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8 Amazingly Odd News Stories That Will Leave You Dumbstruck


Today give you eight oddly weird news stories, they’ll have you wondering what went wrong in this world of ours. If you need to feel better about yourself, or if you just feel the need to watch a train wreck then this is the gallery for you.

No surprise that this upstanding individual comes from Florida, America’s cautionary tale. This gentleman could have avoided quite a bit of trouble had he just avoided social media. I blame the future.

This poor woman was leaking brain fluid from her nose for months before she got the medical attention she needed. Turns out she was allergic to something, she’s allergic to losing brain fluid.

This young man was under the influence of several things when he decided that he should make sweet love to an ambulance. Who knows if he had truly found his one true love and the bureaucrats decided that his love was not to be, poor man.

At Seattle’s Hempfest the police are a bit more laid back. In 2013 the boys in blue decided to hand out Doritos to attendees. The Doritos weren’t just there for munching purposes, the bags had a web address printed on them to educate people on legal marijuana usage.

So apparently, according to the documentary The Smoking Gun, President John F. Kennedy was a victim of shoddy training. The doc states that the second shooter everyone was so sure of was actually Secret Service agent George Hickey, and that he accidentally became the second shooter in a Presidential assassination. His review for that year had to have been horrible.

The NSA is quite a few things, humorous is not one of those things. In 2013 the agency sent a cease and desist letter to Dan McCall to stop printing his satirical t-shirts. Who knows, these shirts may have gotten into the wrong hands, and well, something could have happened.

Thank you Examiner, you really make a point about tag with a picture of a child with a machine gun. A school in Zeeland, Michigan has deemed tag to be too dangerous. When you describe children running packs you really have to wonder what school has put the children into roving packs of tagging monsters.

This 71 gentleman, who was given a second heart by doctors, happened to have two heart attacks at the same time. Because one thing that medicine is good for is to cause some very strange complications. “Here have this second heart that totally won’t crap out at the same time as your other heart.”

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