J RT @RealSexyCyborg: @TheRealBillShaw Chinese person (usually a woman) teaches the MakeEd class, White guy is there for show. At 5x the sala… Reply
31 Oct 2017 15:00
Erik J RT @RealSexyCyborg: I live in China. I get to read wechat ads like "White man wanted to teach Maker class. No experience needed." https://t… Reply
31 Oct 2017 05:23
Erik J RT @CodeWisdom: "We build our computer (systems) the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins." - Ellen Ullman Reply
31 Oct 2017 05:05
Erik J RT @AnaaaBar_: Gracias Reply
31 Oct 2017 05:03
Erik J RT @squierzz: Me: I'm going to go to bed early tonight and get up bright and early Me, 2 hours later: Reply
31 Oct 2017 05:03
Erik J RT @pawwstation: Hugging his adopted brother Reply
31 Oct 2017 04:59
30 Oct 2017 21:17
Erik J RT @BAKKOOONN: in the past two weeks neo-nazis -opened fire on people with a handgun -beat a woman bloody for miscegenation fuckin shitty… Reply
30 Oct 2017 21:11
Erik J RT @panmidwest: [Mcdonald's] DARWIN: 2 Big Mac meals for us… and 9 Happy Meals for the kids WIFE: we have 10 kids DARWIN: I know Reply
30 Oct 2017 20:59
Erik J RT @abbycohenwl: Life Coach: Tell me something you’ve done that’s amazing Me: Once I sneezed so loud in a restroom, a paper towel dispensed… Reply
30 Oct 2017 20:40
Erik J RT @leekaloidis: @patriciavolk @ddiamond Here, too. Nothing. BUT there is so much shit happening right now, the public's on overload. Ev… Reply
3 Aug 2017 14:57
Ron Whitaker @ShrtAttnGmr Seems like even people that never read the books aren't impressed. Reply
3 Aug 2017 14:29
Ron Whitaker Seeing that early reviews for the Dark Tower are bad is both saddening, because I love the books, and satisfying, because I called it. Reply
20 Jul 2017 17:37
Ron Whitaker @StephNunneley You tell 'em, Steffy! Reply
19 Jul 2017 18:01
Ron Whitaker Live with @YahtzeeCroshaw on the Post-Zero Punctuation stream playing the Crash Bandicoot Remaster! Reply
16 Jul 2017 15:44
Justin Clouse When you want your garden to grow metal \m/. Reply
14 Jul 2017 18:30
Justin Clouse @JonBolds Flesh to Stone. Magic Jar. Polymorph. Animate Dead. Insect Plague. Reply
13 Jul 2017 17:05
Greg Lincoln Aside from any traditional definitions, "despacito" is now also Spanish for "change the station." "Despacito, I hate Justin Bieber." Reply
12 Jul 2017 16:59
Ron Whitaker @StephNunneley I could get really drunk in the time it would take us to finish that song. Reply
7 Jul 2017 15:42
Ron Whitaker @EvolveTom OH THANK GOD Reply
7 Jul 2017 15:01
Justin Clouse A nice employee dumped some hamburger buns in the grass nearby to get them out of the drive thru. Reply
5 Jul 2017 15:40
Justin Clouse RT @miracleofsound: [Travels back to 80s, meets kid self] 'In 2017 a Transformers movie will come out & you won't bother seeing it' Kid Sel… Reply
4 Jul 2017 04:18
Ron Whitaker RT @johndrewmarkley: The Escapist Twitch stream reached 25,000 followers tonight ^_^ @encaen @TheGingerarchy @VieVentar @ffronw @YahtzeeCro… Reply
3 Jul 2017 14:56
Justin Clouse While waiting for table yesterday a small boy loudly announced that I had a beard and no hair, much to his mother's chagrin. It was cute. Reply
2 Jul 2017 16:53
Justin Clouse RT @owillis: "I am Snowflake, of the Mountain Dog Tribe. I come here, to the flatlands, to warn you of the Great Sorrow, three days ride fr… Reply
30 Jun 2017 18:43
Ron Whitaker @TheAngryGM I think my wife would argue with you. Reply
30 Jun 2017 18:42
Ron Whitaker @TheAngryGM Oh, I knew what it was. I was hoping for a rant about how nonsensical it is. Reply
30 Jun 2017 18:40
Ron Whitaker @TheAngryGM Man, now I want to hear the tomato bulls&%$! Reply
29 Jun 2017 23:17
Justin Clouse Well that was "fun". Reply
29 Jun 2017 20:40
Ron Whitaker @DaveOshry You can't keep cats off the table, Dave. They just keep coming back. Reply
29 Jun 2017 20:36
Ron Whitaker @DaveOshry Knowing you, there's literally nothing off the table. Reply
29 Jun 2017 19:40
Justin Clouse @kathtopia The sushi place from last night. Reply
29 Jun 2017 16:13
Justin Clouse RT @LeonHurley: Just found this. Star Trek Bridge Crew was loads of fun (played seriously or otherwise). Reply
29 Jun 2017 15:27
Justin Clouse Both punished for trying something new and a missed opportunity to revisit a favorite place you already know is good. Reply
29 Jun 2017 15:26
Justin Clouse There's something uniquely disappointing about having a bad experience when trying a new restaurant. Reply
28 Jun 2017 18:02
Justin Clouse Night Me: I can stay up a little later and finish watching this. Morning Me: Sleep is a sweet precious gift and I've squandered it. Reply
27 Jun 2017 16:58
Justin Clouse RT @RedStorm: See space and the U.S.S. Aegis like never before in our 360° trailer! #StarTrekVR #TuesdayMotivation Reply
27 Jun 2017 01:53
Justin Clouse It will be better after reducing down a bit and coming together in the fridge, but I couldn't wait to dive in. Reply
27 Jun 2017 01:14
Justin Clouse Dog-sit over the weekend for this monster good boy, photos honestly do no justice for how big he was, and good girl. Reply
27 Jun 2017 00:41
Justin Clouse Me waiting for my chili to finish cooking in the slow cooker. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... for tonight, w… Reply
26 Jun 2017 19:28
Ron Whitaker @Stealth___ Whichever one they have less of. Reply
26 Jun 2017 19:08
Ron Whitaker @GoodBadFlicks It's definitely a contributing factor. Reply
26 Jun 2017 19:04
Ron Whitaker @muddykipz77 The thing that gets me is that Skyrim isn't all that great to begin with. Reply
26 Jun 2017 19:02
Ron Whitaker @muddykipz77 Yeah, I mentioned that during E3. I've had cars that didn't last as long as Skyrim apparently has. Reply
26 Jun 2017 18:59
Ron Whitaker It's only painful because it's true. Reply
26 Jun 2017 17:50
Ron Whitaker I wish we could get a professional to calculate the odds of actually getting your hands on the SNES Classic. Reply
26 Jun 2017 16:57
Ron Whitaker @chusemann Strangely, I grew up with Nintendo and still don't care, but my 12-year-old son will be super excited. Reply
24 Jun 2017 00:03
Justin Clouse RT @JonBolds: Here it is, the most DotA 2 image of all time. Reply
23 Jun 2017 20:09
Justin Clouse RT @kathtopia: @Slycne You need to be more ambitious with unrealistic goals of how many games you can try to play. Reply
23 Jun 2017 19:13
Ron Whitaker Few things are as enjoyable as hanging out with @GoodBadFlicks and taking movies, games, or whatever else may come up. Reply
23 Jun 2017 16:51
Justin Clouse @Vyolynce Study mentions early merging is fine when the system isn't overloaded, but late merging handles congestio… Reply
23 Jun 2017 16:40
Justin Clouse Strangely fascinating how our driving social etiquette is actually making traffic congestion worse when merging. Reply
23 May 2017 21:15
Joshua Vanderwall @VZWSupport Chat took care of me. Chat support's stellar. Your phone support is literally the worst I've ever exper… Reply
23 May 2017 20:31
Joshua Vanderwall It is absolutely shocking just how shitty @VZWSupport is. Me: "Please don't renew my account." Them: "We can't do that." Fuck you. Reply
26 Apr 2017 16:51
Joshua Vanderwall While we're here, a key for 2 Loot Chests, where "?" is the number of letters in my name. ?GHJ-VBTV-DDHV4-NQ8T-WPSG get loot! Reply
26 Apr 2017 16:47
Joshua Vanderwall RT @YahtzeeCroshaw: This week's ZP is a little digest of remasters from this month; a remaster-bation if you will. Reply
26 Apr 2017 16:47
Joshua Vanderwall Blizz sent me a Loot Box for #HeroesLaunch, but wanted me to cheat it open. I did no such thing. KABLAMO! (In hinds… Reply
12 Apr 2017 13:13
Joshua Vanderwall @stillgray hahahaha one year, almost to the day. Reply
7 Apr 2017 14:38
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet me, too. Me, too. haha Reply
7 Apr 2017 14:37
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet "more or less" is a single modifier, rather than two with distributive property. Meaning "mostly", whi… Reply
7 Apr 2017 14:28
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet it's "more or less" guaranteed, which loosely translates to, "not guaranteed at all" :P Reply
7 Apr 2017 14:23
Joshua Vanderwall @stillgray ha! This is nothing. You remember how mad GM and Ford were about Christine? Reply
6 Apr 2017 19:08
6 Apr 2017 19:03
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet haha I do watch a decent number of foreign films, but I'm not always in a reading mood. :) Reply
6 Apr 2017 18:52
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet Shouldn't probably be a deciding factor in the score, of course. But as for informing possible viewers, I think it's important. Reply
6 Apr 2017 18:52
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet It's absolutely integral to the experience. My biggest frustration right now with Netflix is I can't s… Reply
3 Apr 2017 18:54
Joshua Vanderwall RT @johndrewmarkley: Streaming the new Stellaris expansion, Utopia! @encaen @TheGingerarchy @ffronw @VieVentar @sti… Reply
3 Apr 2017 18:54
Joshua Vanderwall .@MerriamWebster Yes, I know. They're never changing either back. :( Reply
28 Feb 2017 18:53
Greg Lincoln @btsteve I just laughed heartily, alone in my kitchen, at the message they just posted exactly to that effect!!! Reply
28 Feb 2017 17:10
Greg Lincoln PwC must now be in charge of Amazon S3's status page. #aws #s3 #lololand Reply
28 Feb 2017 17:04
Greg Lincoln TFW Amazon S3 vanishes from existence. #thisisfine #aws #s3 Reply
15 Dec 2015 23:03
Greg Lincoln Dusting off the tweeterz for how cool this doodler is at @ponysaurusbrew: perhaps now I'm nice??? Reply
9 Oct 2015 22:39
Greg Lincoln Great time in the office today for Defy's Gentleman Up. The photographer gets no rest ;) #formalfriday #dapperdurham Reply
14 Aug 2015 16:16
Greg Lincoln @GreyTheTick, dusted off my Twitter to twat this straight to you <3 Reply
20 Nov 2014 13:46
Greg Lincoln @meganjeankfb impressed the shit out of me last night. Two-man bands are some of my favorite music, and y’all topped the list in a hurry! Reply
22 Oct 2014 15:10
Greg Lincoln @SusanArendt My god, it's like looking in a mirror!! So would that be um, Xardog? :/ Reply
30 Sep 2014 00:53
Greg Lincoln @jschroedes killed it at @catscradlenc!! Thanks for the few bars of Freebird! Someone had to yell it, right?? Reply
12 Jun 2014 21:21
Greg Lincoln Because love. #663399Becca Reply
12 May 2014 18:25
Greg Lincoln @SusanArendt It actually made me gasp with disgust. Reply
12 May 2014 18:11
8 Apr 2014 19:35
Greg Lincoln Last hours of the current MacHeist! Ton of great mac apps for just $20 and a copy of Scapple from the Scrivener guys! Reply
25 Mar 2014 19:14
Greg Lincoln @cantfakethefunk DOWN WITH THE WEST Reply
25 Mar 2014 14:56
Greg Lincoln @jkottke VMs are just servers like anything else. Lots of options for quickly serving the filesystem to your local machine. Reply
25 Mar 2014 14:53
Greg Lincoln @SusanArendt How I treasure the song of my people. Reply
25 Mar 2014 14:18
Greg Lincoln @russpitts [ APPROVED ] Would pancake again. Reply
25 Mar 2014 14:08
Greg Lincoln @russpitts Always. And don’t kid around with that tiny joke of a syrup cup. Bring the jug. Reply