8 Fictional Planets You Should Never Visit

Many of our favorite stories – be they video games, movies, or comic books – are filled with fantastic worlds we’d love to visit. But fiction is also covered with planets that would warrant extreme travel warnings if they existed in our universe. Here are eight such worlds that are look exciting from a distance, but you’d never actually want to set foot on.

Think there’s a deadly planet we missed? Share your favorites in the comments!

dune sandworm


Dune‘s Arrakis is both a desert wasteland and the most valuable planet of an empire, since it’s the only planet where civilization-fueling spice can be found. But unless you’re here for spice, you shouldn’t stick around. Not only is it almost impossible to find water, giant sandworms capable of swallowing buildings constantly traverse its surface. Your best bet for survival is to ally yourself with the Fremen, who are notoriously distrustful of outsiders. Unless you’re tied to a prophecy as the Muad’Dib, just buy your spice elsewhere.

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battlestar galactica basestar exploding over kobol


Kobol is the birthplace of humanity in Battlestar Galactica, an Eden-like world humanity fled when settling Thirteen Colonies. It’s also the most peaceful and idyllic planet in the entire series. Unfortunately, the entire world is literally cursed by the gods. Every single trip to its surface, without fail, kills at least one crew member no matter what the intention. So say goodbye to interplanetary trade or any kind of viable tourist industry. You’re better off looking for Earth or settling somewhere else. I hear New Caprica is available.

dalek skaro


Skaro was probably a nice planet once, until its surface was ravaged in a civil war. When Doctor Who‘s Tardis first arrived the entire surface was coated in radiation, allowing only the hardiest life forms to survive. Then Skaro became worse when the Daleks emerged from their hidden civilization, driven to exterminate all non-Dalek life. No matter what time period you arrive in, always give Skaro a wide berth.

star wars the old republic korriban


You wouldn’t want to face a Sith like Darth Vader, right? So why would you want to meet hundreds of them? Korriban was once the primary headquarters of the Sith, where powerful dark lords trained Force users to conquer the galaxy. Even after its defeat by the Old Republic, Korriban remained drenched in Dark Side energy, prompting many Sith to visit in pilgrimage or resurrect teachings from its temples. Sure, Yoda might say the Dark Side isn’t stronger than Light, but do you really want to take that chance on Korriban?

crime syndicate

Earth 3

The DC Universe is lucky to have so many altruistic superheroes protecting it, but Earth 3 never had that chance. This parallel Earth is the moral opposite of Earth 1: Heroes are villains, villains are heroes, and unethical behavior is encouraged over peaceful co-operation. Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman rule over this planet as dictators alongside an evil Justice League, and will execute anyone for the slightest transgression. Sometimes via heat vision beams from space.

But believe it or not, there are worse parallel superhero Earths to visit…

marvel zombies cover art


What’s worse than the zombie apocalypse? A zombie apocalypse with superheroes. That’s the fate of Earth-2149, a parallel Marvel universe struck with a zombie plague that infected its superhero community. Most humans were completely devoured before they could turn, leaving the entire planet in the thrall of zombie versions of the X-Men and Avengers. They went on to consume life in the entire universe, which means this entire reality is off-limits to all but the most seasoned of adventurers. And they probably won’t come back.

metroid commercial

SR 388

Metroid‘s SR 388 was always a harsh planet to live on. When the Chozo first colonized, it was occupied with hostile alien animals who threatened their way of life. So they designed Metroids as a way of keeping them in check, which backfired when their creations moved to the top of the food chain. Now the Metroids threaten the entire galaxy and nobody hears much from the Chozo anymore. The only reason Samus went to SR 388 was to exterminate the Metroids, so now there’s literally no excuse for heading in that direction.

Starship Troopers Big Bug


Joining a Starship Troopers military branch is the easiest way to become a voting citizen. Trouble is, your Tour of Duty might send you to Klendathu, the Arachnid home world. When the Mobile Infantry led a full-out assault on the planet, the entire army was crushed and forced to retreat within minutes. Landing here dooms you being devoured by insects or a meeting with a Brain Bug. Neither prospect is especially appealing.

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