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009-1 Volume 1


009-1 Volume 1


Mylene is a sexy babe, she’s hip, beautiful, and brilliant she also happens to be an android assassin code named 009-1. The world is in turmoil, stuck in an unending cold war of east vs. west. Both are vying for the same things power in technology and political superiority.

image As an agent for the Zero Zero organization, Mylene has many jobs to do. From rescuing captured scientists, to taking out the other sides top assassin. The possibilities are endless for what this talented gal will be assigned to next. The fate of the country often rests in 009-1’s perfectly programmed hands.

The premises is interesting, then again I’ve always been partial to android assassins and similar things. However what I liked about the show might also be it’s down fall. The episodes were comprised of separate stories. They were intricate and intriguing, how ever most people will be searching for an over arching plot, something larger then just the missions Mylene goes on. Frankly if the episodes progress in the fashion that they are now, I’d be perfectly happy. It was a good little romp with lots of action and interesting characters.

image The art was an interesting blend of retro with expert animation and crisp coloring. I have to admit, when I saw the cover, I wasn’t excited about the art at all, it looked like pure fan service, and to be fair she has breasts that could put your eye out. But it was so much more then just pretty girls running around and bouncing a lot. The art was unique, and the animation flawless. The action scenes were innovative and really something else. This one far exceeded my visual expectations.

Voice acting and music were both perfect. The voice for Mylene was expertly done, she was just sultry enough with confidence as to not be over the top and still be a relatable character. The music was balanced to give it an old but new feel, and the sound effects were well done, especially the fun effects. The extras were interesting featuring an in depth interview about how the manga became an anime, and some interesting little tid-bits about things seen in the episodes.

This series is based off of a popular manga series from the 1960’s by manga-ka Shotaro Ishinomori, who did a title that aired in Japan as well as the US titled Cyborg 009. 009-1 was a titled that he intended for an older audience, but it was supposed to be very similar to Cyborg 009. If you saw Cyborg 009 and liked it then you should check out this series, if you haven’t seen it don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy this action packed show

Entertainment: 9
Very fun and smexy.

Technical: 9
Good sound and extras.

Overall: 9

DVD Features: Episodes 1-4, English, Japanese with English Subtitles

Extras: Clean Open and Closing Animation, Interview with the Director and Staff, How the Manga became an Anime, Gadgets and Weapons, Previews

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