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8 Monsters Scarier Than Godzilla


Today we give you eight minuscule, compared to Godzilla, monsters that really should scare you more than the giant lizard of note. Why should they scare you more than the humongous scaly beast? Because you can’t see them from the horizon, and they really do exist. So avoid these at all costs, unless you like pain, in which case hunt them down.

The Komodo dragon may not actually be a dragon, but a member of the monitor lizard family. This monster doesn’t just look monster-like but their saliva is what truly makes this a monster. Their saliva contains septic pathogens that will turn a seemingly innocuous bite into something very dangerous.

The box jellyfish aren’t all dangerous, but the ones that are dangerous are very dangerous. Three types of box jellyfish are among the most venomous creatures, their stings are extremely and sometimes fatal to humans. One very good reason to avoid the water at all costs.

Giant crocodiles exist, and holy shit are they giant. This example above is Lolong, from the Philippines. He was the largest crocodile in captivity at over 20 feet long and weighing in at 2,370 lbs. Not something you’d want to encounter in the wild. But be afraid, there are larger examples of crocodile out there, and one could be right behind you as you read this. They’re sneaky like that.

We all love spiders, I mean who doesn’t, they do so much for humanity that it would be hard to dislike something so helpful. That may be true about most spiders but this one, the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula, will haunt your dreams. These monsters can get up to 11 inches long, big enough to eat a bird. But don’t worry, they’re native to South America so this totally isn’t what you just felt brush up against your leg.

There’s one more type of jellyfish on this list, the Portuguese Man-of-War. This creature is different from most jellyfish in the sense that most common jellyfish are a single organism where the Man-of-War is made up of tiny organisms called zooids. If that isn’t enough to scare you, the fact that this is a collection of organisms that is put on this earth to cause severe pain, then I don’t know what is.

The emperor scorpion is based out of the African rainforest, although it is also a popular pet. These monsters are considered venomous, they are ugly little venom injectors. They exist only to cause pain and scare those of us that happen to be higher up on the food chain. If you come across this run away or step on it, but do not try to get bitten by this thing of nightmares.

If you’ve ever seen the documentary 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea you know the destructive force of the giant squid. This creature can throttle a submarine like no other creature. Heck, if you can scare Kirk Douglas than you can scare me.

The oarfish are solitary creatures that like to hang out in the depths of the ocean, although they have been known to dwell in shallower waters as well. They may not be known for attacking and killing humans, do you want to be the first person that they’ve killed? I didn’t think so, avoid them for their potential threat to all human life on earth.

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