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8 Amazing Star Wars-Inspired Pieces of Furniture


Get out of that carbonite and check out this gallery of Star Wars themed furniture. Star Wars has inspired so much in this world. Today we give you eight examples of amazing furniture that were inspired by our favorite space opera.

Maybe if Ridley Scott had direced the original Star Wars this is what Jabba the Hutt’s desk would look like. In this dark and gritty re-imagining of the series it’s like Star Wars mixed with Blade Runner. Now that’s a movie I would love to see.

This AT-AT is a perfect vehicle to store all of your things. This would be the perfect addition to any office or really anywhere you put it, even in the bathroom. Especially in the bathroom.

This is probably the closest you’ll ever come to riding in an actual landspeeder. This bed will speed you away to sleep, and I’m sure that you’ll be dreaming of telling stormtroopers that these aren’t the droids they’re looking for.

This isn’t the first AT-AT in the gallery, and most certainly not the last. This bunk bed will take you to Hoth and help you destroy those pesky rebels, just make sure to avoid that damned Jedi who is so intent on taking you down.

This is one Millennium Falcon that Lando couldn’t bring back with a scratch. Hop in here and hope that you don’t sleep through an asteroid field.

How would you like to hide your booze? I think that we’d all love to hide our vices in an AT-AT. If only it came with a stormtrooper to serve you your alcohol. So much potential.

I think that one thing all Star Wars fans have in common is that they all want to sit on a wookie. Now that dream has become a reality. Get your own authentic wookie fur couch. Don’t worry, I’m sure that the wookies were slaughtered for their pelts in a humane way.

This is the last AT-AT, I promise. Let your cat have all of the fun with this AT-AT cat tree. Now you can jealously watch your cat as they play with a toy you wish you had had as a child. Cats get all of the cool things.

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