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8 Mods that Need to be Made for GTA 5


The long-awaited PC release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally happening, and that means that we can stop waiting and start talking about modding it. We already know that the gorgeous ICEnhancer mod is coming to PC, but there are plenty of other mods that we’d like to see join the roster. These eight are just the start of what is sure to be a long list.

Don’t see your favorite, or have an idea for a new mod? Tell us in the comments!

Superman Mod

After all the fun we had flying around Liberty City in GTA 4, the Superman mod is definitely on our wish list. Plus, flying isn’t the only benefit this mod offered up. Superman’s invincibility and heat vision mean that you can wreak havoc whenever you choose. Just hope that there’s no Kryptonite floating around out there.

LCPD First Response

After all the run-ins you had with the LCPD in GTA 4, it was a great change of pace to be able to step into their shoes and play the other side of that coin with the LCPD First Response mod. It was almost a complete cop simulator. You had your own cruiser, you had to stop and search suspects and even hand out tickets on occasion. Bringing that to the streets of Los Santos is definitely a good idea.

Realistic Driving Mod

If you really wanted the cars you were driving in GTA 4 to handle realistically, there was a mod for that. With tweaks to steering, drifting, and other aspects of every car, this mod made driving as close to the real thing as possible. It even made flying helicopters more realistic. If the console version is any indicator, GTA 5 will likely need some of the same treatment, so we’re crossing our fingers for this mod to make an appearance.


One more superhero mod deserves to be on this list, and it’s the Spider-Man mod. While flying like Superman would be cool, web-slinging our way around Los Santos would be even cooler. Plus, you can throw cars! All you need is a chance to go visit Aunt May and it would be perfect. It’s almost like a Just Cause mod for Grand Theft Auto.


GTA 4 modder metalwars has made a lot of mods over the years, but none of them are as awesome as his mechs. Imagine roaming Los Santos in a giant mechanized suit bristling with weapons. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Just check out his Crimson Mecha mod if you want to see more.


While it seems that Rockstar Games got zombies out of their system with Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC, we can’t say that we’re over it yet. We’d love to see something along the lines of Left 4 Liberty: Infection. The idea of Los Santos (as an analog of Los Angeles) overrun by zombies as you fight to survive, go on missions to save other survivors, and try to build up your safehouse sound awesome to me. I bet a lot of you would play it too.

Time Travel

I’d love to see a mod that gives players access to a time machine. Just jump in your Delorean, and you can visit Los Santos in a number of (necessarily limited) time periods. Anything from the Old West to the Roaring Twenties would be possible, and it could allow players to even do missions where they retrieve items from the past and bring them back to the future. There’s already a Delorean mod, but this would be a big expansion on that one.

Viva Los Angeles Mod

The VIVA New York mod transformed Liberty City from a conglomeration of made-up ads and businesses into a super-realistic look at New York City’s Times Square, including real ads, real business, and even realistic subway trains and cabs. With GTA 5 moving to Los Santos (Los Angeles), let’s hope it’s only a matter of time before it gets the same treatment as well.

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