Erin Dies Alone

#051: Gunny



So, we’ve reached the peak of the Gunlord arc. There’s still a little bit more to go, a short epilogue tying up a few loose ends, but for the most part, Erin and Rad’s adventures in the world of Gunlord: Combat Enhanced have come to an end. The gunlord Arc was originally planned to be a short arc mostly about Erin ‘s first steps out of her depressive funk, but Gunny proved a remarkably fun character to write. Making him a mean pastiche of Master Chief felt wrong. The Chief, in his own way, is really just as iconic as the 90s mascots Rad is based on. I’m glad I decided to extend the arc, because for all the stuff we got wrong (more on that in a bit), having Gunny and Rad butt heads as representatives of their respective eras is a moment I’m very proud of.

So Cory and I will be taking a break from EDA for the next week. It’s not so I can lock myself in a room with Metal Gear Solid V for 7 days straight (though that is a nice coincidence). Rather, we’ll be using the opportunity to go back through the EDA strips thus far and pull a George Lucas on them. We’ll be updating some of the art, most of the dialogue and adding a bunch of stuff (specifically sound effects and more regular speech bubbles). Each EDA strip was as good as we could make it when it went live (often two or three hours late) but deadlines take their toll on quality and we want our comic to be the best it can be. We should have the bulk of the work done during our week off, if not, we’ll be updating past strips as we go and mentioning them in the blurb underneath new comics.

Critical Miss will be running as normal.

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