10 Years of Everquest: The Wisdom of a n00b

Sony ‘n00b’ Jennifer Chan, a senior programmer, wraps up WarCry’s coverage of Everquest’s ten year anniversary. Proving that Everquest is a game in its first ten years, Chan gives a glimpse into the future.

Describe how you came to be hired by SOE.

I’d always wanted to be in the gaming industry. When I was 8 years old, I created an ASCII graphics game in BASIC modeled after “capture the flag”. Fast forward a bunch of years to after I got a degree in computer science and theatre and I was still trying to figure out how to get in. It took about 3 years of applying to all of the major companies and then one day SOE called me up and the rest is history. The moral of the story for aspiring devs out there is you have to keep trying and don’t give up.

How did the ‘old guys’ treat you? Have they played any pranks on you and your fellow ‘n00bs’?

The ‘old guys’ are cool. They haven’t played any major pranks on me so far because they were once ‘n00bs’ too.

What drew you to SOE and EQ?

SOE’s studio environment is probably the biggest draw. There are so many opportunities to move between teams and so many more people to bounce ideas off of. Headquarters being in San Diego isn’t too bad either! Again with EQ it’s definitely working on a legacy and being able to say, “I worked on that.” With other games, you have a lot less chance of bumping into a complete stranger that’s played your game.

Let’s see your cubicle. *grins*


Did you play EQ prior to coming to work for SOE?

No, but I always thought it was an amazing game.

Do you play EQ outside of work? How is that possible to do without getting tired of it?

Yup, I play EQ outside of work. EQ is really big so I can always play with something that I’m not immediately working on. With all of the lore and vast landscapes, I quickly forget that I’m playing a game that I work on and immediately get lost in the storyline of the characters.

What is the best thing about working for SOE and on EQ?

In short, the players, people, and the legacy that is EverQuest.

We’d like to thank Jennifer Chan, Kevin Burns, Lydia Pope and Taina Rodriguez for their incredible articles, support and interviews for this special tenth anniversary coverage of Everquest.

Congrats, Everquest team, on your FIRST ten years!

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