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8 Games that We’d Like to See Remastered


This week marks the release of a number of remastered editions of great games, including the Gears of War series and Dishonored. That got us thinking – what games would we like to see get remastered versions? Sure, there are some last-gen games still worthy of the treatment, and of course there are some classics that are still very deserving. These eight games came to mind immediately.

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People Can Fly’s raucous 2011 shooter let players go crazy with a wide variety of weapons and attacks. In fact, it rewarded you with points for taking out your enemies in the most creative way possible. Points could be used to purchase more weapons and upgrades, and the energy leash let you pull enemies in to administer some punishment. Bulletstorm was not a commercial success, but its blend of shooting and scoring was fun for the right gamers.

Dead Space series

When Dead Space launched in 2008, it was a huge success. It combined horror with sci-fi, and evoked a vibe similar to the Aliens universe. Players see the story of Isaac Clarke from his first encounters on the USG Ishimura to his encounters on the planet of Tau Volantis. A Dead Space trilogy release would not only let fans of the series revisit the game they loved (with bonus upgraded textures and all the DLC, or course), it would also let those who missed out on the series to see what the fuss was all about it.

Mass Effect series

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been eight years since Mass Effect first released. The game (and by extension, the series) captured the attention of gamers for years. Whether it was discussing the different decisions, looking for hidden references, or debating the ending, gamers talked about Mass Effect for years. With a nice texture and UI upgrade, Mass Effect would be a great experience for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

Darksiders series

In an era of multiplayer online experiences, the Darksiders series would be an anachronism – a single-player focused experience. Although the series has been under the radar since THQ closed down in 2013, Nordic Games does own the IP now. Keeping the series in the minds of gamers while they decide how to go forward with it has to be on their minds, and so a remastered version of the first two games would definitely be a good thing for them. All they’d need to do is dress up the graphics a bit and let players check out the horsemen of the apocalypse.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yeah, I know. Skyrim isn’t all that old. Think about it like this, though: Gamers have sunk thousands upon thousands of hours in this game. But for people whose first console is a PS4 or Xbox One, Skyrim could be a game they’ve never gotten to play. With all the DLC and mods that are available, a remastered version of the latest Elder Scrolls could not only bring in new gamers, it could bring a definitive edition of the game to the new consoles.

Red Dead Redemption

It seems like I always end up talking about Red Dead Redemption, and why not? Rockstar’s open-world Wild West game was a huge hit, but it’s been over five years since it was released. Many people haven’t played it, and those who don’t own a PS3 or a 360 can’t play it. Although there’s always a rumor floating around about a sequel, I’d love to see Rockstar put the same focus into a PS4/Xbox One/PC release of Red Dead Redemption that they did into the recent PC version of GTA 5.

X-Wing / TIE Fighter

In 1994 and 1995, Lucasarts rolled out two space flight simulators set in the Star Wars universe. Both X-Wing and TIE Fighter were well-received, and both of them managed to do more than just have you shoot up the enemy – they had you invested in a story. X-Wing made you feel like a vital cog in the Rebel Alliance, and TIE Fighter managed to make you believe that the Empire were the good guys, just trying to fight off the terrorist Rebels. An updated version of either of these games would be amazing, and a remastered dual pack would be just about the best thing ever.

Legacy of Kain series

If there’s one game series I want to replay in a remastered version, it’s Legacy of Kain. The story of the land of Nosgoth features vampires, resurrections, the reaving of souls, time travel, and more. It’s an action adventure series from developers Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics that first appeared on the original PlayStation. Not only is the gameplay top-notch, but the story is engrossing, and the voice acting is stellar. If you haven’t experienced any of the Legacy of Kain games, you’ve missed out on one of the best games of all time.

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