Whether you have friends over, or you’re just hanging out at home alone, it’s not unusual to have a drink or two. Nothing goes better with a nice adult beverage than some great videogames. These eight titles go great with a bit of booze.

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Super Smash Bros

When you’re looking for games to play with friends, Super Smash Bros is always worth considering. Sometimes the head-to-head battles can be a bit frustrating, but that’s where the booze comes in. Just make sure your opponents are drinking with you, or it could be a long night.


Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity calls itself “A party game for horrible people.” If you’ve played it, you know that’s not a bad description. You also know that the phrases that get built using its cards can be downright hilarious. You know what makes them even funnier? Having a few drinks beforehand.


Call of Duty Zombies Modes

Getting smacked around by zombies is better with a friend, and it’s even better when you and your friends are tossing back a few cold ones. Maybe you missed that last headshot, but the pain will be dulled by another sip – you hope.


Mario Kart

Few games can be as lighthearted, as enjoyable, and as utterly frustrating as Mario Kart. By the time you’ve gotten through a couple of circuits, the only way you can keep from punching your friend who’s so handy with the blue shell is have a drink. Or two. Or four. You get the idea.


Rocket League

Honestly, driving your car like a maniac and jumping to ridiculous heights sounds like a bad idea while you’re drinking. Luckily, it’s a video game, so you’re fine. Of course, it may affect your ability to careen your car in the right direction to win, but hey, at least you’re having fun, right?



What better way to celebrate having friends over than to stab them to death in pixelated glory? That’s why Nidhogg is such a great idea. This game of multiplayer fencing generates yells and hurt feelings when everyone is sober, so just imagine how much fun you’ll have after a few drinks.


Just Cause 3

Think of what you’re doing in Just Cause 3: “I’ma put rocket engines on this cow, then I’ma tie this cow to that guy, then both are going for a little ride.” That’s the sort of reasoning most people have when they’re drinking, so if you’re going to play the part, you might as well go all the way.


Darkest Dungeon

The missions of Darkest Dungeon feature characters becoming afflicted, going mad, and even dying in the dark. It’s difficult, oppressive, and frustrating, and you know what else? It’s much better when you’re as messed up as your characters are.

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