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8 Historical Pictures of Deadly Tornados


Today we give you eight images of some tornadoes. They’re dangerous, but they’re also very pleasing to the eye. So keep this gallery around for whenever you get the urge to go stormchasing, it’s safer to appreciate the destruction from your computer.

September 2012 saw these 100-foot-high fire tornadoes. Because you know that regular tornadoes aren’t terrifying enough, they’ve jumped the sharknado and went right to fire. This escalated very quickly.

On March 26th in Placer County California they were treated to a very light tornado that left a path of damaged roofs and fences. This relatively rare pre-tornado picture shows the creation of something that is capable of quite a bit of destruction.

May 21-26 of 2011 was a very rough time for the Midwest. This tornado was in Oklahoma, and as you can tell it has become sentient and has started chasing that poor car. This is also the plot of the upcoming Stephen King book.

This pair of tornadoes hit the Midway Trailer Park in Indiana. This was just part of a massive tornado outbreak that tore through the Midwest around Palm Sunday in 1965. This outbreak caused more than 200 fatalities, it really makes these look less like friendly clouds and more like killing things.

On September 28, 2010 these twins appeared in the Great Plains, which is a nice way of saying Tornado Alley. Hell, why would anyone voluntarily live in a place called Tornado Alley? That’s like moving into Muggingville and being surprised at the abundance of muggings.

This tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th in 2013. This tornado’s winds reached a horrific speed of 210 mph, it went on to cause 24 deaths and 377 injuries. It left a 17 mile long path of destruction.

Another image from the May 21-26 of 2011’s tornadothon that pounded the middle of America. This tornado was in Joplin, Missouri on May 22 and hit them unaware. It caused 158 deaths and 1,150 injuries, it is considered the deadliest tornado strike in the U.S. since 1947.

This deadly tornado from Mississippi touched down on April 11th in 2013. It caused five injuries and one fatality. It boggles the mind that something so fascinating can also be so deadly.

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