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8 DC Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie


With DC ramping up their superhero movies, let’s give them eight possible contenders for the next movie. Some more likely than others, but prepare to expect gritty reboots of them all over the years as they try to catch up with Marvel.

Robin may have co-starred with Batman in a couple of films, but wouldn’t we all like to see this caped crusader’s story? They vaguely teased this possibility in the last Christopher Nolan Batman film, but it would be interesting to see the boy become the boy wonder.

They’ve been talking about giving Wonder Woman her own movie for quite some time. It’s about time that they did, because she’s a force to be reckoned with. Some may dismiss her and her rope, but just because something is ridiculous doesn’t mean it can’t be great.

Even in Entourage Aquaman got his own movie. If this exists in that crappy universe it should definitely exist in ours. This character doesn’t get any of the respect that he truly deserves: He’s the king of the seas, after all.

The Flash has been quite the background character. He’ll do the leg work for the bigger characters like Batman and Superman in movies and cartoons, but he rarely gets any sort of respect. It’s time that we appreciated what The Flash offers, he is faster than anything else, after all. Fast enough that it could be a short film.

The Batman has gotten too many of his own movies, it’s about time that the Batgirl got some attention. I don’t think anyone is really thinking of the Alicia Silverstone character, more like the character from the comics, right?

Nightwing would make for a great followup on a Robin series. Not very many comic characters have a second act, but Robin is one of the lucky few. It would be an interesting premise to encounter a hero first in his normal, then in his evolved, more modern, state.

We’ve covered our fair share of characters from the Batman universe, this is the last one. Comic book movies usually focus on the super human, but wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace to catch a cop drama? We could follow Jim Gordon as he fought corruption and worked his way up the chain til Commissioner. He’s gone through quite a bit, it would be interesting to see the trials that Gordon has endured.

Oh wait.

Booster Gold was a character that was born to be on the big screen. This futuristic character would be at home on the big screen, and Ryan Reynolds would definitely shine in this role. That may sound like the kiss of death for a character, see the Green Lantern movie, but as time-traveling Booster Gold his goofy hubris would be welcome.

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