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8 Animals That Are More Dangerous Than Sharks


With Shark Week in full swing we thought that we would give you eight animals that kill more humans than those deadly sharks. So get ready to have a whole new set of phobias by the end of this gallery, because even animals you wouldn’t expect kill more than these aquatic marauders.

The mosquito is behind over one million deaths per year, mostly in Africa. Mosquitoes don’t actually do the killing, it’s the responsibility of the deadly viruses that they carry. So next time you’re outside and you see a mosquito just know that you’re watching a mass murderer.

Hippopotamus’ may look like cute, slow moving creatures, but you’d be wrong. These deadly beasts are the cause of 2,900 deaths in Africa alone. Their teeth and jaws make them quite deadly, the force of their bite is more than enough to end your life. If you ever encounter one of these in the wild be prepared to get the hell out of there.

Bees are already threatening, what with their painful sting, but just a reminder that these are 53 times more deadly than sharks. Bees kill, on average, 53 people per year in the U.S. alone. Just one more reason to fear leaving the house in the morning.

Man’s best friend is also getting in on the action. Dogs are responsible for about thirty-four deaths per year in America alone. Most of this is on the owners that raise the dogs to be vicious, on their own dogs tend to not automatically be that evil.

Ants may be small and seemingly harmless, but in reality their quite deadly. Ants are the cause of 30 deaths each year, which makes them considerably more deadly than those man eating sharks. The next time you see a line of ants make sure that you aren’t at the end of that line.

Dogs and bees make sense to be on this list, at least they are actual predators. But did you know that cows kill up to 20 people a year in the United States. Compare that to the average of one death per year attributed to sharks, this makes cows one of the deadliest creatures around. This isn’t even counting all of the deaths that can be credited to heart disease that can come from a diet of too much red meat.

Horses may be beautiful creatures, but you need to know that they are also deadly creatures. They are responsible for twenty deaths each year, they don’t intentionally, or so they want you to believe.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but, rattlesnakes are pretty damned deadly. They just so happen to be deadlier than sharks, they’re the cause of about five deaths per year in the U.S.. So avoid them as usual, I mean they’re obviously deadly, at least with cows it’s a surprise but rattlesnakes are just plain evil already.

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