8 GTA 5 Mods to Liven Up Your Game

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out on PC since April, and that means there are plenty of mods available by now. Whether you want to fly, be a cop, or just throw things around with Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun, these eight mods will let you all sorts of awesome things in game.

Trucking Missions

The Trucking Missions mod gives you your own trucking office, and lets you make some money legitimately for a change. Whether you’re trying to beat a timer, or just trying to deliver your cargo without destroying it along the way, the missions will give you objectives to achieve. You can even create your own trucking missions if you’re so inclined.

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Open All Interiors

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside some of those buildings that seem to be locked away, then this mod is for you. It even adds interiors that were cut from the game, but still included in the game files. It also opens up buildings that you visit during the storyline but can never get back into, like the Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Department. Grab this mod and enjoy exploring over 30 interiors that you couldn’t visit before.

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Nice Fly

Tired of walking everywhere? Grab the Nice Fly mod and you can free-fall your way around. You have to wear a parachute to fly, which is a little odd, considering that you can fly. You might not look as cool as an Iron Man or a Superman, but at least you won’t be walking everywhere.

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Gravity Gun Mod

Pretty much every PC gamer is familiar with the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. With this mod, you’ll be able to pack around a much smaller, more concealable version of Gordon Freeman’s favorite toy. It’s actually just an extra mode for the stun gun that lets you pick up and throw your target really far away. It also works on NPCs, so have fun with that too.

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The Army Spawns At Five Stars

In previous installments of the Grand Theft Auto series, a long-running rampage through the city that got you to a five-star wanted level would result in the military being called out to deal with you. GTA 5 removed the military callout, but this mod brings it back. There’s really nothing like running from a tank while shooting at a helicopter and being chased by a bunch of infantry.

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Pedestrian Riot / Chaos Mode

Do you ever get tired of the NPC pedestrians in GTA 5 just wandering around and getting in the way? Do you want to see them take matters into their own hands and fight back? Grab this mod and when you activate it, the pedestrians will all pull weapons and begin to take each other out. They’ll also take you on, so be prepared to defend yourself, as this mod does away with police response as well.

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Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

Sometimes in Grand Theft Auto, you’ll find some things that don’t make sense. Maybe you killed a guy out in the middle of nowhere. When you get back to town, the cops are somehow aware of this, and you’re wanted. As the title suggests, this mod rebalances things a bit more in your favor. More crimes need a living witness to get the cops involved, and your wanted level will also rise more slowly.

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LSPD First Response

If you’re looking to turn Grand Theft Auto around, the LSPD First Response mod does exactly that. Instead of working for the crooks, you’ll be taking them on as a police officer. You’ll be able to arrest, detain or search anyone. You’ll also get to pull vehicles over, get into high speed chases, and respond to calls from the LSPD dispatchers. If you want to be a cop, this is the mod for you.

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