8 Games We’d Love to Play in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology is finally becoming real, and there’s no more fertile playground for it than videogames. We’ve already seen some footage of games like EVE: Valkyrie, and it’s more than enough to get you excited about the possibilities. But that got me thinking: What othe games would be awesome to play in VR? These eight are at the top of my list.

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Mirror’s Edge

I couldn’t resist putting Mirror’s Edge on this list. The game made people sick when it was shown off at E3 2008, and there are still people who have never played it much due to motion sickness. Bring that into the world of VR, and you’ll have one of two things: An amazing parkour experience, or one heck of a lot of vomit to clean up. Either way, it would be extremely cool to play in VR.

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Rock Band 4

Forget rocking out and hearing the crowd from your TV speakers. Just imagine yourself standing on the stage, surrounded by screaming fans, and rocking out to your favorite songs. You could even turn around and see your band jamming behind you. The variety of venues, the awesome outfits, and the different instruments could be even more awesome in VR. It would make the “rock star” experience that much more real.

Starcraft 2

Step into the shoes of the leader of your favorite faction (unless that’s the Zerg – they don’t wear shoes) and take on Starcraft 2 from a whole new perspective. As Jim Raynor, you’re leading the fight against the Zerg or the Protoss. You can use satellites to get a traditional perspective, or step outside and get into the fight yourself. Yeah, it’s not exactly the “Starcraft Experience,” but with a little fan flexibility and a lot of reprogramming, Blizzard’s RTS could be a great candidate for a cross-genre VR game.

Fallout 4

Come on, admit it. You’ve always wanted to see what a post-apocalyptic world really looks like. With Fallout 4 in VR, you could do just that. Explore the Vault, wander the wasteland, meet interesting people, and kill some of them. That sounds like the recipe for a very exciting game to me. Add in all the fun that you could have actually monkeying around with your weapons and equipment, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a solid VR game.

I know it’s not announced yet, but I still believe.

Forza Motorsport

I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. Forza Motorsport in VR would mean two things. First, you’d get to drive some of the world’s coolest, fastest cars in a super-realistic environment. Second, it wouldn’t cost you a fortune, or require you to have ridiculous amounts of insurance for the privilege. That’s enough for me to be interested in giving it a go.


Picture the old Pokemon cartoon in your head. Now imagine that you’re in that cartoon, except that it’s really you playing the game instead. That’s what I envision for this one. Instead of a bunch of creatures that you play with on screen, you can actually interact with them in virtual reality. You can finally pet Pikachu, or throw Magikarp back in the river. It’s a shoo-in as a kid’s game on VR as well.


Not many games have had a more enjoyable art style and setting than Dishonored. Stepping into the city of Dunwall would allow you plan your incursions in person, and Dishonoreditself offers plenty of great areas to explore. You might find yourself a bit motion-sick from all the blinking, but once you got used to it, it could be a great experience.

Silent Hill

If we can have any game in VR that we want, my final vote goes to Silent Hill. THe game is already disturbing in many ways, and the desolation of the titular town would only be more powerful if you found yourself within it. Wandering the streets, hearing strange noises, and trying to hide yourself from danger would only be the beginning of the Silent Hill VR experience. It’s terrifying, yet awesome, premise that I would love to see come to fruition.

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