8 Awesome Videos Made in GTA 5’s Rockstar Editor

When Grand Theft Auto 5 finally landed on PC last week, it came with a new tool: The Rockstar Editor. Designed to let players make their own movies in-game using Director Mode, which lets you move elements around, add pedestrians and animals, and then include text and filters as well. It’s a robust tool, and when you combine that with the creativity of gamers, you’re bound to get some great results. These eight videos, while mostly shorter clips, are some of the best we’ve seen in the first week of the tool’s existence.

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Don’t Ignore the Mime!

Everyone who’s walked through a big city has experienced it: Street performers trying to get your attention. Sure, they just want a couple of bucks and maybe a round of applause, but at times, they can certainly be annoying. Most people just ignore them. If this video is any indication, we don’t recommend that sort of behavior in Los Santos. This group of bystanders finds out the consequences of ignoring a mime.

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The Great Escape

Franklin drives like a maniac to get to the top of the mountain, and then shows how to make a drive off a cliff almost too majestic to bear. He’ll probably need to work on that landing, though.

Terminator Los Santos

This take on The Terminator is almost a complete parody, but it’s great. A barely-dressed muscle-bound man (not quite Arnold Schwarzenegger) wanders the city punching passers-by and cops alike. What makes this clip even more fun is the explosive effect shown when the punches land, and the modified physics that let the target go flying. I keep looking for Michael Biehn to pop up somewhere.

Boyz N Da Hood

Back in 1991, John Singleton directed Boyz n the Hood, a drama about life in the hood. It starred Laurence Fishburne and Cuba Gooding Jr., and marked the film debut of Ice Cube. Since then, it’s been referenced more times than you can count. You can add one more reference to that list, as this video captures the desperate air of life in the film’s South Central.

The beauty of a GTA V bug

This short clip shows off the chaos that can result when there are too many cars and trucks jammed together in one place in GTA 5. If you ask me, this might a good solution to some of the traffic in LA as well.

Vinewood Now

This mini-documentary matches up classic voice-over work describing Hollywood with a drive-by tour of Vinewood in GTA 5. It’s a stylish look at just what sort of shots you can get from the Rockstar Editor, including focus shifts and great camera angles.

Running, Man

While not exactly a user creation, Running, Man is a great example of what the Editor can do. Commissioned by Rockstar to show off the new tool, it shows off Trevor in a Forrest Gump-like role, running non-stop until he reaches the ocean. Along the way, you get a good look at many aspects of GTA 5, as well as the editing capabilities of the software.

Sins of the Past

Sins of the Past goes a bit beyond the other entries on this list. Instead of relying on in-game voices, it’s got a solid voice-over script and even its own short story. This is the one that I think heralds what sort of content could come from the Rockstar Editor. It’s more than a typical machinima. It’s almost a show in its own right.

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