H.R. Giger has passed away at the age of 74, depriving us of one of the greatest dark surrealists in art. He was well known for creating the Alien from the movie Alien, but he got famous making paintings. Here are some good examples of his maddeningly surreal work.

H.R. Giger worked on a considerable amount of art for Alien. From the Alien to the planet LV-426 Giger had an outlet for his oddly beautiful vision of the Alien and its surroundings.

This piece is titled Spell IV, it’s part four in a four part series. I believe that this was for his children’s book Nightmares and You, where Satan eats all of the souls. He was the Maurice Sendak for many metalheads of this generation.

Giger definitely filled the mind with images. With Anima Mia you definitely get more than an eye-ful. If you were to look into the mouth of madness this is what would be looking back at you.

This is from his Necronomicon series. This piece isn’t what many would consider to be traditional, as a matter of fact most would consider this to be quite mad. But mad in a good way.

Before David Lynch made Dune there was a much different film in the works. Director Alejandro Jodorowsky was initially tasked with directed the epic film. Jodorowsky had tapped Giger to create the look of the film, this would have made for a much different film than we know today. Jodorowsky is odd enough, all we needed was to add Giger to the equation.


Gebärmaschine, or Birth Machine, considers these “children” as bullets. Much like Dr. Seuss’s Butter Battle Book you’ll stare at it for hours pondering what Giger meant with this piece.

H.R. Giger created many landscapes, this being one of them. It’s an odd collection of what seems like machinery. Knowing Giger this is probably just an image of an alien orgy, there could be worse things.

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