8 Mods We Want in Fallout 4

If there’s one thing we can rely on with Bethesda games, it’s a strong modding community. In fact, if there’s one thing I enjoy the most about their games, it’s the mods that the community makes for these titles. Fallout: New Vegas had some of the best mods we’ve seen and below are eight of the best ones we’d love to see a new edition for in Fallout 4.

Weapon Mods Expanded – WMX
by Antistar

Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX) was such a popular mod for New Vegas, it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015! WMX added to the basic assortment of weapon mods that New Vegas offered, expanding them to include mods that ranged from absolutely essential to simply downright fun. It’s an essential mod to any PC gamer looking to add more variety to their gameplay.

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Project Nevada
by PN Team

Okay, obviously we can’t have Project NEVADA for Fallout 4 but what about a Project Massachusetts?

As stated by the author, “Each module can address different aspects of the game and target different audiences, but they are also designed to work in conjunction. Our vision is to allow players picking the modules they want and using them together with any mod they like, instead of forcing them to make the all-or-nothing choice.”

ELECTRO-CITY – Relighting the Wasteland
by MyGoodEye

It sounds like a silly mod to be considered a ‘must have’, but you will be happy you added it. It’s an unnecessary mod that you can’t live without. It simply adds lighted areas throughout New Vegas which, at night, add a bit of flair that helps your night-time exploration.

New Vegas Bounties I
by Someguy2000

You’ve completed the main quest, you’ve explored everything and looking for a new challenge. That’s where New Vegas Bounties fits in. You become a bounty hunter and take on contracts to hunt down random foes, taking them out in whatever means necessary. It’s a fully voiced and custom lined mod to ensure your immersion is not broken. If you want the full effect, don’t use Fast Travel.

You may find the continuation to this mod here and here.

RTS – Real Time Settler
by arcoolka

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Fallout 4 already has a base creation option!” But while they are numerous, you’re still stuck with the locations that Bethesda has given you and limited the size of each location. RTS lets you build your base anywhere you want and as big as the game can (roughly) support it. The ability to make your base in your own unique location has always been an attractive reason to build your base anyway, right?

Mobile Truck Base
by tdx73

What happens if you’re just not that in to having stationary bases but need a place to stash your goods for safe keeping? That’s where the Mobile Truck Base comes in. Instead of always having to head back to a base just to store your goods and go back to where you were, you can bring a portable base with you. It’s a handy function that would be a great mod to bring over to Fallout 4.

WMVM – Weapon Mod Vending Machine
by Ghostifish

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a one-stop-shop for all of the weapon mods in the game. Sure, finding them as you explore is the more challenging and rewarding way to play but meh, maybe you just want to upgrade your latest weapon without the need to tediously explore the area you would normally find them.

The Mod Configuration Menu
by Pelinor

If there was ever a must-have mod that Fallout 4 needs, it’s Mod Configuration Menu. We all know that FO4’s interface is rather… limited, especially for a PC game. MCM adds an interface to easily customize mods that are compatible with it, making quick changes on the fly so much easier through the use of a GUI interface instead of knowing the console commands. Folks who’ve played Skyrim with SkyUI will understand just how useful this mod can be for them.

Know a must-have mod from New Vegas or Fallout 3? that you want to see in Fallout 4? Tell us what it is in the comments!

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