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7 Amazing Things To Get You Excited For E3 2014


E3 2014 is finally upon us, so let’s start it out with seven of the best things to come out of the conference so far. Be prepared to have your mind blown from all of the potential awesomeness that E3 has to offer.


After the lackluster performance of the last game based on the Alien franchise this looks like a breath of fresh air. Alien: Isolation is supposed to pick up where the first film left off thematically.

The world has been holding their breath since the announcement of the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront. This promises to make any video game fanboy a happy camper.

H1Z1 looks like a fancy schmancy MMO version of DayZ, which is just fine with me. This game wants you to work together to defeat the zombie invaders, although as the trailer shows, other people may have different plans about what survival means.


In the upcoming release to PS3/4 of Diablo: Reaper of Souls you’ll be able to bring the terror of The Last of Us over. Because the baddies in Diablo III weren’t scary enough you’ll be able to face a clicker in another setting.

We all knew that this was going to happen but it’s still a nice little surprise. In the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End you’ll be the globetrotting adventurer Nathan Drake once again, this time he retired. I hope for his sake that he doesn’t come out of retirement.

In the upcoming game Tom Clancy’s The Division you’ll be playing a member of what is basically Homeland Security. You’ll be on the ground right after a disease has shut down America.

Lara Croft is only getting better. She’s back again and this time it’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, hopefully this keeps with the look and themes of the most recent iteration of the iconic series.

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