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#011: Tap Y To Ask Questions


Well, it really sucks to need to write this, but… It is with the deepest regret in my Polish little heart that I need to inform you fine folks that this is the second-to-last episode of “Game On, Hardcore”, with next week’s ep ending our short run on the Escapist.

Despite some great feedback and everyone I know at the big E loving the series, the numbers simply don’t add up – the viewcount for each episode is way too small to justify the budget needed to create all those pictures of people fainting and virtual fish dying. Absurdity costs money, goddammit.

Despite my best efforts, something didn’t click, unfortunately. Maybe it was the story, maybe the art? Or maybe the pacing, kept down by my retro-devotion to slow, sizzling, allegorical thingies that take a while to complete… Whatever it was, there is little doubt that the series failed to interest more than a small niche of the Escapist’s viewers (as a side note, let me tell you that you’re my absolutely favorite niche, and you’re awesome, each and every one of you).

I hope you’ll tune in to the last episode next week, and hang around on the forums to discuss where the series was supposed to go – if you require some immediate answers, I’ll be very open about giving them. In fact, I’m considering sharing quite a bit on my own, if only to show that there was really some awesome stuff to explore, and some bigger ideas behind it all.

I’m not yet sure whether this means the absolute end of the story, or whether I’ll be able to continue it in another fashion, in another time – but if you enjoyed it so far, be sure to follow me on Twitter and/or on my personal site – – to get updates on what can be done, and when.

This is a bummer. I dislike bummers, and I’m sure you dislike ’em to. But, hey, all we can do is to accept it for what it is… and game on. Thanks for reading, and for being here, folks. I’ll say my final goodbyes next week – but do consider this a virtual handshake.

Jakub “Koobismo” Riedel wanted to become the Escapist’s biggest hit, but failed miserably. Dabbles in game development and writing, known to converse with products of pop culture. You can catch his other work – including the Marauder Shields webcomic – at his site, Often hangs around Twitter, trying to convince the world that all it needs is just a little bit of Ecco the Dolphin.

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