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Hi gang. Sorry for the lack of updates last week. As chronicled in this Critical Miss strip, I’ve been long overdue some rather serious dental work. I had my lower two wisdom teeth extracted late last week, and I was expecting to be fit to work again in a couple of days. Unfortunately, while my right wisdom tooth came out without too much hassle, the site where my left wisdom tooth resided is now the oral equivalent of Iraq. The local dictator has been removed from power, albeit great personal and financial cost, but allied forces are expected to be engaged in the region for decades. The fighting has also destabilized neighboring regions, with infections popping up in the kingdom of Cavity-ridden-left-molar and JawBoneistan.

Long story short: the last week has been a flurry of anti-inflammatories, painkillers, visual novels and coughed-up-shards-of-bone; not exactly ideal writing conditions. I’m still a little achy and miserable, but that’s not too far from my usual baseline, so EDA and CM will now recommence.

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