We’ve been patiently waiting for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 for what feels like an eternity (and will actually be close to 18 months by its release). In that time, fans of the series have naturally played GTA 4 to death. But what if you want that open-world experience now, and you don’t want to wait another month or so for GTA 5 to freshen things? You get some mods. These eight are a nice mix of GTA 5 features, additional content, and new ways to play.

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GTA 5 Cars

Want to drive around in the cars from GTA 5, but don’t want to mess around with the console version of the game? Thanks to a modder named ETzockiT, you can. This mod adds 35 cars from GTA 5, but use caution installing it, as it will replace your custom vehicles and handling. You can restore them after installing, of course.

Grab it at GTAXScripting

Iron Man IV

Who wants to go to all the trouble of finding a plane or a helicopter to fly around in? Why not toss on the Iron Man suit and take to the skies. You can not only fly, but you can dispense explosive justice! Mini rockets, shoulder darts, repulsor beams and more are all here. As a bonus, you can also play as Tony Stark, and that’s got to count for something.

Grab it at GTA4-Mods.com

GTA 5 Protagonists

If you’re tired of looking at Niko Bellic (and seriously, who isn’t at this point?), but you still want to get your GTA 4 fix, these two mods are for you. All you need to do is install them, and you’ll be playing along as Franklin, Michael and Trevor from GTA 5 You even get some extra outfits to dress them up in.

Grab Michael and Franklin at GTA4 Skins, and Trevor [a href=”http://gtaiv-skins.blogspot.nl/2014/01/gta-v-trevor-philips.html” target=”_blank”at the same site</a]

Main Character Switcher

One of the coolest features in GTA 5 is the ability to effortless switch between characters using a simple character wheel. This mod adds that functionality to GTA 4, allowing you to choose from Niko, Luis, or Johnny. It also adds a few other features, like health regeneration (up to half), a weapon selection HUD, and more.

Grab it at GTA4-Mods.com

Left 4 Liberty: Infection

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man, if only Grand Theft Auto 4 had zombies, it would be perfect,” then I have good news for you. Left 4 Liberty: Infection adds a script to the game that has only one purpose: randomly turn innocent pedestrians into the walking dead. You can call in other survivors to help you, watch choppers fall from the sky as the pilots turn to zombies, and get infected yourself. You’ll have to hold off the zombies and find an antidote to keep yourself alive. It can be complicated to install, but it’s definitely worth the hassle.

Grab it at GTA4-Mods.com

LCPD First Response

Have you ever wondered what GTA 4 would be like if you had to clean up the criminals, instead of evading the cops? LCPD First Response answers that question, as it puts you in the shoes of the Liberty City Police Dept. You’ll have to search vehicles, stop suspects, write parking citations, and even chase down fleeing crooks in high speed pursuits.

Grab it at LCPDFR.com

Assassination Mod

Niko Bellic can be more than just a thug, or least in this mod he can. The GTA 4 Assassination Mod adds a contact in Middlepark that will give you targets that need to be eliminated. You can also get these assassination missions over the phone. Sometimes your targets will be walking around the city, and sometimes they might be in a car filled with bodyguards. Either way, you’ve got to take them out.

Grab it at GTA4-Mods.com


There are a ridiculous number of visual mods for GTA 4, but easily the best-known is ICEnhancer. Hayssam Keilany’s mod has given gamers some of the most realistic-looking screenshots I’ve ever seen. If your rig can handle it, go for the high-end models. If not, there are low and mid-range options as well, so you can improve your experience without smoking your hardware. Good luck.

Grab it at Icelaglace.com

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