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8 More Fallout 4 Mods to Improve Your Wasteland


We took an early look at Fallout 4 mods right after the game released, but now that the modding community has had a few weeks to work on things, there are even more mods that are worth checking out. Most are aimed at expanding your options in-game, but a couple either add companions or make the game more deadly. As with any mods, make sure you read the installation instructions!

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Armorsmith Extended

Tired of going shirtless under your armor? If so, the Armorsmith Extended mod is for you. It lets you wear outfits under your armor, wear bandannas and gas masks with hats, and add ballistic weave armor to to every outfit in the game, just to name a few things. It also adds new outfits for you to craft, so if you’re a clothes junkie, or you just want to look good while exploring the Commonwealth, you might want to check this one out.

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Quieter Settlements

If you’ve been working on your settlements, you know that once you start building things up, it can get pretty loud. Generators, turrets, and water purifiers are all running and making noise. Oh, and don’t forget the near constant hammering that your settlers are doing to fix…something. If you want to quiet things down, this mod is for you. It lets you set the volume for all of those annoying things to Original, 50 percent, 25 percent, 10 percent, or silent.

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Deadly Radstorms

Fallout 4’s radiation storms are both beautiful and dangerous, as hanging out in one too long can result in some serious radiation poisoning. The Deadly Radstorms mod cranks that danger up as high as you want it to go, allowing you to set the radiation damage done by lightning strikes as low as zero, or as high as 100 rads. You can also customize the percentage chance for a radstorm to occur. If you like your radstorms with a little more bite, this mod is for you.

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Craftable Ammunition

If you’ve got plenty of raw materials but you’re hurting for ammo, then you’re going to love the Craftable Ammunition mod. Much like the system Fallout: New Vegas used, this mod adds a Reloading bench that you can build in settlements. At that bench, you can create ammunition, reclaim components from excess ammo, and even recharge your energy weapon ammo.

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Settlement Supplies Expanded

Do you walk through your settlements and wish you had more building options? The Settlement Supplies Expanded mod aims to remedy that sad state of affairs. As of this writing, it adds 73 usable furniture items, 243 static objects, and more. The modder behind it is even taking requests for objects to be added, so if you have suggestions, hit him up.

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True Storms – Wasteland Edition

If you modded Skyrim then you’ve probably heard of the True Storms mod. Now it’s bringing its weather-manipulating goodness to Fallout 4. It overhauls all of the storms in the game, and it adds a ton of new types of weather as well. Radiation rain, heavy dust storms, and heavy fogs are all here, and the sounds for all the sorms have been punched up. You can also set the volume level for the effects, which is a nice touch.

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Creature Follower Mod

Sure, roaming the wasteland with trusty Nick Valentine at your side is fun and all, but what if you want to change things up a bit? Well, that’s where the Creature Follower Mod comes in. It gives you the option of having a follower named after your missing son (Shaun), and that follower can be a creature that you’d normally fight. You could have a radscorpion, a super mutant behemoth, or even a deathclaw, just to name a few. I might actually decide to take on a wild deathclaw if I had one on my team for the fight.

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Nexus Mod Manager

Now that you’re this far down the modding rabbit hole, it’s time to organize your mods and keep them under control. That’s where the Nexus Mod Manager comes in. Not only does it simplify the process of obtaining mods with its one-click download features, it also installs them just as easily. You can easily enable and disable the mods you want running, and as a bonus, it works for a lot of games, not just Fallout 4. If you’re going to play your games with lots of mods, it’s almost aa must have.

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