Batman has no shortage of enemies. Here we give you just a few that haven’t gotten the attention that they deserve.

This 12 year old is maybe the closest thing to Kick Ass in the Batman universe.

Sans fighting skill these two cousins instead rely on their minds to ultimately lose to Batman and Robin.

Although he was the main villain in the most recent Batman film he’s still not gotten the attention that he deserves as one of the few that have taken Batman down a notch or two.

Dr. Crane doesn’t try to kill for fun or profit but to further his research so in a way he’s the altruist villain.

You may be thinking that this is some sort of representation of Batman fighting late fees but no, you would be wrong. He is in actuality just another mad scientist that Batman needs to keep in line.

Ra’s al Ghul is the eco-terrorist that we want to love but in reality he’s quite the meanie to Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Hush, a sociopath that tried to kill his parents, holds many grudges against the Wayne family, especially against Bruce himself.

This is not the Owl Man that you know and love from Watchmen but in the Batman universe he is Batman’s evil doppelganger intent on fearing owls rather than bats.

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