8 Designs Fashion Ripped From Nerd Culture

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Our friends over at The Gloss have come up with some really interesting ways that gamer culture has influenced high fashion. Today we show you eight of those outfits that show some serious nerd chic.

It looks like Tron was made into a dress. This should really come with a light cycle.

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Harry Potter has become quite fashionable. It’s nice to see that glasses and tweed are becoming popular. A bunch of muggles dressed like wizards.

It looks like a nord walked right out of Skyrim and onto the catwalk. You always want to look your best when you’re fighting a dragon.

Because you want to look like you’ve just came from Westeros. But not one of the grubby poor people but the fancy shmancy Lannisters or Tyrells.

M. Bison has always been one of my favorite characters. Here you see someone, maybe his sister, dressed in the traditional garb of their people.

The wildings have made their way into modern fashion. They are a proud people, mostly proud of their fashion sense. That’s one thing about being north of the wall, you get a great collection of warm clothing.

Data must have had a clone because she is looking like quite the android. Expect anyone wearing this outfit to be not too human.

If anyone looks like a member of the college of Winterhold, it’s anyone wearing this. What kind of a caster would you be if you were to don this tunic?

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