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8 Crazy Case Mods


Let’s face it, sometimes a rectangular case just doesn’t cut it. Especially for these folks who feel a PC case can be more than a simple enclosure for your PC components but also a work of art. Here are eight of the craziest and coolest ones we could find.

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NES 3.0

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is the most powerful NES system out there. At least with this design you don’t need to blow on the cartriges for the games to work!

Click here to see more images of this case.


LEGO Mod v3

LEGO makes everything better! At least, that’s what this modder thought. A case made entirely of LEGO bricks because why not?

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Venator-class Star Destroyer

Some readers may recognize this case, as it was talked about back in December of last year and deserves to be shown again for being just plain awesome. If not, the Star Wars fans may check out this liquid cooled monster of a case. A replica of a Venator-class Star Destroyer used by the Republic during the Clone Wars, this case would proudly sit on anyone’s desk.

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Ferrari V12 engine

Are you a fan of Ferrari’s? This Russian modder was and created a replica case of a Ferrari V12 engine from scratch in his garage! The detail in the different parts used is amazing. It’s certainly worth a look!

Click here to see more images of this case. (Note: The page is in Hungarian, be sure to have Google translate it for you, should you want to read more)


PC-Y6 Yacht

Sometimes it’s not just the folks in their garages that create great looking designs for cases. We have to give Lian-Li some credit on their boat-themed case. Even if you’re not a fan of yacht’s, the slick design of this case is still pretty sweet. Though, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t float and it certainly doesn’t look water-cooled (which isn’t a bad thing for a boat, right?)

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Batmobile 2k16

In a casemod challenge created by MSI, MSI forum user Thechoozen and his cohorts of skilled craftsman (if you look at what it took to make this thing, you’d call them the same) decided on a Batman vs. Superman styled Batmobile. The best part is they butchered one of those NZXT Phantom 530 cases to create it. I never thought the exterior design for that model was really that appealing. Kudos to the team for doing something with it.

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“Behemoth” Battlecruiser

Oh man, a simple image doesn’t do this case justice. As a replica of the Battlecruiser from Starcraft II, this case is fully lit with LEDs and the hull is beautifully detailed to look as authentic as possible. Check out the video and take a look for yourself.

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Warhammer 40k Dreadnought

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s fanatical Warhammer 40k fans doing some crazy things. In this case, it’s make a big-ass PC case in the shape of a Dreadnought. Complete with LEDs and a spinning mini-gun on its arm, it’s certainly sets out to (and succeeds in my opinion) intimidate the other case mods into submission.

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