8 Glorious Animal Hugs

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Tuesdays can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. To take the crushing weight off of your back we’ve given you a short gallery of images to celebrate National Hug Day. So sit back and enjoy the happy hugging.

These two dragons are showing that they aren’t all fire breathing and town demolishing. They’re about the hugs and then the fire breathing and town demolishing.

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Do not fear, this man is not getting mauled. He is just on the receiving end of a lion hug. It’s just like a bear hug but with a lion instead of a bear.

Not all bears are godless killing machines. This one is quite the tree hugger. Although concerning humans, he’s still a godless killing machine.

So kittens are cute, the only way to get cuter is with two kittens. The only thing that can trump the elusive two kitten cuteness is if they are hugging. #Protip

This may be hugging or confused mounting, either way we can agree that they’re too young for this tomfoolery.

Cats can be good at hugs but this signifies something much worse. If these two creatures that are bred to hate each other are getting along this may be a sign of the apocalypse. Run everyone, the dogs and cats are hugging.

These two lions are a perfect example of pure unadulterated love. Well that is until they’re tearing at your throat and the little one just clamps onto your jugular and you start to feel the life drain out of you as your blood pulses out of your body.

The only thing missing from this picture is the field of wheat in which they were running towards each other. Or this is just a really cute puppy attack.

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