8 Celebrities We Would Like to Take Down in Hitman

Recently, Gary Busey was announced to be the mystery celebrity target in Hitman. But, what if they decided to add other celebrities in future updates? We’re certainly hopeful and put together a list of our top eight celebrities we would like to see added in Hitman as targets.

Before we begin, let’s keep in mind this is all for fun. I am in no way condoning or promoting harm to any of these folks. It’s all just fun and games and let’s keep it that way!

Have your own list? Be sure to share it with us in the comment section!



Her claim to fame was the show “The Jersey Shore”, where acting like a complete dullard was encouraged. I will give her credit though. She played that role perfectly.

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Miley Cyrus

Once a Disney star, Miley Cyrus broke out of her proverbial shell stripping away (no pun intended) her Disney persona. But, her new persona is certainly not family friendly, nor role model material.


Taylor Swift

I personally have nothing against her, aside from stealing art from others. I’m just tired of hearing her music all the time in the car because of how much my kids enjoy her songs.

kanye west

Kanye West

Kanye West famous rapper who idolizes and imitates the style that Micheal Jackson pioneered. Infamous for never smiling and causing us to endure more about the Kardashians by marrying one of them.


Tom Cruise

You may remember Tom Cruise from such movies as the Mission Impossible series, Oblivion and of course, A Few Good Men. As we’ve seen in every Mission Impossible movie, he doesn’t believe in cars and likes to run around from place to place. He would at least give you a challenge as you hunt him down in Hitman.


Paris Hilton

The heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, Paris Hilton is a staple child of what happens when you’re absurdly wealthy and lack a moral compass. Given her most famous scene (aside from that movie with the night vision.. *cough*) is one where she dies. She may as well be in a video game that let’s you do it too.


Justin Bieber

Canadian native and the reason that Canadians are always apologizing to us US citizens, Justin Bieber is a tween focused singer that’s hated by just about every straight male over the age of 14. If IO Interactive really wanted to have some fun with this contract, they’d have his music used as the background music for the level. It would be interesting to see how many people fail whatever objectives would be in place just to get it to stop.


[Insert Name Here] Kardashian

The Kardashians are like a train-wreck. They’re a disaster but you can’t help but pay attention to them. Maybe the mission would be the requirement to take them out all at once. If one survives, the mission fails.

Reminder: This list is just for fun in a video game setting. It’s not meant to be taken seriously!

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