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8 Generous Billionaires Who Are Giving Away Their Fortune


There’s a recent fad that has dug its claws into the very wealthy, the need to give back. These eight billionaires are going to be giving away a vast majority of their wealth during their lifetime, or upon their death. So let’s celebrate these people that are willing to donate their money to good causes. You can find out more about the pledge at The Giving Pledge.

“Millions of people who regularly contribute to churches, schools, and other organizations thereby
relinquish the use of funds that would otherwise benefit their own families. The dollars these people
drop into a collection plate or give to United Way mean forgone movies, dinners out, or other personal
pleasures. In contrast, my family and I will give up nothing we need or want by fulfilling this
99% pledge.” – Warren Buffett

Billionaire technocrat and inventor Elon Musk has pledged to give away at least half of his $9.6 billion fortune to charity. Beyond that he is working to go to space and to affect climate change with his company Tesla, which produces electric cars. Musk is giving away money and investing in the future – both his and ours.

“I’m particularly thankful for my father’s advice to set goals so high that they can’t possibly be achieved during a lifetime and to give help where help is needed most. That inspiration keeps me energized and eager to keep working hard every day on giving back and making the world a better place for generations to come.” – Ted Turner

“My pledge is to the process; as long as I have the resources at my disposal, I will seek to raise the bar for future generations of students of all ages. I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education.” – George Lucas

“‘Stuff’ really is not what brings happiness. Family, friends, good health and the satisfaction that comes from making a positive difference are what really matters.” – Richard Branson

For all the hate he gets, Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give away at least half of his $33 billion Facebook fortune. He’s already started, he’s already given away $100 million to the Newark Public Schools, in Newark, New Jersey. In 2013 alone Mark Zuckerberg gave over one billion to charity, pretty good for anyone.

“For 20 years the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has focused its philanthropy in the Pacific
Northwest, where I live and work. I’m proud to have helped fund great work done by non-profit
groups throughout the region. But there’s always more to do. There are many challenges, both here
in the northwest and around the world that I know will keep us broadening our reach and looking
for ways to help.” – Paul Allen

“We have been blessed with good fortune beyond our wildest expectations, and we are profoundly grateful. But just as these gifts are great, so we feel a great responsibility to use them well. That is why we are so pleased to join in making an explicit commitment to the Giving Pledge.” – Bill Gates

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