8 Great Gifts For the Non-Nerd In Your Life

Christmas is quickly approaching, so here are eight great things to get that normie in your life. They may not be interested in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, but they are very interested in Starbucks and movies. So check these out and plan for that special someone that doesn’t appreciate some of the finer things in life.

When looking for a present for that special non-nerd look no further than an Adam Sandler movie. Any of his films work, they’re all equally interesting. So this coming holiday season you really should make their day and get them what they love: Adam Sandler.

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Slippers are a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for the non-nerd in your life. Non-nerds love to get up early in the morning, slip on their slippers and then enjoy a cup of coffee outside while staring at nature. If you really want to make a non-nerd’s day just get these for them.

Most of us love books, they’re full of information and stories. But non-nerds tend to gravitate towards the fluffier fare, so when you go shopping for your grandma or grandpa (assuming that they aren’t nerds) you should think about a little paperback that you could probably get from Walgreens, or a similar store. So just head up there and get the latest Patricia Cornwell book and you’ll have given them a few hours of enjoyment. I’m not sure. I have no idea how to read one of these.

Madden 15

Non-nerds love sports, it’s like a religion to them. So if you know a sports fan you should really cave and buy them the latest Madden game, in this case it’s Madden 15. Give this to them and you’ll have made their year until next year. Put them in front of their Netflix machine (also known as a console) and fire up the football madness. Congratulations, you helped make the holiday season a little brighter for one non-nerd in your life.

I like booze, you like booze. Some of it may taste like gasoline, but everyone has a different taste. We suggest getting the non-nerd in your life some fancy booze. This will help them fill the time that a gamer would spend playing a game. Just head on by you local liquor store and pick up something, and make sure to at least put a bow on it. Normal people love bows.

Now what’s a non-nerd to do with their slippers if they don’t have coffee? Well we thought of that and suggest getting that special person in you life a gift card. Heck you can probably buy if for them off of Facebook. This will help facilitate their weekends of lawn work or dealing with children or something.

If it’s one thing that non-nerds love it’s the hit television show Friends. We highly recommend that you get that non-nerd a DVD of Friends. Any season will do, as I understand it they’re all pretty much the same, entitled white people in New York complaining about literally everything about their perfect lives.

Non-nerds have quite a bit of down time, what with all of the free time afforded to people without a good, and healthy gaming addiction. So help add a bit of warmth to their normally lonely lives with a framed family photo. They’ll eat this shit up: They love to look at still pictures of people that they know. Trust me.

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